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ANTHRAX LYRICS - "Return Of The Killer A's" (1999) album
ANTHRAX lyrics - "Return Of The Killer A's" (1999) album, including "Metal Thrashing Mad", "I Am The Law", "Madhouse"... ... Check it out, yeah y'all c'mon, here we go again [Chorus] ... Soul control, beat is the father of your rock 'n' roll
RUINATION LYRICS - "Xura" (1999) album
RUINATION lyrics - "Xura" (1999) album, including "Don't Take My Name In Vain" , ... Trust Again 4. ... Devoid of control ... I struggle in pain coming out of focus
ARK LYRICS - "Ark" (1999) album
ANATHEMA LYRICS - "Judgement" (1999) album
And if you come my way again. Would I lend a hand. Would I understand. No one can find me. Here in my soul. Kicking and screaming. Out of control
BANE LYRICS - "It All Comes Down To This" (1999) album
BANE lyrics - "It All Comes Down To This" (1999) album, including "Her Lucky Pretty ... Can We Start Again ... And a shame that spins out of control in your name
Lyrics to "Out Of Control" song by CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG: Once high on a hill There was a ... That's why I'm out of control ... Build myself up again
FU MANCHU LYRICS - "Eatin' Dust" (1999) album
FU MANCHU lyrics - "Eatin' Dust" (1999) album, including "Pigeon Toe", ... History shows again and again ... Right by a satellite... we went out of control
... song by SNOOP DOGG: Celebrate, grab a drink and put a blunt in the sky Worldwide, nigga it's 1999 Shit out of control,... ... So next year we can do it all again
DARK TRANQUILLITY LYRICS - "Projector" (1999) album
DARK TRANQUILLITY lyrics - "Projector" (1999) album, including "Exposure", " On Your Time", "Dobermann"... ... Undo Control 4. Auctioned 5. ... Screams out loud this night ... I resist without control ... Desperation dealt the losing hand again
SIX FEET UNDER LYRICS - "Maximum Violence" (1999) album
SIX FEET UNDER lyrics - "Maximum Violence" (1999) album, including " Jailbreak", "Wrathchild", "Hacked To Pieces"... ... Time to kill no one gets out alive. Another scream ... Blood bath - I'm gonna kill again ... Only one way to control my pain
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG lyrics - "Twilight Of The Idols" (1999) album, including "Untitled", "We'll Meet Again", "The Wizard's Vengeance"... ... He will control your destiny ... One eye had popped out of his head the other sucked back in
BLOOD FOR BLOOD LYRICS - "Spit My Last Breath" (1999) album
BLOOD FOR BLOOD lyrics - "Spit My Last Breath" (1999) album, including "The ... I lose myself to another fear I've lost again .... My anger runs out of control
PIST.ON LYRICS - "Sell Out" (1999) album
PIST.ON lyrics - "Sell Out" (1999) album, including "Waiting To Die", "Square", " New Car"... ... i feel the loss of control i think that .... wont you tocuh my face again
NARNIA LYRICS - "Long Live The King" (1999) album
NARNIA lyrics - "Long Live The King" (1999) album, including "Star Over Bethlehem", "Dangerous Game", "Long ... On The Road Again ... You're Out Of Control
crowded house - sacred cow - 1999 digital remaster lyrics
Crowded House - Sacred Cow - 1999 Digital Remaster Lyrics. Deliberate provocation Is what you gave to me You got me going You got me going How could such a simple thing Get so out of control? You le. ... control? You let me down again
ANNIHILATOR LYRICS - "Criteria For A Black Widow" (1999) album
I punctured the dream because I'm out of control. I'll blacken the night and black out the sun. I'll blacken the world and then we'll see what's begun. Blacken the ...
WUTHERING HEIGHTS LYRICS - "Within" (1999) album
A hunter in the dark; and you will never catch me again. My blood is ... Lights out; in darkness the fears unhold. Drown in ... Longing for safety when out of control
DYSTOPIA LYRICS - "The Aftermath..." (1999) album
(1999) album, including "Diary Of A Battered Child", "Taste Your Own ... album: " The Aftermath..." (1999). 1. Population Birth Control 2. Father's Gun 3. ... human dont die off we fucking multiply ... telling them their son has failed them once again
IRON SAVIOR LYRICS - "Interlude" (1999) album
IRON SAVIOR lyrics - "Interlude" (1999) album, including "Desert Plains", "The Hatchet Of War", ... Once again we have to stand to defend ... you're out of control
DAYS OF THE NEW LYRICS - Flight Response
Lyrics to "Flight Response" song by DAYS OF THE NEW: Out of the blue, bonafide Response of the brain Intense adrenaline flow Flow, out of control Sudden... ... Well, I won't be safe again. I won't, I won't ... "Days Of The New II" ( 1999).
ABIGOR LYRICS - "Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan" (1999 ...
