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Mulatto - He Say She Say Lyrics
Mulatto "He Say She Say": (I don't do the he say, she say Ayy, ayy He say, she say) I love a country ass nigga with some gold...
Mulatto - HE SAY SHE SAY Lyrics
I don't do the he say, she say Ayy, ayy He say, she say [Verse 1] I love a country ass nigga with some gold teeth (Oh) Fuck all of that talking, just show me (Yeah) I don't even know nothin' 'bout no basketball But on the 'Gram flexed up, with the floor seats (On God) Y'all new to this, I'm the young OG (On God)
Miss Mulatto - In N Out Lyrics
Miss Mulatto "In N Out": ... My nigga pop that shit if he pull it out It go in and out, in in in and out, in in in and out, in in in and out ... He Say She Say. Pull Up. Toya Turnup Talks (Skit) On God. Look Back At It. No Hook. Off Top. My Body. Blame Me. Bitch From Da Souf (Remix) Search. Submit Lyrics;
2 Chainz - Quarantine Thick Lyrics
Mulatto) Okay, my day was amazing Her booty shots braze me She said all the gym closed So she been feelin' lazy She been late night snackin' But shawty still my baby Several watches later, I still rock a Rollie (Rock a Rollie) I'm prayin' for the dead, I'm praying for my homies (Rest In Peace)
Mulatto - Muwop Lyrics
[Mulatto:] I'm a freak a leak But I can't let a broke nigga beat (No) Know he for the streets (Yeah, yeah) So when you see me nigga don't speak, (Shh) Put 'em straight to sleep I don't sell pussy, but this ain't cheap (On God) Abracadabra, got rappers and trappers Yeah, I got some tricks up my sleeve (Woo) Drama, I'm with the shits (Uh-huh)
Miss Mulatto - No Hook Lyrics
I love my OG, but he ain't show me how to treat shit No wonder why I let that nigga try me like a weak bitch Shouldn't have made the tape, he keep on threatenin' to leak shit I let a nigga break me, now I'm pickin' up the pieces (Yeah) She used to be my dawg, but now she telling all my business (Bitch)
Mulatto - Latto Lyrics
Ooh, he jump in it like the pool (Pool) Been had that bag when y'all was rockin' Trues You ain't no gangsta, got bullied in school (Haa) Latto (Latto) Twenty floors up on the top floor (Nyoom) I know they gon' feel me Low-key worth a milli' but still eatin' ten piece combos (What?) I'm with your nigga in Cabo (Yeah) I make it clap, he say bravo ...
Miss Mulatto - Bitch From Da Souf (Remix) Lyrics ...
I throw it, he catch it like Odell, I sweat and the pussy got no smell Can't come to my residence, leavin' no evidence, meet me at the hotel He said "You don't respect me, you just want a cheque" Yeah, he know me so well I'm fuck with no losers or liars, I ain't takin' no Ls Nice waist on me, yo nigga wanna taste on me
Mulatto - No Panties Lyrics
He like 'em freaky, he like 'em nasty He don't want no bougie bitch, he like 'em ratchet He like 'em freaky, he like 'em nasty Tried to pull up on you, no panties He like 'em freaky, he like 'em nasty He don't want no bougie bitch, he like 'em ratchet I said bend it over, love the way you do that there (Ooh) Take that dick, baby, don't be ...
NLE Choppa - Make Em Say Lyrics
Said that she a baller, I'm like, "Bitch, you know I ball too" If she on her period, her pussy turn to ragù (Turn to ragù) Lookin' at my chains, she got wet, bitch, that's what the bag do I knock the pussy out of the park, now she callin' me Babe Ruth Yeah (And we know some good dick that make the pussy say) [NLE Choppa (Mulatto):]
Miss Mulatto - Blame Me Lyrics
He said fuck the past and put that hurt to the side But shit, I'm tryna I got a void in my heart, baby, I can't let it go I'm protecting myself of what I been through before Good at covering up the pain, but it's gettin' old How I let my past fuck up what we got going on? I done been let down And it got you stressed out Gettin' off of my chest now
Mulatto - Baddest Lyrics
Nigga lying if he say he had it Bad bitch, far from average Nigga lying if he say he had it She a bad bitch, she the baddest Nigga lying if he say he had it Nigga lying saying that he hit it, he ain't hit it Finna drop a bag when you see me walk in Lenox Ain't no pressure I'm get it back soon as I spend it I ain't taking shit back if I said it ...
