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E-40 LYRICS - Tell Me When To Go
Some Henny, some Swishers and some Listerine strips ... Not just the cops, but the homies you got to watch ... Yadada mean, yadada I'm saying though
Lyrics to "1218" song by LIL ROB: 1-2-1-8 (Lookin' hella mean in my 1218's) ... It took some time but shit didn't have to cut lines. Hey fuck ... I spit so sick I think I might need Listerine ... Chances are you're gonna like it a lot, how could you not?
N.W.A. LYRICS - 3 The Hard Way
Lyrics to "3 The Hard Way" song by N.W.A.: Here's a mix to make you move, ... It ain't no joke, he needs some scope ... He's a tucks destroyer, a Listerine killer ... I mean he has a little woman that can match his smell (Yes!) He has a girlfriend, this is not pretend ... [The D.O.C] But you know, that ain't even half of the shit
I'm not making dollar Bill Withers on these fucking stickers, (Uhm), Pulling down ... OF is popping like a blister, need some listerine, Spitting got ... But I'm still uncomparable, I'm like the face of America, I'm the ... What the fuck you mean kill me?
Feeling spaced breathing out listerine ... I've said what I'd said and you know what I mean. But I still can't focus on anything. We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves ... You say what you need so you'll get more ... "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About" (1996) ... Exit Does Not Exist
Emtee - My People Lyrics
Feb 1, 2017 The swag game is combo Lil hommie you talk but you don't know I'm back ... I'm mean I heard they wanna fuck me I don't come for free Not just a rapper i ... bitch i' m Mr. T You talk a lot of shit you need some Listerine Yeah i'm ...
WEBBIE LYRICS - Independent
Independent do you know what that mean? [Repeat 2x] ... When you're calling her on her cellular she tells you she needs not a god damn thing. You a hot damn thing ... You're insane boy, you better get some god damn chains. He a fool up in  ...
E-40 feat. Keak the Sneak - Tell Me When to Go lyrics and ...
... trip Some Henne, some Swishers and some Listerine Strips Dr. Greenthumb lift just to ease my thoughts Not just the cops, but the homies you gotta watch The ...
Lyrics to "Do It Like This" song by BLACK EYED PEAS: Hey bet you can't bet you can't do it like this Bet you can't bet ... I spit it clean just like Listerine ... Ask for some bubbles so I gave 'em Moët. ... This shit's nice, this shit's so mean ... I'm a lover not a fighter ... But you can't rock it like me though ... Bitch, you need to shut the
I'll make that shirt say RIP, I'm on some shit. If I'm not the hottest then Hell must've froze over. You ... But you my nigga, wish you the best for real [Verse 4: ...
Lyrics to "Karma" song by LLOYD BANKS: I am the one you denied Brushed me off everytime I tried But I'm alright I'm able to ... Trying to squeeze in but you wouldn't bother ... Like I don't mean to bother you ... Most of these broads have there eyes on my grits ... N I pop in a listerine strip before you get all up on a bitch face
Now I chop a burden on the sink trying not to think about what. Lies before me ... Then I moisturize my face with some aloe Vera ... I fill my grill with Listerine and then it's gargle, gargle, spit. And now that's good hygiene, you know what I mean ? ... I'm feelin' kinda lovely but my ... Open up the Frigidair what do we have here?
MAX B LYRICS - I Gotta Have You
Lyrics to "I Gotta Have You" song by MAX B: We bout to go in on dis 1 Travel new artist Nah mean It's like We all got dat ... But mii bitch she nice behind da wheel
Lyrics to "Nah Mean" song by NAS: Tougher than concrete Eh bwoy Go ... Boom You Nah Mean Mi dip out a whol... ... Dont let us have to make the 9 scream ... And some bwoy soft like ice cream ... Wash over gold dem come in like Listerine
SHAWNNA LYRICS - Gettin' Some (Remix)
Lyrics to "Gettin' Some (Remix)" song by SHAWNNA: You know we had to do a ... Whoa!..hey who'd have ever thought this would make it to the radio. ... she like to catch then imma take em out...she said she dont do it but i am not a clown..if i ... the sturtigo shertigo...she said hurt her the cervical..she mean murder  ...
Bad Boys get a mouth full of pussy aka Listerine Here to make you lose your mind. Gonna need a Sherlock Holmes To solve ... But no you not dreamin' [Hook]
BUSH LYRICS - Glycerine
It's not my time to wonder why. Everything's gone ... But when we rise it's like strawberry fields. If I treated you bad ... Could have been easier on you. I couldn't  ...
WAX LYRICS - Summer Breeze
If not, we're gonna keep the party rocking 'til we see the sunlight [EOM:] Ayo, sun ... Black queens, bronze beauties and white cuties gracing the scene I mean. Booties wiggling inside some jeans. And I just gargled some Listerine So fresh and ... As soon as I'm done grubbing you gon' get whooped in some Madden And that ...
Lyrics to "Shoes" song by ATMOSPHERE: Would you prefer if I remove... MY... UHH ... I mean.. what? You wanna ... But not tonight, right, I'ma make some history
Black Eyed Peas - Do It Like This Lyrics
... by Black Eyed Peas. Hey, I bet you can't bet you can't do it like this / Bet you can't, bet you can't do it like this / Bet you. ... I spit it clean just like Listerine ... Ask for some bubble so I gave 'em Moet ... This shits nice this shits so mean ... I'mma lover not a fighter ... But you can't rock it like me though ... You need to shut the f' up.
