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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie Lyrics
Cuz that's my way of showing I don't care no more Ima just go on with my life Until death call my name Aye, aye Youngboy, slime yeah Playboy on this bitch put he ain't playing though Too many problems (yeah) Thinking how I'm gone solve it (yeah) So much pain in my body (yeah) They selling lies and I bought it (yeah)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Smoke' by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. My bro, my bro / That nigga my homie / Count money fuck hoes / Make sure you get money / We laugh we joke,
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to "No Smoke" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: My bro, my bro That nigga my homie Count money fuck hoes Make sure you get money We laugh we joke, c...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Outside Today Lyrics ...
I don't do no cappin', I keep it one hunnid Right now I'm recordin' with ten thousand on me He say he want smoke but I know he don't want it Shoot him and his bitch and I up on his homie You know how I'm feelin', I don't got to say it Face every problem all by my lonely Tryna hide from the camera, I ain't goin' outside today
NBA Youngboy - Untouchable Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Untouchable' by NBA Youngboy. [Verse 1] I remember I wanted for to quit for so many times But I know this moment'd come, now it's my time I gotta make up for all them nights that my Momma cried I'm goin' in, I'm putting everything on the line
NBA YoungBoy - Hypnotized Lyrics
NBA YoungBoy Lyrics "Hypnotized" She said that money ain't worth nothin' if you can't treat me right I clearly see bitches ain't shit, they just won't see me cry ... build with you, smoke with you, yeah I know you think the shit I say But you just wanna misuse me and lie, said that I ain't never cared You left yo' diary by the bed
NBA YoungBoy - TTG Lyrics
Bitch I'm very important, I'm not no regular artist I can't do too much talkin', look, cigar got me coughin' Do you like a pair of lungs, all that smoke bring the coffin All my niggas TTG, we turn up, trained to go for real BreadWinner vending machine, we really sell that coke for real Any violation, we both knowin' where we go from here
NBA Youngboy Song Lyrics
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Ride Out Lyrics
Come jump in with me yea, and we gone ride out We gone ride out, we gone ride, (skrt) we gone ride out When I first met you I was down for the get you baby I remember the first time that I kissed you baby No you won't understand this way that I been living Love it when I'm with you No I can't explain this feeling
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dope Lamp Lyrics
Did what I think, I ain't never go wrong (No) Young nigga came up, overseas for the clothes Strapped down wit' a pole for a nigga want smoke (Smoke) Ridin' 'round, tryna slide, smoke a whole lotta dope (Yeah) Ridin' 'round on a tint, see 12, get low Nigga know I don't crip but I see blue notes Speakin' no sense, I ain't got no mind
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable Lyrics
We untouchable come run that money up with me nigga We here next day, stayed down 'til I came up with my niggas ... NBA YoungBoy Lyrics; mixtape: "AI YoungBoy" (2017) Trappin Wat Chu Gone Do No Smoke Ride On Em Dark into Light No. 9 Untouchable Left Hand Right Hand Twilight Came From Murda Gang Have You Ever Graffiti GG Dedicated.
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Not Wrong Now Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Not Wrong Now" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: Aye Aye Draco, aye come here Yeah Aye reach me that cup slime Draco, sit right there Let's go What u...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Graffiti Lyrics
Spending this money no question do I think about it, I'll never say that I don't Walk off alone, when I talk on the phone, dropping the price and you know that they on Soon as we get it, you know that its gone I swear that we been at this shit for so long Momma ask for something and I tell her no She tell me I ain't shit, and act like I'm wrong
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Gravity Lyrics
Now when I look around, you ain't no where by my side Hurt me so deep, but it's okay, I'm on my grind I got two sons, I'm just sixteen, can't waste my time Straight from the bottom, to the top, I gotta climb That boy say that he don't like me, tell him fall in line Soul survivor, I won't stop, yeah I'm a grind for it
NBA YoungBoy - GG (Remix) Lyrics
[NBA YoungBoy:] Draw down with that Glock, bitch don't make no sound Say somethin', might get shot, bitch face down to the ground I ain't got no respect aye, you might think I'm dumb I'm just 17, with a whole lotta money Fuck you, bitch I hopped up out that coupe Tell me hoe, if you don't like me why you worried about what I do
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Hell And Back Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Hell And Back" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: When I think about it yeah I schem about it Gotta be about it ion't dream about it Gotta keep moving...
