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Young Thug - Pull Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pull Up' by Young Thug. I know all my whips are foreign, I know all your bitches borin' / I know I gained me some weight when I was tourin' / Fresh
But if she want dick, best believe Ima (pul up, pull up) And Ima pull up with thst latest Bentley With your lady with me, make her mini skirt (pull up, pull up) Ima try and make it hurt (pull up, pull up) LeBron at the baseline (pull up, pull up) I don't know none of these people I don't know none of these people I don't know, I don't know
Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug - Pull Up Lyrics
We bout to pull up Who you pullin up with Rich Homie? (Young Thugger) I'm talkin bout thats my muhfuckin brother Lets go lets go Magic City, Follies, Bitches wildin, make me pull up Molly cleaner than a stylist make me pull up If a nigga come round talkin bout me Best believe my nigga gon pull up ...
Lil Uzi Vert - Seven Million Lyrics
Pull up, skrt, 'Ventador Jump out, uh, lift my door And that bitch kinda hard to handle Chop it, flip it, move it out the bando Hold up in a Bentley, foreign cars are random Matter of fact I probably want the Phantom, yeah [Future:] You see me flexin' on your bitch, don't forget about me You see me drippin' on your bitch, you can't forget about me
UnoTheActivist - Twerk For Me Lyrics
Skrt, ima' pull up in the vert [?], ooh Thotty alert, huh Know what you want, ooh Might pop a lil' perc Suck on my dick 'til it hurt [?] Kelly like Kurt Ooh, [?] Kurt, yeah Put in work, yeah Spread your knees, ooh Scrub the earth I want the backwards [?] I want bitches for [?] Pussy on fleek, she percocet perky, yeah Twerk for me, baby, work ...
Young Thug - Cash Talk Lyrics
Cash talk Pull up in the Bentley (skrt) Hop out with your missy I'm blowing her kisses She blow on my dickie Pour in that pussy She douche it with tissue I can go slow like a I'm old I can go fast like a fiddle Hop in the Bentley, 20 inches in up under me (yea, racks)
88GLAM - Ricardo Lyrics
Lyrics to "Ricardo" song by 88GLAM: ... While I'm counting up that money fuck a Visa I just made enough to call, I'm done my re-up Pull up in that bloody Bentley like it's biza Hol' up, wait, I got Selena You try runnin' wit' my chick I'll give you Nina (pew pew) Hol' up, wait, I got Selena ... Yeah I skrt off on the pedal (yeah I skrt off in ...
Soulja Boy - Forgiato Lyrics
My shooters they pull up they with it I came up from jugging finessing the ticket My young niggas came up from trappin that midget Grab the bentley then I skrt through the city Fuck a bitch I'm trying to run up a ticket My young nigga pull up they shootin they with it Two to three bullets they grippin the drako Young nigga pull up and shoot ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke Lyrics
No Smoke No Smoke but we die bout that money No Smoke No Smoke you niggas don't want it I heard these niggas want smoke (want smoke), they better pull up with 100 Yea we want all the smoke, I walk around with it on me Draco protect me you ain't taking nothing Boy you can try me you know Ima burn ya Quick to come to it we ain't never running
Young Thug - Danny Glover Lyrics
I just bought a Bentley and a bitch came with it Young rich nigga hittin' million dollar licks Balling in New York like a motherfucking Knick You better have them racks, you ever want to hear me spit And everywhere I go I gotta pass like the staff I'm goin' off top like a motherfuckin' lay up 357, six shots like Al I left ten bands in a ...
