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Quando Rondo - Real Love Lyrics
Real love I'm searching for real love This for my dawgs in the pavement And you ain't have to take a stand, but you still made a statement (R.I.P. to all my motherfuckin' niggas) Real love, yeah I'm searching for a real love It's too late for all that butter love I gotta show you come straight from the gutter love
Quando Rondo - Real Love Lyrics
Quando Rondo Real Love Lyrics. Real Love lyrics performed by Quando Rondo: Pooh, you a fool for this one Go Grizz Damn (But I [?] harder) I changed, my nigga
Quando Rondo - Love Or Lust Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Love Or Lust": ... I tried to keep it real and never fold, girl You lied, you said you'd ride but you ain't rode I realize I'm walkin' down the same old road (Ayy) ... Quando Rondo Lyrics. album: "QPac" (2020) Blue Opps. Real Love. Double C's. Dripped Out. Nothing Else Matters.
Quando Rondo - Real Shit Lyrics
Pastor Quando Rondo, on the track I be preaching Since I came up the fake love been increasing I had to realize, real eyes, they gon peep the real lies I had recognize, you was fake but in real life But in real life I gotta take care of my family, gotta make sure that my family eat If you ain't on my family tree then you ain't even family
Quando Rondo - Scarred From Love Lyrics
Ooh, Quando Rondo, nigga, yeah yeah I don't know what I need So when I tell you I love you Girl, I really don't mean it Yeah, I really do mean it Yeah You really touched me to my heart Permanent scars the day I found that you cheated I kept it real with you, girl I guess you was tryna get even I felt like Adam, you my Eve, we're in the Garden ...
Quando Rondo - 101 Lyrics
I fell in love with all these hoes and double cups I gotta get it, I don't think I've had enough (this a real nigga 101) 101, it's a real nigga 101, this a trill nigga 101 Real nigga 101, let's have a real nigga 101, this a real nigga 101 Fifty-one fifty, fifty-one fifty, nigga, fifty-one fifty (This a real nigga 101)
Quando Rondo - Depression Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Depression": Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bruh, you too slime Youngin' big blue, but deep inside, he like a red...
Quando Rondo - Legitimate Drugz Lyrics
It's love still, though they love to question my heart Blue bandana, bang the wheelchair like the parking lot (Ayy) I do the dash in a mothafuckin' Jag Gotta skrrt off, it can't fit in the parking lot They see the weakest nigga in the room That be the nigga that talk a lot I think that I need another one, baby girl This a real nigga, one-of-one ...
Quando Rondo & Lancito - Unconditional Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Pooh, you a fool for this one Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ay Ooo, Quando Rondo nigga Winners circle Unconditional fake love, that's what they showed me (Showed me) I been grindin', perfect timin' on my Rollie (Rollie) EA Sports, I'm in the game ballin' like Kobe (Kobe) In the trenches rockin' out with' my lil' woadie
Quando Rondo - Go Wrong Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Go Wrong": I ain't gon' lie, I love you girl But sometimes I feel like that You really be on some other shit An...
Quando Rondo - Just Keep Going Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Just Keep Going": ... And I'm speakin' on real life I just wanna know why They don't notice all the love I'm showing And I just wanna know why They don't notice that it's hard But I just keep going, I just keep going I'm getting so hungry for the mil' I'm on the block with utensils
Quando Rondo - Collect Calls Lyrics
Like number 9 they call me Rondo girl I'm hard to find You deserve me girl, you can't even define You do for me I spend these blues you for me I'll shoot for you Girl cut off that attitude they just doing what groupies do I made a vow to never change and keep it real with the crew I know my mama proud of me Balenciaga shoes
Quando Rondo - Codeine Tales Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Codeine Tales": I feel like this bitch ain't sentimental enough (Yeah ... See, I can tell by your expressions, I really love that look inside your eyes See, baby girl, no I'm not like them other guys ... And you can't hang with us 'cause you ain't real enough (Real enough) No, you can't claim with us 'cause you ain't trill enough ...
Quando Rondo - Double C's Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Double C's": CashMoneyAP (16yrold) Double C, I be crippin', yeah, the hard way Double B's, I was broke and now I...
Quando Rondo - Marvelous Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] I'ma say absolutely when you ask am I'm in love, I want a wife I need a chick that I could cherish who I could only call mine Let's take a journey, fly to Paris together, just you and I It's hard for me to even try to compare it, look in your eyes For all the times I know you felt so embarrassed, I bought you ice
Quando Rondo - Safest Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Ayy, I know the way that I be livin' ain't the safest I been out searchin' for your love for so long, I can't replace it I know you not the same person inside, you two-faced They said you cried, you left him on the road, I can see all the traces I got my back against the rope, I'm feelin' just like Muhammad
Quando Rondo - Poetic Justice Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Poetic Justice": (DJ Swift on the track) (Seventeen in his Nina) ... Drunken love from a Corona, I shouldn't have showed her I need her ... Shout out them OG's keep up real, pass out more work than a teacher Watch how that money make him change, he left his team on the bleachers ...
Quando Rondo - Project Kid Lyrics
Quando Rondo nigga Young nigga on some project shit, harder than a project brick Pack of Newports and Actavis, yeah that's my starter kit I put my Glizzy on my hip and flag to my left I'd rather be judged by six than carried by twelve Time in that cell made me realize, niggas don't show real love
Quando Rondo - Letter To My Daughter Lyrics
She gon' tell me she love me, no, I ain't gotta ask you Even though I'm on the road, I'm coming back to you Thought the key to my heart was that flag that's blue Keep it G from the start, you a bag on boo When I walk inside the door, she gon' know it's me I'ma tell her 'bout the days they ain't notice me I can feel you and you know I'm your Jodeci
Quando Rondo - In My Section (Lyrics) Quando Rondo - In My ...
