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KEITH SWEAT LYRICS - Make It Last Forever
Lyrics to "Make It Last Forever" song by KEITH SWEAT: Make it last Make it last forever (Ever) Don't ... Don't our let our love end (Oh...don't let love end), mmm. ... Ooh, girl, that would make me feel so right ... Let me hear you say you'll never leave me, baby ... Love, it feels so good ... Make it last forever and ever (Yeah, yeah)
You should really be here with me, baby [x2] ... Oh, lately you should see the tricks that I got. Oh ... Let's get lazy and make babies, you make me hot ... Let me show you what you're missin' every day, yeah ... See, I got more thatn just some good dick and some money. Ooh, girl, I wish you were here ... Said I really want, babe
T PAIN - Can't Believe It Lyrics
it's good to share ... She make me feel so good ... You don't under stand she make the people say yeah, yeah. I can put ... Girl ain't nothing to the pain ain't trickin' if you got it what you asking, for ... Oh but I can take you to the Cayman, Islands
Yeah Pull Up I've been waiting on you all day baby you should just come and pull up. You say these bitches want you baby they don't want you they just using you for your love ... Oh oooo oh ooh ... (oh, oh) Why can't you just show me how you feel? Show me that your love is real ... Taste so good, make you wanna bite that
Lyrics to "You Made Me" song by BLACKSTREET: Girl I don't understand you But two wrongs don't make it right So you went off and found somebody ne... ... Said you want to be loved exclusively. But that ... Makin' you feel like there's no one else ... Yeah oh. You made me the way that I am. You mold me you showed me
Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah ... Ooh, how I like it. I try but I can' t fight it. Oh, you're dancing real close ... I feel a little poke coming through. On you. Now girl I know you felt it. But boo, you know I can't help ... Ain't a good idea ... Makes me want you so bad sexually. Oh girl [Repeat 2] Now girl I know you felt it
Johnny Stimson - So. Good. Lyrics
May 6, 2014 So I can watch you move your lips Cause when I'm with you girl you make ... know if you gon' keep me Cause I don't want to cross the line Ooh tell me ... with you girl you make it So good Yeah you make me feel so fine Oh you ...
Lyrics to "The Way You Make Me Feel" song by MICHAEL JACKSON: Hee-Hee! Ooh! Go On Girl! Aaow! Hey Pretty Baby With The High Heels On You Give Me Fever Li... ... Givin' Me Just Hold Me Baby And I'm. In Ecstasy Oh I'll Be Workin' From ... (You Knock Me Off Of My Feet) Hee Hee! Ooh! (My Lonely Days Are Gone)
MGMT LYRICS - Electric Feel
Lyrics to "Electric Feel" song by MGMT: All along the western front People line up ... Baby girl. You turn me on with your electric feel. I said ooh girl. Shock me like an ... Making electricity. You can feel it in your mind. Oh you can do it all the time
NE-YO LYRICS - Make You Feel Good
Lyrics to "Make You Feel Good" song by NE-YO: Wanna make you say oh, oh, oh , oh, ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, oh, oh, oh. Say I don't... ... ain't me. But I always know the spot to hit, (oh yeah) Said I ... Girl let me do you like I should
RASCALZ LYRICS - Movie Star (Remix)
Lyrics to "Movie Star (Remix)" song by RASCALZ: Yeah Ladies It's Rascalz And we make hits ... Girl you look like a moviestar ... These girls look good and somebody gon' get it ... Oh oh! Here we go again girl fight 'Cause your style tight and that they don't like ... Ooh, girl you make me feel this way. Tell me what I got to say
IM5 LYRICS - Feels Good
Lyrics to "Feels Good" song by IM5: How fast can you break it off Ooh girl your looking so lost Cause he don't listen to what you say, b... ... Tell me what you wanna do cause it's all overdue. If I stay right there will you know right ... Feel good, make it, make it feel good (yeah) Woah Oh girl. You know that I got it. You ain't gotta ...
