Put that booty all up in my face bad bitch contest lyrics

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2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Birthday Song
And how I come up with this shit up in the studio. All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe. All I want for my ... Put it on, give her a kiss, and tell her, "Do better" She said, "How 'bout I get ... Bad bitch contest, you in first place. You in first place,  ...
Lyrics to "Face Down" song by MEEK MILL: Okay... Yeah.. I got a rubber in my pocket and I'm talking like this. Face down, ass ... [Meek Mill] I got all these hoes tryna fuck. ... But I want your face down, and your ass up. And your ass ... Bad bitch she look tropic. If she fuck ... I tell 'em hoes when I get up, now put ya.... [ CHORUS]
2 Chainz - Birthday Song Lyrics
And how I come up with this shit up in the studio. All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho. All I want for my ... Put it on, give her a kiss, and tell her, "Do better" She said, "How 'bout I get ... Bad bitch contest, you in first place. You in first place, ...
Turn up king, bad bitch dream. Ring a bitch bell with this ding-a-ling-a-ling. Balling on my team, all day trap. Hit em bad, they hopin I leave my kids there like a day camp ... Blowin in yo face, put my heavy weight ace. Ride me down, slap ... She bring that ass up then she drop it to a split ... I'm in the bad bad bitch contest ugh!
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Shake That Monkey
Lyrics to "Shake That Monkey" song by TOO $HORT: Put a hump in ya back and shake ya rump (HEY!) ... Bounce dat ass up and down to da flo. ... Dance and make all the niggas look at that shit ... Damn right bitch...fuck my wife ... Have a motor tha booty contest and pick a winner ... Put on a seatbelt dont let her sit on ya face
Drake - Say What's Real Lyrics
Bitch ass niggas the cue to go. So they stick ... My privacy about the only thing I need back but. It's hard to ... Always said I'd say it all on the right track. But in this ... That was your bad ... Surprised no one ever put your ass up on 'em. Oh they did ...
AKA LYRICS - All Eyes On Me
Lyrics to "All Eyes On Me" song by AKA: It's 4 now Time to get them goons and kick your door down Niggas ... Tell em back it up for me when you see me in the club ... Black card rap star look at my face ... Therefore, twerk contest I'm a nuisance ... Booty soft I'm ripping the buttons off ... A bunch of bad bitches from the States
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
They think that they know, something 'bout my life. Not in the ... These bad hoes is gruntin', their booties is pokin' Out them little ... He'll call me Retch but your bitch call me Bryan In Polo I'm ... Cover girl givin' face to the Crip ... Ridiculous, put dick on tit, spit on clit ... Fuck around and kill one of y'all clown ass niggas, word up
J. COLE LYRICS - Is She Gon Pop
Dropped outta school now he run the streets like all the time. Left me ... We know, yeah nigga we know, hot bitch fell in my lap like cappucino. Niggas so ... I swear if niggas put half of what they put in chasing ass into a craft, now you'd be famous and rich, But I get it, ... Meanwhile I'm stacking paper up, my word. Had more ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Blow The Whistle
I made 1,000 songs that made you move your ass. And for the ... What's my favorite word? BITCH! Why they gotta say it like $hort? BITCH! ... Up all Night baby
... Lyrics. feat. Problem & Tiffany Foxx Turn up K, bad bitch drained, treat a bitch bad with this ding-a-ling-a-ling Balling with my team all day, ... Blowing in your face, put my hands around your waist. Let me do this, ... I say she on, she on her shit, she bring her ass up then she bring it to a split ... I'm in a back, bad bitch contest
I feel like Mace when he gave up the game for his faith. I feel like I'm caged in ... ' Cause I'm mentally rearranging his face. I need a ... I'm going all out in this rap shit and whatever the fallout is. I'm strapped ... Oh my bad, slut. And next ... Smart ass, you're lucky I don't tear it off you. And jump ... Fuck that shit, bitch. Give up my  ...
HOPSIN LYRICS - Lunchtime Cypher
And kickin' ill ass flows in the fuckin' cafeteria. Fuck all that ... I might just step in this bitch and fuck ya life up. I hope the ... Then guard your face and stomach ... And put all my niggas on like this shit was a slave boat ... Bad Manners Freestyle
TINK LYRICS - No Competition
Lyrics to "No Competition" song by TINK: I know y'all I ain't think I was gone drop a tape And not put a fucking freestyle on that bitch I k... ... I'll beat her ass in that office. I'm that bitch in your city ... And my loud be so strong. Let me lift that ... Like a loud blunt just face it ... Y'all washed up and I done brought the rag. Hating on ...
Nicki Minaj - Dance Lyrics
Ass so fat, all these bitches' pussies is throbbin' Bad bitches, I'm your leader, Phantom by the meter ... Y-y-you fuckin' little whores, fu-fuckin' up my decors
KENDRICK LAMAR - BET Cypher lyrics
Put the [cash](undefined) in the safe and here's a extra slug 'for I shake. Ya smoke faster ... Rapper competition, wrapped up my position 'Til I'm finished, 'Til I  ...
AKA feat. Burna Boy, Da Les & Jr. - All Eyes On Me Lyrics ...
Up to de time dem fi no say Burna man king de original Nigerian Don Gorgon ... ( Ay) Bitch I'm on the top of my game Black car, rap star, look at my face If you ain't ... I got a 7:30 shuttle to the airport, therefore Twerk contest to my new sets Job, let's ... Booty's soft I'm ripping the buttons off If money talks I'm willing to shut up all  ...
2 Live Crew - Hoochie Mama Lyrics
Big booty hoes hop wit it / Hoochie mamas hop wit it / Let me see ya touch the ground / I don't know ... By the way bitch, can I get those ends? ... All I want is my hoochie mama ... 12 Hit Songs You Won't Believe Were Passed Up By Other Artists.
Too $hort Miscellaneous shake dat monkey put a hump in ya back n shake ya ... little bitch tore it up they started raising hell ... fuck my wife, you my slut for life ... have a motor booty contest n pick the winner ... ya never gonna win that race, put on a seatbelt n don't let her sit on ya face ... now all that booty, is that for me

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