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PHORA LYRICS - Move Too Fast
Lyrics to "Move Too Fast" song by PHORA: Move too fast Yeah, I know I probably move way too fast Yeah, I know I probably move too fast Yeah,...
[Hook: Phora] Yeah I pour a lil liquor out for all the ones that passed. Taking life slow, I'm just hoping that it lasts. It's moving too fast, I ain't got no brakes. And the  ...
Move Too Fast lyrics and translation - Phora
Oct 7, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Move Too Fast by Phora. Trust me like you used to girl Want me like you used to baby Need me like the air you need...
You feel, what I feel. I think I'm moving way too fast. Lately, fast lately. Homie, I've been trynna' slow down, slow down. Homie, I've been trynna' slow down, slow ...
PHORA LYRICS - Late Nights In The City
[Verse 1:] Late nights in the city. Just me and the team. We been on the grind like 24/7 just kids with a dream. Late nights in the city. Mighta been drinking too ...
PHORA LYRICS - Time Will Tell (We'll Find A Way)
Lyrics to "Time Will Tell (We'll Find A Way)" song by PHORA: I'm everything they always said I ... Been pushing myself so hard man I've been thinking so fast
Lyrics to "Palm Trees" song by PHORA: Beaches and palm trees 40's and bomb weed My team has ... I'm trying to get tipsy, life's moving fast, no slowing up
Phora song lyrics collection. Browse 101 lyrics and 34 Phora albums. ... Still a Kid Lyrics Phora. Still a Kid · Move Too Fast Lyrics Phora · Move Too Fast.
Lyrics to "A Song For Her" song by PHORA: What is love, love? Is it you and I, sharing lips ... I mean, we can move fast but I can wait of course. And you kiss me  ...
PHORA LYRICS - If I Gave You My Heart
Lyrics to "If I Gave You My Heart" song by PHORA: This track right here, is for the one Not the ones that think they ... I replied, with a smile, "I love you too, in fact.
Lyrics to "Sinner" song by PHORA: So much shit goin' on right now Way too much When I speak it's like ya'll don't hear ... Things change when you move so fast
PHORA LYRICS - The White Owl
Lyrics to "The White Owl" song by PHORA: I got my game from the man who lived ... Way no more but I guess it's too late. ain't seen nobody smile at me in so long ... Furious, love in the heartless. time is moving so fast I been on my own path
PHORA LYRICS - Breathing Room
Lyrics to "Breathing Room" song by PHORA: We in this, mind your fuckin business, nigga. Look, check ... I'm with this new girl and I kind of think we did it too fast.
PHORA LYRICS - Fake Smiles
Lyrics to "Fake Smiles" song by PHORA: It's like, the more I try, the less I feel In desperate need of something real Why, lately I ain't b...
J. COLE LYRICS - '03 Adolescence
Fast forward four years or so from now I'll probably cry. When I realize ... In the city where too many niggas die. Dreamin' ... Move along, nothing to see. I always  ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Call Her A Bitch
Lyrics to "Call Her A Bitch" song by TOO $HORT: One thing's for sure... You will get called a bitch... bitch So motherfuckin' fast - bitch Short...
KB LYRICS - Open Letter (Battlefield)
Now I'm torn 'cause the other day I stumbled over porn I'm supposed to be a leader man how can I move on? I know (this is a lie) ... Many girls have fallen and I don't wanna fall too [Chorus:] ... Drowning with mercy, shower them fast. Give ' em ...
J. COLE LYRICS - 2face
The fast life I done seen on the screen is addictive. Money and clothes I done dreamed ... They ran when the gatts came out, I moved closer. Foolish what was I  ...

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