Mouth wide open mouth wide open like i was at the dentist lyrics

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Mouth wide open like I was at the dentist. Mouth wide open, mouth wide open. Put it so deep, I can't speak a sentence. Mouth wide open, mouth wide open
Mouth wide open like I was at the Dentist Mouth wide open, ... My pussy pink just like salami. Don't need no ... Keep it smellin' like baby wipes, I never smell like ...
LUDACRIS LYRICS - Block Lockdown
or how I lick and leave her twisted like a dreadlock, and it's on. So stop the sweatin like a wristband. And get ... I'm a dentist makin women open they mouth wide
YG LYRICS - Hell Yeah
She be all at my mouth like the dentist, Then she started ... I got her saying "that's my dick" like she had it rented, Off my shit, you ... Open up your legs, your thighs
Lyrics to "The Root Of All Evil" song by PSYCHOSTICK: Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Going to the dentist Going to ... Open wide, the fun begins now she's. Putting a bunch of shit in my mouth ... Feels like they're digging out my brains ( brains)
Open wide, I know you're thirsty. Say Aah (Aah ... And if you like it baby we could take it to the condo. And if you ... I make you say aah just like I'm your doctor
DAN BULL LYRICS - British Teeth
Lyrics to "British Teeth" song by DAN BULL: I'm flossing Open wide You may feel a ... I've got a mouth like a Sarlacc Pit ... I'm the MVP of dentistry on the NHS
Lyrics to "Dental Care" song by OWL CITY: I brush my teeth, and look in the mirror And laugh out loud as I'm beaming from ear to ear I'd ... "Open up nice and wide" he says peering in ... I'll swallow my pride with an aspirin, and shut my mouth
CRANIUM LYRICS - "Speed Metal Slaughter" (1998) album
Dentist Of Death 4. S.R.T. 5. A Devil ... Open your mouth, idiot! ... You like speed metal meat. Rammed ... Cheap whores are lying with legs open wide. Hurry up ...
Stripper booty and a rack like wow, Brain like Berkeley Met her at ... She said she wanna be a dentist really badly, she's in school payin' For tuition doin' ... Been tryna film pleasure with my eyes wide shut but it keeps on movin' I blame it on the  ...
Tha Alkaholiks - All Night Lyrics
That's why your dame was open once I threw these lyrics at her. Say what? ... A wide receiver, from Miami ... My homey ? leave ya mouth open like a dentist
Promatic - Take No Shorts Lyrics
Real niggaz pull your mouth out. Punch your grill in ... I'm crazy in the mouth like pac and juice ... The only way they know who you is, is by the dentist [Hook 1] ... I' m wide open like a spot you must be smoke rocks to the bit in that you can stop ...
Owl City - Dental Care lyrics
Feb 4, 2012 3 explanations, 1 meaning to Dental Care lyrics by Owl City: I brush my ... "Open up nice and wide" he says peering in, ... And shut my mouth
PSYCHOSTICK LYRICS - "Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs ...
And Jack replied like "Dude, next time won't you ASK if you want me to get you something" Then Lisa ..... Dentist, going to the dentist and it's gonna SUCK. Sitting in the ... Open wide, the fun begins now she's. Putting a buncha shit in my mouth
Tech N9ne - Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) lyrics
Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) lyrics by Tech N9ne: [Verse 1: Tech N9ne] / I get to busting like like I'm a thirty-aught-six / When I'm.
36, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Ha. 37, I Love Trash ...... 2356 , Dentist! 2357, Let It Snow. 2358, Five .... 2564, Flightless Bird, American Mouth ( Wedding Version). 2565, Devotion ...... 5165, Wide Open Spaces. 5166, Teddy ...

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