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SAM HUNT LYRICS - Take Your Time
And the next thing you know you're trying to be nice. And some guy's getting too close. Trying to pick you up. Trying to get you drunk. And I'm sure one of your ...
WITT LOWRY LYRICS - Kindest Regards
Lyrics to "Kindest Regards" song by WITT LOWRY: Here to tell you the truth ... And look who you're with I'm not trying to diss ... I tried picking you up you tried pulling me down ... Dad will get drunk and pass out I'm like "What are you doing?! "
Came with my whole gang 20 of us walked up Fuck you mean you need to see ID ? (What ya mea. ... Talkin' shit you're trying to start what. Better have ... Who got the blow, shit, I'm tryna buy ... Cops pull me over say, "Sir are you drunk or high?"
Drunk lyrics and translation - Viola Beach
Aug 2, 2016 I've been trying hard to leave you alone Trying not to pick up the phone I always do I need to get drunk and if you will It's pretty much ...
Go ahead and stand up straight. Straight against the wall. Why did I go before you. Pick you up when you fall? Was I too drunk to say what I said to you. Was I too ...
Lyrics to "Make Me Wanna" song by THOMAS RHETT: Windows down, country ... Get drunk on you with no alcohol ... Wake up with you, in the bed of my truck
KIRKO BANGZ LYRICS - Came Here For Something
Lyrics to "Came Here For Something" song by KIRKO BANGZ: Are you coming through now? Are you gonna be ... And when I wake up in the morning I want pork chops and eggs baby ... Yeah I may be drunk, but I'm protected ... I don't care you could pick all of these athletes up ... I say I'm in the studio I'm trying to get it baby
Lyrics to "Somewhere With You" song by KENNY CHESNEY: If you're going out ... I won't feel sorry for me, I'm getting drunk ... You said pick me up at three a.m.
Like you're stoned and drunk at the same time. Strunk! 24/7 baba [VERSE 1- NINJA:] You make me feel like every day is Saturday my friend. Go to ... Got me fucked up by the baddest pretty little girl ... Or are you just trying to get in my pants ?
Lyrics to "Drunk Love" song by SNOW THA PRODUCT: Now I'm on the phone talkin' with you. Cause ... And i know we have issues. But i called to say "Whats up" and "What you doin'? ... I'm trying to figure out if we could chill (if we could chill)
Adrian Marcel - Take Your Time Lyrics
Oct 27, 2015 now I don't know if you're lookin' at me or not probably smile all the ... tryin' ta pick you up and get you drunk (ohhh) an i'm sure your friend is ...
I got misled, mistook, discard. Anything that I said. See I'm not the type to call you up drunk. But I've got some lies to tell. She hates her work but loves to flirt
Lyrics to "You" song by WITT LOWRY: You, with your words like knives, and swords, and ... You, picking on the weaker man. As you ... But really all you cared about was getting drunk and smoking weed. Girl you know you fucked up, that's the reason we couldn't be. Good luck trying to find a guy that was more loyal than me
We go back to your house. We check the ... And if the sun comes up, if the sun comes up, if the sun comes up. And I still ... You spent the first five years trying to get with the plan. And the ... When you're drunk and the kids look impossibly tan
I know you're trying to get your video game-grind on. And that's ... For those nights I got drunk and let go at some bar ... It trips me out how you pick up all my traits
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Shut Up Nancy
Lyrics to "Shut Up Nancy" song by TOO $HORT: Shut up b! tch, you talk too much Getting on my ... I'm trying to get you drunk and when you're throwing up
Donovan Woods - What Kind of Love Is That? Lyrics
Mar 28, 2016 What kind of love is that 3x Did it find you in the dark one night Did it whisper ... Picks you up when you fall down Drives you home when you drunk ... I spent my life trying to learn to love you back What kind of love is that 2x All ...
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
May 12, 2016 You know how we rockin nigga Get yo' guns up get yo funds up You On ... ( tough enough) I just bought a 5th of Henny and I drunk it up BITCH!
FRANK TURNER LYRICS - My Kingdom For A Horse
Would you pick your clothes up, put your clothes on, Pack your ... For all the little things that I have done and cannot make amends. Don't you ... And I'm trying to speak straight, But I'm drunk and I'm lonely and you won't believe me, And I'm ...
Talking bout you pregnant, girl you lying this time. Cause I know I ... you can get off my line. So you must be drunk shorty ... The ambulance pick you up they getting picked up with you. Cause I ain't ... Man I'm trying get a feature. Well you know ...
