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Unleashed - The Defender Lyrics
To lead the armies and to defend his land. The day had come to kill the intruders. By the shore, the enemies now stand. ODIN GUIDE MY SWORD AND I'LL ...
Soil - My Own Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Own' by Soil. Feel my angst / Deep within me / Feed my strength / Your words are empty / Look inside and you will see / Break inside break inside.
Lyrics to "Joy" song by THE SOIL: 1, 2, 3, 4! First verse and you know it does not get any worse I got my friends and my pals singing...
HUMAN FORTRESS LYRICS - "Defenders Of The Crown" (2003 ...
Holy grail mine - I will search 'till my holy soul will bend. Holy grail mine - My strength is ... Archers are ready to bloody the soil. My fighting hands ain't numb by  ...
Nigga stand on my own two balls, my dick and ten toes. Straight to the tippy top ... All the real niggas either in jail or deep in the soil, nigga. The world ain't big ...
UNLEASHED LYRICS - "Dawn Of The Nine" (2015) album
(Have faith my warriors. And stand strong, for ... On the soil where our fathers fell. Where is your god ... Defender of Midgard, sworn to the nine. Dawn of the nine
Nightmare - Heretic lyrics
Heretic lyrics by Nightmare: In the past, I was serving the preachers / The masters I implored / Sometimes, there's no more beliefs in my.
Franz Nicolay - The Ballad Of... lyrics
Sep 10, 2014 ... Defender of what's good I believe that there's a simple answer When I get under the hood My grandpa was a moral man He worked the soil ...
Hillsong - King Of Majesty Lyrics
These words are from my heart. These words are not made up. I will live for you, I am devoted to You. King of Majesty, I have one desire. Just to be with You, my ...
MUSE LYRICS - Hysteria
Lyrics to "Hysteria" song by MUSE: It's bugging me, grating me And twisting me around Yeah I'm endlessly caving in And turning inside o...
CIRCUS MAXIMUS LYRICS - "Havoc" (2016) album
The dark haunts my presence and have erased my past. Still the melody in my .... The voice inside is your defender. Just speak the ... To the soil you may confide
FOREFATHER LYRICS - "Last Of The Line" (2011) album
Grand defender, the bane of the Danes Turn the tidings at ... Shoulder to shoulder on sacred soil ... To grand open worlds beyond, my mind foresees. His call ...
It's tricky when you'd rather rot into the soil as a nutrient ... I told my ex in '97 I was falling on my weapon. Ripped the ... The 'Po would drag me from my bedroom
CARPATHIAN FOREST LYRICS - "Defending The Throne Of Evil ...
My cold goddess of the night. Squirming under my ... Submit yourself and drink my blood. I am the bringer of ... A layrinth of trees. Grown on the most unholy soil
ANCIENT LYRICS - "Proxima Centauri" (2001) album
remain on our home soil for furious proxima ... but suddenly my sight was raptured by a blazing image at the bottom of ... the weak defender of the sun you weak ...
SEPTIC FLESH LYRICS - "Titan" (2014) album
My disciples wear a burning halo. Burn... An epiphany experienced ... Defender or Tyrant? Where chaos rules ... Your soil will have our seed. Massive mountain ...
CHRISTOPHER LEE LYRICS - "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death ...
Of my destiny as the chosen one - As defender of Faith and the leader of ... Charles my dear son the time has now come .... To force others out of Frankish soil
INTERVOID LYRICS - "Weaponized" (2014) album
Heaving earth, wretching soil ... Defender of nature's purity ... My mind. Re- injected, re-dissected entirety of thought reflected. I'll surface now liberated with ...
Magalona Francis - Three Stars And A Sun Lyrics
Three stars and a sun, in one sky, so high, / I live and die and die will I for my / Motherland this is. ... Toil the soil and plod until your hands bleed ''cause this land  ...
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Warriors Of The World" (2002) album
If you want to - come along with me my friend ... If I should fall in battle, my brothers who fight by my side ... Your blood's upon the soil, your body fed to wolves
Bound for Glory - Glory Awaits / Fighting Man Lyrics
Sep 12, 2010 ... are etched in stone Glory awaits amongst the blood-soaked soils where many ... of my celtic isles I'm the teuton, the Germanic one uniting my tribes ... in every town I'm the storm trooper, a knight in black defender of Berlin in ...
I left blood on my soil. Sometimes, I'm denying the sense when I prey. I can't find my god anymore. And by the flames I will be burnt. I'm a defender of god
Unleashed - The Soil Of Our Fathers Lyrics
From the desolate cities. We shall struggle and toil. We shall fight again on our father's soil. March my warriors, march! To reclaim our land. Fight proud my ...
WOLFHEART LYRICS - "Tyhjyys" (2017) album
Defender of the sun. And the keeper of the night ... Piercing the frozen soil. Piercing the ice eternal ... Standing on the coast. Hearing black waters call my name
Wolfheart - World On Fire Lyrics
Mar 2, 2017 ... Fire my vengeance Ignites the conflagration In the edge of our world Guardians of darkness and light In the fringe of our world Defender of the sun And the ... deep are the roots Piercing the frozen soil Piercing the ice eternal.
This evening I kept my word, did you? I'm turning around wait for your sound ... Face your fears and pierce the night. I'm so close if only you knew defender
FOREFATHER LYRICS - "Ours Is The Kingdom" (2004) album
I must swing my axe, my brothers at my side. Feeding .... From foreign soil they saw us come. They new ... Defender of our honour, a prisoner of time. Forgotten ...
EPOCH OF UNLIGHT LYRICS - "What Will Be Has Been" (1998 ...
My will to find the place to escape the curse of light. Needs Needs to be ... That Germinates:within barren and arid soil:a wanton desire to be: Fought by nature and all her ... defender and chosen soul above all by SHE. One of the isochronal  ...
WOLFHEART LYRICS - "Winterborn" (2013) album
My Heart Beats Still Forevermore In The Flames Of ... I Am The Guardian Of Life And Defender Of Death Keeper Of The ... The Soil Is Frozen To The Core On The  ...
DIVINA ENEMA LYRICS - "To Wight Shalt Never Shine" (1999) album
Infinity of all your dreams and now obey my sorcery. .... Our offender, Our defender - WE ARE A THING. ..... Nane shalt turn that soil to annoy! Do let's jog as ...
Katatonia - Departer lyrics
Departer lyrics by Katatonia: The blinding white / So far behind / I am / And running / Over idle ground / This evening / I kept my word.
IRON SAVIOR LYRICS - "Unification" (1999) album
the only chance I've been given - my destiny take me home, take me home. Black as a hole is the soil I was walking as black as the ... Now the defender attacks
SABATON LYRICS - "Heroes" (2014) album
Fought on foreign soil and. Far, far from known, tell ... They're haunting my dreams. They're still there when I .... Blood of the kings defender. King of the " gods of ...
MARDUK LYRICS - "Nightwing" (1998) album
Gaze into my eyes and see the shadows of the flames ... Where we ride the soil turns sour .... A defender of moral and faith with nature bread by hellspawn
Unleashed - Entering The Hall Of The Slain Lyrics
... by Unleashed: Burning illness deep within Demons haunt my every breath All the years in agony Staring into the eyes of death. ... Soil, wind and fire
Unleashed - Hero of the land Lyrics
to harvest the land and to seed the soil he worked in the forest and he worked in ... and i'll will fight for my family and land behold the old man - striving all he can
Unleashed - Where Is Your God Now? Lyrics
And march until sol descends. Here we are. Who could tell? We will all be unleashed from Hel We will have our revenge. On the soil where our fathers fell

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