Kodak Black - Still Hittin Licks Lyrics
I'm Still hittin licks That rappin put this Rollie on my wrist I hit a lick and put some Forgi's on my whip Stick and move I'm on it everyday Run up on me, Ima let it spray Haitian boy I'm riding with the flag Bible on the mother fucking dash Boy I tear the street up when I pass SKRT SKRT Jag on yah ass Getting money, I be bossin up my life
PnB Rock - New Coupe Lyrics
So I had to run them digits up, them racks on me (Get them racks on me) So I can pull up in them projects in a brand new coupe Roddy Richh, bitch I got rich off the streets Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I pulled up in that new coupe, I feel like I'm Bruce Wayne (Skrt) Diamonds in my teeth, yeah they shine like Johnny Dang (Johnny)
Rich Gang - Pull Up Lyrics
But if she want dick, best believe I'm a (pull up, pull up) And I'm a pull up in the latest Bentley With your lady with me, make her mini skirt (pull up, pull up) I'm a try to make it hurt (pull up, pull up) Lebron at the baseline (pull up, pull up) I don't know none of these people
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Smoke' by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. My bro, my bro / That nigga my homie / Count money fuck hoes / Make sure you get money / We laugh we joke,
gianni & kyle - 5 shots Lyrics
Beat it up, put that ass in submission I done wrote the Kama Sutra, I can show you every sex position Woo You on my mind, fuck around and turn that water into wine The night is young but we running out of time Even though we can't drive, I can take you on a ride Skrt, skrt Aye [Gianni and Kyle:] Imma need a second Woo All this liquor got me ...
Migos - Chirpin' Lyrics
Wrapping up chickens, I'm leaning, I feel like I'm feenin But really I'm trippin Only want balance when I rock the Bentley Gas so loud, y'all niggas can't hear me Pull out that KLAW, know they gone feel me Whippin that Brittney, that Whitney, That Lidnsey Like I'm a chemist, treat em like dentist You showing your benjis on instagram flexing
Rich Gang - Tell Em Lyrics
What you tell em Thugger? I'ma pull up, eat on that pussy and dip I'ma keep one inside the chamber like Wilt Baby girl spoiled and she spoileder than milk And keep her on my side like a fuckin' hip She gon' make sure I survive, she gon' do it well Baby I just want them thighs right under that belt She just want me to keep them lies all to myself
Chief Keef - Couple Of Coats Lyrics
Rolled up on your girl, riding in that skrt (skrt) Hop out with that swag, pay the bills like four a fur Boy don't make me swerve, you smokin' on some dirt She told me that she loved me, and then I closed the curtains I'm something like an oh yeah, pull up in that oh yeah Hey are you Sosa? I'm the man, oh yeah
Migos - Open It Up Lyrics
Pull yo card (pull it) In that pot, first one makin' noise (skrt skrt skrt skrt) Boulevard, slide with my boys (skrt skrt skrt skrt) Met Gala, tripped on the red carpet So my ice on the wrong way (yeah) Elliot did the pave, Johnny Dang did my Ice Tray Uh, ooh, open it up Uh, ooh, open it up Uh, ooh, Kriss Kross jump Uh, ooh, with a bale in the ...
K Camp - Good Problem Lyrics
Hell yea, that's a good problem... Shawty just gettin outta college She a good girl, no mileage Hell yea, that's a good problem, Good Problem Hell yea, that's a good problem She don't like my phone on silent, On silent Cause for a nigga she'll get violent, Prrr-Prrr Hell yea, that's a good problem, Good Problem Hell yea, that's a good problem
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics for No Smoke by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. My bro, my bro That nigga my homie Count money fuck hoes Make sure you get money We laugh ...
Travis Scott - Outside Lyrics
Hit it from the back pull up her skirt I just copped that Bentley truck I skurt, skurt, skurt Bitch, I'm outside on the percs, percs, percs. All my niggas outside Ain't goin' in We been hangin' outside Ain't goin' in All my niggas outside
Rich Homie Quan - Lord Forgive Me Lyrics
Pull up in a brand new Bentley drop top and I got 4 hoes with me ... Lord forgive me, lord forgive me Listen up, Ima say a lil prayer and it goes like this I know I did a lot of fucked up shit I know I ain't supposed to cuss but ima say (Lord forgive Me) Please (please) (Lord Forgive Me)
Rich The Kid & Trippie Redd - Early Morning Trappin Lyrics ...
She wanna hop out her skirt, that's when she poppin' the Perc' Was up trappin' early (early) She bad and bougie but whippin' a birdie (huh) My cup is so dirty (what) Your diamonds don't shine, my pinky a 30 Pour up the pint, that's so clean (so clean) The rims of the Bentley cost 14 (skrt) Ain't doin' no talkin', the red beam (red beam)
21 Savage - Slaughter Your Daughter Lyrics
Lyrics to "Slaughter Your Daughter" song by 21 Savage: My pinky ring (slaughter your daughter) That's a quarter (slaughter your daughter) Double cup ... Heard the boys want beef with us, my boy pull up with that Ruger Got so many girls around the world, boy I can't lose 'em Every city I touchdown in, it be so hard to choose her ...
