Mi like dat she say di cocky lyrics

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VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much
She love mi suh much. Well listen dis nuh. Mi never see a girl weh mi love so much (mm hmm) A mi baby dat. She know fi wine pon di cocky yeh (mm hmm)
Vybz Kartel - Mi Beat Up Di Pussy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mi Beat Up Di Pussy' by Vybz Kartel. Gyal / Me love yuh ... Like say me just get let out of jail. Yuh pussy ah d lawyer me ... She say me cocky good if me ah put it on sale. Cock it up for d ... up di pussy cat. Me say baby anu me do u dat.
Potential Kidd - Ah Yah So Nice She Say lyrics
Aug 15, 2016 Lyrics for Ah Yah So Nice She Say by Potential Kidd. ... Har breast rub up pon mi teeth like a chicken gravy, She mek mi. ... pon mi cocky put it back inna di socket Come in like a door wen mi knock it and mi knock it ... Slim Shady Baby, skin clean a dat amaze mi What a girl body rite a dat amaze mi She can ...
Lyrics to "Teach Me How" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Position this way not dat way Turn ... When you wine pon cocky gal cocky fi a bruk. She say. Teach me how fi fuck ... Comin like say me a fuck a dead gal. Inna di club mi fuck inna di bathroom
Baby come mek me ride yuh like a jockey. Me wah yuh pussy pan mi cocky [Gaza Slim:] Me tell nobody dat nuh necessary. But me wah di cocky inna mi belly
Gaza girls haha hehe mi love di gyal dem yuh fuck dem love fuck yuh wa u a seh ... [Vybz Kartel:] she seh ... Pon di cocky pose like dominoe mi did tell yuh seh it big yuh caa seh yuh ... 33 minus 24 inna dat months a month baby a born sure
Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Baby yuh pussy nuh shame and mi nuh carry small cock Skin it out mek ... to me she stop search enuh Cocky inna har pussy and hurt it up Pon di pum ... yuh pussy grip mi cocky like a vice-grip You make me feel like say fi buy ...
Likkle gal doa gi weh dat (ah ah) Yuh pum pum clean and ready so mi dash weh di boots and mi come inna yuh belly (yeah yeah) Giddy up, pon di cocky now ( mm mm) Mi slap ... Like powa and showa like di crips and di bloods. Mi tun up di  ...
Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Indu - Know Bout Me (raw) lyrics and ...
Nov 21, 2013 Gaza girls haha hehe mi love di gyal dem yuh fuck, dem love fuck yuh. ... false hair a pop our leff soso cainrow Pon di cocky pose like domino mi did tell yuh ... bout mi she seh kartel wa u kno bout mi she seh wa u kno bout mi Me say, ... Fi di birth control mi cum inna har more 33 minus 24 inna dat mount a ...
Bruk di cocky like dry macka stik. Enuff gyal flop weh yuh fit. Nuff ah dem pop dung. Wen time mi tell dem dis. Mi wah yuh fi peddle an wheel. Pon dat big fat ...
MAVADO LYRICS - Squeeze Breast
She say she wan me squeeze her breast dem like the trigger of my gun. Tun her back way and fuck her hard and ... It's a fucking affair gal siddung pon mi cocky like chair. Gal nuh u did a say dat dey nuh fair. Now u a bawl ah say de pussy jaw  ...
Aidonia - Cyan Done (Raw) lyrics and translation
Jun 30, 2014 Sexy lady Wine pon di cocky fi mi baby Wine pon di cocky fi mi baby ... up like she do jockey work Di wine weh she wine dat mek mi cracky nut ...
Lyrics to "Nah Ansa" song by BUSY SIGNAL: Him must think seh mi ah idiot Seh ah idiot di bwoy ... Like, mi ah knock da bench ya and dj sittin fi ... Pon top ah dat bout she waan mi hey neil! tell mi ... All ah di hot gal dem waan mi, si di cocky ya!
