Pull up in a lambo to my high school lyrics

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Ridin' in my Lamborghini with the dope man uzi. Thinkin' ... I said I pull up in this bitch in that Aventador ... I went to high school with you bitch you been a rat
T.I. LYRICS - Cruisin'
Lyrics to "Cruisin'" song by T.I.: Yo Yea, I'm on the way Yea, I had to pick up the new car A'ight Aye, I be ... And we were cruisin' in my Lamborghini (cruising in my Lambo) ... I pull up, shorty came at the house with. Her bra, panties with a jacket, that's a outfit. Her heels fly, they real high ... R. Kelly On, bumpin in that old school
But didn't show up at the class reunion. And when I asked one of my girls what happened. That's when they ... class reunion. Reminisce on the high school days.
Sometimes they don't feel ya till you pull up lamborghini ... Money stretch like jackie joyner without a high school diploma ... Yellow on my chest, got a half an S
And switch their home team up every single time their mind change ... And now me out of high school, you got a fatter ass ... But 5 minutes later you on my lap
WEBBIE LYRICS - What's Happenin'
My rap career is up and rolling I hope y'all don't make me blow that. Got 24 niqqas ... Make me pull up to the house & make you bitches walk it out. I guess you ...
We just trying to go to gym my niggas still thugging. I got shooters ... Send my ass to school and I was still flunking. I walk in the ... But I'm high with some Rosé, you know it. I don't fly ... Pull up ya you know I'm with them shooters. All we do is ...
Bitch I pull up in that Audi So much ... I know they like it cause my diamonds fighting. Got my ... I didn't go to high school I went to the trap university. Open the  ...
Chris Brown - Big Dreams Lyrics
Chris Brown Big Dreams Lyrics. Big Dreams lyrics performed by Chris Brown: I just wanna pull up in a Lamborghini My pops talking shit but I know he seen me I  ...
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
In a matter of time I spent on some locked up shit ... See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true ... Then I bought that new Ferrari, hater rest in peace. Hater rest ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Bugatti (Remix)
(Turn Up!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix !) I woke up in a new Bugatti ... Pull up in the drop with the ceiling top back ... And I'm switchin' my flow, I spit crack in this bitch ... And a new Ferrari, that's a new Bugatti ... I graduated out of gladiator school ... Blowin', I'm high as an astronaut
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Bitches N Marijuana
Pull up, got the fat sack ... Hell yeah. You see the Lambo parked in the trap, that's me nigga. I own it ... I'm known to keep my bitches on a leash nigga. I smoke it ...
Soulja Boy - Lamborghini Lyrics
Soulja Boy! / (Chorus) / Lamborghini x 4 / All da girls be like Zoom when I ride past! x2 / Lamborghini x 4 / All da. ... Yes i pulled up in that orange thang. Cover up ... My swag high like mercury. I burn you ... Soulja Boy First Day Of School Lyrics.
Blac Youngsta - Shake Sum Lyrics
Apr 12, 2016 who gone take sum, who gone take sum? mask up, lay they face up lay in ... yeen gone pull that trigger yeen never ever killed no nigga my lil nigga ... nigga i'll pull up to castalia right now nigga in that mufucking Lamborghini ...
B.O.B LYRICS - Any Means
(performed by Jake Lambo, Jaque Beatz, London Jae & Scotty ATL) ... And every time I pull up in that bitch you ain't never gotta ask where my clique at, (we right ...
Lyrics to "In My Way" song by KID INK: I got the green in my way Whole lean in my way See the cops in ... And I'm feelin' like the dawg that I was in high school
For I let another nigga disrespect my niggas, my hood, my family, I kill 'em. Fuck em, I don't feel em, ... Open track, you hear the music? high hats, don't confuse it. Cocaine, yay talk ... You got no consistency, pull up in some rental shit 1967 drop , yea I ... Went to school so cracked, got kicked out, came back. Shot at me, I bang  ...
Lyrics to "Up In Da Trap" song by SOULJA BOY: I'm up in the trap, I'm up in the trap Money in the front, pistols in the back Bentley and the Lambo... ... Step off in my kitchen with 100 racks. I'm up in the trap, I'm up in the trap ... Yeah we pouring lean, pull up in yo yard. And I'm SOD and I'm full of ... High School · Up In Da Trap
Knew I would score on you like Shaq did in school. Knew I was stupid, ... Knew I would pull my heart out and bring it right to you. You knew all ... And when you open up your eyes I hope you see more. And when I see ... What my vision. Soo I just sit in my Lamborghini let my top vibe with me. Kick back and get high with me
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Y'all Ready Know lyrics
Ya'll know my name, bitch, never change up my language. I'm just a ... Then I'm pulling turquoise strings in my Lebron corks In Turks and Caicos ... But I decided I 'd rather do all my cryin' in the Corvette ... Had the wrong meaning of high school
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Trap Queen Freestyle
I'm like "hey, what's up, hello" Seen yo pretty ass soon as ... She my trap queen, let her hit the bando ... And I get high with my baby. I just left ... Pull up in that Wraith, I gotta let that money show. My ... Old school flip, we call that shit a trap phone
I know niggas think you white and you not bout to go in with these bars, my nigga, but that is not ... Just so you could show up at your school looking fresh saying
Pulled out the remote, hit the button, blew up the house. So tell the Orkin ... Blew them niggaz out the road damn now I got blood all on my windshield. It's my last day ... Went back to where I went to school at chained up all the doors from the outside and lit a match. ... I no it's a Lamborghini but still don't give a fuck. Drove to ...