Miss Mulatto - Facts Lyrics
Fake classy lil' bih, but she burnt like that perm I don't care what you heard if I didn't confirm My old circle did me dirty, that's a ring worm I'm down from Clayco, get toasted like Eggos It's best to lay low, they move when I say so These folks be corny, they just like they toes They share they dude just like they share they clothes
Mulatto - Solid Lyrics
Know that she gone ride, ah Run it up bae, uh Run it up with you Don't need too much space 'Cause it's just us in the coupe If you try to leave tonight I'm chasing after you Say you're my lover you're my baby Know that you're my boo Said I love the faces that you making When you ride on top of me Baby meet me at the altar Baby let's get married
Miss Mulatto - On God Lyrics
She prolly fuck a rich nigga, of course Got em like, mhm, pussy too good Real boss bitch Need a nigga out the hood Askin where I'm at I'm in the wish a bitch woods Pretty ass face But I'm known for hittin jugs Mhm, swipe that card Ass on fat And my bag on large Milkshake bring trap niggas to the yard He ain't never leave this pretty ass pussy ...
Miss Mulatto - My Body Lyrics
If you want it, say it like you mean it Henny turn me to a demon I just walked up in the club, I'm finna catch (A body) Shinin' like the diamonds on my neck (I body) When he goin' under, hold his breath (My body) They know I always keep it wet, from my sex to VVS Too much blessings to be stressed (I body)
Mulatto - Rich Sex Lyrics
Shout out to my ex, I know he miss that, ayy Million dollar pussy, this that rich sex Got that wet-wet, pussy leave a big mess, ayy Steppin' out, yeah, bitch, I brought that cash out And I got that fire, if you try, I might spaz out (Uh-uh) If we ever had beef, ain't no hash out Fuck him back to sleep, put it on until he pass out
Fredo Bang - Freak Lyrics
He want a freaky girl Well come to latto world Say he don't eat pussy but I ain't them other girls Hit from the back he pull my tracks out when he grab them curls This pussy talk vvs big diamonds and pearls He like em nast hood bitch but she classy Is that pussy mine my baby thang that he asked me Bitch I got your favorite rapper tryna birken ...
Hitmaka - Thot Box (Remix) Lyrics
He say he don't be on head, but we all know he cap (You cap) Now back to the track, I'm rollin' in my droptop (Skrrt) And my titties sittin' pretty in my crop-top (Hey, hey) Nigga say he tryna get up in that thot box (Ah) But you be fuckin' anything that walk, you got thot cock (Nigga) [Mulatto:] I ain't fuckin' with no thot box
Miss Mulatto - Look Back At It Lyrics
He a trick, I'ma make a nigga send that Don't bring up no TV show, bitch, I been bodied that I got a Birkin as big as a body bag Freak like a circus, on dick, I'm an acrobat If you can't eat it, just spell out the alphabet Yeah (Mmm), pussy make a nigga say "Mmm" Hop in that 'Vette and I vroom Black triple hommie, it's full of them goons
Mulatto Song Lyrics
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Miss Mulatto - Pull Up Lyrics
Caught his BM at the stop sign, she say she go both ways (On God) I'm big 4L and they know that (21) Run up on me I'ma blow that (Straight up) Please tell me where the opps at (Straight up) 'Cause they never be where the hoes at (Pussy) What's your advance? I blow that (Pussy) Hunnid round drum, nigga hold that (Pussy) I take the wock when I ...
Thot Box [Remix] [Feat. Young Ma, Dreezy, Mulatto, Dream ...
