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Hawkeye - Yuh Nuh Beg Lyrics
Intro: Skibidy bye...Da, eeeh. Well this is Hawkeye, all my independent ladies out there. This is your song. Chorus: Tell ah gal yuh nuh beg, and yuh nuh sponge
Di Genius - Nuh Beg Friend lyrics
Lyrics for Nuh Beg Friend by Di Genius. Well if dem waan badmine wi Tell dem fi gwaan Tell dem fi cool and tell dem fi calm Wi more real than the clothes dem ...
Hawkeye - Yuh Nuh Beg lyrics
Lyrics for Yuh Nuh Beg by Hawkeye. ... Yuh Nuh Beg Hawkeye - lyrics. Yuh Nuh Beg. Hawkeye. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Elephant Man - Nuh Beg lyrics
Lyrics for Nuh Beg by Elephant Man. ... Nuh Beg - Lyrics. Elephant Man. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch  ...
Mi nuh beg friend. Tell dem seh friend fuck friend. She seh, in a di rain from ah message mi ah send. Mark up har book wit mi pen. Mi seh if all di gyal dem, send  ...
DEMARCO LYRICS - Who The Fuck Cares
Dem talk seh dem nuh like wi. Who the fuck cares. Who the the fuck, who the fuck cares [Verse 1:] Vex true mi nuh beg dem. Mi nuh beg people. Mi nuh beg ...
Popcaan - Weed Is My Best Friend Lyrics
If you nuh trust bass nuh treble. Human being nuh trust-able. Huh If me moving anti-social. High me high. And real gangsta nuh beg boy weed. Buy we buy
Hello Badmind Lyrics - Chan Dizzy
How you're doing today. Mi nuh waan nuh strange face round me. A just so mi stay, ay. Mi nuh beg bloodklaat fren. No mi nuh run in pon people. Mi stinkin link  ...
Pussy you nuh rich like wi caw yo love beg. And everybody style you caw yo love beg. Man a hustler, wi nuh beg bwoy. Try stop the food, you wi dead bwoy
Them Love How Me Clarks Them Lace Up And Hotskull Nuh Tek Bait Up Hey Bwoy Me A Tell You This Straight Up Seh Me Nuh Beg People Inna The Ravin'
Mi nuh play fist fight like Lenox Lewis or Mike I circle dem ... Dem cyaa test, dem nuh bad enough. War dem ... Mi nuh beg friend, no mi nuh beg friend. Portmore ...
MAVADO LYRICS - Money Girls & Fun
And mi still nuh si people. Every morning mi wake up. Mi jump in a ... Mi nuh beg dem nothing. Suh if mi nuh have it dem naw know. Mi nuh waan hear nothing
MR. VEGAS LYRICS - We Nuh Want Nuh Friend
We nuh want no fren from dem. A fassy dem. Tell dem we nah beg no fren. Any wey we see dem, bullet strap to dem. Mi na no know ah which duppy send dem
Wi nuh beg friend in a place, wi tek over bwoy place. Meck dem haffi run out. And if you think seh you bad. Bombohole mi deh a road a wait till you come out
ALKALINE LYRICS - Hype (Nah Change)
Dem know seh wi hype nuh bomboclaat. Dem know seh ... Nuh frighten fi gyal pretty face or shape. And mi don't ... Nuh beg mi nothing dawg I'll spit in a yo face
POPCAAN LYRICS - Weed Is My Best Friend
Human-being nuh trustiable. If mi moving antisocial. And real gangsta nuh beg bwoy weed. Buy wi buy [Chorus:] Anyhow I don't beg friend no. Weed is my best ...
So Mi Tan lyrics and translation - Konshens
Reggae (2012) who me? nuh bother trouble me. don't troube me hear? ... if yuh nuh like me, me nuh like yuh, me nuh beg friend a so mi tan, a so mi tan, a so mi  ...
Want yuh pussy wine up inna di video light. Buddy nuh beg. Yuh beg buddy and wine pon it right. Gyal yuh hole good. Got mi tell yuh it... (so right, it so right)
Weed a smoke, nuh feel a joke. Cush knock her out, now shi a choke. Man boasty no bloodclaat. Mi nuh beg friend, mi nuh beg no support. Man a come from far ...
Now dis, dis is the original Kardinal (fire!)and you know any guy diss, me a beg yuh nuh penny dem, Kardinal! [Chorus: Kardinal Offishall] Mi Nina mi Nina mi ...
