Me know the man where you have nuh better then me, me must tek you weh one day. like everything pon mi ig lyrics

Get lyrics of Me know the man where you have nuh better then me, me must tek you weh one day. like everything pon mi ig song you love. List contains Me know the man where you have nuh better then me, me must tek you weh one day. like everything pon mi ig song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Tightest Punani
Yuh punnany b-b-bless up(pum) your hole tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do, Get up(pum)! ... [CHORUS:] Whine it like you horny you have di tightest punnany
[Verse 1:] Mi gyal seh shi ban mi from her pum-pum. Shi mad you fuck. Day shi ... Mount a gyal out a road weh a tek a fuck ... Any gyal weh mi love up ... Could a funeral, wi must get a gyal ... Mi a big man now, It nuh look right. Fi mi still a fuck 3 friend and nuh know none ... The next set weh gwaan like dem better than gyal
Beenie Man - New Suzuki Lyrics
Intro: / Aye Aye come here,weh yu tek man fa / Chorus: / Di other night mi buck a ... Look how mi tell di gal she must'nt play inna mi hair she gwan and gwan until mi ... and me is a man nuh really care if mi baby mother hear seh mi hav a gal a play ... mi wah fi know a weh dem get dem big talk deh from,suh mi go check Marie, ...
Mi wicked like St. James and Kingston and St. Catherine crime, ... Nuff bwoy waan get me out fi reach di big time, Mi sleep and wake up and dem still trying, Yuh nuh have nuh patience?! ... mi a: Still The Lyricist, Vocabulary Physicist, Melody Michelangelo weh paint da ... Nuh try dat my dear bout me an you mek a nice pair,
Lyrics to "Step Out" song by BUSY SIGNAL: Busy Basically I'm saying (weh yah ... Wat about you ... [Verse 1:] Afta mi step out, inna mi black. Have glock, unda mi throwback. Shot holla pon spot. Badman nuh tek back chat ... Mi tell dem straight, yuh know she we a di new recruits ... Factor, yuh have it lock, like none other
Vybz Kartel - Yea Though I Walk Lyrics
The bagon did afta kartel, dem try fi tek mi flesh but dem stumble and fell ... It nuh easy fi run in like hotel ... Mi nah guh mek dem crucify me like wah dem do christ ... Di one wah peter slice, man ah; sell out dem bruddah fi a pizza slice ... Dem ah guh judge you bout jah isnot dead enuh, he's alive. ... Neva know, ah suh wi fit
Charly Black - Turn Gal Turn lyrics
Huh, goodness gracious Angel Doolas dem gal deh look so contagious Weh yuh ... nah pet nuh galsa (Ooh) Yuh rock so, yuh dip so, yuh wine so Gal turn me on ... A must fi girl dem have man curl 'em When gal a rotate like mi car rinse Bear as ... mi go get har tings Tek har to all jiggy and lobsters and shrimps Then di big ...
Sean Paul - Can You Do The Work Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can You Do The Work' by Sean Paul. Bwoy Ce'cile, I see it clear yuh know, mi need ya yuh know / Please! I got a man OK ... Just land di big jet pon di runway ... List one bag a man like yuh deh pon mi few ... Well Sean Paul get wid it badgal nuh waan nuh one minute ... Sean Paul - Tek Weh Yuh Heart Music Video.
Sean Paul - We Be Burnin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Be Burnin' by Sean Paul: Speed so we nuh gon coke it yo (Coke it yo) Set ... Cau di weed weh we smokin' need fi soakin' ... We be earnin' dollars turnin'g cau we mind deh pon we pay ... Legalize it, time you recognize it ... Mek mi write new tune yeah dat's what pays me ... Dat's why herb man dem a di wise one
Stephen Marley - Traffic Jam - Damian Lyrics
Marijuana weh mi smoke dem seh too ignorant. Just some odda day some puff a whole mek fi one. Then mi ... From mi look inna him face and know this bwoy have a plan. Juju touch mi pon my shoulda seh di bwoy a demon ... Are you smokin' marijuana and I said yes I am ... From mi nah go tek nuh switch or interrogation
Cutty Ranks - Who Seh Mi Dun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who Seh Mi Dun' by Cutty Ranks. ... million ways to die / Choose one, heh, heh / A what dem a try fi do / Try fi test me? ... You waan test the rocket launcher? ... Me have two sticks of dynamite ... Me fold a newspaper, man and box yuh til yuh deaf ... Only Don me know ... 8 More Hilarious Misheard Lyrics About Food.
Bounty Killer - Warlord Nuh Business Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Warlord Nuh Business' by Bounty Killer: Let dem know di best business in di mind of business ... Betweenie Man, yuh mek yuh grammy get to yuh head.
Konshens - Buss A Blank Lyrics
Intro: / Fi di ones wi lost / Pon di bakklefield / Yo / Now I lay me down to sleep / Pray to Jah ... Even though you gone your memories live on ... Verse 1: Follow mi now(follow mi now!) Da one ya name talk di truth. Buss a blank if u know O'Neil a good yute ... Listen then ... Good ting seh a sickness a nuh neva nuh man try dat
[Intro:] No! we can't tek di brain people dem zeen* All dem people licky licky too much And wi sell out like ... Mi no want no one come set no poison fi me huh!
Bounty Killer - Gal Turn Me On Lyrics. Huh, goodness gracious Angel Doolas dem gal deh look so contagious Weh yuh seh yuh ... Listen while you read! ... A watch how so mi get trial nuh nurse nuh play ... A must fi girl dem have man curl ' em. When gal a rotate like mi car rinse ... Then di big rock tone start play wid G strings
Mavado - Overcome lyrics
Overcome lyrics by Mavado: Brighter Day / No No No Nooo / Di Genious again / Weeeeeeeeeeeee(We shall overcome) / We shall over come(We.
34, Wine Pon Di Edge. 35, Fast ... 54, Tek Cover ... 60, One More Night (Live) ... 103, Must Come A light ... 182, Run Weh ... 221, The Way You Love Me ... Dem Nuh Bad Lyrics Busy Signal ... Sports Day (Everybody Move) [Remixes] Lyrics Busy Signal .... ANY MAN Lyrics Busy Signal ... Big Vibez Riddim Lyrics Busy Signal ...

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