ABIGOR lyrics - "Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan" (1999) album, including "Pandora's Miasmic ... Your flesh out of your bodies burnt by fear ... But shall the moonlight bathe again our midnight prayers ... No control - my mind is lame
SLIPKNOT LYRICS - "Slipknot" (1999) album
SLIPKNOT lyrics - "Slipknot" (1999) album, including "Eeyore", "Scissors", "Only One"... ... Spit It Out 6. Tattered And Torn 7. Frail Limb Nursery 8. Purity 9. Liberate 10. ... I can't control my shakes .... Just enough to fuck me up again and again
NOCTURNAL RITES LYRICS - "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination ...
NOCTURNAL RITES lyrics - "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination" (1999) album, ... The ring was founded again ... The queen is laughing still out of control ...
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM LYRICS - "Inconsistent World" (1999 ...
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM lyrics - "Inconsistent World" (1999) album, including "Desperation Of ... Your mind out of control ... Cut this off and be yourself again.
KATATONIA LYRICS - "Tonights Decision" (1999) album
KATATONIA lyrics - "Tonights Decision" (1999) album, including "Fractured", "No Devotion", "Black Session"... ... and I watched and I just figured out that I will never see you again. I had a choice you had to ... like when I lost control this time it ...
BECK LYRICS - Broken Train
Lyrics to "Broken Train" song by BECK: The snipers are passed out In the bushes again I'm glad I got my suit dry-cleaned Before the riot. ... They're out of control
PARADISE LOST LYRICS - "Host" (1999) album
PARADISE LOST lyrics - "Host" (1999) album, including "Host", "Year Of Summer ", "Deep"... ... AND YOU STEAL AND YOU'RE ON THE RUN AGAIN WITHOUT ...
TRIUMPHATOR LYRICS - "Wings Of Antichrist" (1999) album
TRIUMPHATOR lyrics - "Wings Of Antichrist" (1999) album, including ... Control through our chaos. Purification ... But this voice won t worship out of fear. God of heaven never! 6. Redeemer Of Chaos. Free at last. Never to be shackled again
NOCTURNAL RITES LYRICS - "The Sacred Talisman" (1999) album
NOCTURNAL RITES lyrics - "The Sacred Talisman" (1999) album, including " Glorius", "Unholy Powers", "The ... But the powers are out of my reach ... They're holding our souls in control now ... would gather again so see through the eyes of
NO INNOCENT VICTIM LYRICS - "Flesh And Blood" (1999) album
NO INNOCENT VICTIM lyrics - "Flesh And Blood" (1999) album, including "Death Grip", "Pushed Aside", "Tear Us Apart"... ... That you'll finish it out there on the floor. We don't ... I'll never again face defeat ... Pretending that you have control
Get so out of control? You let me down again. You let me down again. I know my place inside your heart. The painted figure that glows in the dark. No, you're not ...
ROOT LYRICS - "The Book" (1999) album
ROOT lyrics - "The Book" (1999) album, including "Darkoutro - Message", " Remember ... Then again the Lava of all Planets will spring out ... I control the power
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "Ecliptica" (1999) album
SONATA ARCTICA lyrics - "Ecliptica" (1999) album, including "Mary-Lou", " Destruction Preventer", "Picturing The Past"... ... Caught in the web again, inside your private den ... Still they try to take over, control my life, ... you out of reality. Lies are ...
GARDENIAN LYRICS - "Soulburner" (1999) album
GARDENIAN lyrics - "Soulburner" (1999) album, including "Black Days", "Loss", " Tell The World I'm Sorry"... ... Ready to start again ... Force out control. Reign us ...
... by ANATHEMA: No one can find me Here in my soul Kicking and screaming Out of control Calm myself down now Nobody... ... And if you come my way again
VISION OF DISORDER LYRICS - "For The Bleeders" (1999) album
... "For The Bleeders" (1999) album, including "In The Room", "Take Them Out", ... Time and time again, you've respected me, ... this is how they take control.
ZANISTER LYRICS - "Symphonica Millennia" (1999) album
ZANISTER lyrics - "Symphonica Millennia" (1999) album, including "The Evil Will Survive", "Children Of The Gods", "Downfall"... ... The human complex grows out of control. Lost memories and ... If I catch you again, talking about my sins
GODGORY LYRICS - "Resurrection" (1999) album
GODGORY lyrics - "Resurrection" (1999) album, including "Conspiracy Of Silence", "Princess Of The Dawn", "Waiting For ... The time is right for me again so lift your eyes up to the sky ... as I reach out from this womb ... so much I can't control
BOLT THROWER LYRICS - "Who Dares Wins" (1999) album
BOLT THROWER lyrics - "Who Dares Wins" (1999) album, including ... In fear of life now that the mindless control ... Destroying your world, again and again
TAPROOT LYRICS - Again and Again
Lyrics to "Again and Again" song by TAPROOT: sick and angered by my ... the old days when i was in control of my life again and again just endangered w/

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