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Trippie Redd - Dark Knight Dummo Lyrics
Take a moment, count my guap, count my guap. All these racks bomin' in, they bomin' in (hold up) Aye, count my guap, count my guap. Cannot stop comin' in, comin' in. Pull up in a drop top, she drop dead. I pulled up in a drop top, she drop dead. My diamonds dancing, hopscotch, they holding hands. My diamonds dancing, hopscotch, they holding hands.
Usher - Nice And Slow Lyrics
Now you got it hot for me already baby OK Be there in about uh, give me ten minutes ... I'm in my drop top Cruising the streets I got a real pretty pretty little thing That's waiting for me I pull up Anticipating Good love Don't keep me waiting I got plans to put my hand in places
Xanman - Gucci Down (Remix) Lyrics
Eyes on my back, I see you now Ain't smokin' propane, put that shit out He got good numbers, we lockin' Pull up in a drop top, I ain't droppin' I got runners on the clock, I don't clock in If the pussy good, he gon' take you shoppin' Don't none of my money fold Girl, yeah, my wallet gettin' towed I do not know what you want Baby, I been on the road
Ski Mask "The Slump God" - Like A Soccer Mom Lyrics ...
Pull up drop top minivan, what the fuck? Candy paint wet, hubba bubble gum Seats with the sheets, fur peach fuzz When I whip it, Fat Joe, Lean Back, stunt Heard from a bird that got licked, aye Hol' up, drop this shit, then shout out to whichever savage took his shit, aye! Tiffany Co. on the diamond-cut necklace, my precious like Lord of the Rings
JayDaYoungan - Thot Thot Lyrics
Then fuck her all night long. Pulled up, drop top, Backwood, hot box. Pickin' up my thot thot, tryna hit a hot spot. Extra clips, hot Glocks, fuck 12, cops watch. Bitch, we got the block hot, they think we gon' stop, not. I don't talk on cellphones, bro called through a jail phone. Bitch, blow up my phone, she ask when I'm comin' home.
Migos - Bad And Boujee Lyrics
Raindrop, drop, drop top (drop top) Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie) Fuckin' on your bitch she a thot, thot, thot Cookin' up dope in the crockpot (pot) We came from nothin' to somethin' nigga (hey) I don't trust nobody grip the trigger (nobody) Call up the gang, and they come and get you (gang) Cry me a river, give you a tissue (hey)
Usher - Nice & Slow (B-Rock Remix) Lyrics
Pull up in front of your crib now Peep the shine on the chrome Step out into the breeze and knees up to the back And you got it now Let's bump and grind till we moan Look Shaheed ain't trying to hurt you Slowly I got to work you I just want to make you feel real good Let the words rise stiff Bumping feels good Swaying with the smooth beat
Lil Uzi Vert - Myron Lyrics
Jeremy Scott up on my toes, act like Shockey (Woah) Made her get down on the bottom and she top me (Let's go) Pull up extra icy, I'm not playin' hockey (Bling, blaow) Niggas think I'm weird and they don't really like me (Like me) 'Cause I could fuck your bitch and fuck your mom and auntie (Yeah) Your girl's a five, but your mom is a dime piece ...
Drake - Papi's Home Lyrics
Drake Lyrics. "Papi's Home". Yeah, to all my sons world wide, all my juniors. I apologize for my absence I know I left you without a name to drop. I don't know how I expected you to get your clout up or get your money up but. Don't worry, daddy's home. Turn me up. Yeah, niggas know they need to stop. I'm standing at the top.
Migos - Now Lyrics
I bust a nigga back then, I'll bust a nigga now. At first we were trappin' the ounce. Now we got bricks in the couch. 50k in the pouch, J's in the lot in and out. My diamond hit my nigga, ouch. I put this pistol in your mouth. Servin', swervin'. Lamborghini hit the curb and. Niggas freeze up when they nervous.
88GLAM - It's A Flex Lyrics
It's a flex 'cause it drop when I top (It's a flex) It's a threat, your bitch toppin' me off (It's a threat) Mino threat, your bitch toppin' me off. It's a jet, but the top do come off. It's a- it's a gift, all this sauce when I walk. They gon' leave some chalk, man, it drop when I talk. It's a- it's a gift, it's assault when I walk.
