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DAGAMES LYRICS - March Onward To Your Nightmare
Lyrics to "March Onward To Your Nightmare" song by DAGAMES: What did you think you were playing ... WE'RE MARCHING ONWARD TO THE NIGHTMARE!
Andreazulado - Chica Misterio lyrics
AVATAR LYRICS - Queen Of Blades
Lyrics to "Queen Of Blades" song by AVATAR: Hear them marching But not under roof of law We fall in line and We ... So far we travel through your nightmares
SUICIDAL ANGELS LYRICS - "Division Of Blood" (2016) album
Capital of war – welcome to the nightmare. Fire! [4x] Jumping .... We are standing, we are marching. Till there is no ... The final fight. Onward to the front gate [2x]
HEATHEN LYRICS - "The Evolution Of Chaos" (2009) album
Soldiers marching onward into dust. Cradle the crying, extol the dying. Blood shed like .... This nightmare is haunting my soul. Peace I must find to ease my mind
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) album
Our quest will lead us onwards to the journey of the brave. When the time ... Where hopes and dreams are everlasting marching on and on. Rise another day  ...
BOLT THROWER LYRICS - "Who Dares Wins" (1999) album
Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun. You may ... Spearhead marching onwards, Take my ... Onward you advance, left in a mindless trance,
PATHS OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Promises In Blood" (2005) album
All your dreams are coagulating. Slow ... And the nightmare begins anew for you. So pray to the .... Marching onward with one cause in mind. Christians will die!
DEMIRICOUS LYRICS - "One" (2005) album
A nightmare colored vulture falls - It Falls!! ... The setting sun of ashy skin achieving catastrophic dreams. .... Fire is marching onward, setting bullets assail.
Marching Towards Extinction ... To grant me their visions, their last seconds from the world, it's not dreams I wake from, .... they journey onward as we rot below.
PARAGON LYRICS - "Law Of The Blade" (2002) album
Nightmare and reality collide. Abducted now ... Onward we ride war is our fate. Palace of sin ... The sound of marching legions on their way. The ground is ...
ABOMINANT LYRICS - "Ungodly" (2000) album
silence The quest for eternal nightmare Full embrace, ... tail to dying Dreams are lost and all life is left ... blood Onward I keep marching, for victory is in my
DEATHCHAIN LYRICS - "Death Gods" (2010) album
Haunting eternally in the nightmares of men. Malevolent ... The cycle is ending. The kings are marching ... Liberated and crawling onward [Solo: Corpse]
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS LYRICS - "Realm of The Damned" (2007 ...
Steel caps marching from Hades [Chorus:] ... Nightmares, bring them to wake ... Onwards, come on! Onwards reap destruction. Onwards.... OBLITERATION!
SAXON LYRICS - "Into The Labyrinth" (2009) album
Onwards together into the fight. Hail to the heroes stand ... Marching to glory their spirits won't die. For death and for glory .... But in my nightmare I start to scream
BALFOR LYRICS - "Black Serpent Rising" (2017) album
A nightmare, choking while you wake. Stealing freedom from your grasp. Your lapse ... A drum beat forever marching onwards. For the fallen, for the mighty ones
SOULFALLEN LYRICS - "The Promise Of Hell" (2012) album
Beneath starplunging rain, under nightmares we crawl. Where all is ... Yet our grim cadavers continue marching on and on. ... Onwards with our tales of inglory
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "The Power Within" (2012) album
Onwards we strive till. The answers we'll find ... Nightmare return of the thousands. Screaming rise to .... On the edge of my destruction marching on. Still suffer in ...
FLESHTIZED LYRICS - "Here Among Thorns" (2001) album
I wish you nightmares. I wish you blisters ... Eye to eye - we crush all of them now forget the pain up and onward. Smashing them ... Rise, rise, rise - Marching on ...
FOLKODIA LYRICS - "Battles And Myths" (2012) album
Drowned in the blood of their dreams. With broken swords .... Together are marching now. Neath white ... Onwards for God! onwards for the King! Swords of the ...
ENTOMBED A.D. LYRICS - "Back To The Front" (2014) album
Most important step of all. Go Onward and spoil. It all. Belligerence ... Awake to the nightmare that what's it about. Surprise You're free. All for the war on peace
DRAGONLORD LYRICS - "Black Wings Of Destiny" (2005) album
Dark vision, dark dreams... World lit by hellish .... Down from the glen came the marching men. With their shields ... Then onward over the mountain. And outward  ...
ION DISSONANCE LYRICS - "Cursed" (2010) album
Onward to our inteded destiny. .... I'm the fear atrociously consumed, nightmares you cannot rid yourself of, until the end ... Willingly marching this path unknown.
BEAR WITNESS LYRICS - "Eve Of Destruction" (2012) album
Is this real or just a nightmare? I can't wake up from this .... Thousands are marching now. Toward your ... Abandon faith and move onward. The killing fields  ...
ENFORCER LYRICS - "Into The Night" (2008) album
From the gates of hell we're marching on. To take on ... Onward she comes with the look in her eyes. Onward ... Guided by the cold stars, your nightmare is back
DEVOURMENT LYRICS - "Conceived In Sewage" (2013) album
Marching Killing Burning Scorching Genocide Heavens Falling End of times. Resistance, breathless fight ... Reap the fallen, dead march onward. Today we die ... Carved Into Ecstasy. Nightmares, awakened by the screams, echoes from below
SACRED STEEL LYRICS - "Bloodlust" (2000) album
[THE EMPEROR:] "(Such an) Arcana granted (to me) in my Death-Dreams ! .... " Marching 'neath the Banner of the Bloodstained Sword Warriors of the .... The third Dream-Gate opens and I fall onward through the Crystal Ball...") (The apostate ...
BOLT THROWER LYRICS - "In Battle There Is No Law" (1988) album
Warriors of power marching to fight. Destruction ... Onward they charge - Running blind to defeat. Battlefield ... Thoughts of pain, darkest dreams. Self-inflicted ...
INANNA LYRICS - "Converging Ages" (2008) album
We are marching now to face Humbaba the Destroyer A sacrifice ... Walking on roads of nightmares of old ... Our ship's begun to sink, onward to her fatal fate
SACRED STEEL LYRICS - "Iron Blessings" (2004) album
A dark procession's marching through the night. In the dark they .... Destiny calls - Onward to death ... Welcome to your nightmare fools, I am your god insane
ABOMINATION LYRICS - "Abomination" (1990) album
Suicidal Dreams 7. Life And Death 8. Victim Of ... An onward search for destiny. Callous people reach for ... His death is marching on [Repeat first verse] [Chorus]  ...
REVEL IN FLESH LYRICS - "Deathevokation" (2012) album
For honour & pride - they're marching to die!!! Murder - death - kill .... Leading the rats onwards. Bringer of ... As your nightmares assume control. Float in mental ...
D.R.I. LYRICS - "4 Of A Kind" (1988) album
Forever moving onward. Said they were guided from ... Another nightmare. I can't forget. Drinking and .... The sun so sore from marching. Towards that receding ...
EDGE OF SANITY LYRICS - "Crimson II" (2003) album
The crimson birth that swamped the earth in dark and deadly dreams ... An army of saviors marching as one ... And onwards she moved to where the crib lay

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