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Waiting for somebody to come and set me free ... I can slay (I can slay) my own dragons (my own dragons) ... My knight in shining armor (shining armor) is me.
The orchestra in my mind don't play like this (naw), But I'm ... I told her "fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me" or he be sorry when he meets my one man army. And thou has come to rescue me. My knight in shining armor yes you be
My momma used to tuck me into bed and she read me a story ... I can slay, my own dragon. I can dream, my own dreams. My knight in shining armour is me
Five Star - Rain Or Shine Lyrics
You're my knight in shining armor / Chase the devil and the dragons away / From manana to manana / Do you know I love. ... Cut me a heart on a tree and say
Cast of Galavant - My Dragon Pal and Me Lyrics
Jan 23, 2016 Lyrics for My Dragon Pal and Me by Cast of Galavant. : Hey little fella, I know just what you're thinking Nobody gets you, or sees what you cou...
Cheetah Girls - Cinderella Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cinderella' by Cheetah Girls: I can slay my own dragon I can dream my own dreams. ... When I was just a little girl my mama used to tuck me into bed. And she'd read me a story ... My knight in shining armor is me. So I'm gonna set ...
RHAPSODY LYRICS - "The Power Of The Dragonflame" (2002) album
Rise mighty dragon... Rise, rise ... Sirens from the open seas now heal my broken wounded brain. I call the .... Baptized in fire is the dark knight who rides in me
CURSIVE LYRICS - Twin Dragon / Hello Skeleton
I AM, again, the swan, the twin dragon! Too much of a good thing. Has rendered you a pawn. And issued me a queen. All my rooks, all my knights!
Cast of Galavant - My Dragon Pal and Me (From "Galavant Season 2 ...
Jan 30, 2016 and turn that frown up Soon we will eat this entire town up Then they'll believe in my dragon pal and me! That's right little fella, we'll leave those ...
Sunshine Lyrics - Lupe Fiasco
I told a fire breathin dragon he bet not harm me. Or be sorry. When he meets my for my one man army. And thou has come to rescue me. My knight in shining ...
Emil Bulls - The Knight In Shining Armour Lyrics
Hey princess. I'm your knight in shining armour. Come jump on my horse, take a ride with me in the starlight. My fulgend lance will hit the dragons & the robbers
GLORYHAMMER LYRICS - "Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards"
Far overhead lunar dragons are swarming, my hammer will be their doom. Angus McFife ... Now, who of you will join me in my Space Knights of Crail? Victorious ...
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - And The Snakes Start To Sing
Lyrics to "And The Snakes Start To Sing" song by BRING ME THE HORIZON: I've lost the ... And my soul's a sorry state ... Was I your knight in shining armour,
"Dragon Days". Like a damsel in distress. I'm stressing you. My castle became my dungeon cuz I'm longing for you. I'm Feeling strong for ya. You're my knight in ...
Lyrics to "The George And Dragon" song by HERMAN'S HERMITS: We met at ... George and Dragon Lest you forget my dear We drank a toast at The Georg. ... With the dragon breathing fire in me beer ... You said a knight of the old round table
Alicia Keys - Dragon Days Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dragon Days' by Alicia Keys. Like a damsel in distress / I'm stressin' you / My castle became a dungeon / 'Cause I'm longin' for you (longin' for you. ... Your my knight in shining armour. See your face in a ... Got me D-R-A-G-G-I-N
Lyrics to "Nightlight" song by LITTLE DRAGON: Open the door, there you're standing in a row Dancing in a ... You open my mind, got me floating out of time
Libera - When A Knight Won His Spurs lyrics
Mar 29, 2016 1 meaning to When A Knight Won His Spurs lyrics by Libera: When a knight won his spurs in ... And let me set free with the sword of my youth
GOTHIC KNIGHTS LYRICS - "Up From The Ashes" (2003) album
The dragon rose before me. Fighting the world side by side, sorrow and fear start to die. Bringing me hope and strength, guardian angel's my name. I've watched ...
Buck Owens - Great White Horse Lyrics
To be my shining knight of strength one day. He'd cary me to a castle in the heavens and battle all my dragons on the way. And he'd ride down on a great white ...