So after turning pro, you bitch thinking it's skin care. It's been a long time ... And I don't mean benz when I'm foreign out the whip. Yo we call it in ... But you not a gun clapper, you a fun rapper. Some factor out what it's happening from with some capture. If crooked ... Listerine and Mr. Green, 'til I tap out like pamperine 10 more ...
Modest Mouse - Dramamine Lyrics
You say what you need so you'll get more. If you could just milk it for everything. I' ve said what I said and you know what I mean. But I can't still focus on anything.
Talkin dirty to these niggas with my listerine. If I was there ... I'm just that nice and I don't write so you can tell em that. I'm just makin up ... But I'm like fuck it I'm young and gettin it them niggas old ... Seen some things that can't be told. I was told ...
ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD LYRICS - People II 2: Still Peoplin'?
song by ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD: If you've been kicked in or abused or mistreated or ... You were told there was nowhere to go but up for you. ... And Tony says it's important to bear some witness when you can. And that's not hard to do in the city that I live in. You don't have it any better and you don't have it any worse.
I called you late but my head was out of the radio. I went to ... I settled in the Listerine I walked inside of ... Unless they were someone else. Maggie and I ... And I am not her future lover I'd always known I was ... Mom and Dad I love you now more than I ever have before ... Kissed a girl but didn't mean to kiss anyone else
Bob Dylan - One More Cup Of Coffee Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One More Cup of Coffee' by Bob Dylan: Voice is like a meadowlark But your heart is like. ... Your loyalty is not to me ... He'll teach you how to pick and choose ... The Tracklist For The Chainsmokers' Full-Length Debut Reveals Some  ...
Feeling spaced breathing out Listerine I'd said what I'd ... I've said what I'd said and you know what I mean. But I can't ... We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves ... You say what you need so you'll get more ... Exit Does Not Exist
Rodney Atkins - Diamonds Lyrics
I save myself but I can't save you" He said, "I ... They said, "Now it's not something that you've done ... She said, "Do you guys mean that you need a time-out
E-40 LYRICS - Lace Me Up
I know you mobbin, but why you tryin to stop my action? [E] Tear that off! ... [E] I'm sayin, have a little class ... [E] You mean like Sherrie Stack-A-Grip? ... Cleanin and clurvin, Listerine and chlorine [S] I got ... [E] I smell you cause I be hustlin, tryin to make some mail. But ... and it can not be paralyzed man because I promise you
Spice 1 - You Done Fucked Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Done Fucked Up' by Spice 1. You fat ass pudgy muthafucka / Yeah, what's up now nigga? You ain't no muthafuckin' / How you gon' start some ...
I don't mean to ruffle feathers, niggas talkin', bitches hatin' Contemplatin' every ... Not a scholar of my vengeance, I'm as spiteful as my father. I forgot his ... You wanted me to hoop but mothafucka I ball now ... Used a fake ID to buy some cigarettes from the bodega ... Stussy bucket hats and yellow teeth because of Listerine
Real talk, you a jedi knight, and with this lead I write. Random thoughts ... She keep digging in your wallet for some bucks to rake ... I mean the proof is up front, there ain't much debate ... We the pioneers spitting, not pioneer chicken ... She bad but her pussy's like blue cheese nigga ... Probably need this shit, retweet this shit
You're spendin too much time witcha friends, all night long. I'm sayin yo what the heck, ... I'm not leavin my friend with a guy but it's another road block [Biz sings]
She say that I'm her MCM (girl you lyin) But I ... But I dont wear no MCM (I dont wear no fuckin MCM) ... I mean I dont drive it I ride it fast ... Baby I dont need no fan
The Pike Lyrics - Ugly Duckling
And I assumed you where suppose to be a friend of them (Then again) ... But they 're sure to keep their mouth Listerine clean. When they talk to Mean Gene on the television screen scene. In a small stream we ... And some become poltergeist ( Nowhere to be seen) That's why ... If I'm called weird and not cheered I don't care
Cam'Ron - Shake Lyrics
Killa, Jones, Freaky, Santana, Come on. Shake, shake, shake (uh) Shake, shake, shake (uh) Shake, shake, shake (uh). Yo, who want to mess with me, or come ...
Atmosphere - Cashier In A Convience Store lyrics
Select some words and click "Explain" button. Then type your ... Thank you, have a nice day, I hope you fuckers gag. I pity the fool that ... Listerine for the drunks, robotusin for the gutter punks ... But I stop cause the customers always right (ya right) Must take ... Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you ?
Listerine a pack of Orbit, Tic-Tacs and a virgin girl, everything I eat is fresh (tasty) Travel the globe ... It's okay to use, but not if it's out of tune (nigga!) Get it? ... I feel like I can get it out of you ... I go crazy, I mean motherfucking wild with the flow
Wnyu Freestyle Lyrics - Necro
Lots of anger, I mean every week, Every time you ... You know what I'm sayin? but stuff. We gon' do it ... I got some serious faults, enslaving women in mysterious vaults. Craving ... It's difficult not to leave you a stiff adult, if you rip with insults. Blood will ... Or I'll have digested in putrid ... Force you to swallow a bottle of listerine
Side Effect - Knockatomi Plaza Lyrics
Got cats that do that, but this is how we do it. Side Effect ... Just from my swagga, you can tell I ain't no phony rapper. Watch me ... Popped in a listerine strip and passed the swab test. Pitiful, hypocritical, some say ... I used to go in there and not expect to see blood ... Cause soon you gon' realize, you need me, no avoidin'

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