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Mighty Warrior (feat. Klaus Kuehn and Mike Massa) Lyrics
May 2, 2016 Commander and Chief Bring us to attention Lead us into battle To crush the enemy Mighty warrior Dressed for battle Holy Lord of all is He ...
"Mighty Warrior". You call us out from the depths. Into Your freedom. Our chains are gone. No weapon formed shall prevail. Your word is stronger. We overcome
Mighty Warrior (feat. Klaus Kuehn and Mike Massa)
Christ For The Nations Music, Klaus Kuehn & Mike Massa - Mighty Warrior (feat. Klaus Kuehn and Mike Massa) Lyrics. Mighty warrior Dressed for battle Holy ...
Ntokozo Mbambo - Jehovah Is Your Name - Live Lyrics
Feb 18, 2016 Jehovah is Your Name Jehovah is Your Name Mighty Warrior Great in Battle Jehovah is Your Name Mighty Warrior Great in Battle Jehovah is ...
Randy Rothwell - Mighty Warrior Lyrics
Dec 2, 2015 Lyrics for Mighty Warrior by Randy Rothwell. We are victors We are conquerors We have triumphed Through the blood Of Jesus Christ We ar...
Rick Pino - You're an Army Lyrics
You're an army dressed for battle. You're an army ... Oh Lord, your warriors sing back to you. You're a mighty, mighty, mighty, Mighty warrior. He's a mighty ...
Rick Pino - You're an Army lyrics and translation
Dec 16, 2013 Youʼre an army dressed for battle Take the land The weapons of our ... eat giants for our bread You're a Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty Warrior.
CRYONIC TEMPLE LYRICS - "Chapter I" (2002) album
2. Metal Brothers 3. Warsong 4. Gatekeeper 5. Rivers Of Pain 6. King Of Transilvania 7. Steel Against Steel 8. Mighty Warrior 9. Over And Over 10. Stronger Than ...
11, Mighty Warrior. 12, Joy of My Desire ... 17, The God of Israel Is Mighty. 18, Glory Glory to the King ... His Goodness · Mighty Warrior Lyrics Randy Rothwell ...
SIREN LYRICS - "Financial Suicide" (1988) album
For the master is near. The fighting done ; the battle won ... The warrior ... Mighty warrior ... Freedom fighting man ... Soldier dressed in white. Without warning .
HOLY MARTYR LYRICS - "Hellenic Warrior Spirit" (2008) album
HOLY MARTYR lyrics - "Hellenic Warrior Spirit" (2008) album, including "To Kalesma Sta Opla", "The Lion Of Sparta", "Defenders In The Name Of Hellas"... ... Brave mighty warriors! In battle blood we bring ... Dressed by Courage and Honour
HOLY MARTYR LYRICS - "Hail to Hellas" (2003) album
Brave mighty warriors! In battle blood we bring. Death is what we seek to find Glory ... Dressed by Courage and Honour Pride his daily bread. I was born to die  ...
FRETERNIA LYRICS - "Warchants & Fairytales" (2000) album
Mighty warrior ride. The skies are ... When the land was dressed in snow and ice. Through a ... Distant echoes closing in,soon the battle will begin. To flee is the ...
MEMORY GARDEN LYRICS - "Forever" (1995) EP
I am a mighty warrior. With blood and guts of a ... I will die in battle. With our heads high ... Mourner is so deep, in black I'm dressed. In holy ground she can be ...
INQUISITION LYRICS - "Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan ...
Kill With Hate. Strong mighty warriors of Satans cult arise ... This is a battle that will never have an end ... Soldiers dressed in black waving banners of the horde.
GENESIS LYRICS - Supper's Ready
But we saw a host of dark skinned warriors standing still ... Wandering through the chaos the battle has left, We climb up a ... There's Winston Churchill dressed in drag, he used to be a ... "This is the supper of the mighty one", Lord of Lords,
CALADAN BROOD LYRICS - "Echoes Of Battle" (2013) album
CALADAN BROOD lyrics - "Echoes Of Battle" (2013) album, including "Book Of The Fallen", "A Voice Born Of Stone And Dust", "To Walk The Ashes Of ... A host of warriors fall, never to return ... The aftermath of battle's toll, mighty silence they behold. Landscapes bathed in colours pale, dressed in blood and broken maille
AMON AMARTH LYRICS - "Twilight Of The Thunder God" (2008 ...
Mighty Thor grips the snake. Firmly by its tongue ... blades in mighty fists. One hundred warriors on horse ... They march in full battle dress. With faces grim and  ...
... dressed for battle Take the land The weapons of our warfare They are mighty ... We eat giants for our bread. You're a Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty. Warrior.
NANOWAR OF STEEL LYRICS - "Into Gay Pride Ride" (2010) album
Mighty warrior, come with me. Sail across the red ... Odino the herd, dressed in silk. Talked to the cows .... In a long bloody battle that prophecies told the light will  ...