Rough Sex Lyrics - Vybz Kartel
Weh u wan mi tek it out and put it nah yuh mout (e e) Di pussy tight like when tile when it clout. Mek mi ram it, ram it, ... When she say mi cocky bigga den buffalo foot. Ah nah look (ey) ... Ill kiss ur nipples too, thats all that I will kiss. Nuttin smooth ...
Aidonia - Virgin Mary Lyrics
Jun 18, 2014 ... tight like Virgin Mary, love it when we fuck Siddung pon di cocky fi me ... Mi hurt it up She gurt mi up She tell mi seh She love di fuck Dat wah ...
MAVADO LYRICS - Cruise Pon Di Dick
Lyrics to "Cruise Pon Di Dick" song by MAVADO: Cruise pon the dick Make me wet baby Cruise pon the dick I wanna cum The very first time ... A from that, you deh pon the don mind ... Mi naw lie, my girl mi like hi ... And she nude, and me nude
BUSY SIGNAL LYRICS - Up In Here Belly (Dagga)
Say when she open di garage up, Like a Nokia da cocky a go charge up, Mi tell har say fi go bring har entourage up, Cah dat a pussy plus tax and barage up,
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Grab Up Yuh Crotches
Tell di girls and boys to touch hand Everyman whine pan a gyal Dis is not a love song D... ... Gyal a seh mi cocky strike like a couple pack a matches [Hook:] Mi done say is not a love song (love song) Is a fuck song (is a fuck ... She love sweety she know weh di lollipop is ... Yuh nuh know Gaza law mek mi tell yuh wat dat is
Hot Fuck Lyrics - Tony Matterhorn
Do you like this song? (click stars to rate) ... Dat just the word down pon di street di gyal dem say to me matterhorn ... I know she black i know she proud she fuck mi inna di crowd [Chorus:] ... But let me tell her wen me hold her di cocky straight
So position like dat when u deh pon di bike back. Position ... Mi tell u seh she fava di [?] Mi babe ... Yuh fi deh pon di Ducati cah mi see seh ya star gal [Chorus:]
Lyrics to "Good Night" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Girl Goodnight, night Mi wish you a stiff goodnight, ... Yuh pussy look fat ina yuh tights like ... If him cum fuss dat mean yuh cyah win ... And vision di cocky a go up ina belly ... Pussy a bun har she seh she wah pee pee. Belly a cramp up she seh she feel sleepy. Mi seh [ Chorus:]
Aidonia - Sweat Up Yuh Body Lyrics
she's just that girl, girl. Mi ... When yuh wine fi mi di wine me get wicked. yuh bumper fi di-dig bike a nuh stick head. Cock it mi fren, position different, di fuck mi a defend, mi tough like cement, sit dong pon buddy, mek it bruk mek it bend. ... Girl, mi love yuh girl, mi waan yuh tip up pon yuh toe an bubble pon mi cocky slow.
Lyrics to "Come Round" song by MAVADO: For di girls dem Gully god Hello David ... She seh she wan come round ah mi yard. Mi seh gyal turn round mek mi fuck ya hard. Mek mi spin ya like a hit record ... Cocky force and bend unda dem
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Freaky Gal, Pt. 3
Plus when yo si mi cocky yo si chicken an rice. MI face white but mi cocky blacker than spice. Baby mi like when yo draw fi di crush ice. How my love wood in a ...
Lyrics to "Pussy Jaw" song by VYBZ KARTEL: If a di pussy jaw sen on nuh heng on Thou shall not si di batty & teck on Gal run di boy weh blow yo... ... Gal run di boy weh blow you like cow horn ... My gal never suck a john & she never will. But fi gi di gal di cocky mi foever will ... All that really matters is I got my girlfriends. Mi  ...