Pendulum - The Program lyrics
Again an' again an' again an' again Run down me lyrics like it name Bin Laden In de dance and nuh beg nu pardon Tek up fe me lyrics and dem train and ...
Alkaline - Man A Shella Lyrics
Mi nuh beg friend, mi nuh beg no support. Man a come from far noh tell mi calm when mi a boast. Put up yo fucking glass and yo middle finger. And make a toast.
Spragga Benz - No Funny Guy Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Funny Guy Thing' by Spragga Benz. Intro: / Ah wonder if dem really understan / Say Badman nuh beg fren / An all ah di freak dem we ah go put dem /
Bwoy nuh know seh when meeting call a me alone a report. Caw mi Unruly ... Unruly nuh beg friend. Casava ... Funny dread you a nuh no murderer. Stop tell lie ...
Mi nuh follow fashy monkey. Mi set di trend. Everybody know seh. Mi nuh beg friend. Yuh a big hypocrite enu. Pretend pretend. Jah jah none don't annoy mi
Lyrics to "Nuh Ease Up" song by DEMARCO: You girl, I beg you come yah now Batty up in a the air a weh the ground a go Bounce it left to right...
[Verse 2:] Seh weh you waan seh. Di way you feel. Mi nuh beg fren so we coulda neva deal. From yuh try stop mi meal. Seem like you a send mi to di bakklefield
BEENIE MAN LYRICS - King Of The Dancehall
Mi nuh beg kitty but mi a like a bligh. Why, just so as yuh foot up high. Cause I, yes I believe yuh can, fly, straight to di sky. Betweenie mi name mi between yuh ...
Masicka - Badmind Mi Don't Lyrics
Mar 12, 2016 Lyrics for Badmind Mi Don't by Masicka. Bwoy cyaa seh wi love beg No gyal cyaa clown wi caw wi nuh donse head Badmind wi don't Yea...
COLLIE BUDDZ LYRICS - Come Around (Remix)
And nuh matta how dem a try di whole a dem know seh dat we caan dun. Although dem a ... While, di farmerman nuh beg whole heap a bligh, yo [Chorus: Collie ...
Mellow Mood - Closed Doors Lyrics
... inna sack tell mi why yuh trust no man weh mi talk yuh tek fi fun and when joy a come yuh mek it run yow mi hear your voice a call but mi nuh beg tears from no ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - Natural Leader
[Verse 1:] Mi nuh trust man. And mi nuh trust gyal neither. Wi nuh beg people, wi nuh follow back a man. A natural leader. If you think mi nuh like you. You mussi ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - Hustle Everyday
Mi have ambition but mi nuh red eye. Know fi hold it in a the gideon mi nuh beg guy. Never bow, mi believe in a keep yo head high. Know mi haffi meck it and mi  ...
Popcaan - Fry Yiy lyrics
Apr 5, 2014 ... ah hot skull Dem biggest problem ah Popskull but Me nuh beg friend Me nuh beg friend Me nuh beg no bumboclat friend You fi know seh.
Wi nuh beg bwoy nothing the gucci pay fa. Plus wi chain double up like a duplicator. And if you meck a comparison to wi. You nuh si seh dem a nobody globally
Wi nuh beg friend from bwoy. Suck yo mother. Pussy anyweh at all. Claat it mi gun go buss. Thunder russ, get yo congo buss. Poppine nuh chat nuff. Nuh tongue ...
T.O.K. - No Sah lyrics
... woman alone mi go fah 1: Hey Bomb Rush From me know miself Me no play nuh mix up Me nuh blem blem Me nuh beg friend Me nuh friend man Mi straight!
Maurice Cooper - You Match Up Lyrics
man ah buss up and a grow and i step ina di razor up ina di streets mi nuh fraid haffi burn no money no swagg ah tun up mi hype up ina di club mi nuh beg m
Masicka - Everything Mi Want lyrics and translation
Feb 23, 2016 You nuh see a hunt mi go hunt mine Straight Hustle everyday never ... black jet Wi nuh beg friend round yah so just cash mek My time seet deh ...
Dats why mi nuh beg fren and frenship mi nuh buy. Nuff a dem a miss di well until it run dry. Keep it jiggy mi a look to di sky, scubaay. We a bun bad mind, but we ...

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