WULFGAR LYRICS - "Midgardian Metal" (2010) album
You mighty gods of war. Lead us to victory ... It's time for battle. And we can not ... And warriors since our birth. A mighty ... We dress ourselves in leather. And we ...
DISSECTION LYRICS - "Storm Of The Light's Bane" (1995) album
Superior mighty warriors of pure unhallowed blood. Shoulder to ... The dress is white with crystals of ice ... But on lived the memories in the spirits of a battle sons
HELHEIM LYRICS - "Av Norrøn Ætt" (1997) album
The battle of the despairing- tears bound to eternity. All cries of pain .... That waits for me, the mighty warrior. In mortal ... I come dressed in the black of the plague
FIMBULTHIER LYRICS - "The Battle Begins" (2007) album
FIMBULTHIER lyrics - "The Battle Begins" (2007) album, including "Epilog", " Raknarök", "Our Quest"... ... Abandoned by mighty Thor, his anger now I saw. Listen to me you fools, ... I dress myself in battle clothes ... To make false warriors kneel
LUCA TURILLI LYRICS - "Kings Of The Nordic Twilight" (1999) album
Mighty lord of the winter snow. Show me ... And your dress now pink under fading lights .... Warriors, battles, swords of steel and magic, tragic destinies. Glory ...
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Reign In Glory" (2003) album
Can you hear my mighty screams? ... See the spikes on my leather dress ... All True Metal Warriors, come shout it out: All Hail!!! ... Will you fighr a holy battle?
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Own The Crown" (2011) compilation
The mighty gods have called his name. They said: "With .... Once in a while a warrior cries for the battle. Once in a .... See the spikes on my leather dress. And the ...
BATTLEROAR LYRICS - "Blood Of Legends" (2014) album
Warriors Who fought your battles. All across this cruel world. The've died - Long before. Your fallen ... A mighty force eternal - Breathing flame on battlefields
THY MAJESTIE LYRICS - "Jeanne d'Arc" (2005) album
In the name of my King I've been a maiden warrior. Maiden of Steel for ... Mighty Angel in the name of the Lord you came. Here, my ... I have brought you hope to battle for your rights. We've fought .... Witch or demon dressed in male clothing
FOLKODIA LYRICS - "The Fall Of The Magog" (2013) album
Dressed in crimson and steel. He raised aloft ... In battle's clash with his phlanaxes. He bled dry ... And a mighty, long wall: ... Hannebu pilot, a warrior in the sky:
CELESTY LYRICS - "Vendetta" (2009) album
Warriors raise your swords up high. Tonight we unleash ... This battle will end in our name. When the sun ... Envy dressed in disguise. Share this .... And you'll create this reality, so can you hear mighty screams of my broken history. Now I'm  ...
Amon Amarth - Across The Rainbow Bridge Lyrics
But the warrior's death was never granted me. I dress myself in battle clothes. Alone I make the final ride. My sight is blurred by whipping snow. I seek to end my ...
VARATHRON LYRICS - "His Majesty At The Swamp" (1993) album
As a grain of sand in the vastness. Deliver me - Oh! Mighty father ... The battle started. In the bowels of the earth ... Dark-dressed warriors. Searching for the key
Falconshield, LilyPichu, Jaynee, The Yordles, Raw.B, Popushi ...
May 28, 2016 ... stacking magic corpses like "Abra Cadaver" The mobile warrior is back Commence ... Exploding to the battle I'm unloading the satchel I'm the hexplosive ... Kong, to the Mighty Grodd Hit Grear Four then I crush them all Jumping, ... the same to me Cause dress me up or down it makes no difference when ...
AMON AMARTH LYRICS - "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" (1998 ...
He's already dressed ready to leave. His four ... They await the battle. They await ... Five warriors march. No matter how ... The mighty AMON AMARTH Reaching ...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" (1987 ...
The battle is lost still someone always wins. And now they ... All dressed in gold and purple the beauty awaits the night. Knowing what will ... You're the mighty four winds night and day. Steel in every warrior's heart and sword. The brave and  ...
The tendons tore his mighty chest and ripped his leathered hide ... Among the warriors a legion is born ... Lizard lords in battle dress alerted by their hounds
INFERI LYRICS - "Divinity In War" (2007) album
Take up your arms warriors of the land. To fight ... Call upon the aid of the mighty creature of the sky ... We are dressed to kill for battle in the armor of the night
WIND ROSE LYRICS - "Wardens Of The West Wind" (2015) album
With craftsmen and warriors we've come. To take what the ... And leave for the battle ... Dressed in feelings divine. Drops of blue ... Mighty and stronger. Shall we ...
ENSLAVED LYRICS - "Frost" (1994) album
The battle at Vigrid shall come. There is no brothers ... Battle fields for the first. A black empire ... Warriors are gathered through the dream ... The gust from Nivlhel in the north fills the mighty gap ... Horn of frost and cold, dressed in the snow

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