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MagnusTheMagnus - Area Lyrics
March 3, 2019. Translated by Marloes Korsten. March 30, 2019. Correct lyrics. Exclusive offer. Get up to 3 months of free music. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial. Redeem your gift. These lyrics have been translated into 20 languages. Traduction de Area;
David Byrne - Here Lyrics
Even when the other sections are removed Put your hand out of your pocket Wipe the sweat off of your brow Now it feels like a bad connection No more information now As it passes through your neurons Like a whisper in the dark Raise your eyes to the one who loves you It is safe right where you are Here is an area of great confusion Here is a section that's extremely precise Here is an area that ...
Nirvana - D-7 Lyrics
Reject reject Towards anti-social So dull, so dull Standing on the stairs Cold, cold morning Ghostly image of fear Mayday mayday Gonna leave this region They'll take me with them Dimension seven Straight as an arrow Defect defect Not straight, not so straight Reject reject Towards anti-social So dull, so dull Standing on the stairs Cold, cold morning Ghostly image of fear Mayday mayday Gonna ...
Then Jerico - Big Area Lyrics
I was waiting for so long I was praying to belong Only holding out to see and believing there's only one Strong enough and hard enough to give you away. In this big area of mine Sometimes you break me up inside Saying I I want to let you go Got that feeling If anyone who comes to know you long enough will give you away.
Rahul Jain - Bepannah translation in English
English translation of lyrics for Bepannah by Rahul Jain. Abhi Abhi Bhule Bhi Na The Tumhe Khayal Banke Phir Tum Aa Gaye Ehsaas Jo The Dil Mein Kahi...
Area 11 - In The Blind Lyrics
Incumbent carcinoma That should define who I will never be. Sorry. Cause this is the new way, Still spinning cycles in my mind, Spinning cycles in the blind, Tryin' to catch me out. Hold me back and keep me down! Cause this is the new way, Still spinning cycles in my mind, So many cycles in the blind, Tryin' to catch me out. Tryin' to catch me out.
DEVOURMENT LYRICS - "Conceived In Sewage" (2013) album
Hate and fire burn this region Gears, of the 50 ton machine Gears, of the 50 ton war machine! 3. Conceived In Sewage Conception, of sickness The blackest of souls Creation, revolting These eyes see death eternal The wretched stench gives me the life force to slay you The depths in which I dwell would cause a stalwart soul to tremble
Netsky feat. Selah Sue - Get Away From Here Lyrics ...
The Lyrics for Get Away From Here by Netsky feat. Selah Sue have been translated into 1 languages Get away from here Welcome to the brave new world From darkness you see the light About the time to fight, not petrified Now here I come, go wild for the night A boy got power to set up the barrier ...
Area 11 - The Contract Lyrics
The Lyrics for The Contract by Area 11 have been translated into 1 languages. Move a little bit closer, ‘cause you're in for a jagged night Hold tight I close my eyes; a toxic calling Just let it resonate, we call it suffering We know just who to trust this time I want you to give me what I need Lay waste to your beliefs, rebuild yourself for ...
Angel Dust - Mr. Inferno Lyrics
Lyrics for Mr. Inferno by Angel Dust. There is a land in the middle east region ruled by black gold and a crazy religion There ...
Bad Meets Evil - Welcome 2 Hell Lyrics
The Lyrics for Welcome 2 Hell by Bad Meets Evil have been translated into 7 languages Yeah, told you we'd be back Welcome 2 Hell There's a switch, I flip, emotions cut off So cold I done froze my butt off And this ain't even the tip of the iceberg yet It's like squirting a squirt gun in the ocean ...
ANGEL DUST LYRICS - "To Dust You Will Decay" (1988) album
album: "To Dust You Will Decay" (1988) 1. 3rd Challenge 2. Mr. Inferno 3. Wings Of An Angel 4. Into The Dark Past (Chapter II) 5. The King 6. To Dust You Will Decay 7. Stranger 8. The Duell 9. Hold On
Stevie Stone - Eat II Lyrics
Told Joe I'd be tourin' when they do the March gotta go homie to pay for my divorce Now he tryin' to make the people turn another back on me Nigga I don't need NOTHIN', but this music, and these grands, and all the fans And my children, an apology for you doggin' me and my big crew On a beach somewhere in Miami with my lady's punani I can eat too
Hardwell - Area 51 Lyrics
Lyrics for Area 51 by Hardwell. You know it's the age old question We all wanna know where we came from And what we're doi... Type song title, artist or lyrics ... March 7, 2018. Correct lyrics. Exclusive offer. Get up to 3 months of free music. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial.
