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Maleek Berry feat. Wizkid - Love You lyrics and translation ...
Oh yea Ah na na Ah na na na na Ah na na na Berry pon this Oh yea Oh yea Star ... are you feeling me…oh eh My love for you odikwa serious.baby o I'm gonna ...
WIZKID LYRICS - On Top Your Matter
Oh na na na na na na yah yah yeah. Oh na na na oh ... I fit die on top your matter eh (baby oh) Baby girl ... Love me make I love you baby oh (baby oh) Kiss me ...
Mr Eazi feat. Efya - Skin Tight Lyrics
Feb 17, 2016 Efya. if you give you're heart to me i no go let you go wey i no go do you ... get sika you dey by my side oh na na na na aaaa my baby o ooooo sweetie o aaa my baby o ooo nobody show love me like my baby you be the only ...
LFO LYRICS - The Reason Why
... by LFO: Na Na Na Na Na I'm gonna lose my mind Na Na Na Na Na You are the reason ... When you're the reason I'm smilin' (cuz baby love, the reason why)
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Drunk In Love (Remix)
Lyrics to "Drunk In Love (Remix)" song by THE WEEKND: I've been mixing I've ... I 'm not trying to fuck tomorrow baby I want you. Na na. Don't take my number ... And I woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen oh baby
P-Square - I Love You Lyrics
Intro / I love you (4x) / The person na person for me / Oh yeah, I love you / Oh yeah, oh no, na na na na, yeah / Oh ... Baby, make you come closer, where you dey
MICHAEL JACKSON LYRICS - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
... From Lady And Ooh Won't You Take Me There Right Away Won't You Baby Tendoroni... ... I Want To Love You (P.Y.T.) ... [Michael] I Said Na Na Na Na Na
Everlasting Love lyrics and translation - Seyi Shay
Don't know no failure Everlasting everlasting love Oh baby let me give you that Everlasting everlasting love You know that my love is serious oh na na My love is  ...
FAYDEE LYRICS - Move On (C'est La Vie)
The truth is that I'm lying baby. Do I, do I even love you? Do I, do I even care? Or is it 'cause another lover. Is loving you somewhere! Oh! Na na na. Tell me how ...
Karetus feat. Ce´Cile - Nah Nah Nah Lyrics
Oct 15, 2015 Eh boy make me tell you something, eh bwoy make me tell you this Eh boy make ... Aha Baby don't hurt me, Aha You know that I love you, Aha You know ... one you wanting Na na na Na Na Na Na Wanting REAL LOVE TING YEA ... like me and you oh baby I never get tired of you oh no no baby Love me up ...
Have I ever told you How good it feels to hold you It isn't easy to explain And though I'm ... Baby I love you, come on baby na na na na na na na ... Whoah-oh- oh
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save' by Jackson 5: When I had you to myself I didn't want ... ABC, baby, oh oh 123 baby ,Na Na, Do Re MI baby
Everybody wants you. Everybody wants your love. I'd just like to make you mine all night. Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. Baby give it up. Give it up
JACKSON 5 LYRICS - I Want You Back
Yes I do now (I want you back) Ooh ooh baby (I want you back) Yeah yeah yeah yeah (I want you back) Na na na na. Trying to live without your love is one long ...
"I Stay In Love". Oh baby. Baby, I stay in love with you. Dying inside 'cause I can't stand it ... And I try to front like "Oh well" ... Na na na na na na na na na. Na na ...
Lyrics to "Baby I Love You" song by TIFFANY ALVORD: There are three words, that I've been dying to say to you Burns in my heart, like a fire that ain't...
I want you to know (Want you to know) How very lucky this one guy can be. Oh girl, I will love you always (I will love you always) Na, na, na, baby. I will love you  ...
It's hard to get by just upon smile. Oh baby, baby it's a wild world (na na na na na) And I'll always remember you like a child (girl) Lalalalala... Baby, I love you
JUSTIN BIEBER - Let Me Love You lyrics
Don't you give up, nah, nah, nah. I won't give up, nah, nah, nah. Let me love you. Let me love you. Oh baby, baby... Don't fall asleep. At the wheel, we've got a ...