Lil Pino - Mya Mills Lyrics
Make the coco drop (drop) Take the pyrex out the hot Watch me make it [?] Out in LA with the wap, I got the safety lock I dress a bitch up in Celine and some Saint Laurent I got the flooded Rollies too, get the Audemars Any country where I pull up I'm in foreign cars Free 9Goddy Hubbadar Had a dream last night that I fucked Mya Mills (Mhmm)
G Herbo - T.O.P. Lyrics
Young niggas they gon' blow for me (G Herbo) Hundred racks on the drop. Pull up on they block. Poppin at the ops. Caught a nigga with his bitch slipping at the light. Heat got in his top, put em in his top. 100 racks on your T-O-P. Fuck nigga that's on G-O-D. Come get it cause its smoke for free.
Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump - Welcome To The Party ...
Fly with my dogs, ridin' high when we pull up (haaan) When we ride, when we pull up (haaan) We be high, when we pull up (haaan) Coupe with the top down, no ceilin' Rocks on the watch now, armageddon Roof on fire, fire We ride, ride Pull up in a tank, bow-bow (haaan) Yeah, on Ciroc, in the drop, full of beans Yeah, we the squad, 100 cars full of ...
Pimp C - Pourin' Up Lyrics
When I pull the slab out and hit the block, with' them 4's and vogues they clankin out When they trunks pop, drop the top, don't be surprised you can go in shock With' them neon lights, candy paint, belts and buckles across the back Don't disrespect or call this a Cadi, maybe this more than just a 'Lac
Migos - Slide On Em Lyrics
Drop my top now My prices cut down Your niggas tough now Till they hear that gun sound [Offset & Blac Youngsta:] Drop my top now, Lambo too loud Richest nigga in the car lot, me, my niggas, we don't fall out Get gunned down, better run now Watch what you say, cut your tongue out Fuck all that shit that you talkin' bout Draco's we run in your ...
Bad Boy Chiller Crew - 450 Lyrics
I'ma pull up in a big 450 Pop it and twist it Watch when it kicks in Cops are assisting Boys are resisting Drop it and lift it Course I'm a misfit Red light, risk it Bitch, I'm a charva Big goose parka All-black 'clava All blacked-out, coming with the mask on Coming for the lot Coming for the jackpot I'ma pull up in a big 450 Pop it and twist it
Big Tymers - Lil Mama Lyrics
Now Trick Daddy told me bout' mom's new clique. But my lil partner Damian wanted to raw-dog the bitch. I'm a three stunner blinder, pop X with the chick. I'm full of the white trying to down this bitch. [Mannie Fresh] Slow it down, hold it up, get back to your class. Act your age lil mama stop shaking your ass.
Juvenile - Power Lyrics
Pull up on a bad bitch sitting in a drop Top down and a young nigga smelling like money Coke cologne, now come and get a brick from me Born in the ghetto, now a nigga in a mansion Looking at my bezel and that motherfucker dancing Power is something that get a nigga questions answered Now these hoes so romantic Look at me balling, we courtside ...
Playboi Carti - Shoota Lyrics
Everybody rock with me because I'm up now. Took your girl and I'ma score like I made the touchdown. Swervin' in that Lambo', doors go up, not on a bus now. Used to want a G-Shock, now I'm walking with a bustdown. Pull up and I'm flooded with a iced out watch. Whip, it look like butter, baby, pecan drop. Pecan drop, put that four in Sun Drop.
Young Dolph - Forever Lyrics
Pull up in that drop and let that choppa squirt Trapping in Versace, diamonds kicking like Mr. Miyagi Trap been good to a young nigga, might go get my bitch an Audi She say I never pay her no attention, she always bitchin She tried to pour my drink down the sink I said hold up you trippin I said hold up just listen, you know that I'm addicted
21 Savage - Red Opps Lyrics
I bought a brand new drop and then I poured me up some drop Young Savage real street nigga ya'll ain't on no block Bitch keep your legs closed cuz all I want is top I pull up and pew pew pew y'all gone call the cops 21 I just bought a pistol it got 30 rounds in it Pull up at yo momma house and put some rounds in it
Rema - Rainbow Lyrics
Drop top, straight up from Chicago aye. Light up all I see is rainbow aye. Big jump tell me where my chain go aye. Swerve up pull in my Lambo aye. Drop top straight up from Chicago aye. Light up all I see is rainbow aye. Big jump tell me where my chain go aye. Yeah. All night, all day, I be trapping man, I can't wait.
