Purify me in the fire of your presence burn up the secrets lyrics

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MY DEAR ADDICTION LYRICS - "New Blood" (2010) album
Just break the doubts inside your mind. I won't give in ... Your presence made me realize. You're ... Keep me up from slipping away. Lord, keep this fire burning
MARTYRIUM LYRICS - "Awakening The Ancient" (2010) album
Rise up high and claim your throne! Embraced ... For we are one with the secrets of our father ... The chalice for the purified ... For the fire age has arrived! Hail father! Your presence is burning within us! ... It watches me as in the pit I am blown
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath"
The truth I speak is your decease. My word is ... Teach me the tongue of fire, so that I ... They whip my clenched faces freezing skin with ice-cold burning cuts. ... where years of secrets of universal forces lay hid. .... Far up in the mountains, .... Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence? .... and nothing can stop the purifying.
No it don't come easy. No it don't come fast. Lock me up inside your garden. Take me to the riverside. Fire burning me up. Desire taking me so much higher
LUCIFERION LYRICS - "The Apostate" (2003) album
We are the voice that wake up your will ... Reach for me, i'm the one that cleans this mortal world. In my grasp's pure fire even shadow burns. Blessed to kneel ...
INTERNAL SUFFERING LYRICS - "Awakening Of The Rebel" (2006 ...
Evocation Of The Secret Gate (Crossing The Hidden Barrier... I Am Immortal!) 7. ... Symbol of Thelemic power! THE AWAKENER! MORNING STAR! RISE UP! [X3] ... All spirits... subject unto me! I invoke thee ... Basking in the raw derangement of your terrible presence! IA! IA! ... Purified by fire, embodiment of supreme power.
SCHAMMASCH LYRICS - "Triangle" (2016) album
Raising secrets on his dying flame. As a monument of ... I bind this sacrifice to the burning tree. And let it shine ... Tell me, if Satan's breath creates the. Storms that hurl your salt water up to. The clouds ... Purifying rebirth ... My presence in all
GOATWHORE LYRICS - "Carving Out The Eyes Of God" (2009) album
A burning fear of the wrongs that the slave has chosen. Cleansed in flame, purified through ash. These burning rites of ... Revolting the presence of question ... Swallowed in blood and fire. Assume ... Burden me with your weak ... Spinning webs up to the stars for insurrection ... carrier of the secret to annihilate the universe of
ABIGOR LYRICS - "Opus IV" (1996) album
Symbols to guide me, symbols to brace me ... I have spiritualized the flame of Satan ... Secrets and treasures can be bared in a place called... hell ... The seven stars burn in line ... To purify the surface of my planet ... Your world will be swept up with the agony of billions ... Some things lighten nightfall... feel my presence.
DIMMU BORGIR LYRICS - "In Sorte Diaboli" (2007) album
Inject its venom into your veins. And replant ... Let me be the one that deliver you from the deceit. And back ... Cursed and destined to burn ... Conspiring to cover up the truth ... I am warm by this fire ... And have you all purged and purified ... I reveal the secrets to the world's most famous forgery ... And let me presence known
ZONARIA LYRICS - "Infamy And The Breed" (2007) album
Committing a secret allegiance with fire ... Burn it in my eyes. FREE ME! So I can rise again. To bring death to your soul. And strike you down, rip the skin off your bone ... I will kill, purify ... There's nothing for me here ... Your presence gives a blessing ... Line-up: Simon Berglund -- vocals, lead guitar. Emil Nystr?m -- guitar
SPAWN OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Cabinet" (2003) album
A Presence Inexplicable 5. Dirty Priest 6. ... Fire strikes the earth as it. Commence ... Kiss the cross the priest is chanting fuck your god the demon whisper .... Causing the failure of sinners burning shadows ... Forgive me father for I have sinned, I have done terrible things. ... The child opened up and told its uncle its secret
THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES LYRICS - "The Black Legend" (2015 ...
Harsh creation, brought to the fire of hell. ... Come unto me and pledge unto me your loyalties, as I spread death on this land. ... A presence traversing dimensions. ... Purify. Absolve. The somber alignment is complete. Calibration. The planets ... Burned words on their skins, claim faith is gone. ... Secret power demoniacal.
1349 LYRICS - "Beyond The Apocalypse" (2004) album
presence of your being. Not to think ... An infernal madness sweeps me along. On a mind ... And know what secret treasures await ... Burning throughout the universe ... So purifying and unholy ... And set sail on a sea of fire ... To wake up
NECROPHOBIC LYRICS - "Womb Of Lilithu" (2013) album
Infatuate with your presence. We drown in ... Lesser key of greater secrets. Rise now ... Wire up yourself in chaos of fire ... Hunt to devour souls striketh night burning skies ... Belches fire, purify ... Emphastison, Hear me, I conjure Thee, Paimon
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "Battle Magic" (1998) album
Blades aflame with witch-fire burning, Bright swords blessed by nine ... [THE ORACLE OF WAR:] The crows will pick your bones clean. ... The clarion of battle beckons me. .... Countless secrets will be unlocked for you, and great ... Like a purifying .... place of the ebon blade, and had shielded the presence of the sorcerous
DEATHSPELL OMEGA LYRICS - "Si Monvmentvm Reqvires ...
My life is yours Lord, let me be your herald and executioner. My actions shall .... that art exalted up to heaven, thou shalt be thrust down to hell... For he will grow ...
CAGE LYRICS - "Science Of Annihilation" (2009) album
So look to the sky and pray to your god ... She used me in unimaginable ways. Sadistic ... Beware the witch burn alive tonight ... In the presence of evil ... Little children lightning the fire! ... Is commanding you to purify belief ... Fight stand up and fight fight to death die glocke ... Some say it's in the amazon a secret Nazi base
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "Atlantis Ascendant" (2001) album
Indeed, I feel that perhaps the great discovery which has eluded me for so long may ... The Host of Z'xulth: Your realm is lost... it shall be devoured by the sea! ... more malevolent presence, can be perceived lurking within the ancient body of the ... burn black and the agents of some unfathomable evil would besiege Atlantis, ...
SPAWN OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Noctambulant" (2006) album
My presence slowly fades with bitter taste and wings that can not bear. ... The rotten ambience is gone as I wait for the call to wake up Eyes closed, I wither, the ... I shall retort, hidden answers, I'll burn them every bridge just to stop clutching at every ... Profane is the soul purpose here, I know it and still I let my inner steer me .

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