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Monifah - You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You' by Monifah. I want you, I want you, I want you, I want you / And if the sun don't shine / You brighten up my day / And if the rain should fall /
Monifah - Touch It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touch It' by Monifah: Jack night in the coda house.
Monifah - One Moment Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Moment' by Monifah. Verse 1 / Sometimes I swear I need a moment just (For Me) / All to myself without a cause or reason (For Me) / Sometimes a.
Monifah - I Can Tell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can Tell' by Monifah. Ah, oh / He, heh you're not foolin' me / Listen / By the way you dress / By the way you talk / By the friends you keep / That.
Monifah - Suga Suga Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suga Suga' by Monifah. / Baby whatcha want to do / Baby whatcha want to do / Boo I know you're spoken for / But I adore you / (I'm making love to.
Monifah feat. Heavy D - I Miss You (Come Back Home) Lyrics ...
Lyrics for I Miss You (Come Back Home) by Monifah feat. Heavy D. Yeah, another soul on Soul Production, yeah Yeah, I stay soaked in foreign colognes I kee...
Monifah - One Moment lyrics and translation
May 15, 2015 Lyrics and translation for One Moment by Monifah. Sometimes I swear I need a moment just (for me). All to myself without a cause or reason (...
Monifah - Nobody's Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nobody's Body' by Monifah: Don't want nobody Who's somebody else's body I just want someone Who's all about me.
Monifah - Jesus Is Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jesus Is Love' by Monifah. Father, help your children, / And don't let them fall by the side of the road. / Mmm, and teach them to love one another,
Monifah - You've Got My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You've Got My Heart' by Monifah. You've got my heart / You are the only one for me / Ooh yeah, baby / I knew from the start / Hear what I'm sayin'
Monifah - Lay With You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay With You' by Monifah. Oh, oh, oh yeah yeah yeah / Oh, oh I, I, um oh yeay, oh yeah / Oh, da da da da da dumb, da da da da da dumb / Hey Hey ...
Monifah - Free Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Free Again' by Monifah. Hmm, mmm / I cherish the simple days / There were no problems to complicate life / No bad relations to weigh me down ...
Monifah - Fallin' In Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fallin' In Love' by Monifah. I spent a lot of time / Looking for the right thing / In and out, around the world / Searching, I think I found it /
Monifah - Too Late Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Late' by Monifah. Hmm, hmm / Nigga listen, / Today in the midst of this rocky storm, / I sit and wonder / What went wrong oh, oh / My love had no.
Monifah - Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hard To Say Goodbye' by Monifah. It's hard to say goodbye / Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / I thought if I found some new friends / It would be nice to.
Monifah - Peaches And Cream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Peaches And Cream' by Monifah. Baby, you know what I want you to do / I want you to take this one peach / And put it inside me / And taste it so I.
Monifah - It's Alright Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Alright' by Monifah. Hello my love, / Before the sun rises, after it goes down, / I love ya, I love ya, / I say it over and over again, / I love.
Monifah - Why Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Why' by Monifah. 1 I'm so tired of living / Just for the the fuck of it / Why why why why why why / I'm cold but I can't feel help me / Oh.
Monifah - Nana Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nana' by Monifah. / (A little bit of dana is good for me) / Nana, nana, nana / (A little bit of nana is good for me) / Dada, dada, dada / (A little.
Monifah - Better Half Of Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Half Of Me' by Monifah. I know that I was not there / When you needed me / And I took it for granted / The way that you treated me, yes /
Monifah - All I Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All I Want' by Monifah. Give you what you want / Give you what you need / Give you what you want / Baby, give you what you need / Give you what you.
Monifah - You Should Have Told Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Should Have Told Me' by Monifah. I gave you my heart / In the hopes that you might give me yours / But now I'm at the point of losing you / Your.
Monifah - Brown Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brown Eyes' by Monifah. Yeah, uh uh / Yeah, uh uh / Don't look at me like that / I can't resist those eyes / Those shits are crazy, uh uh uh, damn /
Monifah - Monifah's Anthem Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Monifah's Anthem' by Monifah. {Queen Pen} / Bitch check this / {Monifah } / Uhh all the bad girls everywhere, yeah / I want ya'll to rock it / Get up.
Monifah - Fairytales Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fairytales' by Monifah. It's been this way for me, oh so long / I know one day I will fall in love / I kept my heart locked forever and a day / I.
Monifah - Have You Ever Been Loved Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Have You Ever Been Loved' by Monifah. She was like an angel so sweet no sorrow / But she thought that she had everything / Her little heart wished .
Monifah - Feva Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feva' by Monifah. It's bout to get hot up in here, yeah / Full force, TR / See'mon, see'mon, see'mon / Yeah, uh huh / Yo, Ma, go / So you want to.
Monifah - Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Home' by Monifah. Home is a place / Filled with love and affection / A place filled with memories / Of life, love, and family / And I'm telling you /
It's Alright Lyrics - Monifah
Full and accurate LYRICS for "It's Alright" from "Monifah": It's alright it's alright, I'm gonna be around cause I've got, God on my side, It's alright, ...
Monifah - What's The Deal Lyrics
Yo, huh. Monifah and Jack Knight on the track (uh-huh) Why ya'll do that for? Shorty what you doing. Rolling with a real thug nigga like me. Baby, I'm from ...
Monifah - I'm Loving You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm Loving You' by Monifah. So she said she don't love you no more / And that's alright cause you could be my man / (Yes you can, yes you can, yes.
Monifah - Rescue Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rescue Me' by Monifah. / I feel you checkin' me / I'm all up in your steez / My favorite jam is on / Don't make me wait too long / So what you gonna.
Monifah - Mo'hagony (ladies Night Remix) Lyrics
(Monifah-talking) it's mo'hagony right ladies it's our turn to kick it to 'em c'mon ( Monifah singing da hook) it's mo'hagony (thats right black and pretty as eva)
Monifah - The Bigger Picture Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Bigger Picture' by Monifah. so you know what? I i can't keep goin' through this / If you feel like that / If you feel like you being.
Monifah - Don't Waste My Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Waste My Time' by Monifah. If you want to be with me / Stop messing with my mind / Don't waste my time / Don't waste my time / If you love me .
Mase feat. Monifah - I Need To Be (feat. Monifah) lyrics
Lyrics for I Need To Be (feat. Monifah) by Mase feat. Monifah.
Monifah - I Can Tell lyrics
Lyrics for I Can Tell by Monifah. monifah talking: ah, feels good ah don't don't go there, ah your not fooling me listen verse 1: by the way you dress by...
Monifah - Everything You Do Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything You Do' by Monifah. / Everything you do / Everything you say / Everything you do / Everything you say.
Monifah - Whatcha Gonna Do Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whatcha Gonna Do' by Monifah. You done fucked up with this bitch / Nigga lucked up with mama Warbucks / Left you stuck with the cluck clucks / No.
You Lyrics - Monifah
Full and accurate LYRICS for "You" from "Monifah": Break, if the sun don't shine you brighten up my day, and if the rain should fall (if it should ever fall ...

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