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MO3 - And I Lyrics
Lyrics for And I by MO3. Can I tell my side of a street nigga yeah Yeah oh Can I tell my side On the block from 9 ...
Montana Of 300 - Wifin' You Lyrics
Lyrics to "Wifin' You" song by Montana Of 300: I cut off all my bitches, only thing on my mind is you And whenever I'm hittin' it, ... Now my hands clean, baby, sanitation Colder than winter, don't wanna lose her She a winner, my favorite place is up in her
MO3 - Take 'em to Church Lyrics
Lyrics for Take 'em to Church by MO3. Lyrics for Take 'em to Church by MO3 ... I fantasize about the keys by the water I was just a baby when they took me to the alter My granny used to say baby pray and be smarter I grind like I got but no son and no daughter Young niggah I was blessed to be the best and be in charge I could've been dead but ...
MO3 - Letter to My Mama Lyrics
I know my mama was tired of me, tired of me sellin dope since middle school came in the house when I wanted to there's a lot of shit she couldn't hide from me, like mama was a hustler, her boyfriend he had customers what they think we hustle for they lien on me, lien on me I went to TYC she had a baby on me when I took that time 4 years passed by mama had me on the east side look me in my eye ...
MO3 - Letter to My Mama Lyrics. Much love to the ones who lost theirs, man shit my t-lady called the police on me I rather visit you in jail then visit you at your grave I
Troye Sivan - MY MY MY! Lyrics
Let's stop, my baby Oh my, my, my I die every night with you Oh my, my, my Living for your every move Oh my, my, my I die every night with you Oh my, my, my Living for your every move Oh my, my, my Should be the last night ever Should be the last night we're apart Got my name on this treasure On this treasure Oh my, my, my (Oh my, my) I die ...
MO3 - Long Time Coming Lyrics
Lyrics for Long Time Coming by MO3. It's been a long a long time coming (long time coming) But I know to keep my gun (yeah) I was raised wit a pistol (pistol) Learn to live the streets for [?]
3 Doors Down - Here Without You Lyrics
I'm here without you, baby, But you're still on my lonely mind. I think about you, baby, And I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you, baby, But you're still with me in my dreams, And tonight it's only you and me, yeah. The miles just keep rollin' As the people leave their way to say "Hello".
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
These bitches they just wanna have my baby Born in the 80s, crack baby Mama she was in the streets so guess who raised me (the streets) You muthafuckin' right couldn't get it from my mama so I got it off the block Been working my whole life but I ain't never punched the clock 9 years old I seen a nigga get shot, damn
Montana Of 300 - Born To Ball Lyrics
I was born to ball Ima stack that money tall After I get mine ima share it with my dawgs Got to carry out the plans cause you only get one chance Watch them haters turn to fans They gone love the way I ball That's my baby Squad That's my AA I got her with no nae nae We suit up and go crazy Chucks up like a deuce I'm sonning you just call me Ray Ray
Boosie Badazz - Pussy Got Me Like Lyrics
Rub my dick on her ass cheeks In the mornin', sorry, girl, I'm horny I apologize [MO3:] I apologize, if I make you take this dick About a thousand times, you keep tellin' me you're comin' Well I'm right behind ya, got me jumpin' in your stomach Tryna touch your spine, that pussy got me like "Oh-oh, oh-oh, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm"
MO3 - All the Way Down Lyrics. Most of these niggas are running their mouth about me, They ain't know no better, I swear to god they don't, yeah You don't know a nigga, sk
MO3 - What She Said Lyrics
Lyrics for What She Said by MO3??? 11: 30 I love it when you talking dirty Its 5 in the morning she said she just left the club Callin like she call me so i jumped right out the tub cuz i knew what time it was now we finda fuck i took off my rolex and this chain now baby say my name, when i beat it up we be in public wont say nothing i dont speak to her i gotta keep it on the d with her when i ...
Cuban Doll - Stay Solid Lyrics
[MO3:] Stay solid I believe in it That chopper I sleep with it Up under that pillow With my pistol where I keep it at That money I need it ... We get the money, money, money, baby, baby You can tell that I'm eating Just know that I want it baby Really want it baby For the check I'm a demon [Cuban Doll:] Aye he wanna girl that's a Blanco But he ...
Eve - Gangsta Love Lyrics
WON'T you be my baby I wanna be ya lady I wanna rock you baby I wanna hold you baby WON'T be my baby I wanna be ya lady, yeah yeah [Eve & Alicia:] Baby lemme rock wit' you (it's gangsta gangsta) Ya know I wanna rock wit' you (gangsta gangsta) Baby lemme rock wit' you (the E-V-E) Ya know I wanna rock wit' you (A. Keys, gonna rock YA) Baby lemme ...
Jason Chen - No Distance Lyrics
There is no distance between me and my baby. It’s like the worlds closing around us and we’re doing just fine (doing just fine). Even if it pulls us apart cuz we’ll still be alright. (still be alright) I know we’ll be together after two worlds collide. No matter how far we are from each other, there’s no distance from you (no distance ...
MO3 - Days Like This Lyrics
Having days like this yeaa My mama told me son they'll be days like this yea My head hurt oh i'm fucked up yea im sick yea I should've never fucked with that bitch yea I should've never trusted that bitch yea I fucked around, fucked around, fucked around, fell in love with a hoe I be damned, god ...
