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Guy Clark - Indian Cowboy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Cowboy' by Guy Clark. If you ever go out to the circus Where the Wallendas walk on the wire I'll tell you a tale to remember When the white horses leap rings of fire
Prince - Right the Wrong Lyrics
An Indian woman buried her grampa in the Black Hills When she was young he used to tell her That these hills belonged to her still And even though injustice took them hills away "One day we'll get them back," he said "And the sun's gonna shine that day" "When we say, right the wrong" Before she laid him down to rest She heard his voice in the wilderness Sayin "I got six feet of it back" "And ...
Sturm Und Drang - Indian Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian' by Sturm Und Drang. Maybe one day in a place without time, without space I can look back and see that I am finally whole Dying to undo the moment when all fell apart Trying to fade out what's real it's not for a life
Coldplay - Princess Of China Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Princess of China' by Coldplay. Once upon a time somebody ran Somebody ran away saying 'fast as I can I got to go, I got to go' Once upon a time we fell apart
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air ...
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Theme Song)": Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minu...
India Arie - Pearls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pearls' by India Arie. There is a woman in Somalia Scraping for pearls by the roadside There is a force stronger than nature Keeps her will alive
India Arie - A Beautiful Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Beautiful Day' by India Arie. Life is a journey, Not a destination, There are no mistakes, Just chances weÂ've taken Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament ...
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)": They took the whole Cherokee nation Put us on this reservation Took away our ways of life The tomaha...
Jim Reeves - Oklahoma Hills Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Oklahoma Hills' by Jim Reeves. Many years have come and gone Since I wandered from my home In those Oklahoma hills where I was born Many a page of life has turned Many a lesson I have learned
Cowsills - Indian Lake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Lake' by Cowsills. You take a bus marked 'Lakewood Drive' And you keep on ridin' 'til you're out of the city Where the air is fine with the sweet smell of pine And the countryside's pretty
India Arie - Beautiful Surprise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful Surprise' by India Arie. It's like yesterday I didn't even know your name Now today You're always on my mind I never could have predicted that I'd feel this way
India Arie - The Truth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Truth' by India Arie. C.D.:'Voyage To India' Spoken: Let me tell you why I love him India Arie - The Truth Lyrics | MetroLyrics Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Prince Of Peace Lyrics ...
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Prince Of Peace": Try and judge me by my time and changes And not mistaken words, for I say many. Listen closely to...
Colonial Cousins - Indian Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Rain' by Colonial Cousins. Rain Clouds in the sky, I don't know why They make me blue, when I'm thinking of you Maybe they want to cry, as I walk on by Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes
Roy Orbison - Indian Summer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Summer' by Roy Orbison: You were a lady - like lady I was a boy running wild The way that you used everything that god gave you I gave you my heart like a child, one moment you took me to heaven Took me back to earth and then before I woke up to the fact I was small you took me back to heaven again
Prince - Purple Rain Lyrics
underneath the purple rain Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changin' It's time we all reach out for something new That means you too You say you want a leader but you can't seem to make up your mind And I think you better close it and let me guide you to the purple rain Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain, purple rain If you know what I ...
Tim McGraw - Indian Outlaw Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Outlaw' by Tim McGraw. I'm an Indian outlaw Half Cherokee and choctaw My baby she's a Chippawa She's a one of a kind
Queen - Cowboys And Indians Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cowboys And Indians' by Queen. It's a long fast dance Well the long fast dance of progress And the long slow waltz of decay Made such a natural born couple They settled down right here in the USA
Electric Light Orchestra - Indian Queen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Queen' by Electric Light Orchestra. Whooo-oo-Whoooo This is my life I don't feel whole every night I hear love, crying down on love so bright
Dido - Mary's In India Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mary's in India' by Dido. Danny is lonely, 'cause Mary's in India now. She said she'd call but that was three weeks ago. She left all her things, well, her books and her letters from him. But as the sun rises on Mary, it sets on him.
India Arie - The Heart Of The Matter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Heart Of The Matter' by India Arie. I got the call today, I didn't wanna hear But I knew that it would come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone She said you found someone And I thought of all the bad luck,
Manic Street Preachers - Indian Summer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Indian Summer' by Manic Street Preachers. If God persists, persists in saying yes I guess we'll have, we'll have to test ourselves Maybe the Summer will come and clear our minds And find the impulse set at the sunshine
Idina Menzel - Let It Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let It Go' by Idina Menzel: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen A kingdom of isolation And it looks like I'm the queen
Guru Randhawa - Made In India Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Made In India' by Guru Randhawa: Buliyaan Da Hassa Teraa Ki Kene Tere nAkhre De Lakhaa Di Boli Lagdi Andaaz Tere vakhre Te Buliyaan Da Hassa Teraa
Music Man - Gary Indiana Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gary Indiana' by Music Man: Harold: Gary, Indiana! What a wonderful name, Named for Elbert Gary of judiciary fame. Gary, Indiana, as a Shakespeare would say,
India Arie - Chocolate High Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chocolate High' by India Arie. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... / Ohhh, Ohhhh... / If we make each other happy then we just can't lose / I don't mean to be
India Arie - Get It Together Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get It Together' by India Arie. One shot to your heart without breaking your skin No one has the power to hurt you like your kin Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself And now your chest burns and your back aches
India Arie - Ready For Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ready For Love' by India Arie. I am ready for love Why are you hiding from me I'd quickly give my freedom To be held in your captivity
Sergio Mendes - Timeless Lyrics
Sergio Mendes "Timeless": Kindness is timeless Love is so easy to give It just takes a moment To show somebody that you care T...
India Arie - I Am Not My Hair Lyrics
[Verse 2: India.Arie] Little girl with the press and curl Age eight I got a Jheri curl Thirteen I got a relaxer I was a source of so much laughter At fifteen when it all broke off Eighteen and I went all natural February two thousand and two I went on and did What I had to do Because it was time to change my life To become the woman that I am ...
Bless The Fallen - The Fall Of An Empire, The Prince Lyrics
Bless The Fallen The Fall Of An Empire, The Prince Lyrics. The Fall Of An Empire, The Prince lyrics performed by Bless The Fallen: If winter woke early would you greet the sleet with a frown or would
Eddy Arnold - Back Home Again In Indiana Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back Home Again In Indiana' by Eddy Arnold: Back home again in Indiana, And it seems that I can see The gleaming candle light, still burning bright, Through the Sycamores for me. The new-mown hay sends all its fragnance
Lata Mangeshkar - Lag Ja Gale Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lag Ja Gale' by Lata Mangeshkar: Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho shayad Phir Is Janam Mein mulakat Ho Na Ho lag Jaa Gale ke phir ye hansi raat ho na ho shayad phir is janam Mein mulakat ho na ho... lag ja gale a a aahh hhh hhh
Friendly Indians - I Know You Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know You Know' by Friendly Indians: In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right, then you're all wrong Why bounce around to the same damn song You'd rather run when you can't crawl
India Arie - Beautiful Flower Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful Flower' by India Arie. This is a song for Every girl who's Ever been through something She thought she couldn't make it through, yeah I sing these words because
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