Evertale - Of Dragons and Elves Lyrics
Mar 11, 2014 Come with me and I'll take you to a place inside your mind A place for ... in the magic of my tale Hear of heroes that have never failed Of knights ...
I could slay a dragon or I could be a king ... I'll fight the fearful dragon, I'll kill him with my sword ... They held a royal festival where the king made me a knight
Baby, I'll slay a dragon for you. Or banish wicked giants from the land ... When I live my dream, I'll forgive the things you've told me. And the empty man you left ...
Knights Of The Abyss - Dragon Pie lyrics
1 explanation to Dragon Pie lyrics by Knights Of The Abyss: I'll drain your blood / You'll taste my sword / You'll feel my wraith through. ... I'll hang your corpse before me. I'll stand and watch you burn. I'll hang your corpse before me. I'll hang  ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - Symphony Of The Night
Hiding in the fog. Where darkness meets the moonlight. I will sing a melody 'til the morning comes. Living for you only. Take my hand and show me. There will be ...
SOPOR AETERNUS LYRICS - "Songs From The Inverted Womb ...
A gallant knight, / In sunshine and in shadow, / Had journeyed long, / Singing a song, / In search of Eldorado. / But he grew old- / This knight so bold- / And o'er ...
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "Twilight In Olympus" (1998) album
Into The Dragon's Den 5. Through The ... The night calls, I feel the midnight as it slowly cloaks my eyes. Touched by ... I am the future, sacrifice your soul and succumb to me. Nailed to ... There at my feet-lies the knight, the queen and the rook
Lyrics to "Paper" song by NICK & KNIGHT: (You can't have a heart if it's made of paper You can't ... Found somebody new, she don't give a fuck 'bout my name
KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS LYRICS - "Decapitation Of The Dark Ages ...
I'll stand and watch you burn. I'll hang your corpse before me. I'll hang your corpse before the world. My hands are covered in blood
You can let me know. I won't blame you. I'll just turn and go. I'm coming home to you. Every night... Coming home to you. Every night... My mind is made up
SpongeBob SquarePants - Dunces and Dragons lyrics and ...
Oct 4, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Dunces and Dragons by SpongeBob SquarePants. ... SpongeBob: Excuse my good man, I believe thou meant to say "Righteth this wayeth". ... Not one of me best knights have been able to defeat him.
Lyrics to "All Time Low" song by JON BELLION: I was the knight in shining armour in your movie ... Now I'm a ghost, I call your name, you look right through me
KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS LYRICS - "Juggernaut" (2007) album
I'll stand and watch you burn. I'll hang your corpse before me. I'll hang your corpse before the world. My hands are covered in blood
Cinderella Lyrics - Disney
I can slay my own dragon. I can dream my own dream. My knight in shinin' armor, is me. So I'm gonna set me free. I don't wanna be like Cinderella sittin' in a ...
PLAY LYRICS - Cinderella
Then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn't for me [Chorus] ... I can slay, my own dragons. I can dream, my own dreams. My knight in shining armour is me
Lyrics to "Her Name Is Alice" song by SHINEDOWN: ("If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense") ("Nothing would be what it is, ... ("Red nights, white knights, marching into the fight") ("Drink me, shrink me, fill me to sink me")
Sesame Street - Imagine That Lyrics
Sometimes I imagine / That I would like to be / A knight in shining armor / In a castle by the sea / A knight in. ... And the dragon would be so scared of me
PRIDELANDER LYRICS - "Knight Of The Prideland" (2015) album
PRIDELANDER lyrics - "Knight Of The Prideland" (2015) album, including "To My Friend", "Rise Of The Anger", "You're Not ... You're the one to fight the dragon
ENSIFERUM LYRICS - "1997-1999" (2005) demo re-release
Wail to me my winds. Fly away with frozen ... Before me lays thousands of dead knights. Beneath of my feets lays ... Of dragons and magic spells. He rides in the  ...
TAMMY WYNETTE LYRICS - I Still Believe In Fairy Tales
You were my knight in shining Armour And you stole my heart with a song. You gave me a castle and a princess ... And then came the dragon in the bottle

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