NBA YoungBoy - No Mentions Lyrics
NBA YoungBoy Lyrics "No Mentions" Playboy on this bitch but he ain't playin' though... Cut my ties with my people, now my grandfather poppin' Ran it up, all by myself though, now they never gon' stop me And I see they say I flop though (yeah, yeah) In my head I know what I know
NBA Youngboy - Love Is Poison Lyrics
Your love is poison so no more I can't take it (no more I can't take it) Can't fuck with you no more because I ain't basic (noo) [Verse 2] Everytime I feel nobody love me I come straight to you Still wanna come and lay right on side you even when I'm mad at you I be feelin' like you don't appreciate the shit I do
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 38 Baby Lyrics
"38 Baby" I don't give a fuck who out here doing this shit mane, yeah. You know, nigga know what the fuck this is mane, NBA gang, ya heard me? I go by Young Boy, I'm the hottest younging, ya heard me? Fuck what a nigga talking bout believe that Everybody under disguise man they scheming
NBA YoungBoy - Change Lyrics
Youngboy, not TBG NBA, it's a way of livin' Let a nigga play, he gon' get it Talked about it like I ain't with' it Name a nigga shook me, you know I ain't pussy You can save yo breath, no advice tookin' Shit what it is, bitch I see you lookin' Shootin' on sight, no I ain't hookin' In the bottom fuckin' with [?] When they come all you do is whistle
NBA Youngboy - Gravity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gravity' by NBA Youngboy: In this life that I'm livin', I pray I make it through the night As I ride through my city, I'm thinkin', lookin' at the lights For so long, we was hurtin', I got the chance to make it right Countin' times you done hurt me, I done been all alone tonight They claim that they with me, but shit I know that they ain't ride
Birdman & NBA YoungBoy - We Poppin Lyrics
It ain't no cap, it ain't no question, bitch we poppin' (bitch, we poppin') If they could read the play these niggas still can't stop it (stop it) Brand new McLaren, paid for cash out my pocket (out my pocket) When I'm on scene, I got the hammer 'cause they watchin' (woo) Got a whole lotta diamonds on my body Whole lotta money in my pocket
NBA YoungBoy - Through The Storm Lyrics
NBA YoungBoy Lyrics "Through The Storm" Through the night when it be stormin' Hopin' everything could clear up by the morning Niggas tellin' lies so I gotta be honest Ask me for the Tellage, you know that I'ma run it Turned up like we want it, we pulled up on that dumb shit
Montana Of 300 - No Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to "No Smoke" song by Montana Of 300: No smoke, no smoke You boys don't want no smoke (no smoke) I'm fresh like soap Yo hoe gon' let me po...
NBA Youngboy - I Ain't Hiding Lyrics
[Verse 2: NBA Youngboy] Wake up every morning tryna get a dollar When you down and ain't got nothing They ain't got no holla Gotta get this shit for my lil boys Gotta get it for my mama You bet not short me out my money I want every dollar (or else) Ima bust yo fucking head cause i don't play that We gone load up with them cuttas
NBA Young Boy 38 - I Aint Hiding Lyrics. Private number call my phone say that ima kill ya I told that nigga I ain't hiding I'm probably in yo city I keep it with me pull on me and
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - You The One Lyrics
Lyrics to "You The One" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: You the one that I want in my life, yeah You the one that I want every night, yeah You the one that... YoungBoy Never Broke Again - You The One Lyrics |
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Love Is Poison Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Love Is Poison" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: And I still ain't found a way to forgive myself I can never forgive myself I gave my all to you thi...
Moneybagg Yo & NBA YoungBoy - Tampering With Evidence ...
Lyrics to "Tampering With Evidence" song by Moneybagg Yo & NBA YoungBoy: Police lock us up because they don't understand the way we live Interrogating us all for hours, we a...
Lil Baby - Freestyle Lyrics
None of my niggas no hoe All of my niggas want smoke All of my niggas together we came from the bottom we used to wear each other clothes None of my niggas gon' fold Couple pussy niggas told They ain't my niggas no mo' Hold it down for the 4 In the 9 with the woes Ralo my dawg that's for sho' We won't fall out about shit Specially not 'bout no ...
Tee Grizzley - From The D To The A Lyrics
Niggas know we out, no Shaqs or Kobes out In other words, I'm with all shooters that'll blow you down [Lil Yachty:] From the D to the A, put respect on it If that's your ho, why my dick got her mouth on it? I'm from the south, I got diamonds in my teeth I got fur on my fleece, my new ring could pay your lease [Tee Grizzley:] Lease, nigga
Rich The Kid - New Freezer Lyrics
Lyrics to "New Freezer" song by Rich The Kid: Ayy, new freezer You know what it was when you synced up, ayy Dat way, yuh, yuh, yeah dat way My bi...
YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind Lyrics
And all I smoke is that loud, don't pass me no midget And I'm 'a smoke all of my pain away 'cause that's the only thing that gon' heal it I don't understand you women who go around pretending As if they really fuck with me, so I love 'em all from a distance 'Cause the same bitch say she down to ride be the main one who tricking
Future Song Lyrics
View Future song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 19 albums and 400 song lyrics in our database.
Kodak Black - Roll In Peace Lyrics
Lyrics to "Roll In Peace" song by Kodak Black: Aye, everything be like, off the top these days like (We got London on the track!) These days, I don...
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