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RACER X LYRICS - "Street Lethal" (1986) album
Frenzy. 2. Street Lethal. Movin' down the back streets. Pass the speed of light. Sparks burn inside me. Gas and air adjusted right. Layin' down some rubber
Racer X - Snakebite Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Snakebite' by Racer X. Comes way after midnight / Slinks around the alleys of your mind / Wakes you and you're breathless / Cannot figure out what's.
Racer X - Superheroes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Superheroes' by Racer X. Wasting all our time / You mortals and your crimes / Move quick as lightning / Burning across the grease / Could be a little.
RACER X LYRICS - "Technical Difficulties" (1999) album
RACER X lyrics - "Technical Difficulties" (1999) album, including "Children Of The Grave", "The Executioner's Song", "Give It To Me"...
Racer X - Godzilla Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Godzilla' by Racer X. With a purposeful grimace / And a terrible scowl / He pulls the spitting / High-tension wires down / Helpless people on subway.
Racer X - O.H.B. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'O.H.B.' by Racer X. She's a dancer, she's a midnight queen / A fast movin' woman, moves her moter mean / She affects me with her sex machine / God.
Racer X - Fire Of Rock Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fire Of Rock' by Racer X. We're coming to stay / Can't send us back ' cause we're from the stars / We'll show you the way / Life is forever and life.
Racer X - Poison Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poison Eyes' by Racer X. / Kicked in the teeth / I fell down on the floor / Smooth talkin' won't save me now that's for sure / I can't deny the.
Big Black - Racer X Lyrics
Regular guy, Rex got a need. Rex, Racer X Brother is Speed Brother is Speed Brother is sex. Shut up, Pops Rex, Racer X OK Got a big white X On the top of his  ...
Racer X - Waiting Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waiting' by Racer X. / You rock my world out of its place / You took my soul out of its space / There's no denying, sad but true / I just can't get.
Racer X - Dead Man's Shoes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dead Man's Shoes' by Racer X. Hard whiskey and rum / Feel like I'm living under God's thumb / People say it all the time / That my life it ain't.
RACER X LYRICS - "Superheroes" (2000) album
RACER X lyrics - "Superheroes" (2000) album, including "O.H.B.", "Time Before The Sun", "Viking Kong"...
Racer X - 17th Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to '17th Moon' by Racer X. / Spinning around its master / Its master is setting it free / Hurling into the void now / Between the earth and he / Sea of.
Racer X - Evil Joe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evil Joe' by Racer X. We populate, contaminate / And suffocate in our own waste / So now Kuwait can celebrate and salivate / While we all eat.
Racer X - Let The Spirit Fly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let The Spirit Fly' by Racer X. God's voice whispers loudly on / Chasin' the dawn till the morning's gone / Pounds of time keep me drifting sad.
Racer X Lyrics
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Racer X - Time Before The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Before The Sun' by Racer X. There is no sunrise / There has never been a rain / Only an emptiness / No time, No fear, No pain / No bodies crying.
Racer X - Give It To Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Give It To Me' by Racer X. I know it's true / Know what you wanna do / I can see / See what you want from me / 'Cause your eyes show it / Yeah, Your.
Racer X - Mad At The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mad At The World' by Racer X. Things are not going well / I won't lie to you man / Can't forget what's been done / My head's in my hand / I'm so.
Racer X - Technical Difficulties Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Technical Difficulties' by Racer X. ... Get More. Listen to 1+ million songs , ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Racer X Radio on Last.fm · View All ...
Racer X - That Hormone Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Hormone Thing' by Racer X. I need you, most everyday / I want to in every way / Love that pretty little game you play / Y'all twisted 'round my.
Slow Roosevelt - Racer X lyrics
Lyrics for Racer X by Slow Roosevelt. ... Racer X - Lyrics. Slow Roosevelt. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Racer X - Heart Of A Lion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heart Of A Lion' by Racer X. Crashing through the city streets / Caught in the glare of the midnight sun / I got wings upon my feet / But locked as I.
Racer X - Viking Kong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Viking Kong' by Racer X. ... Get More. Listen to 1+ million songs, ad-free . Try Prime Music for free Listen to Racer X Radio on Last.fm · View All ...
Racer X - Living The Hard Way lyrics
Living The Hard Way lyrics by Racer X: It's over / Your problem won the fight / Forget it / You gotta take it light / It's easy / Just push.
Dr. X Lyrics - Racer X
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Dr. X" from "Racer X": I've been bangin' and hangin' with Dr X, He's the one that's gonna put you in a hex, Got me bangin' and ...
Racer X - Children Of The Grave lyrics
Lyrics for Children Of The Grave by Racer X. [Tonny Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne] Revolution in their minds - the children start to march ...
Ten Foot Pole - Racer X Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Racer X' by Ten Foot Pole. I run but I'm running in place / There's no place to hide / I drive but I'm losing the race / I'm only along for the ride.
Racer X - Miss Mistreater lyrics
Miss Mistreater lyrics by Racer X: [Jeff Martin, Bruce Bouillet] / You gave yourself so easily / Well that's OK with me / I'm tired of your.
Racer X - Rock It lyrics
Rock It lyrics by Racer X: Out all over town / The sounds they move like thunder / Move with the crowd / Don't you get held under / Feel it.
Racer X - God Of The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Of The Sun' by Racer X. / Pray to the rain / Pray to the god of thunder / We are as one / Through the blood of our brothers / On through the.
Motor Man Lyrics - Racer X
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Motor Man" from "Racer X": Mirrored reflections in your frames, Your tack is racing, 10-40 weight runs in your veins, Your ...
Whores Of Tijuana - Racer X lyrics
Lyrics for Racer X by Whores Of Tijuana. ... Racer X - Lyrics. Whores Of Tijuana. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics ...
Racer X - Empty Man lyrics
Empty Man lyrics by Racer X: Lost the pieces of my mind / My soul keeps searching for a better place in time / Where should I go? / What.
Racer X - Getaway Lyrics
Lyrics for Getaway by Racer X. Get, get away Get away Get, get away Get away You like 'em long You like 'em lean You kis...
Racer X - Loud And Clear lyrics
Loud And Clear lyrics by Racer X: Taking on a storm / Blast right through with no shape / Or no form / Travels on the waves / On you in.
RACER X LYRICS - "Second Heat" (1987) album
RACER X lyrics - "Second Heat" (1987) album, including "Lady Killer", "Living The Hard Way", "Moonage Daydream"...
Racer X - Dangerous Love lyrics
Dangerous Love lyrics by Racer X: Her skin silken torcher / Eyes sharp and mean / Moves like a cat / Waitin' to sink in her teeth / Glides.
Racer X - Gone Too Far lyrics
Gone Too Far lyrics by Racer X: You waste all of my time / Ya take my love and throw it away / Aw aw aw / It's got to stop / You've gone.
Racer X - Endless lyrics
Endless lyrics by Racer X: Sailing on an endless sea / Places that I've never been before / Cross the world and back for more / Travel to.

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