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Joeboy & Mayorkun - Don't Call Me Back Lyrics
Joeboy told the following while explaining what had inspired him to write this song, "I was really into this girl, she don't like me no more, she's on to another person, I feel bad about it, but at the end of the day, I tell her not to call me back when she finds out I'm with someone else too."
Mayorkun - True Lyrics
Take me away with you girl Can I call you baby Shogbo, shogbo Ara mi tun wa lona Make I take you lo'le I don't mean to be rude girl Baby omalicha nwa But I want to hmmm on your face Spend all my money oh Fight for you like Jet li oh Baby no be true All the things dem talk about me no be true Dem be saying all these things to get to you ooou
Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey - Don't Call Me ...
"Don't Call Me Angel" is the theme song for the 2019 film "Charlie's Angels". The song was released as the first single off of its soundtrack on the 13th of September 2019.
Ariana Grande - Don't Call Me Angel (Charlie's Angels ...
Lyrics to 'Don't Call Me Angel (Charlie's Angels)' by Ariana Grande. Boy, don't call me angel You ain't got me right Don't call me angel You can't pay my price ... I drop it down, I pick it up, I back it out the county line I fell from heaven, now I'm living like a devil You can't get me off your mind I appreciate the way you want me, I can't lie
Mabel - Don't Call Me Up Lyrics
Don't wanna talk about us Gotta leave it behind One drink and you're outta my mind Now, now take it up Baby, I'm on a high You're alone, going out of your mind When I'm here up in the club And I don't wanna talk So don't call me up Don't call me up So don't call me up Don't call me up I'm over you and I don't need your lies no more
Al Green - Call Me (Come Back Home) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Call Me (Come Back Home)' by Al Green. Call me, call me, call me What a beautiful time we had together Now it's gettin' late and we must leave each other Just remember the time we had and how right I tried to be
Karmin - Brokenhearted Lyrics
Had me up, had me down, turn me inside out That's enough, call me up Baby I'm in doubt, oh oh I don't even think you know, no no See, I've been waiting all day For you to call me baby So let's get up, let's get on it Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight Come on, that's right Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to So can we finish what we ...
Dem Franchize Boyz - Stop Calling Me Lyrics
I don't work at the zoo get that monkey off my back You say you pregnant with my baby, she don't think so Bitch that ain't my baby, well I don't really know. Related. ... Bitch don't call me no more, I ain't gonna pick up the phone Treat her like a clothes hanger, straight hang the phone up. Bitch stop callin' me Bitch stop callin' me
Goodbye Elliott - Don't Call Me Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Call Me Baby' by Goodbye Elliott. Stop right there How did you drop my heart so fast? Caught in your stare But you brought an end to that And did you know this
The Strokes - Call Me Back Lyrics
"Call Me Back" Wait time is the worst I can hardly sit No one has the time Someone's always late I look for you And you look for me ... I hold your phone Don't wake up I hear a voice In the ground Tell me, don't tell me The hard part is telling you Something that you would not like me to tell you Tell me, don't tell me The hard part is telling ...
Macy Gray - Why Didn't You Call Me? Lyrics
Why don't you call me again? And I'm gonna ask When I see you again Thought you would be my man, my lover, my friend I never thought it would end so quickly It would end. I've resorted to Hanging up on you I know you know it's me but, How else will I talk to you We had such a good time Hey! Why didn't you call me? I thought I'd see you again
Drift - Don't Call Me Lyrics
Like don't call.. Nah forget it you know the rest [chorus: (Drift) & Molly] Soon as I get home I'ma give you a call boo (Mami don't call me, I'ma call you) I'ma take you out to dinner and maybe the mall too (Mami don't call me, please I'ma call you) Maybe later we can chill my crew and your crew (Don't call me, I'ma call you)
My Chemical Romance - Mama Lyrics
And when you go don't return to me my love. Mama, we're all full of lies Mama, we're meant for the flies And right now they're building a coffin your size Mama, we're all full of lies. ... And if you would call me a sweetheart I'd maybe then sing you a song. But there's shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun You would cry out your eyes all ...
Gryffin - Body Back Lyrics
Baby, bring your body back to me They can call me foolish and stupid Don't know why I do this But, baby, bring your body back to me I know, I know, I'm not giving you up (And I know and I know that) I know, I know, I'm not giving you up If you want my love and you got it anytime you want it Baby, bring your body back to me
Young The Giant - Call Me Back Lyrics
Don't leave me hanging Call me back, call me back, call me back, call me back Baby call me back, call me back, call me back, call me back I've been waiting by the phone love I've been waiting by the phone love So just call me back, call me back, call me back, call me back You didn't have to be that way Didn't have to be that way Cause I was ...
Jonn Hart - Papi Lyrics
Back it up on me, yeah she like to ride like a mothafuckin' G Put both those off, oh If I'm mobbin', she mobbin' No problem it's just us If I'm all out, she all in She keep a nigga up Better act like you know She'd catch a case for me Ride or die for sure You know what it is, yeah. She love to call me papi (yes sir) Hold it down shorty cool as fuck
Billie Eilish - Party Favor Lyrics
Hey, call me back When you get this Or when you've got a minute We really need to talk Wait, you know what Maybe just forget it Cause by the time you get this Your number might be blocked Stay and blah blah blah You just want what you can't have No way, I'll call the cops If you don't stop I'll call your dad And I hate to do this to you on your ...