Lyrics to "I Need You" song by ALICIA KEYS: Na na na na noooo No noooo noooo Na na na na noooo No noooo noooo The sand loves ... I love you. Don't you ever...think like that. Don't you ever...never do that? ... Oh baby I need you
Wizkid - Love My Baby Lyrics
i love my baby oh oh oh ohhhh thats my baby eh eh eh ehhh. Verse 2 girl i swear to you theres no lettin go na u dey make my head dey ring oo i dream about u
REDONE LYRICS - Don't You Need Somebody
Lyrics to "Don't You Need Somebody" song by REDONE: Salute It's RedOne (R. City) It's Mister Lover yeah (Na, na, na, na Ooh, na, na, na) Enrique and bab... ... na, na, na) Enrique and baby Serayah ... (I'm mister gonna love you up all night)
And I just gotta tell you right now that I ... Oohoh, something's got a hold on me right now, child (oh, it must be love) ... I said baby. Oh ... Na na la la (na na la la)
H-Eugene - Baby I Love You lyrics
Baby I Love You lyrics by H-Eugene: Yea H-Eugene and the Wonder Girl here we go / Baby I love you Baby I love you~ / Na neun neo man eur.
I Octane - L.O.V.E.Y.O.U. Lyrics
Lyrics to L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.. Na na na na na na na na reminiscing of you. Chorus: Girl I'm missing you like crazy, missing you oh girl, BABY I L.O.V.E Y.O.U L.O.V.E I  ...
MKTO LYRICS - Forever Until Tomorrow
Lyrics to "Forever Until Tomorrow" song by MKTO: Girl I, I'm gonna love you Forever and ... Until tomorrow baby I got bills to pay ... Na na na na na na na na na.
Without you baby is a waste of time. Yeah, our ... I want "can't sleep, can't breathe without your love" Front porch ... Na na na na oh na na na na oh. Who cares if ...
M2M LYRICS - Don't Say You Love Me
Lyrics to "Don't Say You Love Me" song by M2M: Got introduced to you my friend You were cute and all that, baby you set the trend Yes you did oh... ... [Bridge:] oooo, na, na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na oooo, na, na, na, na, na, na,  ...
BACKSTREET BOYS LYRICS - Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)
Baby, oh. Even in my heart I see. You're not bein' true to me. Deep within my soul I feel. Nothing's like it used ... Baby, baby the love that we had was so strong ... Baby, oh. Quit playin' games. Na na na na na na. Na na na na na baby. Na na na  ...
Runtown - Mad Over You Lyrics
Jan 11, 2017 Baby girl i say I say your body na killer oh I fit to die on your body, only ... dey mad over you girl x2 If i sing for you, you go love me oh Baby love ...
Eurovision Song Contest - Love Me Back Lyrics
Hop up to my ship, baby Ill make you fly. You love me and you know that baby, dont you lie. Like me like I like you and say. Na naninaninanina. Oh, oh oh, we ...
Atlantic Starr - I'm In Love With You lyrics
I'm In Love With You lyrics by Atlantic Starr: Na na na nana nana na x2 / Take a look at me and tell what you see written on my face / Then.
Juls feat. L.A.X - Give You Love Lyrics
Dec 1, 2016 (juls baby) I fit to marry you, I fit to marry you nana I fit to give you love, ... I no go leave you Mami bad bakalim with no silicon Oh nana nanana ...
NATE RUESS LYRICS - Nothing Without Love
Oh baby show me a sign. Send up a signal, that everything's fine. Come on slide up right here by my side. You know that I, I want to rest in your light. Na na na ...
OKAMOTO'S × ROY (THE BAWDIES) - Never Mind lyrics
Mar 5, 2016 Sometimes you think that you're the Queen for me Oh baby Yeah but ... I love you baby love you love you baby Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey! Hey ...
Daddy, I want you, na na. Drunk in love, I want you [Hook - Beyoncé] We woke up in the kitchen saying, "How the hell did this shit happen?" Oh baby, drunk in ...
Lyrics to "Half On A Baby" song by R KELLY: Oh, na, na, na, na, na, na Your body , na, na, na, na ... That's how you're makin' me feel ... To give you all of this love
Oh baby I don't think you know. Just yes. How much I love you ([U:] Na na na) Have you ever felt lonely ([U:] Yeah) When you know you gotta leave me. That's
LAWSON LYRICS - Love Locked Out
Lyrics to "Love Locked Out" song by LAWSON: Oh, can you hear me yeah, ... He won't love you like I do, baby I guarantee ... Na na na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na
Ronan Keating - Life Is A Rollercoaster Lyrics
You've really got my tail in a spin ... Our love is a mystery ... But, baby you know ... (Oh) Don't fight it, fight it, fight it (Na, na, na, na, na) Don't fight it, fight it, fight it

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