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Plies feat. Kodak Black - Outchea Lyrics
Apr 10, 2016 ... meal Really outchea, they be carjacking, call it car steal Pulled up in a stolo, ... Cutdog, and my motor heavy Boy I got a 20 wall and I ain't go to Kelly All this ... in my pants Bitch, I was in these streets, bih Y'all was playing freeze tag I ... I'll stand over you, and I'm not talking 'bout them jeans When I tell you, ...
Strapped up, know I keep that tool ... Way too big for my muh'fuckin jeans. I'm so fly I ... Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing ... Gotta front me a brick, that ain't nothin' to you ... I told her bring that money back, like all them racks is Nordstrom's ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
I went down one of them Bodaga shits right there in Harlem Got me a bootleg Lloyd ... Man that shit sound like some Vanessa Williams '88 ... Make a U-turn, I gotta go back to Philly ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back .... Fresh white Nike airs and the matching socks fitted. Pull the brim low, if they don't get it
Gucci Mane feat. Migos - Walk in with Me Lyrics
Jan 6, 2014 ... cant walk in with me If you aint stuffin up a blunt, then yall niggas cant smoke with me ... gotta pull in a guil bars for her My girlfriend so crazy bad, gotta renta cop fo her I dont roll with police man, Im gonn buy a glock for ... levis on but I got on them robin jeans My niggas walk around with bones but nah this ...
Dead Players - Yeah Lyrics
Aug 21, 2015 Ghost town Andale motherfuckers Dabbla Arriba and all them tings there Jam Baxter Listen Y.. ... When i pull up in a car that's crashed Stunting like man of the match ... club full of oddballs Bare man in skin tight jeans looking hostile Me ... me and keep running on stage And spraying bars 'till I gotta slide for ...
Boy bye, not with them shoes on (because you ratchet) ... in the middle of the floor with no shoes (what's up) I had to look cute today, apple bottom jeans fur boots today (that's right) I had to keep it ... Got a brand new piercing, brand new tat paid 95 ... Jordan heels match my press on (alright) ... team with your man ( that right)
Cut a couple homies off cause them niggas hating ... I'll have Armelle walk up on him when we run into him ... Nigga like me I walk around, fear no man
G-EAZY LYRICS - Of All Things
Lyrics to "Of All Things" song by G-EAZY: Yeah, ahahaha, yeah Growing up they tell ... Now I got these A list chicks, all in my jeans ... I'm just smoking man ... We them real Bay Boys, all we do is make noise ... Got a style the world likes it a lot
Flatbush Zombies - Bounce Lyrics
Feb 5, 2016 YSL pants with the zippers, yikes Met her this evenin' already hit it, twice Tag on your s. ... this evenin' already hit it, twice Tag on your soul everybody got a price ... to me She said she got a friend, then let my nigga beat Meech, Roll em, ... for the killer contract Pull up on your pampers Three man army Don't ...
And I pull up on that lil nigga, Bowflex a nigga, know that ay. Where your heart at ... How the fuck we gon' buy if we don't pay 'em? I'm a cum a week ... Got a mill in em bitches. Fuckin' niggas ... That pump, man, make him jump, man. You would ...
When you was leaving, did he put up a fight? Was he ... I know you got a 9-5 I'll be your 5-9! [J. Cole ... Man, girl thank you, shit you so bad know your daddy wish he could still spank you ... Choking on them white boys make a black panther
MIGOS LYRICS - Dennis Rodman
Band jump like trampoline in my Billy Jean ... Your hair matching my drink, I'm a need you on the whole pay ... Your hair stand out, my money go up ... It was black but she changed that shit to blonde, man ... Pull up to the light, jump out, I tie my shoe, jump in my Bentley ... Rad bitch, rad tag, no, I just saying we Robin Hood
Need to see the Xan man. Do you know ... Flexing like I've been up in the gym forever. All these ... I'm coming through with cash, damn my pockets got a leech
DRAKE - Know Yourself lyrics
My city too turnt up I'll take the fine for that. This been ... Had a job sellin' Girbaud jeans. I had a yellow ... Man, that's when Ethan was pushin' a Subaru hatchback. Man I'm ... Don't fuck with them niggas, they too irrational, woah. This is that ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Campaign Speech
With women who have been vendettas towards men ... Crack front axle, walked in a Bass Pro Shop with David Hasselhoff, pulled Tabasco sauce out of my ... Got a shoppin' list for you to run some odds and ends with ... Snuck up on 'em in Ray Bans in a gray van with a spray tan ... In a laser tag vest and a racin' jacket
ItsTheDonBaby & WeRCharm - Glo Up Lyrics
Jun 15, 2015 Lyrics for Glo Up by ItsTheDonBaby & WeRCharm. ... I'm oh-so-clean I'm talking Misses Clean Your man tryna' with the team Gotta Glo Up if you wanna get with me! I'm who your girl wanna be All this cash hanging out my jeans Hundred ... we sit back and laugh My wave be oh-so-rad Pull up in a ghost like, ...