I just wanna say thank you to y'all one time and you know who you are ... You're the one I want ooh girl you got it ... You make me feel some type of way ... say is. Girl you got me feeling like a hundred million dollars ... I'm in love, yeah I'm down
Lyrics to "Superman" song by EMINEM: Oh You high baby? Yeah Ya Talk to me You want me to tell you something? Uh-huh I know what you want...
Lyrics to "Make It Look Good" song by MARIAH CAREY: You make me wanna say Yeah, yeah Oh boy, you make me say Something about you makes every girl  ...
THE BEU SISTERS LYRICS - You Make Me Feel Like A Star
Lyrics to "You Make Me Feel Like A Star" song by THE BEU SISTERS: Never gonna be in movies ... 'cause baby, you are my moon and I am your sun, oh! ... You say stay, baby stay ... That's why you, yeah you ... Maybe I'm not the girl next door
Baby, don't it feel good? ... Bet you I can take you to another level, yeah. Skrrt skrrt on them new Perillis Tryna make it rain with no umbrella. Say oh, if you tell me that it's all real, girl, I can't say no ... You make me wanna touch ya, touch ya body
Keith Sweat - Make You Say Ooh Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make You Say Ooh' by Keith Sweat. Whoa, yeah, yeah / Right now I need you come a little closer / Bring your sexy body right here / Everything is. ... Tell me baby don't it feel good? ... Don't want it to end gotta make it last, oh girl
Lyrics to "With You" song by CHRIS BROWN: I need you boo, (oh) I gotta see you boo (hey) And the heart's all over the world tonight, Said the... ... Little mama, Ooh , you're a stunner. Hot little ... You make me fall in love. ... What I feel when I'm. ... Girl, you're my all. And... [Chorus] With you [x5] Oh. With you [x5] Yeah heh.
Donell Jones - You Make Me Say Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Make Me Say' by Donell Jones. Say hey ya / la la ... it's good to share ... i was hoping that your love could take me under (oh). Baby we ... And girl I wanna spend some time with you this Summer ... All my ladies say hey ya (yeah yeah) ... la la la la (you know what im talking about baby, you got me feeling you)
Micah G feat. Caleb - Love Song Lyrics
Mar 6, 2015 O-o-o-ooh, oh, oh, girl You make me feel so good Oh girl, I love the way ... a love song Woah, yeah yeah, oh Now me say girl, only you are the ...
KANYE WEST LYRICS - The New Workout Plan
[Verse 2] Oh girl your silhouette make me wanna light a cigarette. My name Kanye from the Jigga set Twista said get it wet. Ooh, girl your breath is HARSH
Ooh girl you're shining Like a 5th avenue dia... ... The way you save me. Who can blame me. When I just wanna make you smile? ... Keep it reel to reel in the way I feel ... Whoa oh oh (Yeah, yeah) Baby you're so classic (Yeah, yeah) Yeah
Lyrics to "Differences" song by GINUWINE: Oh, hey... Oh, yeah, oh, yeah To you ... Oh, yeah, babe My whole life has changed Si... ... But I feel so good, I feel so good ... Since you came in, I knew back then (Ooh...oh...) ... You make my life complete (You make, make my love ... Girl, He was good to me when He sent you
Lyrics to "You Make Me Feel..." song by COBRA ... Girl I've been all over the world. Looking for ... You'll be that girl. You'll be [Sabi] Everything you want so let me get up there. I'm the ... Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like. Ooh Everything you know I'm flipping upside down ... You make me feel, oh. La la la ...
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Belong To The World
I know you want your money, girl. Cause you ... I'm not a fool (oh yeah) I just love ... And ooh girl (oh baby) ... (yeah) And this ain't right, you've been the only one to make me smile ... But you to taught me how to feel (you taught me how to feel)
Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove for the first time in ... I can feel it inside, I can't explain how it feels all I know is that ... I gotta find me a girl to make my life complete. You can scratch ... kiss you on the cheek and say ooh girl you're so sweet. It's deja vu ... If I find you girl I swear I'll be a good man. I'm not gonna ...
