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Dana Gillespie - Move Your Body Close to Me lyrics and translation ...
Apr 30, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Move Your Body Close to Me by Dana Gillespie. Move your body close to me Move your body close to me Touch heart ...
Soundtrack Artists - Dance Lyrics
Move your body close to mine. Feeling hot boy hold me tight. This is where we're supposed to be. Don't be shy come give it to me. And, dance. All night long
Test My Best Lyrics - E-Rotic
And the rest is dependant on you. Come close to me ... Just hold me tight. What you're giving I'm ... I'll test you - test you tonight. So move your body - do me right
Lyrics to "Baby Hold Me Close" song by JERRY LEE LEWIS: Now listen here baby to what old Jerry Lee has to say Cause baby Jerry ... Mhm baby hold me close don't you move your feet ... Easy now honey hold me close honey hold me tight
Close To You (Official Video) Lyrics - D' Banj Mo Hits ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Close To You (Official Video)" from "D' Banj Mo Hits All Stars": I wanna be ... Let me hold you tight ... The way you move your body
PRODUCT G&B LYRICS - Dirty Dancin'
your thighs got me hypnotized swing your body from right to left. Fellaz I said go grab a girl ... just close your eyes and take 2 steps back girl hold me tight scream out my name yeah just let the guitar move your soul product G&b is about to take  ...
I want your heaven and your oceans too. Treat me soft ... Pull me in, hold me tight , don't let go. Baby, give me light. I love the way your body moves. Towards me ...
The Ryan Cayabyab Singers - Let Me Love You Tonight Lyrics ...
Jan 19, 2015 Moving like a distant star So far away, away from me! ... your body close to mine tonight Let me kiss you let me hug you tight Until we see the morning light And let me hold you in my arms tonight Fell your body close to mine ...
Sherri Savage - Hot Stuff Lyrics
Feb 17, 2016 Once more, shake your body One, two, one, two, three. ... far in love) When I feel your lips moving close to mine When I hear those words that you ... Move your legs, back and forth. ... Come on you, hot stuff man, hold me tight.
Amazing Lyrics - Dewi
Never thought I'd feel so close. It's so amazing. Kiss your cherry ... I can feel the rhythm of the night. I can feel your body hold me tight. Even in the way you move
2PAC LYRICS - Temptations
Yes indeed, got a body like a sex fiend, you're killin' me. With your attitude to ... Move close and let me whisper. Some dirty ... Now that it's passion, hold me tight. Don't need ... You're lonely and depressed you need a Thug in your life. Enough  ...
Stay Lyrics - Debelah Morgan
You're body babe, so sexy babe. I really wish you'd ... Let me love your body down. All the way down ... Move close to me and hold me tight. Never let me go, ...
112 LYRICS - Sweet Love
Baby I want your body close, you on top of me, can you feel it. I'm gonna make ... Hold your body close to mine it feels so right , don't let go of me. I wanna make ...
Hold tight to your love, 'cause you never know [Verse 2] Her eyes ... And never Technique, bought me a new book to read every 2 or 3 weeks. Forever changing  ...
Pull me closer and closer and. Hold me tight to your body. I wanna feel you, I wanna feel you near [Chorus:] Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye! Whine up ...
CHEAT CODES LYRICS - Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)
Better change your mind. The Henny got me feeling right. You're going home with me tonight. Let me hold you, girl, caress my body. You got me going crazy
Skin pressed against me tight. Lie still, and close your eyes girl. So lovely, it feels so right. I want to hold you close. Soft breath, beating heart. As I whisper in your ...
Lyrics to "Hold It Against Me" song by BRITNEY SPEARS: Hey, over there Please , forgive me If I'm comin' on ... A little closer ... So, if I said I want your body now
Fito Blanko - Whine On You Lyrics
Let me be the one to hold you tight (dont let go) / You need a real man like me to come up ... I like the way you move your body, ... When I get close to you I know
Dirty Dancing Lyrics - Carlos Santana
Your eyes, got me mesmerized. You hips, make me ... me hypnotized. Swing your body from right to left ... Just close your eyes and take two steps back. Girl, hold me tight, scream out my name. Just let the rhythm move your soul. The product ...