He say he don't be on head, but we know he cap tho (You cap) Now back to the track, I'm rollin in my droptop (Skrrrt) And my titties sitting pretty in my crop-top (Hey- hey) Nigga say he tryna get up in that thot box (Ah) But you be fuckin anything that walk, you got thot cock (Nigga)
I ain't into he say, she say, and I ain't into shopping on Ebay Conversations bout' a check right now Mess around, Ben Frank prolly' got me on three-way I know why they hatin' on me, boy I got the gold Bruce Leroy I'm a Trail Blazer like T-Roy Python Jordan 2's on my feet, boy And if he feeling froggy, he can leap, boy
Young Scooter - I Need A Real Bitch Lyrics
She super gutter, rob a nigga without a tool [Miss Mulatto:] Yeah, yeah, I'm a real ass bitch, thats why he fuck with me Got my nigga in the streets, ain't no one touchin' me I been testin' for the purse, I can't do shit for free Told him keep his chains on when he fuckin' me Oh, yeah, he got that ruby Ain't fight no more, I got shooter
Miss Mulatto - Youngest And Richest Lyrics
Miss Mulatto Lyrics "Youngest And Richest" (Bankroll) (Big Latto) Queen of the south ... she just talking That bitch said I wouldn't be shit and now look at her watchin' (She watchin') Rich at 21, y'all bitches owe me an apology (On God) ... He Say She Say. Pull Up. Toya Turnup Talks (Skit) On God. Look Back At It. No Hook. Off Top. My Body.
Miss Mulatto - Response Diss Lyrics
Ooou, she talking hard; that lisp got her tripping (stupid) I'm a put some money on her head like she stripping I know your daddy wrote it, just tell me what he was sniffing (crackhead) I'm a put a dent in her chin like Peter Griffin (stupid) Yeah, she got me bent (she got me bent); talking 'bout that she rich (girl, you's a lie)
Miss Mulatto - Couch Lyrics
Ain't got nothing Can't make one Ain't talking money, I might have to hit you later I got the sauce, it cost to be a boss All I do is win, I can't take a loss You can tell I got money by the way I walk Heard he a player, I don't care I'm a dog Big roof, huh, coupe ain't got a roof So I stacked the money to the roof Hot headed better play it ...
Miss Mulatto - Off Top Lyrics
Nasty, he tryna fuck on my period Off top, man, them hoes ain't never on that Them hoes ain't never on that Off top, man, them hoes ain't never on that Make a nigga look back, ain't never gon' front Off top, man, them hoes ain't never on that Them hoes ain't never on that Off top, man, them hoes ain't never on that
John Waite - Sweet Rhode Island Red Lyrics
And she was fully matured by the time she reached the age of 10 Mulatto girl, that's what they called her And mulattos never had no trouble at all with men And they don't say she was as sweet as honey 'Cause she's 34, 38 and 22 at the tummy They call her sweet Rhode Island red Sweet Rhode Island red, sweet Rhode Island red
ASAP Ferg - Marilyn Manson Lyrics
I'm with a mulatto and she got the cake We pop a couple bottles, she gotta mace Only fuck one night but she got a taste Of this fast life, livin' and takin' place Niggas that's hatin' on me, nigga hate (Ayy, ayy) You could never say shit to my face (Ayy, ayy) Baby, I am flyin' straight to the top (Ayy, ayy)
Gucci Mane - Meeting Lyrics
Real trap nigga, he gon' whip that bowl (Yeah) He like me on top when I take control (Yeah) Pussy so good, said he wants some more So I fuck him one more time 'fore I go ('Latto) [Gucci Mane:] Bitches wanna fuck with the kid, they fall in love with me (Ehh) Couple weekends doin' it big, and she'll be stuck with me (Well, damn)
G-Eazy - Down Lyrics
And your pussy wet, he put your wrist on flood (Ice) In my city I get love, 'cause I got it out the mud I'm a G, I can't give it up too easy (Nah) Every time I leave he like, "Please", say he need me (Please) To catch my eye not cheap, but it's gon' cost more to keep me Nigga got a double C me if he wanna see me (Aye) Need a chick who
Miss Mulatto - Toya Turnup Talks (Skit) Lyrics
Miss Mulatto "Toya Turnup Talks (Skit)": Girl, come here Bitch, let me ask you a question (Yeah?) Have you ever in your motherfuckin' life se...
A$AP Ferg - Marilyn Manson Lyrics
Hoodie on, now he limpin', crazy like Marilyn Manson (Alright) T-Lord in that Phantom, two bitches I ain't sharin' (Yeah) I met these chicks so random (What?), crazy like Marilyn Manson. Related. 26 Best Breakup Songs Of All Time; HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg " - LYRICS;
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