DJ Khaled - Major Bag Alert Lyrics
Bag alert, major bag alert (major) Bag alert, major bag alert (bag) Bag alert, major bag alert, yeah (bag) I might drop a bag on my clothes (yeah, bag) I might drop a bag on these hoes, yup (bag) I know them big racks won't fold, yeah I sold them dime bags at the store, yeah Bag alert, major bag alert (major) Bag alert, major bag alert (major ...
Famous Dex - Nervous Lyrics
Hop in the Lamb, yeah, I'm swervin' (skrt, skrt) Huh, wait, walk in the mall and I spent 50 Gs (what) Bankrolls all up on me (what) Rich Forever be my team (Rich Forever be my team) ... When I pull up, she like "Hold up" That's that boy Jay Critch I ain't wastin' time, I been on my grind ... Pull out the brand new Bentley Dexter, he met Dex I ...
Birdman & Jacquees - Dallas Lyrics
Ima king, I'm fresh up out the dungeon Bugatti in the drive way, Hey fuck a hater I am paid Me and Stunna living lavish and we got bitches out in Dallas Hey I been kickin like a king, Hey I been living out a dream (my dreams) I pull up in a limousine, fresh up on a magazine Florida water unclean, spot a hater with the beam
Meek Mill - Uptown Vibes Lyrics
I pull up, bust down Yeah, oh [Verse 1: Meek Mill] Ven aquĆ­, diamonds choke, I choke my Spanish loca In the kitchen, whippin' that dope up, you can smell her odour [?] pictching and we gon' hit it like we Sammy Sosa (Gimme that) Put that Bentley to the limit, you can smell her odour (Skrt) Ho, Spanish bitches call me Chulo
Migos - Bad And Boujee Lyrics
I pull up, I pull up, I pull up I hop out with all of the drugs in the cooler (skrt) I'm cookin', I'm cookin', I'm whippin', I'm whippin' into a rock up, let it lock up (lock up) I gave her 10 racks, I told her go shoppin' and spend it all at the pop up (ten) These bitches they fuck and suck dick and they bustin' for Instagram, get your cloud up
Rich The Kid - Cookies & Sherbert Lyrics
Lyrics to "Cookies & Sherbert" song by Rich The Kid: Yah, yah, huh Yah, yah, ... I'm pulling up make a movie (woah) Pull out I bust on her boobies (huh) ... Pulling up right in that two seater (skrt skrt skrt skrt skrt) Soak it up just like a mop (soak it up)
Young Thug - Harambe Lyrics
Skrt, skrt skrt Got some hitters all of 'em my cuz nigga Girl I know you love it Love me, I know, I know you love me You love me Yeahh Bentley with a nigga, bear killer nigga, back it up Bands kill a nigga, fast wheel a nigga, back it up Ape shit nigga, Godzilla, nigga, act up Don't let your chick go Godzilla, bae, back it up I just wanna have sex
PnB Rock - Right Now Lyrics
Any bitch I fuck right now Ima make that bitch important Cash out on a wip Yeah I might fuck a nigga bitch right now Pull up on that bih like skrt skrt Bitch get in right now Feel so good I'll fuck around and blow a whole zip right now Counting grams and stacking franklins I'm tryna get rich right now Hey I'm on some shit right now
Cdot Honcho - On My Mind Lyrics
357 6 innat bitch we pull up and shootin a vine I use to have NBA Dreams Now Gotta stay wit a thing wit a beam Feelin so safe wen its with me My baby jus told me stay focus she wit me Tryna stay focus but all thru my city they steady be killin shit If you a fan betta say the shit Don't walk up on me Like broski ain't peelin shit
Soulja Boy - Real Lyrics
Real real nigga I just spent your re-up Im trap like a beeper I got that dope in a speaker I flew my bitch out the A We took a flight to the bay Skrt skrt skrt skrt thats a brand new drop 40,000 on me thats a brand new watch Bitch im doing numbers I can tell you feel me If you got that 40 then you better kill me Push to start drop Bentley I'm on 85
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