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Nana Mouskouri - Only Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Only Love' by Nana Mouskouri. Only love can make a memory / Only love can make a moment last. / You were there / And all the world was young ...
Nana Mouskouri - Over And Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Over and Over' by Nana Mouskouri: Over and over I whisper your name Over and over I kiss you again.
Nana Mouskouri - Even Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Even Now' by Nana Mouskouri: Even now each night I remember Days of summer When blossoms filled each bough In the cold grey days of ...
Nana Mouskouri - Let It Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let It Be' by Nana Mouskouri. When I find myself in time of trouble, mother Mary comes to me / Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. / And in my hour.
Nana Mouskouri - Try To Remember Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Try to Remember' by Nana Mouskouri. Try to remember the kind of September / When life was slow and oh / so mellow. / Try to remember the kind of .
Nana Mouskouri - The White Rose Of Athens Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The White Rose of Athens' by Nana Mouskouri: You will return to bring the summer to my heart.
Nana Mouskouri - Song For Liberty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song for Liberty' by Nana Mouskouri. When you're singing I'm singing with you liberty / When you cry I cry with you in sorrow / When you suffer I'm.
Nana Mouskouri - Early One Morning Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Early One Morning' by Nana Mouskouri: Early one morning, just as the sun was rising I heard a maid sing in the valley below 'Oh don't deceive me, Oh.
Nana Mouskouri - Why Worry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Why Worry' by Nana Mouskouri: Why worry, there should be laughter after pain There should be sunshine after rain These things have always been ...
Nana Mouskouri - Chimbolom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chimbolom' by Nana Mouskouri. We can' t stop the world from turning / From spinning round and round / And can' t stop ourselves from yearning / For.
Nana Mouskouri - The Rose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Rose' by Nana Mouskouri. Some say love, it is a river / That drowns the tender reed / Some say love, it is razor / That leaves your soul to bleed.
Nana Mouskouri - Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alone' by Nana Mouskouri: I must go there Without the crowds around me There with silence to astound me Alone to face my destiny To understand ...
Nana Mouskouri - If You Love Me / Hymne A L'Amour (Eng.-Fr.) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If You Love Me / Hymne A L'Amour (Eng.-Fr.)' by Nana Mouskouri. If the sun should tumble from the sky / If the sea should suddenly run dry / If you.
Nana Mouskouri - Plaisir D'Amour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plaisir d'Amour' by Nana Mouskouri. Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment / Chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie / Tu m'as quitté pour la belle Sylvie /
Nana Mouskouri - Amazing Grace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Amazing Grace' by Nana Mouskouri. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound / That saved a wretch like me. / I once was lost, but now I'm found. / Was.
Nana Mouskouri - There's A Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There's a Time' by Nana Mouskouri. There's a time, there's a time, / Time for summer and for snow, / Time for love to grow, / And to end in lonely.
Nana Mouskouri - Malagueña Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Malagueña' by Nana Mouskouri. El amor me lleva hacia ti / Con impulso arrebatador / Yo previero mejor morir / Que vivir sin tener tu amor / La.
Nana Mouskouri - Half A Crown Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Half A Crown' by Nana Mouskouri. Violets, roses and daffodils / Just take a bunch / For your window sill / Buy you some flowers / And watch the world.
Nana Mouskouri - Roses Love Sunshine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roses Love Sunshine' by Nana Mouskouri. Roses love sunshine / Violets love dew / Angels love heaven / And so, I love you / If you don't love me /
Nana Mouskouri - Milisse Mou Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Milisse Mou' by Nana Mouskouri. Aniksa ston kipo mou pigadi / Na potizo ta poulia / Na 'rhesse ki esy proi ke vradi / San mikri drossostalia / Irthes.
Nana Mouskouri - Morning Has Broken Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Morning Has Broken' by Nana Mouskouri. Morning has broken / Like the first morning / Blackbird has spoken / Like the first bird / Praise for the.
Nana Mouskouri - Open Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Your Eyes' by Nana Mouskouri. Open your eyes my newborn son / See your world that's new begun / Growing the land beneath our feet ...
Nana Mouskouri - A Place In My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Place in My Heart' by Nana Mouskouri. I got your letter yesterday / From some small town I never knew / It told me you were on your way / But not.
Nana Mouskouri - El Humahuaqueño Lyrics
Lyrics to 'El Humahuaqueño' by Nana Mouskouri. El Humahuaqueo / Fiesta de la quebrada / Humahuaquea para cantar / Erke, charango y bombo ...
Nana Mouskouri - Love Changes Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Changes Everything' by Nana Mouskouri. Love, love changes everything / Hands and faces, earth and sky / Love, love changes everything / How ...
Nana Mouskouri - Come With Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come With Me' by Nana Mouskouri. If you're in a valley / With a troubled mind / I'm a mountain / Come on and climb / ''cause ya look so good / To be.
Nana Mouskouri - La Paloma Lyrics
Lyrics to 'La Paloma' by Nana Mouskouri: Cuando sali de la habana, valgame dios Nadie me ha visto salir sino fui yo Y una linda guachinanga como una flor ...
Nana Mouskouri - My Friend The Sea Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Friend the Sea' by Nana Mouskouri. ( Shaper / Petsilas / Delanoë ) / I wish that boats were little glasses filled with wine / So I could drink.
Nana Mouskouri - Nickel Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nickel Song' by Nana Mouskouri. Well, you know that I'm not a gambler / But I' m being gambled on / They put in a nickel / And I sing a little song /
Nana Mouskouri - Se Que Volveras Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Se Que Volveras' by Nana Mouskouri. Nana / Cuando pienso en ti / Me siento triste / Sola sin tu amor / Ya nada existe / Que difícil es / Es tanta.
Nana Mouskouri - A Day In The Life Of A Fool Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Day in the Life of a Fool' by Nana Mouskouri. A day in the life of a fool / A sad and a long lonely day / I walk the avenue and hope I'll run into.
Nana Mouskouri - Day Is Done Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Day Is Done' by Nana Mouskouri. Tell me why you are crying, my son / I know you're frightened like everyone / Is it the thunder in the distance you.
Nana Mouskouri - Smooth Sailing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smooth Sailing' by Nana Mouskouri. We didn't break apart in stormy weather / We didn't run around like others do / Now we're not afraid when storm.
Nana Mouskouri - Photographs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Photographs' by Nana Mouskouri. Photographs / Of long ago / The colours fade / The wrinkles show / I loved you then / I love you still / I guess I.
Nana Mouskouri - Love Story Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Story' by Nana Mouskouri. Where do I begin to tell the story / Of how great a love can be / The sweet love story that is older than the sea /
Nana Mouskouri - Spinning Wheel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spinning Wheel' by Nana Mouskouri. Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning / Close by the window young Eileen is spinning / Bent o'er the fire ...
Nana Mouskouri - The Power Of Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Power of Love' by Nana Mouskouri. Whispers in the morning / Of lovers sleeping tight / Are rolling by light thunder now / As I look in your eyes.
Nana Mouskouri - Gloria Eterna Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gloria Eterna' by Nana Mouskouri. Opou ki an pamé / Mnimès kratamé / Athina ké romi / Sé psachnoumé akomi / Asprès kolonès / Mavri éonès /
Nana Mouskouri - Only Time Will Tell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Only Time Will Tell' by Nana Mouskouri. Love changed our lonely lives / Caught us by surprise / Opened up our eyes / Somehow we both knew ...
Nana Mouskouri Lyrics
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