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Mercury Rev - The Dark Is Rising Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Dark Is Rising' by Mercury Rev: I dreamed of you on my farm I dreamed of you in my arms But dreams are always wrong I never dreamed I'd hurt ...
Mercury Rev - Goddess On A Hiway Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goddess On A Hiway' by Mercury Rev. Well, I got us on a highway and I got us in a car / Got us going faster than we've ever gone before / I got us on.
Mercury Rev - Holes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holes' by Mercury Rev. Time, all the long red lines, that take / Control, of all the smoke like streams that flow into your / Dreams, that big blue.
Mercury Rev - Tonite It Shows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tonite It Shows' by Mercury Rev. Into a dream, I took a turn, and promised to return / The way we were, the way we met, the way I lit your cigarette.
Mercury Rev - Chasing A Bee Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing a Bee' by Mercury Rev. Those seducers / its not as easy as it may seem, remember that yourself is steam / what once was lost will never be.
Mercury Rev - Vermillion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vermillion' by Mercury Rev. An unseen force behind the turning leaves / Drives them all vermillion and green / You never gave up on me somehow / I.
Mercury Rev - Endlessly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Endlessly' by Mercury Rev: And the dark ships of her eyes surrender to you suddenly Leading you again, endlessly.
Mercury Rev - Spiders And Flies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spiders and Flies' by Mercury Rev. Plans and schemes / Thoughts and dreams / Who care what they mean / When they work they're amazing things ...
Mercury Rev - Tides Of The Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tides of the Moon' by Mercury Rev. The threads that run through your live / Hang from your sleeve / Wind through your soul / The kind you can't.
Mercury Rev - Chains Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chains' by Mercury Rev. I remember their faces / I remember their stares / I remember how wasted / You were in bed / And I know you want it / And I.
Mercury Rev - Trickle Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trickle Down' by Mercury Rev. You think / You think / You think too much I think / I think you think too much I think / I think you don't know what.
Mercury Rev - Hercules Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hercules' by Mercury Rev. In the morning your face cracks and falls to the sea / The sun follows your step and leads you back to me / You keeps.
Mercury Rev - Nite And Fog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nite and Fog' by Mercury Rev. If God moves across the water / Then the girl moves in other ways / And I, losing sight of either / night and Fog are.
Mercury Rev - Blue And Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue and Black' by Mercury Rev. I see blue / I see black / I see you / In a crack / I see snow / I see cold / I see someone / Getting old / And it's.
Mercury Rev - In A Funny Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In A Funny Way' by Mercury Rev. On a summer day you can hear her call / But in a funny way she reminds you of the fall / Through the fields an' the.
Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Funny Bird' by Mercury Rev. Well goodbye southern spy / I've come t' love you in th' lite / Always starin' in th' Void / Have yr etes all been.
Mercury Rev - My Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Love' by Mercury Rev. Ain't it amazing when the seasons began to change / Someone behind the scenes just seems to pull some strings / I ...
Mercury Rev - Amelie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Amelie' by Mercury Rev. Amelie, unlock the door / Amelie, unlock the door / Amelie, unlock the door / Amelie, unlock the door / I'll break the habit,
Mercury Rev - Black Forest (Lorelei) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Forest (Lorelei)' by Mercury Rev. If I was a white horse... an' offered you a ride... / through a black forest / An' if we took a strange.
Mercury Rev - Hudson Line Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hudson Line' by Mercury Rev. Why'don't need much money t' ride th' silver train / Just enough t' keep yerself from sleepin' in th' rain / Satellites.
Mercury Rev - Little Rhymes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Rhymes' by Mercury Rev. Stairs, to nowhere climb / I take them, all the time / Crawling on my knees / Walking that old fine line / And when.
Mercury Rev - Diamonds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diamonds' by Mercury Rev. Look how the sun, captured by the rain / Glimmers and falls, and lands in golden balls / Like a bracelet hung, from a.
Mercury Rev - Coming Up For Air Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Coming Up for Air' by Mercury Rev. I took a ride after you left me in pieces / Yes you did yes you did / Yes you did / My goodness what was left of.
Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Butterfly's Wing' by Mercury Rev. I'm beating like a butterfly's wing / Unable to sleep / I'm beating like a butterfly's wing / See what you've done.
Mercury Rev - I Collect Coins Lyrics
Songwriters Jonathan Donahue;Adam Snyder;David Fridman;Sean Mackowiack. Published by. CANAVERAL PICTURES, INC. Song Discussions is protected ...
Mercury Rev - Across Yer Ocean Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Across Yer Ocean' by Mercury Rev. And where we go from here is anybody's guess / These thoughts I've got inside, ain't easy to confess / My hand  ...
Mercury Rev - Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp' by Mercury Rev. Sea t' corporal sea atlantic's too specific / Haven't time t'settle sharks infest th' water / Kickin' up.
Mercury Rev - Girlfren Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girlfren' by Mercury Rev. / I hold you in my arm... / ... / now I know... / ... / hold you in my arm / then I feel your charm / the sky don't.
Mercury Rev - Arise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Arise' by Mercury Rev. She has a way that is beautiful to behold / Movements of silence and calm / A universe of life folded up inside her / A.
Mercury Rev - In The Wilderness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Wilderness' by Mercury Rev. Has she found a way to make her man work out right / Has she found a way to let her man into her life / Has she.
Mercury Rev - Everlasting Arm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everlasting Arm' by Mercury Rev. And so with the explorers on my heels I started t'wheel/Stepped aside stone walls, I was sick of it all/And so I set.
Mercury Rev - Moving On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Moving On' by Mercury Rev. You gotta start movin' on / It will be better in the sun / Just move ahead, it won't be long / And it'll be brighter.
Mercury Rev - Lincoln's Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lincoln's Eyes' by Mercury Rev. What explodes like a fractal / Pops like a light bulb / Looks really awful / At four in the morning / Moves with a.
Mercury Rev - Continuous Trucks And Thunder Under A Mother's ...
Lyrics to 'Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother's Smile' by Mercury Rev. Space patrol / It's out there / I'd better get my pants back on / My mom is.
Mercury Rev - First-Time Mother's Joy (Flying) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'First-Time Mother's Joy (Flying)' by Mercury Rev. Everywhere you turn you are surrounded by the sound / Of winter's song / Everything is frozen and.
Mercury Rev - Sweet Oddysee Of A Cancer Cell T' Th' Center Of Yer ...
Lyrics to 'Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell T' Th' Center of Yer Heart' by Mercury Rev. {this one is very tricky to make out, so most of these lyrics are probably.
Mercury Rev - Racing The Tide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Racing the Tide' by Mercury Rev. I'm so close, / I'm almost inside / It won' t be long / Before the mystery is mine / I'm so close / I'm almost inside.
Mercury Rev - The Climbing Rose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Climbing Rose' by Mercury Rev. Lover lift me up, high enough / To see the star of gold in the heart / Of the Climbing Rose / An' how she knows,
Mercury Rev - Faraway From Cars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faraway from Cars' by Mercury Rev. There's a little part of you / Faraway from cars / Faraway from cash / That's faraway from war / Faraway from.
Mercury Rev - A Drop In Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Drop in Time' by Mercury Rev: Let the music play like you want it to Let the sun shine light in your hair Let the moonlight play at your feet like.

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