Kenny Lattimore - Love Me Back Lyrics
Let's take our time, baby We got all night With every thought in my mind I know that you will always love me back, baby Love, love, love, love me back As much as you want, baby Love, love, love, love me back All night long, girl Love, love, love, love me back I know that you will love me Love, me, love, love me back If you think I love you now ...
Montana Of 300 - Holy Ghost Lyrics
Like, “holy smokes, yo Tony’s flow just caught the Holy Ghost My lines so dope if I continue, I might overdose Pull out my dick, and tell my haters join the rodeo It’s funny how you stay gettin’ money, but always sittin’ there They tell me that I’m goin’ to hell, I tell ‘em I been there 30 bullets in my clip and bitch they all ...
David Guetta - Shot Me Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shot Me Down' by David Guetta. I was five, and he was six / We rode on horses made of sticks / He wore black, and I wore white / He would always win
Yo Gotti - Errybody Lyrics
Hoes gun roll in this check on my wrist Im about to blow a check in your bitch Truth be told I don't even drink, But I'm trynna turn up for a bitch. I know alotta nobodys trynna to be somebody Plug on the way thats a new bugatti Nigga thats everybody Know a lot of nobodies but I won't say names Nobody is matching my chain. Everybody wanna be a ...
Z-Ro - I'm Good Lyrics
I talk a lot of shit about some of my baby mommas But I mean that shit and that's a damn shame Cause I could put Disneyland in they hands\ Still wouldn't say nothing nice right after they say my damn name (That's fucked up) I got enough going on in my life right now You can get the fuck out my life right now I swear to God I might just start ...
Lil Boosie - My Nigga Lyrics
and all my niggas love me (They Love me) yeah I love my niggas (I love y'all nigga) Till eternity (4 life) This for donkey, bleak, kirby, and my brother Brunson Ed Lova and my nigga headbussa This for Jr and Big Chris off the GST This for Ivy Ace and Josh who resting in peace This for Big Turk Big Mel Spurlock and Big deuce
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball Lyrics
"Wrecking Ball" originally was intended to be a song for Beyoncé, but as the writing process developed, authors Sacha Skarbek and Dr. Luke decided that it wouldn't fit for her.Songwriter Sacha Skarbek posted a message on his Twitter account: "Beyonce song now becoming a Miley Cyrus song?!!
Montana Of 300 - Fighting Demons, Dropping Jewels Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Fighting Demons, Dropping Jewels" song by Montana Of 300: I feel like it's my, it's my uh, my responsibility to do that and to give you something good, you kn...
Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)" song by Pitbull: Mr. Worldwide T-Pain El que no olle consejo No llega a viejo So listen up Ooh La La La Let her go ....
Bill Withers - Lean On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Lean On Me" song by Bill Withers: Sometimes in our lives We all have pain, we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, We know that there'...
Ariana Grande - My Everything Lyrics
album: "My Everything" (2014) Intro Problem One Last Time Why Try Break Free Best Mistake Be My Baby Break Your Heart Right Back Love Me Harder Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart Hands On Me My Everything Bang Bang [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Only 1 [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] You Don't Know Me [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Cadillac Song ...
Calvin Harris - Flashback Lyrics
Calvin Harris Lyrics "Flashback" I'm coming round and now my vision is so clear If I could change my state of mind, then I would disappear The love I get from you is something I can't chance And I could let you slip away, without a second glance Why can't I realize I'm fighting for my life?
Jacob Sartorius - Chapstick Lyrics
My concern is, gettin' closer to you So baby baby take my heart away Cause I've been thinkin' bout this night all day You made a reservation But all we need are 2 lips, 1 kiss Nothing between us but Chapstick Maybe just the sound of the city night Maybe just the moon in the night sky Think we'll be okay if the rest of our days stay this way
MO3 - Baby Momma Lyrics
Lyrics for Baby Momma by MO3. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute. Sign in Sign up. LyricsBaby Momma MO3. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now.
Boosie Badazz feat. MO3 - Pussy Got Me Like Lyrics ...
MO3. Lyrics for Pussy Got Me Like by Boosie Badazz feat. MO3. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top ... clothes off (All off) And put it straight in her mouth (Damn) Savage shit when we hit I really turned baby out (Turned baby out) Catch a nut and smoke one, and go again (Go again) Another rodeo (Yay, yay) I don't wanna talk, I wanna fuck I'm ...
Sam Tsui - Just A Dream Lyrics
My lover, my life My baby, my wife You left me, I'm tied 'Cause I know that it just ain't right [Sam and Christina:] I was thinking about you Thinking about me Thinking about us What we gonna be Open my eyes It was only just a dream So I travel back down that road Will you come back? No one knows I realize, it was only just a dream [Christina ...
Kenny Lattimore - Love Me Back Lyrics
I cherish every moment in my heart I know that you and I we can go all the way cause youre the one that makes me feel some kind of way Lets take our time we got all night with every thought in my mind I know that you will always love me back Baby, Love me back Baby Love me, Love me back, baby Love me back, i know that you will. Love me back.
Young Dolph - Get This Money Lyrics
We gonna get this money, we gonna get this money yea [x2] 2 Chainz! Roll it up my nigga, roll it up I'm with you I was rollin up for I was old enough Work the color of a coconut Put holes in yo shirt like a pocadot Doughnuts in the parking lot Dope boy with a Audemar Woulda make you dance with a Audemar I got a stripper bitch on my screen saver
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