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Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist) - Dark Lyrics
SENTENCED lyrics - "Shadows Of The Past" (1991) album, including "Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist)", "In Memoriam", "Wings"...
Sentenced - In Memoriam Lyrics
Lyrics for In Memoriam by Sentenced. In the dark ... Mythic Silence (As They Wander in the Mist) Instant lyrics for all your music. Get the mobile app now.
Sentenced - Wings Lyrics
Lyrics for Wings by Sentenced. ... Mythic Silence (As They Wander in the Mist) News you might be interested in. Instant lyrics for all your music. Get the mobile app now.
FOLKEARTH LYRICS - "Drakkars In The Mist" (2007) album
FOLKEARTH lyrics - "Drakkars In The Mist" (2007) ... Drakkars In The Mist Break thy silence o gray, ... they shall the rise to ride the wind-song!
INFERNAL GATES LYRICS - "From The Mist Of Dark Waters ...
INFERNAL GATES lyrics - "From The Mist Of Dark Waters" (1997) album, including "Remembrance Of Things To Come", "The Son Of Ancient Gloom", "Under My Wings"...
LACUNA COIL LYRICS - "Delirium" (2016) album
LACUNA COIL lyrics - "Delirium" (2016) album, ... I hear the silence Is screaming aloud inside ... How would they hear the beating of my heart?
VALLENDUSK LYRICS - "Black Clouds Gathering" (2013) album
To Wander And Beyond Wandering ... shadowed clouds of silence, ... With the full of mist They embraced the portal dream
THE SARCOPHAGUS LYRICS - "Infernal Hordes Of The Ancient ...
THE SARCOPHAGUS lyrics - "Infernal Hordes Of The Ancient Times" (2003) ... They killed the angels and decayed the innocent dreams, ... Enchanted silence take us far.
Sentenced LYRICS
Sentenced lyrics, Sentenced discography sorted by album. ... Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist) lyrics. Top lyrics. Brandon Beal - Twerk It Like Miley lyrics;
GORGUTS LYRICS - "Colored Sands" (2013) album
GORGUTS lyrics - "Colored Sands" (2013) album, including "Reduced To Silence", ... Fortress of mist and peaks
IMMORTAL LYRICS - "Battles In The North" (1995) album
IMMORTAL lyrics - "Battles In The North" (1995) ... Wander by desecrating winds ... I’m feeling they’re taking us there
Slechtvalk - Under a Moonlit Sky Lyrics
Lyrics for Under a Moonlit Sky by ... wondering if they are aware of what's ... Under a moonlit sky I wander through the forest a deathly silence around the ...
GODSEND LYRICS - "As The Shadows Fall" (1993) album
GODSEND lyrics - "As The Shadows Fall" (1993) album, including "Silence Of Time", ... Beyond The Mist Of Memories At night I wander
HADES LYRICS - "...Again Shall Be" (1994) album
HADES lyrics - "...Again Shall Be" (1994) album, ... You who wander amidst in the hour of darkness ... Infernal silence They wait before the alter
EMPYRIUM LYRICS - "Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays ...
EMPYRIUM lyrics - "Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays" ... "Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays" ... in forest dark at moors they come to life... 2.
EMPEROR LYRICS - "In The Nightside Eclipse" (1994) album
EMPEROR lyrics - "In The Nightside Eclipse" ... In the name of the almighty Emperor they shall rise and forever wander the land beyond ... to fly into the mist of ...
Decomposure - Water from a Stone Lyrics
Lyrics for Water from a Stone by Decomposure. what can the ... like glazed eyes in the mist ... as if there is a mythic window color rigged to a onearmed ...
OPERA IX LYRICS - "The Call Of The Wood" (1995) album
OPERA IX lyrics - "The Call Of The Wood" (1995) album, ... thou condemned to wander in this mist thick as pain ... Beyond the valley of the silence
THE STORYTELLER LYRICS - "Sacred Fire" (2015) album
THE STORYTELLER lyrics - "Sacred Fire" (2015) ... Soon they'll disappear In silence rows the ferryman, ... Spirits in the mist Not a word was spoken, they froze in fear
TYRANT LYRICS - "Under The Dark Mystic Sky" (1997) album
Souls can't go to heaven wander from place to place ... In the silence of the universe, ... My soul was hidden in the dark mist Offering sacrafice to
MYRIDIAN LYRICS - "Under The Fading Light" (2012) album
MYRIDIAN lyrics - "Under The Fading Light" (2012) ... Black silence is now all I know ... One by one they fade
SLECHTVALK LYRICS - "At The Dawn Of War" (2005) album
From Out Of The Mist We Came Forth ... We wondered if they already died. ... I wander through the forest, a deathly silence around the scorched ghostlike trees
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Since The Day It All Came Down" (2004 ...
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "Since The Day It All Came Down" (2004) ... With rime dressed-faces they wander ... to thin shrouding mist I rest in silence, ...
THALARION LYRICS - "Tales Of The Woods... Thus Was Written ...
Silence brings a solitude ... For evermore I wander further in my lonesomeness ... I will see the white enchantress coming out of the mist
MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY LYRICS - "Funerals From The Astral Sphere ...
MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY lyrics - "Funerals From The Astral Sphere" (2011) album, including "Funerals From The Astral Sphere", ... But now they'll drown in silence"
Decomposure - Water from a Stone Lyrics. what can the hungry do but ... in it are streetlights like glazed eyes in the mist ... then drive back in silence as it ...
SENTENCED LYRICS - "Amok" (1995) album
they will worship you and hail! ... and silence grows high where the soldiers lie ... Her light is guiding us - Her children (as wander in the mist) ah! the Moon is full!
EQUINOX OV THE GODS LYRICS - "Where Angels Dare Not Tread ...
EQUINOX OV THE GODS lyrics - "Where Angels Dare Not Tread" ... They slowly move ... In shrouds of mist and spiders web
GRAVELAND LYRICS - "Will Stronger Than Death" (2007) album
GRAVELAND lyrics - "Will Stronger Than Death" ... From the mist, ... No one knows where they come from No one knows where they wander off
Emilie Autumn - By The Sword lyrics
By The Sword lyrics by Emilie Autumn: ... Journey through the mist and bitter cold ... Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
DARK LUNACY LYRICS - "Devoid" (2000) album
DARK LUNACY lyrics - "Devoid" (2000) album, ... They Tell Lies But I Feel In My World Dance, Dance Through The Mist Dance For My Mind I Don't Want The Light Wax ...
WAYLANDER LYRICS - "Honnor Among Chaos" (2008) album
WAYLANDER lyrics - "Honnor Among Chaos" (2008) album, ... naught but Mythic mist remain. ... they all bear my shame
Hortus Animae - Chapter Seven: Bible Black lyrics ...
Chapter Seven: Bible Black lyrics by Hortus Animae: Step by step on through the void through these veins of rust we wander. ... respectfully in silence.
SATYRASIS LYRICS - "Creation Of Failure" (2008) album
SATYRASIS lyrics - "Creation Of Failure" (2008) ... Fuck all your rules to silence our lives ... They've trampled our right with stickers and fines
CATHEDRAL LYRICS - "The Guessing Game" (2010) album
CATHEDRAL lyrics - "The Guessing Game" (2010) ... They put me in a place to educate ... Two years it's been of hell spent waiting is silence
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