SOUL DECISION LYRICS - Faded (Extended Version)
I can't pretend that you're only my friend when you're holdin' my body tight 'Cause I like the way you're making your move. I like the way you're making me wait ... just around the way put me up close with everything ok kuz I not like the rest
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
... you can love me. I'll be just yours, you can hold me ... Feel me in your arms, I ain't never gonna leave. I mean, I ... You gotta crave it and chase it, until you're close enough to taste it ... You can't live without me, feel the numbness in your body
When you come tonight, squeeze me tight. Hold me close, kiss my cheek, caress my soul. Take good care, stroke my ... But he holds it down, stands his ground, play his move. Doesn't rush to get into my body. And that's that shit that I like, ... Are you here to loan me your chest when I cry at night? Are you here to set me up , ...
TAMIA LYRICS - You Put A Move On My Heart
Lyrics to "You Put A Move On My Heart" song by TAMIA: baby I just want you to understand just exactly how you ... someone who needs me holding me tight
Voodoobeats Miscellaneous Bring Me Closer Move your body next to me. Can't you see that I'm in ecstasy. I wanna hold you tight tonight. Bring me closer
Jennifer Lopez - Dance With Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dance With Me' by Jennifer Lopez. Too much is on ... Come closer to me now and hold me tight. Tell me ... Come on and move your body to the groove .
Oh can't you feel my body yearning? Hold me tight. Don't hold ... to satisfy me. When you move your arms close ... Listen to me, don't stop moving baby. Tonight's ...
Darlin' hold me in your arms. The way you did ... And slowly let them shut. For they're designed to be together oh. With your body next to mine. Our hearts will ...
Lyrics to "Too Close" song by NEXT: I wonder if she could tell I'm hard right ... Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah ... You done did it, come on, uh, yeah, alright, hold on ... Oh, you're dancing real close ... I like the way you move
Kara Johnstad - Heal Me Hold Me Lyrics
Your finger tips. How they soothe my soul. Send ripples to my heart. In deepest trust. I open to you. Heal me heal me tonight. Hold me ever so tight. These desert  ...
SOMO LYRICS - Back To The Start
Lyrics to "Back To The Start" song by SOMO: That just straps up your heart. And you're ... Girl's holding on to the thought so tight. Holding ... Take your body to the floor. Toot that ... Hold me softly, I'll keep going ... She's close, I'm about to wrap
GLORIANA LYRICS - Wanna Take You Home
The way you move got the room on fire ... I wanna hear your boots knocking down that hallway ... I wanna lay you down next to me (next to me) ... 2 am and the bar is closing ... Lay your body next to me ... Hug and squeeze and hold me tight
Don Benjamin feat. J. Oliver - Touch My Body Lyrics
Sep 21, 2016 Lyrics for Touch My Body by Don Benjamin feat. ... tell em quiet down Hold me close I wanna feel you right now Hold me tight I wanna hold you ...
US5 LYRICS - Baby I Like
... Ha, yeah, US5! I like the way you work I like the way you're teasin' me I wanna be your fant... ... [Verse 1:] Girl I like the way you move. Seen you from across the room. I feel your body close to mine ... I just want to hold her tight. I feel my body ...
You better change your mind. You're going home........ You're going home with me tonight [Chorus] SO LET ME HOLD YOU GIRL CARESS MY BODY YOU GOT  ...
Lyrics to "Crash Into Me" song by DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: You've got your ball you've got your chain tied to me tight tie me up again who's got their claws in...
Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go Lyrics
To let you get away from me. I'll regret that move ... I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever. Gonna try and make ... Gonna hold your body close to mine. From this ...
... move ya body. Move your hips and then turn me on, ya ... I'm gonna make your body sweat tonight ... Come hold me tight ... Close your eyes take me higher
Lyrics to "Love Me Like You Do" song by JUSTIN BIEBER: Love me like you do ... Hold me tight and don't let go ... I like how your eyes complementing your hair
Bob Sinclar - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) Lyrics ...
Me wanna see everybody on move. Dance all ... Don't stop, move your body ... Sweet boy, you're rocking your body ... Hold me tight ya'll, hold me tight (what)

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