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Maldoror - Lullaby (She Who Must Be Obeyed) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lullaby (She Who Must Be Obeyed)' by Maldoror. Instrumental.
Maldoror - She Lyrics
Maldoror She Lyrics. She lyrics performed by Maldoror: [Instrumental] ... Homunculus lyrics · Butterfly Kiss lyrics · Lullaby (She Who Must Be Obeyed) lyrics ...
Maldoror - Homunculus Lyrics
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INSANIA LYRICS - "Virtu-Ritual" (1998) album
INSANIA lyrics - "Virtu-Ritual" (1998) album, including "Lullaby", "My Astral Brothers", "From Darkness To Fires"... ... When you'd like to obey stars, but failure's what you fear. When you say you want to live, you must protect your life. Then we say: poor guy, .... She always preferred midnight with the light-echo. If you dream of ...
LEPROUS LYRICS - "Tall Poppy Syndrome" (2009) album
He will kill again. She's supposed to light my way ... number of commandments one must obey to attain social stability and ... Sing me a lullaby. Please, can you ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "The Manticore And Other Horrors ...
That horrors shall be waited on the ones. Who crave sin's ... Fed the lengthy shadows with their tallow lullabies. The fragrant ... In the trees I see her eyes like slithering she of snakes. Monstrous ... Now the lands fall grey, devils revel and obey
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Thornography" (2006) album
Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan 2. Dirge Inferno 3. .... That I must now obey. They say the ... A dark and sullen lullaby. Whispered ...
CASTRUM LYRICS - "Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise" (1998 ...
She shall come to plug-out the pain. Enthralled with ... With voice of thousand lullabies. Adhere thy ... To obey these weeping waves of darkly seas. To attend ...
Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound lyrics
Just put your faith in God and as long as you believe and obey his word, he'll protect you. ... She says she'll never let him go, and tears are streaming down his face. ... But prim would be sung a lullaby *spoiler* also in catching fire the hob is set in ..... primrose that she will come back when neither of them believe it but must).
HELSTAR LYRICS - "Vampiro" (2016) album
She ends the pain she could not withstand. Condemned ... Screams and cries like lullabies, choral blasphemy ... I've forgotten how to pray, now I must obey
DISPHORIA LYRICS - "Sleep And Fly Away... You'll Be Tortured ...
You must be erased. Dead! Dead! Already ... I must be guided cause I am too weak ... Sentenced to obey .... Here she comes, my heart has never beaten so fast
AGATHODAIMON LYRICS - "Serpent's Embrace" (2004) album
Frozen, this bosom aches, piercing lullabies, piercing preys. Only cellos ... Dull slave to my mournful twists she bled, like a rainbow leaking. Wax victims ... Everything must surely end - some daySerpent's embrace ... If you are here to obey me
OVID'S WITHERING LYRICS - "Scryers Of The Ibis" (2013) album
He must breathe death and accept the trials of his consequence." .... [Pan:] "Obey me! ... The girl began to shake as she witnessed the terror unfold before her..and with a wicked smile on his face, ... Her whispers, a soothing lullaby to his ears
FORSAKEN LYRICS - "Evermore" (1996) album
I am the healer I shall rid you of your pain, ... Obey ancient Solomon's writ ... Laid to rest I whisper lullabies of naivete ... She rhymes in lies, I have dealt my dice
CANDLEMASS LYRICS - "Doomed For Live" (2003) album
The devil in the mirror, obey! Iridescent pulsation .... The second had eyes of gold , she gave me my wings. The third ... the well of souls must stay sealed. Ancient ...
KENN NARDI LYRICS - "Dancing With The Past" (2014) album
Bought and sold she has no choice but to obey her master .... There's a whispering, like a lullaby from a little voice speaking softly .... And why must they go?
KERION LYRICS - "Cloudriders Part 1: Road To Skycity" (2012) album
And she's asking the stars. What's hidden .... A mystic strange lullaby. Rises to ... I won't obey, never more [Chorus:] ... Must stay forever in the shadow. Qui nescit ...
DARK AT DAWN LYRICS - "Baneful Skies" (1999) album
No one we will obey. But our gods all ... The waves we must defeat. The voice ... She is standing right in front of my eyes ... The songbirds sing the earliest lullaby
DIVINA ENEMA LYRICS - "To Wight Shalt Never Shine" (1999) album
Too late and you must keep your daemon inside! He's one you're not to like ... Infinity of all your dreams and now obey my sorcery. .... Haven't you heard my nice lullabies! .... But she looked ghost alike... and it was real ghost! SELINDA!
SYMBIOTIC LYRICS - "Metanoien" (2015) album
... the room you are just one. She is just a dispossession decomposed flesh ... We must be the change that finish with the oppression. Where is the ... when you whisper a lullaby my time will be ... we obey your command, master. We are all one
A child stands alone and she's waiting. And the light that's out .... Whose winter ball they must attend. How these wizards ... And the snow seemed to obey the young man's every gesture. In the cold ..... But slept to silent lullabies. And his son  ...
Dean Martin Lyrics
Baby, Obey Me [From My Friend Irma Goes West] · Dean Martin feat. ... Brahm's Lullaby ...... You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby [Broadcast Recordings]

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