Niggas taking chances, got them eating too much cheese lyrics

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Jay Rock - 90059 Lyrics
Hood rats plotting, riding for the blue cheese All for the Gram, grams and a new weave All they got is spandex pants, and some loose knees Niggas taking chances, tip-toeing with two P's No one's exempt, weak or strong they do bleed Candle light vigils, closure if they do leave Bullets have a name defined by different calibers
Lakeyah - Female Goat (Remix) Lyrics
If a nigga double-take, then his money, I'ma take Pussy tight, thighs thick, slurp up on it like a shake Bitches hard on the 'net but in person, they gon' break Baby Glock in my bag, but my nigga brought the Drac' I'ma work him for that bag Got him braggin' that I came when that shit was really fake Sleep on that nigga, eat his meat like a ...
Lil Yachty & Tee Grizzley - Dynamic Duo Lyrics
Told her keep them racks out her trap, it's too much cheese around I don't want no more rap friends, these niggas bitches (Yeah) I don't compete or beef at all, so that's fictitious (Mmm) I'm concrete as hell, fuck a scale, We'll share the riches (Caw) I just might ice out your bitch for washing dishes (Mmm)
Q Money - Dripp Wave Lyrics
I been eating Cheetos (Yeah), and Fritos and Doritos (Drip) They're wrapped in double cheese though (Yeah), I'm worth 500 kilos (Drip) Shorty on my line, and I'm at her like a free-throw (Dripp wave) Not [?], not no [?], got four pockets full of them C notes (Yeah) Got the same brick on my wrist (Drip), had that crib, hit that nigga Deebo ...
Baby Smoove - Sixty (Melo) Lyrics
I'm really in my Goyard, nigga, you the witness. If you can't take the heat get the fuck up out the kitchen. Bitch, I got it my own, ain't nobody do it for me. I might've slowed down but I ain't stopping with the lean. Bitch, you irritating, get your number off my screen. Came up off theft, I ain't never served a fiend.
Lil Yachty - For Hot 97 Lyrics
Lil Yachty Lyrics. "For Hot 97". (feat. JBan$2Turn, Byou & BigBruthaChubba) [Lil Boat:] Brrr hey RD man, it's Boat, yeah. Hey man you know that nigga Yachty went on the God damn mornin' show, niggas try to freestyle, niggas tryna act like a nigga ain't got it. Like a nigga ain't still got it, like a nigga ain't really countin' up hundred dollar ...
Kanye West - Gorgeous Lyrics
No more chances, if you blow this, you bogus I will never ever let you live this down, down, down [Kanye West:] Penitentiary chances, the devil dances And eventually answers to the call of autumn All them fallin' for the love of ballin' Got caught with thirty rocks, the cop look like Alec Baldwin Inter-century anthems based off inner-city tantrums
J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only Lyrics
For your eyes only. For your eyes. Hey. Niggas be dying on the daily. It seems my dreams faded for far too long, the consequences deadly. Can't visualize myself as nothing but a criminal. Control the block, serving up rocks and stay subliminal. 'Cause young niggas is hard headed, they letting off. Full of adrenaline, ignorant to what death can ...
Two white cups and I got that drink Could be purple, it could be pink Depending on how you mix that shit Money to be got, and imma get that shit Cause I'm on one I said fuck it I'm on one I walk around the club, fuck everybody And all my niggas got that Heat I feel like Pat Riley Yeah, too much money, aint enough money
2 Chainz - Sleep When U Die Lyrics
Don P and eat salad Walking around, my feet Bally Sisquo and St. Ives Six guns, eight knives Potato on the barrel of it Make you niggas hate fries Been poppin' wheelies since 14 Sleeping with them, in them since 14 Ready to take one for the team Ain't no discount, if ain't the one, we got a miscount I am the truth, lil' nigga, shooting bullets ...
Kur - Back Pedaling Lyrics
Thought she was too good wouldn't speak Now I know that she sick look at me My stomach get ached couldn't sleep Got a pack had to eat best believe My man got some years cooking cheese Even though that I can I don't leave Even though I got signed I don't sleep I don't care if they dissing it ain't deep All them disses ain't hear em shit it's weak
Sosamann - No Time Lyrics
These niggas actors and they just come wannabes Get to the green, ain't talking 'bout celery Come down your chimney, shooting at the enemies Pow pow pow, that is the end of him Nigga got seasoned, ain't talking 'bout cinnamon Won't touch a hair on my chin chin chinny chin You serve J's and I told them all, come again Can't fuck with him 'cause ...
