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Lyrics to "The Ostrich" song by STEPPENWOLF: We'll call you when you're six years old And drag you to the factory To train your brain for eightee...
"Ostrich". This is better. Than simply strolling imagine how 30 years. This is better, this is better, you're just a memory now. That can move along. Move along
Ostrich Head - Feather Lyrics
Jan 29, 2015 Lyrics for Feather by Ostrich Head. Sitting here on the edge of the world Watching time fly like a feather on a bird rain can'...
Chingo Bling - Ostrich Boots Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ostrich Boots' by Chingo Bling. (Chorus) / Ostrich Boots with a with a pimped out nike swoosh / got no green card but i go hard / tamale stashed in.
Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marathon Runner' by Yellow Ostrich: Without the things I love the best So hold them to your chest I will lose my faces, lose my stolen wigs, the.
Yellow Ostrich - Whale Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whale' by Yellow Ostrich. Whale, swim with me whale / We will go far into the sea / You will take me onto your back / Never look back, never look.
Yellow Ostrich - Neon Fists Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Neon Fists' by Yellow Ostrich. When I wake / I feel tired / In a new strange way / When I rise / I barely notice / A neon fist / In my way / And it.
Yellow Ostrich - Bread Lyrics
Dec 7, 2014 Lyrics for Bread by Yellow Ostrich. To go away for quite awhile if that is what will make you smile is something I would gladl...
The Underground Youth - Sonic Ostrich Lyrics
Lyrics for Sonic Ostrich by The Underground Youth.
Flanders & Swann - The Ostrich Lyrics
Lyrics for The Ostrich by Flanders & Swann. Peek-a-Boo, I can't see you, Everything must be grand. Boo-ka-Pee, they can't see me, As l...
Yellow Ostrich - Mary (Alternate) Lyrics
Jun 27, 2012 Lyrics for Mary (Alternate) by Yellow Ostrich. Mary says it's okay, she can see the future: everything turns around; dnuora snrut gnihtyr...
Yellow Ostrich - My Moons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Moons' by Yellow Ostrich. I know that you're busy now. / Don't you love when you can't be found? / All alone in the orange night. / All alone in.
Yellow Ostrich - Don't Be Afraid Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Be Afraid' by Yellow Ostrich. Don't be afraid / These people tear at you, / But they don't have time / To do more than try, / So don't be.
Yellow Ostrich - Daughter Lyrics. I won't let you bring me down Said the man with his grin I'm in this war with an army, and we're not letting you win We'll mak.
Chingo Bling - Ostrich Boots lyrics
Ostrich Boots lyrics by Chingo Bling: [Chorus:] / Ostrich Boots, with the pimped out Nike swoosh / Got no green card, but I go hard (Dale.
Yellow Ostrich - Terrors Lyrics
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Yellow Ostrich - Libraries lyrics
May 29, 2013 Lyrics for Libraries by Yellow Ostrich. Let me take your words from you today tell me what you've always yearned to say sing about the trials you ...
Yellow Ostrich - You Are The Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Are the Stars' by Yellow Ostrich. You are the stars / and run and run through my veins / and I searching for / to touch, feel on my face.
Y La Bamba - Ostrich Lyrics
Nov 19, 2016 Lyrics for Ostrich by Y La Bamba. I belong to a cynical savior My belly has been fed too much Of its bread I may have lost a...
Yellow Ostrich - Mary Lyrics. Mary says it's okay She can see the future Everything turns around Terrors may be coming But they are only games Everything turns ...
Ostrich Song lyrics and translation - The Wombats
Mar 15, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Ostrich Song by The Wombats. Politics make it so hard for us But this war's between two men and four million puppy ...
Bix Beiderbecke - Ostrich Walk Lyrics
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Yellow Ostrich - Hate Me Soon lyrics
Lyrics for Hate Me Soon by Yellow Ostrich. You're gonna hate me soon if you don 't understand that what we're doing here has got no long term plan You're ...
Yellow Ostrich song lyrics collection. Browse 39 lyrics and 9 Yellow Ostrich albums.
Yellow Ostrich - I Want Yr Love lyrics
Lyrics for I Want Yr Love by Yellow Ostrich. I want yr love I don't know if we're still friends I don't know if you're happy But I will love you 'til the end 'Cause...
Yellow Ostrich - Stay At Home Lyrics. If I see you, and you know This has gone too far Cause our romance, can only live behind All the walls there are And we ...
Yellow Ostrich - Ghost Lyrics
Dec 5, 2012 Lyrics for Ghost by Yellow Ostrich. Don't remember your face, I remember the way you move The taste of you, and your eyes Gree...
Yellow Ostrich - Elephant King Lyrics. I am the elephant king, the one and only I am the blood of the lamb, I am the holy I am the teller of tales, I am a story I am ...
Yellow Ostrich - Terrors Lyrics
Jun 14, 2014 Lyrics for Terrors by Yellow Ostrich. I know you wanted me to lay low I know you ache for me, but don't show I know you wanna le...
The Primitives - The Ostrich lyrics
Lyrics for The Ostrich by The Primitives. ... The Ostrich. The Primitives. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Overview.
Ostrich Head - So Crazy Lyrics
Jan 5, 2016 Lyrics for So Crazy by Ostrich Head. Yep, we gotta get it started. Yep, we gotta get it started. How did everything get so grey...
The Creation - Ostrich Man Lyrics
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Yellow Ostrich - You Are the Stars Lyrics
Jun 14, 2014 Lyrics for You Are the Stars by Yellow Ostrich. You are the stars that run and run through my veins and I'm reaching up to touch and feel ...
Ostrich Head - Oh Ya lyrics
Lyrics for Oh Ya by Ostrich Head. ... Oh Ya - Lyrics. Ostrich Head. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch logo.
Yellow Ostrich - Won't Fade Away lyrics and translation
May 29, 2013 Lyrics and translation for Won't Fade Away by Yellow Ostrich. Wake me up, if I am shaking in my sleep. Try your best, to bring me out, to turn me ...
Yellow Ostrich - I Got No Time For You Lyrics. I got no time for you When you were seventeen, I was nothing but a thought because you were then in '53, there's ...
Yellow Ostrich - How Do You Do It lyrics and translation
Jun 14, 2014 Lyrics and translation for How Do You Do It by Yellow Ostrich. How do you start when you know it's gonna end? How do you wait, if you never ...
Yellow Ostrich - Usa lyrics and translation
Jan 16, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Usa by Yellow Ostrich. I'll take a plane Across the USA I' ll change my name I'll dig a hole I'll throw it all awa...
GRIEF LYRICS - "...and Man Will Become The Hunted" (2000) album
1. Predator 2. I Won't Come Back 3. If The World Was Flat 4. Ostrich 5. Hurricane Jello 6. Down In The Dumps Again 7. No Escape 8. When Rotten Ideas Break ...
Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner Lyrics. When I was a boy of seventeen I know it's mean but I I told my friend to give up on her dreams She hated me but I I ...

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