Eric Nam - Don't Call Me Lyrics
Don't call me No don't call me, don't call me If you do I'll be back where I started Now I'm too weak, I'm too weak So when it's 3am, I'm in bed and I'm lonely And I'm wishing that you'd fill the space in my room Don't you know that it's hard on me baby So there's one thing, one thing that you shouldn't do Don't call me
Chris Brown - Don't Check On Me Lyrics
Energy's like a circle, it comes back around Reciprocated Don't shed no more tears Won't gain no empathy from me In the upcoming years Oh, I don't need your pity Don't check on me Oh, don't check on me if we're not together And it's probably for a reason Every heartbreak has its season And it looks like winter for you Ain't call you back 'cause ...
WayV - "Love Talk (English Version)" 歌詞
Got me going through the roof (roof) Really don't care what we do (do, ay) We could fly to the moon I see your lips moving ... Call me when its after dark Something in the way you wanna talk Touch me tease me feel me up Touch me tease me feel me up Max max max We can have it all (To the max) If you back back back back Back it up (back it!) Take ...
Joeboy - All For You Lyrics
"All For You" continues the story of a relationship from the song "Don't Call Me Back": On this record his lady comes back to him to ask for his tender and true love. This track was produced by Beats by KO, a very good friend of Joeboy, according to his interview with AZLyrics. J. Joeboy Lyrics.
Chris Brown - Don't Check On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Check On Me' by Chris Brown. If I'm out at the bar havin' a night on the town Life of the party, pourin' shots of the brown And you see me from the street, but I don't turn around Would you say, 'Hi'? Would you keep going?
SOJA - Here I Am Lyrics
She calls me when I'm in town I pretend I'm not around But she sees on her screen I am So here I am, here I am She don't call me one and only No, she just calls me when She gets lonely, something I do gets Her there so feel better and get well Backwards now and were back again Sideway just to find our friends On this road is changing every
Jake Owen - Alone With You Lyrics
Don't slip your hand under my shirt and tell me it's okay Don't say you love me 'cause you know you don't love me and leave I can't be alone with you You've got me out on the edge every time you call And I know it would kill me if I fall I cant be alone with you I don't see you laugh, you don't call me back But you kiss me when you're drunk
Toni Braxton - Don't Call Just Text Lyrics
Don't know what you're saying can't figure it out I wanna talk but just not now Don't call just text, don't call just text, don't call just text me You know I'm not at the house Been telling you all week tonight I'm going out So baby if you want me you know how to spell it out Don't call just text, don't call just text, don't call just text
DMX - Don't Call Me Lyrics
Don't call me brother if you ain't breaking bread with me [Chorus: Shontelle (DMX)] Don't call me mother (Ohhh) ... Don't shake my hand when you wanna see me under Don't talk slick behind my back Don't walk like this when you act like that You tryna bark on when instead you a cat Come to your hood like "BAP! BAP! BAP!"
LANY - Run Lyrics
Now you're going backwards, please don't call me after When you finna wake up, to forget about love So go ahead and run, run, run Back to who you're running from Just make sure you don't run back to Me when you're done Got a handful of sleeping pills A phone full of no one real This is all too much to deal, oh oh Run, run, run
Lost Kings - Don't Call Lyrics
Don't cry when you hold me back Say you're fine when you're off the track Don't lie 'Cause I can see around you Trying to get in my mind You keep calling and wasting my time ... Don't call me when you're sorry (I bet you feel so bad, I bet you feel so bad, that you feel it right now)
Motion City Soundtrack - Don't Call It A Come Back Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Don't Call It A Come Back' by Motion City Soundtrack. We don't like endless cycles Our take is 'more than meets the eye' It's our answer, yeah that's our answer 'Cause we don't care at all
Falling In Reverse - Fashionably Late Lyrics
Don't talk that crap When you call me back As a matter of fact Don't act like that Everybody knows you're right Everybody knows I'm wrong (wrong) It's 9 o'clock on the dot At the spot And I'm hangin' with her friends again Great taste Beautiful place And you're fashionably late And I don't wanna be that guy That makes you sad, makes you cry ...
Tucker Beathard - Find Me Here Lyrics
Really I don't wanna be caught in room 316 With a hotel bible as a coaster underneath my beer And Lord if you decide tonight's the night You're coming back, I hope you don't find me here If I get down on my knees and it ain't too much to ask Could you break the chains that hold me down and get the devil off my back
Melanie Martinez - Teacher's Pet Lyrics
Don't call me crazy You love me, but you won't come save me You got a wife and kids, you see them daily Don't know why you even need me" ... Give me back my money Didn't learn a damn thing, honey, from you Except how to lie and cheat while inside the sheets Stop calling me "your bunny"
Jake Owen - Alone With You Lyrics
Jake Owen "Alone With You": I don't see you laugh You don't call me back But you kiss me when you're drunk I don't know your fr ... Search "Alone With You" lyrics. Jake Owen Lyrics "Alone With You" I don't see you laugh You don't call me back But you kiss me when you're drunk I don't know your friends Don't know where you've been Why are you ...
JT Music - Don't Put Me In A Corner Lyrics
JT Music "Don't Put Me In A Corner": ... Don't call me Goldilocks - I don't want any porridge Like I give a fuck which bowl's the coldest, hottest or warmest ... I wanna go back home and crack open a cold one Military training didn't prepare me at all I'm converting my k-nine into a therapy dog
Pete Doherty - Lady, Don't Fall Backwards Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady, Don't Fall Backwards' by Pete Doherty. Once upon a time When the cold wind that blows When the cold wind that blows in my heart It was a summer breeze and she Would meet me in Chinatown for opium and tea
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