Quando Rondo's Quando Rondo - In My Section (Lyrics) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. ... Quando Rondo - Real Love (Lyrics) Quando Rondo - Expensive Edibles… Quando Rondo - Lover Or Lust (Lyrics) View All. Hot Videos (She's) Sexy & 17 Video; 10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers Video;
Quando Rondo - I Remember Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Late nights on my avenue by myself, I ain't need a gang member (nigga I remember) I ain't have no money on my books this time last year 'round September (nigga I remember) 12's right behind me, I'ma do the dash real fast, no surrender (nigga I remember) Nigga I remember I remember, nigga I remember I remember Nigga I remember
Quando Rondo - How'd I Make It [Official Music Video ...
Quando Rondo's Quando Rondo - How'd I Make It [Official Music Video] music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.
Quando Rondo Song Lyrics by Albums
View All. Videos. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake Video; Quando Rondo - Who Died (Lyrics) Video Quando Rondo - Who Died (Official Video) Video Quando Rondo - No Hook (Official Video) Video XXXTentacion's Death Leaves Abuse Allegations Unanswered: 'No One Wins' Video Quando Rondo - Scarred From Love (Official Music Video) Video XXXTentacion Attends His Own Funeral in Eerie Music Video Video
Quando Rondo - Blue Opps Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Blue Opps": Hah, yeah This that don dada flow (This that don dada music) Oh Lord, ayy No cappuccino, double cup...
Quando Rondo Song Lyrics
View Quando Rondo song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 3 albums and 63 song lyrics in our database. ... Real Love Lyrics by Quando Rondo. Kiccin Shit Lyrics by Quando Rondo. Blue Opps Lyrics by Quando Rondo. If so - or if you notice any other song that's missing - be the first to ...
Quando Rondo - It Ain't Easy Lyrics
Quando Rondo Lyrics "It Ain't Easy" (Go Griz...) I know it ain't easy tryna love a thug You say that you need me ... She wanna call for real I know it ain't easy tryna love a thug You say that you need me Telling lies on the under your breath I got you through whatever If you call I'm pulling up
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - This For The Lyrics ...
[Quando Rondo:] Too many bands in my bank account A lot of blue hunnits, a large amount Got a brick of some dope, put that shit on the boat When it come to the money, we ain't runnin' out No money buried in that Federal Niggas hate but they ain't on my level though I swear that they nowhere compatible Smokin' Gelato and sippin' on medical
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Need A Best Friend Lyrics ...
[Quando Rondo:] Every nigga in your clique, yeah they gon' feel me If I ever cheated on you, would you still leave? No impersonatin' nigga, this the real me Convicted felon, but that pistol, yeah, I still keep I really came up from the bottom, they didn't believe us And I can't show that ho respect because you not Aretha
Quando Rondo - First 48 Lyrics
Aye, Quando Rondo nigga Dubba-AA Flex Eh, eh, I say I'ma keep it real on this one nigga No they don't love me like how they say the love me (Naw) No they don't love me like how the claim the love me (Naw) No they don't love me like how they say the love me (Naw) No they don't love me like how the claim the love me (Naw)
Quando Rondo - Expensive Edibles Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Expensive Edibles": Rollie keep tick-tock, yeah Rollie keep tick-tockin', yeah They wasn't with me on the block, yeah Wh...
Quando Rondo - How'd I Make It Lyrics
Quando Rondo "How'd I Make It": ... Pure codeine in a double cup My whole team really love it all Stacking all these racks money double up Trash bags full of gas it out the mud Pure codeine bitches Talk to me take a seat off the chair Big difference is they can't even compare ... I kept it real with them niggas, I stood in the field with them ...
Quando Rondo - Couldn't Beat The Odds Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Couldn't Beat The Odds": Shout out TNT ... Why is it so hard for them to keep it real? That's why I feel like I can't trust no one I played my cards but I can't save the shit ... She fucked that boy and fell in love I sip that lean from day to night, I live my life doin' these drugs
Quando Rondo - It Ain't Easy Lyrics
Lyrics for It Ain't Easy by Quando Rondo. Lyrics for It Ain't Easy by Quando Rondo. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Sign in Sign up.
Quando Rondo - Bad Vibe Lyrics
Quando Rondo announced "Bad Vibe" on Instagram on the 4th of January 2020. ... Quando Rondo Lyrics. album: "QPac" (2020) Blue Opps. Real Love. Double C's. Dripped Out. Nothing Else Matters. Poetic Justice. Marvelous. Expensive Edibles. Collect Calls. Bad Vibe. 101. Safest. Just Keep Going. Legitimate Drugz. Perfect Timing. Codeine Tales. Love ...
Quando Rondo - Lovers And Friends Lyrics
That time I said I don't love you, girl I ain't really mean it Why would you tell me you love me if you don't really mean it? I got a show out in Texas, I might just [?] Keep it one hundred, I keep it a million When I look in your eyes, I can tell how you feelin' If you see it and want it, you know I'ma spend it Gucci and Fendi, I buy it from Lenox
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