LIL' WYTE LYRICS - I Know You Strapped
Lyrics to "I Know You Strapped" song by LIL' WYTE: Know what I'm sayin this mothafucking song dedicated to them weak ... Smoke a blunt, get drunk, hit a line of that funk ... Watch me creep up from the back wit gats and pick you off by ones
COLE SWINDELL LYRICS - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
If you're feelin' what I'm feelin' let's mix it up, you got my number baby hit me up, if you need a little late night pick me up, I, hope you get lonely tonight, we ain't ...
Jay-Z - Dear Summer Lyrics
... you bring the sun up. The combo make niggas act up, I pick the gun up ... Sorry Lance, I'm just trying to advance my quotes ... They like the drunk uncle in your family. You know ... But I will lay down a couple green bucks, get you cleaned up
I couldn't get you off my brain. I guess I wasn't thinking straight. I couldn't tell wrong from right. I went ahead and called you up. I got a little drunk last night
THE SCRIPT LYRICS - For The First Time
Lyrics to "For The First Time" song by THE SCRIPT: She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in ... Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, ... When you pick yourself up, You get kicked to the dirt,
G-EAZY LYRICS - Let's Get Lost
Lyrics to "Let's Get Lost" song by G-EAZY: Take me down, take me all the way down ... 4AM staying up past ... You can text all your friends say you'll see them tomorrow ... I'm drunk off the brown ... Let's do this right now is what I'm trying to say
BRIGHT EYES LYRICS - Lover I Don't Have To Love
Lyrics to "Lover I Don't Have To Love" song by BRIGHT EYES: I picked you out Of a crowd and talked to you Said ... the club is closed we're up the block ... Trying to keep the words from coming out ... I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk
DRAKE LYRICS - Marvin's Room
And since you picked up I know he's not around” (Are you drunk right now?) I'm just sayin' you could do better. Tell me have you heard that lately? I'm just sayin' ...
TYLER FARR LYRICS - Whiskey In My Water
One ain't enough man may I have another Sitting 'round the fire gettin' drunk on each ... Drop it down low, crank up the throttle I'm good to go, cause I've got you ...
Lyrics to "Come Pick Me Up" song by RYAN ADAMS: When they call your name Will you walk right up With a smile on your face Or will you cower in... ... I wish you'd make up my bed. So I could make up my mind. Try it for sleeping instead
To hide the kinda games you're trying to play. Honey don't you act so ... Fixing your make up like its about to go down ... You don't want me, you just want your ex to see, ex to see. Woahh woahhh woahh ohhh. So that's why when I pick you up
Lyrics to "Wake Me Up" song by ED SHEERAN: I should ink my skin with your name And take my passport out again And just replace it See I could d. ... Could you make me a cup of tea to open my eyes in the right way? ... And I get drunk a lot
JACQUEES LYRICS - Roller Coaster
Lyrics to "Roller Coaster" song by JACQUEES: Rich Homie baby, yah you know this ... You don't need to make up girl ... I'm tryna pick you up, up, up, up, up, up
Lyrics to "Drunk" song by ED SHEERAN: I wanna be drunk when I wake up On ... But a house gets cold when you cut the heating ... Maybe I'll get drunk again
DAVID ALLAN COE LYRICS - You Never Even Call Me By My Name
Lyrics to "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" song by DAVID ALLAN COE: Well, it was all That I could do to keep from ... And you don't have to call me Merle Haggard anymore ... Or getting' drunk ... And I went to pick her up in the rain
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Drunk In Love (Remix)
I'm not trying to fuck tomorrow baby I want you. Na na [Hook] And I woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen oh baby. Drunk in love
Zach Seabaugh - Take Your Time (The Voice Performance) lyrics ...
I don't know if you were looking at me or not You probably smile like that all the ... guy's getting too close Trying to pick you up Trying to get you drunk And I'm ...
Lyrics to "Mean" song by TAYLOR SWIFT: You, with your words like knives And swords and weapons that you use against me You have knocked me... ... You, picking on the weaker man. Well you can take me ... Trying to block you out ' cause I'll never impress you ... Washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things
D12 LYRICS - How Come
You got a phone, pick it up, call me How come we don't even talk no more And. ... We family and ain't a damn thing changed, unless it's you ... I told you don't get involved in it, you was smoking the chron with her. Coming out of the bar with her stumbling half drunk ... But I am really you friend, I'm just trying to tell you the truth
I done came down, hold up, grip the grain, roll up. And your ... You hit the scene, I make the scene. I'm in her ... That ain't trying to love you baby, just fuck you instead. And don't ... Just hit up my phone whenever you need you some company

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