Pull up in the car looking like a star when i hop out lyrics

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LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - John (If I Die Today)
I'm not a star, somebody lied. I got a chopper in the car. I got a chopper ... If I die today, remember me like John Lennon Buried in Louie ... I see ya looking, what ya looking at nigga. You know ... Pull up in the sleigh, hop out like I'm Santa Claus
Ghost Ride It lyrics and translation - Mistah F.A.B. feat. Dem ...
Jul 23, 2013 Buy yourself some shoes and then your car kicks Ice up ya neck, ya hands ... clique When you get a new car And ya feeling like a star What you gon do? Ghost ride it! Ghost ride the whip Pull up, hop out, all in one motion Dancing on ... Bo Goin' dumb, party like Diddy do Mistah FAB I'm the prince of the city, ...
I'm a motherfucking star (star) Look at the paint on the car (car) Too much rim make the ride too hard. Tell that bitch hop out, walk the boulevard. I need my money ... It's too turned going up like gas. God damn pull out my racks. Mike Mike  ...
Lyrics to "I'm A Star" song by WIZ KHALIFA: See there's a big difference ... ya'll heat niggas up till I can see right through ya'll, never slipped out goons right by me, ... yaa I am a star looks like my car they know who I am I'm seeing it from a far don't ... get my shine on that's why they hatin, as soon as I pull up ya'll can't say shit.
TYGA LYRICS - Make It Nasty
I like how she merry-go-round round the pole. Pose, ha ... Uhh, Yeah nigga Ima star. Stacks on black, you could use the black car. Pull-up, hop out, Valet the car
Chief Keef - Murda Mook Lyrics
I hop out like James Bond, got the semi like Revron Choppers shoot a video like World Star I know shots for the ... I drive my car how the fuckin' birds fly. Nigga you don't wanna ... Pulled up goin' Murda Mook in the coupe. It's a bird, it's a plane, ...
Lyrics to "Turn Up" song by DOE B: Turn up music Yeah, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up Turn up on a nigga, I flex up on them hoes I... ... I pull up flexin', hop out flexin' Them kids like Mike, he got a car for a necklace. Yeah, yeah, baby it's a star in your presence. Walk in the club, ... Bands in my pants look like football pads
Lyrics to "Luv Dem" song by TYGA: Let's play black car, black automo For the love of money, I'mma die hard Fuckin' role model ... I blew up off one take, I take a dime, a movie star ... I'm throwing money like paper routes ... Hop out then I pull up
JAY-Z LYRICS - Coming Of Age (Da Sequel)
Time to come up, hold my own weight, defend my crown. Gots to lock it ... Jumped out like a star with the flavest car. Matchin the gator ... I hopped out in a suit [ Memphis Bleek] Look at this nigga Jay frontin tryin to take my shine. I didn't say this ... Should I school him or pull the tools out and just break him apart. I felt his hatred ...
E'rywhere you look, you see YC Hatin ass niggaz ... Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so ... Racks on, racks off, see that blonde stripper, my hat's off. Lookin at ... We buy cars. y'all flip whips, catch us smokin that quick trip. Pitch piff ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing
Kodak Black - Get It Up Lyrics
Aug 6, 2015 Hip Hop/Rap ... I be switching up Pulled up to the spot, dropped my top, started ... Money standing tall nigga if ta money low better get it up & im feeling like I'm diddy, ... my niggas switching up Cus they see lil nigga, Ima star Different cars. ... a Mexican Look at Kodak, Kodak coming wid dat mess again nigga ...
STALLEY LYRICS - Hell's Angels (American Heathens)
New house with a new spouse, cars parked out where the fountain at. I love that feeling ... I got a star on my sneakers and they made by Chuck Taylor I'm a star in the ... Pull up, hop out, shoot up this bitch like Jonathan Mannion All the cars still  ...
I'm a motherfucking star (star) Look at the paint on the car (car) Too much rim ... Tell that bitch hop out, walk the boulevard ... It's too turned going up like gas
Pop Them Bands Lyrics - Future [US]
We rollin up blunts and throwing up hunneds ... Shinnin like a mutha fucker lookin lik a star ... She wanna fuck cause she seen my car ... So I pull up, hop out
Bankroll Mafia, Young Thug, T.I.P, Duke, Shad Da God & Lil Yachty ...
Apr 26, 2016 Turn up with Lil Yachty Thugger, Thugger, baby Trouble Man, aka T.I.P., yeah Bankroll Mafi. ... My I.V. is red like thermometers I fuck on that bitch like a porn star Hit me up ... car I pull up to the job, I walk in her job And cum in her jaw like ... out the bank I make that lil' money look less than you think Yeah you ...
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Jump Out The Face
Lyrics to "Jump Out The Face" song by MEEK MILL: I just took a perc now I'm on another level Tasting on the molly got me dancing with the devil Poure. ... Shawty so proper she look like a goddess ... Still will pull up on you hop out with goons
From the moment I go to bed 'till I wake up. All day, this ... And while you livid, I'm a say my pull out game is so real. I still get rid ... Let me be the first to tell you that you lookin' at a superstar ... What kind of a movie star. Would hop out a movin' car just to prove he's hard? ... Actin' like you're Michelangelo with a fuckin' cordless
You know we be Up in the club Where we do things like... ... Hop up out the whip. Then I'm into the club ... Super star, world wide. It is what it is ... You looking at papi like uhhh. Wanna hold ... Low riders, when she walk pulling her pants up
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Lil Nigga Snupe
Pulling live out of Philly ... Is it the cars? Is it the way a ... They lock a nigga in the dark I still look like a star. I shine, I ... I'll give up all this money to get lil cuz back
Lyrics to "My Ride" song by JEREMIH: Even if you don't like me, I bet you fall in love with my ride (my ride), my ... Okay I pull up to da club, on them scotty pippin's
Can I Roll lyrics and translation - Jay Rock
Apr 18, 2014 Pull up, hop out, while she drop drawers Hol up, take a look at my wheels ... a Chevy Chevelle- easy Got a 454 on the hood Line it up if your car go fast ... yeah In that challenger I ride like a star Bad bitch ride shotgun lickin' my ...