Future - 31 DAYS Lyrics
I took a little E, got red bottoms all on my feet I ran it up, I got your baby mama knee deep She ain't got no teeth, she know a young nigga eat beef She want me to leave, she know I'm not a rat, I got cheese I was quieter than a mouse, when I got it in her mouth she couldn't breathe I was thinking like, "Jeez," she done got a lil schlong on my ...
G-Unit - Come Up Lyrics
The street niggas know just what I mean Watch a nigga come up Born hustler, niggas got to get paid Shit real from the cradle to the grave Watch a nigga come up Got to get it, we got, got to get it Got the bread for the hit, nigga, we with it Watch a nigga come up I got the kind of success that's hard to measure Tear the unit apart, put it back ...
Rod Wave - Gambling Lyrics
It's hard to focus on your grind. When you got everything on the line. We gambling. I'm in the projects with all of my young niggas. These niggas hungry, and they ready to squeeze triggers. I'm all about these dollars. I said I'm all about these dollars. Them crackers can't distract me. Now we running out the back.
YFN Lucci - Never Enough Lyrics
I got some young niggas hungry down for a plate I got some young niggas tryna line up a play I got some young niggas on my line every time if you play, yeah Be patient my dawg, sometimes you just gotta wait 'til it come Making my play, I ain't praying for much Taking my chances, we're never too much, never too much Never give up, who would've ...
Machine Gun Kelly - Black Magic Lyrics
Free Boosie, wipe me down, I'm too much for these niggas [x4] I ain't gotta run it, but I want one So I ain't got time for your bullshit First thing's first, gotta get me I need more cheese like raw heat These hoes gon' hurt, these nigga's gon' hate But not me, I'm a do what we do (for real) Got Juice, got heart, got soul nigga what about you?
30 Deep Grimeyy - Loose Screws Lyrics
Run like Mayweather, he just dodged a elbow. Work everyday, too much paper on my schedule. All these loose screws, we can tighten up whatever. I keep me a hammer, a ladder, a nail for 'em. [30 Deep Grimeyy:] I heard them goofies say fuck me, well it's fuck them niggas too. If that nigga try to run, knock his ass out his shoes.
Ice Cube - Ask About Me Lyrics
And we'll take you, shake you, break you, take two, play you on wit' the chrome, nigga shoot! Execute, they try to electrocute I got too much loot Ya say I'm on yo' hit list, You niggaz miss, tryin' to turn my muthafuckin' cheese into Swiss Rappers make bucks and I can hear it, hard to fear it, 'Cuz I know you grew up on my lyrics It's the boss ...
Lil Bibby - Crack Baby Lyrics
Some old niggas bout to die behind this shit and I ain't playin' Fuck the police and the feds You heard what the fuck I said Then lil niggas out here Hidin' Fuck it I'm gon' play they plan We gon' fill that boy with lead Fuck that shit I want his head They got my cousin too much meds I got some killas I keep em fed All this cheese bring the rats
Larry June - Now Lyrics
Aye, look. Peep game though. Real nigga don't gotta show too much, nigga. I might come through in a low, in a 'rrari, nigga. Sippin' Fiji water, nigga. You know I'm sayin'? Livin' life though Word around town, I got them bands right Word around town, I bought that Benz right Word around town, I got my shit right Word around town, I got that big ice
The Game - Church Lyrics
Ever met a young nigga with too much cash? Her baby daddy live by my words Damn, she cold, she got them curves Double parked outside of the club Niggas like, "Damn, nigga got some nerves" Smokin these L's in the pulpit With OG Chuck in the cool bitch Got ten thousand all in ones cause, damn, that ass is stupid (Haha!) [Bridge]
Lil Wayne - Problems Lyrics
Rich nigga problems, lil whoadie. I got rich nigga problems, lil whoadie. If lovin' me is wrong, I don't wanna be right, damn bitch, you hatin'. I'm never wrong, one time I thought I was wrong, I was only mistaken. I live all alone, no house telephone, talk to you later. I'm never home every time I thought I was home it was only the matrix.