Jason DeRulo - Perfect Lyrics
it's good to share. print correct ... You make me (Oh yeah) (Yeah) You make ... Thought of losin' you makes me feel so sad. How I'm ... Ooh ooh (You make me) You make ... make me. Don't say nothing's perfect ... Oh (Girl you make me perfect)
BRUNO MARS LYRICS - Too Good To Say Goodbye
Lyrics to "Too Good To Say Goodbye" song by BRUNO MARS: I've made mistakes I ... Tell me what can I do to make it up to you? ... Yeah, I'm still in love with you, darlin' I know you feel the same. Oh ... 'Cause what we got's too good to say goodbye, goodbye. Oh (Don't you give up) Girl, won't you listen? ... (Ooh baby, baby)
Lyrics to "Good Good" song by FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, ... Pretty thing, you're making me go back. Looking like a Shania Twain throwback. Picture perfect girl, I gotta post that ... Yeah, I can feel the heat heat
Hey, It's my girl Hannah And Iyaz on the ... I can here you cranking up them speakers ... Oh oh, Oh oh (put your hands up) Somebody dance beside me ' Cause I'm feelin' good at this party. Yeah, I'm fly just like Bob Marley ... Then make me feel like a movie ... Oh Somebody just said ... Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, Ooh- Ooh-Ooh Oh ...
Oh oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah ... Oohoh, something's got a hold on me right now, child (oh, it must be love) Let me tell you ... I said, oh, oh, oh, oh
Lyrics to "Groove Me" song by ETTA JAMES: Hey there sugar darling Let me tell you something Girl, I've been trying to say You look so sweet An... ... Oh yeah. Well you make me feel good inside. Come on now groove me baby. I need your groove. Hey! Hey there sugar ... Ooh, you cute little thang. Well girl between you and ...
DJ CASSIDY LYRICS - Make The World Go Round
Lyrics to "Make The World Go Round" song by DJ CASSIDY: Na na na na na na na Oh ooh oh oh, ... Oh ooh oh oh, oh yeah! ... When I'm going through you seem to know just what to say ... To me you are a blessing and I so appreciate ... Girl, you came into my life and you opened up more doors ... You feel good, I feel good
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Who's Gonna (Nobody)
My face is your pony ooh, and I want you to ride it. So I can ... Nobody yeah, say oh, you make me say oh. Climb up ... me, yeah. Sending us in slow grind, feels so good I make her wanna cry ... I'm feeling like a stalker, girl you know I'm crazy, that pussy amazing ... I say you be popping your pussy, you tell me you innocent
So gone over you, you, you, you. Yeah} {New Monica} {Woo} Silly of me. Devoted so ... You make me feel I'm so gone (So unreal), oh... You make me ... me so unreal. What she do, I do better (Ooh...oh...) ... need you. Said that I need you, ooh.
JACK & JACK LYRICS - Cheat Codes
When I'm with you girl I swear. I don't need anything, Anything, oh no no no (Yeah ) When you chill on the couch, Ain't gotta go out, That's fine with me, Yeah, said that's fine with me (Yeah) You popped in a movie ... That make me want my cheat codes ... Cause you're the only one that makes me feel like. Ooh la la, ooh la la
Lyrics to "Marry Me" song by JASON DERULO: A hundred and five is the number that comes to my head When I think of all the ... And you know one of these days when I get my money right ... I'll say, "Will you marry me? ... Ooh whoa ooh oh. Oh , yeah. How many girls in the world can make me feel like this? ... Girl, I have you
Lyrics to "Perfect" song by YFN LUCCI: Oh, it's something bout her Oh, oh, it's something bout her Diamond in the rough, she tough I ... One time for ya girl, one time for ya cause you do it good ... Have ya bout to snatch ya soul out (yeah) Baby girl what you know about it.. (say hunh) Yeah ... She make me feel like a million
HALL & OATES LYRICS - You Make My Dreams
Lyrics to "You Make My Dreams" song by HALL & OATES: What I want you've got And it ... Oh, yeah. Well, well you (Ooh-ho, hoo-ooh, ooh-oo) You make my dreams come true ... 'Cos I ain't the way you found me ... Oh, yeah. I've waited, waited for you, girl (You-hoo, hoo-hoo-ooh) Oh, yeah ... You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

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