The Greatest (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Feb 4, 2016 Manny Fresh. im just a man, tryna get my hustle on tryna feed, excuse ... its motivation for dem freaky hoes to show dat ass, nigga, ipop tags on a ... i hunt at the zoo, i gotta bitch to pull bitches like she one of the crew, now a ... give it up im the greatest, im the greatset, imthe greatest pimpin im the greatest.
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines lyrics
3 explanations, 19 meanings to Blurred Lines lyrics by Robin Thicke: [Pharrell & Robin Thicke Intro:] / Everybody get up, WOO! / Hey, hey,
Snoop Dogg - Doggz Gonna Get Ya - Snoop Dogg Lyrics
He's the neighborhood drug dealer, my man. I go upstairs, I ... I got three pair of pants and with my brother I share ... Love aint got no price tag. Snoop I want you to kick this shit to them niggas. Hmm ... I got a 55" television you know ... I pull up at the light like a superstar ... Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex- Boyfriends.
Fetty Wap - Zoovier lyrics
Zoovier lyrics by Fetty Wap: [Intro] / Aye / Yeaaah baby! / Zoo Zoo! / Zoovier! / Squad! / [Verse] / I pull up in my beamer / I ball.
Wiz Khalifa - Smokin On Lyrics
Goin' to pull my stash, out rollin' out this half ounce. Puff pass, nigga I puff ... Half ounce what I got to smoke up in some days. Yeah I choke up ... I'm from Pistolvania, where them heaters hit you ... Don't really gotta tell you that I'm smokin good, You smell it ... Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex- Boyfriends · Every Lyric ...
I had to spill at shawty with my jeans on And I had my pistol in my pocket Can't trust none ... Can't trust none of these bitches, gotta be cautious ... Paranoia pulling up garage one in the head ... I just pop the tag on the bands, it was Monday ... I've been on them Xans and that molly, I ain't frontin' ... I just took the middle man off
2 Pistols Feat. T-Pain & Tay Dizm - She Got It lyrics
User icon. Log in or Sign up ... But cha gotta ride nice dick and uh ... Them other niggas lame man, lil mamma I got the game plan ... Make a nigga wanna stop and stare, I just wanna pull your hair ... Bestest thing in fresh Louis with the matching jeans ... There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words.
Beyoncé - Halo lyrics
Remember those walls I built. Well, baby they're tumbling down. And they didn't even put up a fight. They didn't even make up a sound. I found a way to let you ...
Your hair matching my drink, I'mma need you on the whole paint. It's like going on a ... Shot up and let me she flex and we pull up in them Bentleys Walk through ...
T.I. - Swing Ya Rag Lyrics
Swizzy / Need y'all t take y'all rags out man / T.I. / And let it swang / Swang / Swang ... 1 What Up, What's Haapnin' ... Got a sick swag tell the haters get mad ( come on) ... Falling on my Louis shoes, shirt match my Louis rag ... And make it rain on them broads watch the stacks fall ... Let it sag wit ya pants get ya swag just right
Walk up to yo bitch, told er I'd buy er. Nigga talk shit, I pull out the fire. Bitches getting loose, ride through on yo block man. In the drop, hair black, jeans, make a bitch cheat not care ... Twerk, we don't slow dance to them slow jams ... Gone, got bars, ain't gotta roam ... 100 on the dash, molly in the stash, fuck a price tag
Bring them friends ... I got a different girl every day of the week ... Pulled up to the crib around 2 ... There's the milk man named Tag Grief Ben, And he's singing
Could give them classic NY jeans over the Timbs Or I could spit about my ... I have nightmares about my momma getting beat up in the yard. Wake up feeling like ...
But he's got a lot to learn about survival. And the man he's gonna learn from is... Doom! ... Rack em up, just don't quit your old job. Small trolls whose ... Black kicks , black jeans, black jacket matchin' I'm pulling 21s like I'm using black magic ... I'm using both of those as a tactic ... Ain't wanna tag along, it's something that I long

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