Playboi Carti - No Time Lyrics
Wake up in the mornin' know I gotta do this shit Ay let's do it (Cannon) Yeah, hey, heyo, hey, hey yeah [Playboi Carti:] We ain't got time I drop my demons out Where my mind Ridin' 'round town with a bad ass bitch Seein' diamonds All these niggas they cappin' right here They stay lame We ain't got time I drop my demons out Where my mind
Headie One - 2 Chains Lyrics
JayKae - "On Top"Sinclair, Sinclair, Sinclair B9, B10, B25 Oh yeah! Yo! Man I'll get your rave locked off Pull up in a grey drop top Jay's on top, back then I never had shit But now I'm gettin' paid non stop Man...
Post Malone - Sugar Wraith Lyrics
Pull up, I got some' for ya Something in my trunk for ya But I got a good lawyer They always try to come for ya I'ma pull up in that Bentley with the fuckin windows tinted Penning how I'm feeling, take a drop of the extended Think I'm showing signs of slowing, homie just forget it I guess this what happens when you fucking handle business, yeah
iHeartMemphis - Lean And Dabb Lyrics
Wake up in the morning then I dab Had to pull up on the block 'cause today I get to whip And you know my top drop and my car's name is nae-nae Had to hit the Quan 'cause today is a good day Slide to the left, slide to the right Walk it to the front, bop it to the back Slide to the left, slide to the right Walk it to the front, bop it to the back
Soulja Boy - Panamera Lyrics
I pull up in a Panamera Drop the top off the Panamera Get my dick sucked in Panamera Pourin' lean in a Panamera Do a drive-by in a Panamera I pulled up in a Panamera Countin' dirty money in a Panamera Load my Glock in a Panamera Count guap in the Panamera I'm getting top in a Panamera [Verse 1:] Young nigga [?] I pull up in the Panamera
Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music Lyrics
Pull up on the block in a drop-top chicken box Mr. KFC VVSs is in the watch Living fast where it's all about that money bag Never front you take it there, it ain't no coming back Top down right here is where she wanna be As my goals unfold right in front of me Every time we fuck her soul take a hold of me Addicted like Pookie that pussy be ...
Yung Mal & Lil Quill - Drop My Top Lyrics
I drop my top, when I stop they watch They say that's bro who serves straight out the pot He used to be broke, now he got a lot Turn up at the shows, the fans they rock Word around town that boy finna pop And that boy still get the dope out the drop Pull up to the spot Just call 'fore you come, you ain't even gotta knock Pull up with a thot
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dropout Lyrics
We pull up I'ma jump out, he run I blow his shit off In front that house keep actin' like you raw, you can't live off (bitch) 400 grand, I buy a lamb and chop the top off I'm tryna drop a block off, you play we blow the block off Want smoke? we gon' rock out, I'm a rich fuckin' dropout (yeah)
Now you got it hot for me already baby Okay I'll be there in about uh, give me ten minutes Be ready Hey, wear that little thing I like (Now baby tell what you wanna do with me?) It's seven o'clock on the dot I'm in my drop top cruisin' the streets, oh yeah I gotta real pretty, pretty little thing that's waiting for me I pull up anticipating ...
K Camp - Turn Up For A Check Lyrics
K Camp Lyrics. "Turn Up For A Check". Let me tell you what a nigga told me. Expect nothing don't nobody owe me. Grinding for the check I hustle like Ginobili. So if you talking money you gone have to show me. I’mma turn up for a check. I’mma pull up in that vet. Make these bitches break they neck.
K Camp - 1hunnid (Remix) Lyrics
But I'm a leave em waiting, put you in that drop top Pull up in that mothafucka, make your heart stop Lame bitches on the side tryna cock block I pulled off her panties, next it was the crop top And I will not stop, tell em bout our situation It ain't really hard to tell by all the moves I'm making
Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag Lyrics
Pull up to the spot, livin' too fast (Yeah) Droppin' the dope in the stash (Yah) In Italy Got two foreign hoes, they DM me (Brr, ayy) Drop the top when it's cold (Drop top) But you feel the heat (Skrrt, yah, ayy) Be real with me, keep it one hundred (Whoa) Just be real with me (It's Gucci, ayy) Eat it up like it's a feast (Hah, eat it up)
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