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Dan Bull - I've Got A Bone Lyrics
(Minecraft Skeleton Rap) Well Hello again friend I'm a skeleton Returning from the dead Determined to be relevant again So I'm following trends From the Nether to the End And I've Got a bone to pick with you, little human Bone to pick with you, little human being I've seen
Dan Bull - Nether Zombie Pigman Minecraft Rap Lyrics ...
Wither with a skeleton With a wither skeleton Have you ever been aghast At a ghast as it blasts Burning gas at your ass That could shatter a glass So attack! And when the thing disappears It can ac-tually bring you to tears Like a sad book or some tragic news Or perhaps a man hug from a magma cube I assume that isn't gonna happen again
I have been calling caves my homeI'm living in the mythsThe spiders and the bonesThe creepers with their hissThe nights when undead roamEndermen that persistAnd clearly none of them will match against my featsAnd I just know where I should goI'm taking all this ...
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