MANN LYRICS - Money Season
I pull up clean, they all stop to look. Hop out, Fly shit, Jeremy Scott on my Foot ... All gold jewelry like some sort of prince ... Want the doors on my car to lift up
Tyga - Make It Nasty Lyrics
I like when my bitches don't wear no clothes. It's hot up in ... Uh, Yeah nigga Ima star. Stacks on black, you could use the black car. Pull-up, hop out, Valet the car
Chief Keef - Charge My Car lyrics and translation
Sep 19, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Charge My Car by Chief Keef. ... I got a hundred for you, you, and you Hop out at the gas station cause I'm a star Full tank cause I ... good I pull up to the club and them doors go up Motivation no-you's ...
Lil Herby bitch I'm the man out here, bitches stand out here got them bands out here ... they be shootin' streets till they heater gone like they knees ain't strong then they fallin' But I'm ... Foreign cars when I roll up might hop out and just post up
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Street Chains
Hold up I ain't playin', niggas say they rich I say eeh. Same old song I don't ... I'm advanced like Japan, got more sand than Sudan, lord. And life ain't ... I pull up and paint yo' whole fucking block red. And get out of my car and admire my art. Then smile at ... Roach look like a leech, I'm too long for the brief. I'm too wrong for ...
NAS LYRICS - Made You Look
Lyrics to "Made You Look" song by NAS: Uh, uh, uh, now let's get it all in perspective For all y'all enjoyment, a song y'all can step wit'... ... We can drive thru the city no doubt, but don't say my car's topless ... This ain't rappin, this is Street- Hop Now get up off your ass like your seat's hot ... Pull out my waist, the eagle fo- forty
T-WAYNE LYRICS - Nasty Freestyle
First let me hop out the motherfucking Porsche I don't want her if that ass don't sit like a horse ... My boys will pull up on ya, homie, I ain't talking diapers
PIMP C LYRICS - Pourin' Up
Lyrics to "Pourin' Up" song by PIMP C: Smoke somethin, bitch! A trademark ... All my cars got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck. Smokin out ... When I pull the slab out and hit the block, with' them 4's and vogues they clankin out. When they ... Not like them boys up out that Lone Star state so get it straight. We be.
Akon - Who The Fuck Is That Lyrics
Then I hop up out the car. So clean got them hoes. Like who ... owner like. Who the fuck is that. Pull up in something ... Look like reverends. Yea u better count
Tribute Mega Stars - Make It Nasty lyrics
Sep 3, 2015 I like when my bitches don't wear no clothes It's hot up in this mother ... ima star Stacks on black, u could use the black car Pull-up, hop out, ...
Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross - John lyrics and translation
Jan 22, 2016 I'm swimming in the yellow, boss In the red 911 looking devilish Red beam ... in Chicago I'm not a star, somebody lied I got a chopper in the car I got a ... only son be baking cakes Pull up in the sleigh, hop out like I'm santa ...
Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross - If I Die Today Lyrics
Dec 28, 2013 I'm swimming in the yellow b*tch, boss In the red 911 looking devilish ... off in Chicago I'm not a star, somebody lied I got a chopper in the car I got a ... only son be baking cakes Pull up in the sleigh, hop out like I'm santa claus ...
Let you have a problem they won't even help you out (Woah!) Smiling in ... I'm a pull up bens again, p-p-pull up bens again. I'm a pull up bens again, p-p-pull up bens again. Long hair Drika looking like she got ass shots (Ooh!) Doing pole a ...
ATMOSPHERE LYRICS - Always Coming Back Home To You
A car pulled up, a fixed up cutlass. A woman ... So they got back in the Oldsmobile, belted up, and took off. Thug love on the corner by the walgreens. Lookin at me like I'm just another square saltine. As I get ... Swear to god hip hop and comic books was my genesis. Respect ... Face to face, eye to eye, staring at the last star
Hop out the car, you can smell my whip. I don't fuck with ... I pull up on ya block and I hear yells and shit. See I got ... I'm a star so you know I'm sonnin' bitches
Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross - John (Edited Version) Lyrics
Jun 7, 2015 You fuck with me wrong, I knock your head off your neck The flight too long, ... huh I'm not a star, Somebody lied I got a chopper in the car (huh) I got a ... boss In the red nine eleven looking devilish Red beam make a bitch nigga sit ... funny momma, only son be baking cakes Pull up in the sleigh, hop out like ...
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - Fucking Awsome
Lyrics to "Fucking Awsome" song by TORY LANEZ: Shut the fuck up when you talk to me Bitch shut the fuck ... Women takin pictures like a nigga hop out the fire
R KELLY LYRICS - You Remind Me Of Something
Girl you look just like my cars, I wanna wax it. And something like my bank account. I wanna spend it ... So pull up to my bumper and let the system sound. Girl, I bet cha' I can drive you crazy. And let me be the one to drop you off. Babe, listen to ...
DON TRIP LYRICS - Waiting Room
I might pull up on yo lady, hop out. Fresh like I jumped out the grave with the Glock out ... Girl so freaky she a porn star with it ... No rented cars in my videos

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