Kodak Black - Versatile Lyrics
Tell 'em I'm away but I ain't gone. I said boo bear what you wanna do. Once you slide, imma follow through. The stand took a nigga up and through it. Lil Dash told me, Kodak don't do it. Tell my son that I love his ass. Tell 'em I can't wait to hug his ass. This for the niggas who got all that time.
Lil Wayne - Let's Do It Lyrics
I keep them tools on me, get the screw face Flowers for the dead, here's a bouquet L.V.'s, nigga, on every suitcase Y.M., nigga, it's a new day We're the champions, nigga, hooray Yeah! Hammer in the Louis duff' Take a nigga bitch, she gave me brains until I knew enough Bullet come too fast to adjust I don't give a fuck about my roof that much
Money Man - Westbrook Lyrics
And I got chips like motherfucking Ruffles. Green from the Westbrook, nigga, no Russell. Clean-ass nigga, my money be dirty. And you know a nigga stay fresh like Doug E. 10K fit, hell nah, I ain't ducking. I ain't going for it, lil' nigga, I'm bustin'. Grew up in the hood, yeah, nigga had it rough it.
JID - Skegee Lyrics
Fuck, check, dawg. Take a chance, have faith, my lad. You got all of the same tools all the greats have had. Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, two hands. You can watch, listen more than you speak, take advantage. You peep all the karma that come with makin' the cream. The crop, full of demons providin' you what you need.
DJ Kay Slay - Lyrical 300 Lyrics
(Gang up yourself, but take some of those, everything) Slay they said it was time to eat, so I turn the beat into sandwich meat I put bread on it, these weak niggas can't compete You nigga singing too much, and they got them dancing feet I slap the shit out of them, if we ever get the chance to meet Am a philosopher that shoot like a photographer
Jay-Z - Watch Me Lyrics
At the bar baby, round's on me. (Watch me!) Yo, the watch too rocky, need shades. Continental sitting on blades, spinning like waves. Gun too Brock-y, behave. Big shot, plus I'm feeling like Rocky these days. Ice don't melt, I could ski through a heatwave. Nights won't help you see Jay, it'll be day.
Lil B - Realist Bitch Alive Lyrics
Man you think that shit cool, that's just too much drama ... Nah I'm finna riding for myself nigga (The realist shit alive) Uh I got that pistol in my right hand (You can see it in my eyes) Yeah I got that pistol in my left hand Uh I'm taking penitentiary chances These niggas Fuck 'em Give me advances Fuck 'em Fuck 'em I said (You can see it in ...
Z-Ro - Haters Song Lyrics
Gonna take, too much practice I got too many motherfucking zones, up under the mattress Situation at hand, these motherfuckers Wanna talk down on me, cause I shine Even though I went a long way, I gotta keep on going So I read the root, when I grind Sure is funny to me, when a nigga give me my card Another one's, talking down
Jay Rock - 90059 Lyrics
Lyrics for 90059 by Jay Rock. Take my mind on this road, you too I took my mind on this road, way through I take your mi...
G Herbo aka Lil Herb - Bricks & Mansions Lyrics
We ain't in the hood no more nigga, take your shoes off On Essex block baby, 78th, 24th, for Kobe we shoot 24, shells outside that 24 Niggas know I'm in the streets, know I don't got shit to prove Big Bro told me leave the city, you got shit to lose I don't reply to beef with tweets, street niggas gotta feel me
Lloyd Banks - M.B.A.M Lyrics
Man, I'm eating like a fat nigga, your weight dropped All my weed do different things, space pot Show the respect you get at kings, or take shots Thank god for the liquor store, a fifth or more I'm a different kind of nigga boy, forget the law All they want to do search the truck, and rip the floor Find something worth pinning on me, submit the raw
Lil Yachty, JBan$2Turn, Byou & Big Brutha Chubba - For Hot ...
For Hot 97. Brrr hey RD man, it's Boat, yeah. Hey man you know that nigga Yachty went on the God damn mornin' show, niggas try to freestyle, niggas tryna act like a nigga ain't got it. Like a nigga ain't still got it, like a nigga ain't really countin' up hundred dollar bills every motherfuckin' day. Like I ain't bossed up bitch!
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