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Nasty C & Runtown - Said Lyrics
[Nasty C:] Up with the weights, I work And down with the pack, I roll Now up with the sack and you know that I deserve it Half and half when we split the purse, yeah
Drake - Pound Cake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pound Cake' by Drake. Good God Almighty, like back in the old days / You know, years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to play / How to play
Nasty C - Phases Lyrics
[Nasty C:] Why contain that they say I am crazy I am blazing through these phases [x2] I had so much to lose But I couldn't stand losing you You caught me at a time when I was battered and bruised
Problem - Nasty Lyrics
Lyrics to "Nasty" song by Problem: What, ok, I'm on, oh, yeah Let me start it off You could be a stripper, Or you could be a teacher...
Nasty C feat. Rowlene - Phases Lyrics. Why contain what they say, I am crazy I am blazing through these phases Why contain what they say, I am crazy I am blazing through these pha
Nasty C - Uok Lyrics
Lyrics to "Uok" song by Nasty C: If I see you in heaven you know that I'm holding you Mama you okay now, you safe now You in a bette...
Nasty C feat. Rowlene - Phases Lyrics
Lyrics for Phases by Nasty C feat. Rowlene. Why contain what they say, I am crazy I am blazing through these phases Why contain what t...
Lil Wayne - Nasty Lyrics. Damn She Bad, Damn She Thick And I May Not Know It Perfect But Damn She It, And She Thick And She Right Damn She Nice, You Can Be My Judge B
Mariah Carey - Angels Cry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Angels Cry' by Mariah Carey. I shouldn't have walked away / I would've stayed / if you said we could've made everything okay / but we just / through
Nasty C - Verge Lyrics
Lyrics to "Verge" song by Nasty C: Y'all don't understand Y'all work on my nerves Now come get your mans, before he get hurt I'm not wi...
The Lox - Dope Money Lyrics
So if I kill niggas dead, don't ask me shit I smoke blunts to the head, so don't pass me shit I'd rather die from a bullet, than a nasty bitch They say the good die young, all that mean to me
G-Eazy - Been On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Been On' by G-Eazy. Yeah, rappers try to brag about accomplishments / But nothing you've been dropping yet astonishes / Yeah, next shit I'm about to
Jadakiss - U Make Me Wanna Lyrics
Thanks to BigPimPin87247 for adding these lyrics. Thanks to trudimema, deliciouscandy84 for correcting these lyrics.
2Pac - Hail Mary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hail Mary' by 2Pac: Now pay attention: rest in peace, Father, ... Nasty new street slugger, my heat seeks suckers On the regular, mashing in a stolen Black Ac' Integra ... Hail Mary, Hail Mary We won't worry, everything well curry Free like the bird in the tree We won't worry, everything well curry ...
Jay-Z - Monster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Monster' by Jay-Z. (Nicki Minaj) / i pull up in the monsta / automobile gansta / with a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka / yeah I'm in that tonka /
Bryson Tiller - Don't Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't' by Bryson Tiller. Don't / Don't play with her don't be dishonest / Aye still not understanding this logic / Aye, I'm back and I'm better / I
Linkin Park - Heavy Lyrics
Lyrics to "Heavy" song by Linkin Park: I don't like my mind right now Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary Wish that I could slow t...
Meek Mill - A1 Everything Lyrics
Cuz I got A1 everything, A1 everything A1 everything, I get A1 everything I got A1 credit, A1 hoes I drive A1 whips, and I rock A1 clothes [Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] Pray to God I washed my hand, but I be damned 2012 100 racks to Uncle Sam A 24 year old millionaire
Nicki Minaj - Young Money Ballaz Lyrics
That's what my girls say Errday my birthday Young Money sippin' rosay when we thirstay Okay, c'mon [Talking] Good Evening New York! Heheh That mean I live by the beach
Quad City Djs - Space Jam Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Space Jam' by Quad City Djs: Everybody get up, it's time to slam now We got a real jam goin' down Welcome to the Space Jam Here's your chance, do
Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music Lyrics
Lyrics to "Aston Martin Music" song by Rick Ross: Let's pull the two-seater out, baby It's wherever you wanna go Jessy ... Rosé Riding to the music...
Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who Shot Ya' by Notorious B.I.G.: Get high motherfuckers Get high motherfuckers Smoke blunts motherfuckers Get high motherfuckers Ready to die
Nas Song Lyrics by Albums
Nas - Cops Ft Kanye West (2018) Produced By Kanye West + Lyrics (Nasir Album/Official) Video 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake Video XXXTentacion Attends His Own Funeral in Eerie Music Video Video
Beyonce Knowles - Ego (Remix) Lyrics
Everything I throw up, blow up, Talking to the girl, She said, know what, grow up, You nasty, I don't understand why they trippin', If you ask me, Flow is just the nicest, I admit the propane, I just spit, probably, Just raise the gas prices, Everybody in the club, ... "Ego (Remix)" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only
Nas Song Lyrics
View Nas song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 19 albums and 307 song lyrics in our database.
Nas - Cherry Wine Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, let’s pour some cherry wine Everything’s good, everything’s fine Yeah, yeah we bring it every time ... Everything’s good, everything’s fine Yeah, pour a little cherry wine, yeah Life is good, life is good, yeah Life is good, no matter what Life is good, life is good ... Cherry Wine Bye Baby Nasty [Deluxe Edition Bonus ...
Mac Miller - God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty Lyrics
Lyrics to "God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty" song by Mac Miller: Open your legs Say yeah, share, say yeah, share, say yeah Heart to my dying light, bullet to your...
Beyonce Knowles - Ego (Remix Feat. Kanye West) Lyrics
Beyonce Knowles - Ego (Remix Feat. Kanye West) Lyrics. [Kanye:] I got a big ego ha ha ha I'm Such a big ego uh uh uh I got a big ha ha ha ego She love my big ha ha ha ego So stroke my big ha ha h
Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya Lyrics
Lyrics to "Who Shot Ya" song by Notorious B.I.G.: As we proceed to give you what you need 9 to 5 motherfuckers get live motherfuckers As we pro...
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Pitbull - Rain Over Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Rain Over Me" song by Pitbull: Girl my body don't lie (Red One) I'm outta my mind Let it rain over me (Mr. Worldwide) I'm rising so...
Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop That Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Doo Wop That Thing' by Lauryn Hill. Yo, remember back on the boogie when cats used to harmonize like / Yo, my men and my women / Don't forget about
Boosie Badazz - Go Away Lyrics
Lyrics to "Go Away" song by Boosie Badazz: I ain't going back to jail bro Nasty ass food thug Can't sleep on lock down at night and shit thug I...
NF - Let You Down Lyrics
Doing everything I can, I don't wanna make you disappointed It's annoying I just wanna make you feel like everything I ever did wasn't ever tryna make an issue for you
Los - Becoming King Lyrics. [Intro] If I could do one thing in this world It would be to at least inspire one person Because it's not about how bad you want somethin
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