Whine di cocky with authority ... Mi gyal pussy tight soh me shub it furtha. It hot but she come back again. She seh har boyfriend jus a nyam it like chicken burger
Aidonia - Jack Hammer lyrics
Verse 1. Di gyal a bawl whoi! She a say it hot mi fi stop. Mi say top di noise, tek a sat pon di c*** Tek a seat pon di cocky tic toc yuh fi toc. Gyal wine get wild, ...
Di-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-donia Gal dem want di romance and di toughness... ... Gal scandal dat. No mi nuh put gal pon my head like peak or ... She say di mouth a di strength of him ... When me give her mi cocky she tell me she happy. Like ...
Lyrics to "Get Wild" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Hey notnice a who she? Hey gyal U mek me cocky get tuff like a rock Gyal wine like seh u wah breed... ... If a nuh dat u waaah come sit down pon it like chair for me. Cock it up. Skin it out. Do weh ... Gyal di cum weh mi put it inna u belly. Buss thicker ... You Can't Say · Come Back  ...
Aidonia - Dats Up Watz Up lyrics
Dats Up Watz Up lyrics by Aidonia: [Intro:] / 'Ey girl, I like those boobies / Let's go out let's go to di movies / Here girl, let's go in. ... Mi nuh Bugs Bunny but I gotta axe yuh wat's up? Mi nuh waan nuh freaky gyal. Nuh waan fi get mi cock ... Gyal cock dat up. Wi nah stop fuk ... Right pon di cocky like she deh. Pon a donkey back
Tony Matterhorn - Sidung Pon It Lyrics
Dec 17, 2011 Now mi push it up so hard cuz her body tempt me And she said she want a ... Then me explode inna di belly like a C4 Cock it up and jack it pon di beach of ... a style mi have it in stock and in store Cau di cocky insure, so what you in for ... mi mine it" And she still a say, "Wuk it up Tony" Baby, bring that pussy, ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Foot Pan Shoulder
Lyrics to "Foot Pan Shoulder" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Yuh pussy feel like It never been touched yet Jah know baby It's clear mi cocky it waan yuh tight T.. ... Yuh mek di ground shake when wi a fuck (Awhooh) ... Siddung pon it, gal yuh like dat
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Tightest Punani
Yuh fuck with a rupture mi cocky must fracture. Stiff wood mi place pon yuh case like a lawyer. Di bwoy ya nuh use viagra ask latoya. Whine dat mi mek yuh ...
Cock It Up Fi Mi Baby Mek Mi Force Up My cocky In Deh Mi Love Fi ... [Hook:] Set Good Like Di Ice Inna Freeza ... Siddung Pon It Gyal A Dat Sweet You The Foot ...
Vybz Cartel - Love Pussy Forever Lyrics
Apr 3, 2015 Gyal say she wah fuck mi say why not? And although mi get pussy free, mi ah tek out mi money and buy that. Wine pon cocky till you sweat like ...
Vybz Kartel - Romping Shop Lyrics
Cocky nuh play / Me will bruk yuh back / When yuh come inna mi ramping shop / Me will quint it up two time and pop. ... Cah me haffi wine pon di cocky like dis
She ride rough so mi know seh she use to di track. Smooth like di ... But she know how fi sit down like that [Chorus:] ... Mi love it when you make love to mi cocky
You do the things, to the things mi like. Mi never si a gyal ... Spit up pon mi cocky till it's sloppy. Bend over baby ... No the color but a weh mi like do. Mi come inna ...
Every girl, mi love you, no doubt. Kerry Black ... Have a gyal weh a cheat, she love da Turk House Mi-mi-mi two ex ... (Boop!) wid di cocky, one box pon ya cheek. Cum me a ... Mi say. Fat girls love run from fuck, yeah. Slim girls can bruk that cock, yeah. Black girls ... Gyal weh good, like some advice from mi mada. Plus, gyal ...
Mek she feel like di something weh she have a nuh fi her. She seh all is fair in love and war. War angel lovin ... up di fire inna her. She seh [Chorus] When she seh. Dat no mean she suckin. Have har inna mi bedroom. A straight cocky bruckin

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