DORROUGH LYRICS - Ice Cream Paint Job (G-Funk Remix)
And I can pull a bad chick off eye contact. Yeaaaaaaa ... Twenty-fo' on the ol' schools sittin up high (high) Push - I hit ... Ice Creams' on my feet, I'm a fuck the streets up (Fuck it up!) ... Black-on-black Lamborghini, ice cream paint job. WOOOSH!
Soulja Boy - Rollie Lyrics
Get my jeweler on the phone, I need another Rollie ... Pull up in that Lambo, pull up in that Bentley Ghost ... All my niggas winnin, wake up and we getting cash
French Montana - Miley Cyrus Lyrics
with that Lambo on me ... Drinking lean getting high ... Pull up in foreigns that's the life we love ... All my diamonds flashy ... I let my goons drive the Lambo
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
Who walk around bumping RAW with the shit blaring, saying fuck school and dropping out like a miscarriage. ... You pick something up, try it out, and put it down two-minutes later. ... Pulling a low-life nigga who claim he cash making. ... Talking 'bout, "Oh my god I can't find a guy, I've spent so many years and I've tried and ...
SCHOOLBOY Q LYRICS - THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)
All my bitches independent bitches, that part. I just want the ... Make 'em pull up on your block with them 223s. Aim it at your ... Deny me from an Ivy school. Applyin' ... Yamborghini high, cream soda with the Wockhardt ... My Ferrari got a toupee
LUD FOE LYRICS - Killa Season
Alotta niggas breathing they shouldn't be breathing my young niggas kill for no reason. Its the killer season call me Cam'ron, pull up slam dunk shit call me Lebron ... Hit the club mugged up bitch I'm high off E ... Preacher man I'm the teacher man I'm gone school you remember being a broke nigga made me easy to lose a ...
Migos - Adios Lyrics
... 1: Quavo) These bitches see a young nigga Cuz I'm walkin' round with these hundreds And I pull up in that Lambo. ... Young rich nigga live forever, my trap game A1 clever ... The dope that I smoke get you high, UFO ... Reality lyrics; Humood Alkhudher - Kun Ant lyrics; High School Musical 3 - Can I Have This Dance lyrics ...
So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing ... Yea my nigga Ace will pull the black jack ... I'm high and I'm bi, wait I mean I'm straight
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back .... Pull the brim low, if they don't get it ... What happened to the old school?
And that my clothes dry, but I am so high, I'm sitting on the storm that I got soaked by. Now you can ... Pull up in that old school Flintstone drop on rolling pins
TURN UP [Hook: Future] I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up ... One hundred K I spent that on my wrist ... pull up a seat, bon appetite
EAZY-E LYRICS - Boyz-N-The Hood
Lyrics to "Boyz-N-The Hood" song by EAZY-E: Cruising down the street in my ... You come talking that trash we'll pull your card ... I pulled up in my 6-4 Impala
I got suede on my roof. wood grain on the dash ... Just bought me and my cars all some brand new shoes ... and when I pull up to the club, I get all the affection
Sippin' all of this purple, it got me too damn high ... And these voices in my head saying niggas ain't for you ... So e'rrday that I wake up, my undivided attention
Migos - Trap Funk Lyrics
Same keys that you're hearing, same keys that I got in my trunk. Trap funk ... Count up the extras, I'm dabbin' Eighteen ... In my [?], trafficking the Lamborghini two seater. Your ho fly ... Dropped out of school, they said we was fools, them diamonds looking like a fool. Mansion ... Diamonds pull up, my jeweler from Canada
Busta Rhymes - I Know What You Want Lyrics
You stuck with me through my whole struggle. Can't express the ... I pull up to the house in a yellow Lamborghini It's been a few ... Ah-ha I knew you was gon' give me that high note. Mariah ... Leaders of The New School lyrics. Leaders of The ...
Travis Scott - Outside Lyrics
All my niggas outside. Ain't goin' in. We been hangin' outside. Ain't goin' in. We been hangin' outside, goin' in. Outside not goin' in. Pull up in a lambo or just with  ...

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