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Area 3 - Si Tu Marido Lyrics
y tu solita esperando que otro hombre te sedusca a qui me tienes al lado yo se que por dentro duele pero va tener que aceptarloo si tu marido te pregunta tu solo debes ocultarlo el tiene otras mujeres y tu solita esperando que otro hombre te sedusca aqui me tienes al lado yose que por dentro duele ...
Area 11 - Shi No Barado Lyrics
Lyrics for Shi No Barado by Area 11. I saw your face in the LEDs My revenge was your gift to me It's something that I can never...
RAVENTHRONE LYRICS - "Malice In Wonderland" (1998) album
The region of the dead Unseen on breaths of wind we ride Unheard to cars of man or beast Pale the faces in the shroud Calling us to leave this world From a slumbers silent dream To the end a corpse will bring From a slumber unsilent To the throne supreme Immortal and defiant against the world we stand Restless and soulless, rapture of peace
Ariel Camacho - Buena Vision Lyrics
billetitos de los verdes pa' gastar Marca de diseñador en la mano un buen reloj solo para la ocasión si hay damas en la región me la llevo tranquilon no me gusta hablar de mas y un Don Julio del 70 pa' empezar Las fincas pa' festejar los cumpleaños que vendrán pa' atacar el caloron una alberca es lo mejor para mas privacidad cerramos un restaurant solo llegan los amigos de verdad Por el ...
Christmas Carols - We Three Kings Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Three Kings' by Christmas Carols: We three kings of Orient are Bearing gifts we traverse afar. Field and fountain, moor and mountain, Following
Area 11 - Homunculus Lyrics
Lyrics for Homunculus by Area 11. Balanced Equation Something gained something lost It cost me an arm and a leg But I won't ...
John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Take Me Home, Country Roads" song by John Denver: Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River Life is old there, ... In March 2014, it became one of the four official state anthems of the state.
Stupeflip - La seule alternative Lyrics
J'fonce tout schuss, carapacé comme un rhyno-féroce Ton boum-boum c'est attroce, laisse faire la zik qui nique sa race Ton truc est rance, y'a pas de passe, tu sens que cette grosse caisse tabasse La STUP fée carabosse, mate le lapin ronger son os Mon style fracasse, cet os, mon truc qui tape te ...
Eregion - Lord of War Lyrics. I - The March Moon guide my steps in this land of bewitchery surrounded by shadows I walk Blood on my hands It's a sign of impending doom B
CORMORANT LYRICS - "Earth Diver" (2014) album
3. Sold As A Crow Quiet dawn as fog lifts in Saint Esprit Target of a twisted covert trial People of the region unsuspecting As dapper agents empty out the vial The climate of the day unstable Esoteric knowledge on the table A policy of silence to suffocate the truth Tested on the meek and voiceless So they could weigh their choices
El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa - El Cachanilla Lyrics ...
Lyrics for El Cachanilla by El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa. Nací en los Algodonales bajo un sol abrazador mis manos encallecieron y me bañe de sudor y...
Toto - Africa Lyrics
"At the beginning of the '80s I watched a late night documentary on TV about all the terrible death and suffering of the people in Africa. It both moved and appalled me, and the pictures just wouldn't leave my head. I tried to imagine how I'd feel about if I was there and what I'd do." - David Paich (vocals).
LORDIAN GUARD LYRICS - "Lordian Guard" (1995) album
They rise from their fiery region, On dragon like wings, by thousands they've come to war. And dark are the Seraphic Legions, With armor and shield, they raise their flaming swords. In the name of the Archangel Lucifer, The Legions hath come, to divide and to conquer Thy kingdom, Thy power, Thy throne, The Seraphic Legions they goe . . .
BORKNAGAR LYRICS - "Origin" (2006) album
[Oystein G. Brun, March 2005] 3. Oceans Rise Deify the depths of intimate caprice The noble morsel of the grand eternity Face the furious and black domain From where all the wisdom once came As a weak and stunning flare Yet so completed and clear In the eyes of the elementary existence May the fallen of eternity explode As primal instincts of ...
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Dreamland ...
Lyrics for Dreamland by Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows. By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angels only, Where an eidolon, named night, ...
La India de Oriente - Oriente Cuna Florida Lyrics
Lyrics for Oriente Cuna Florida by La India de Oriente. Al compás del Son, china, yo quiero bailar, prieta. El Son oriental, negra, no tiene rival...
Mozzy - Beautiful Struggle Lyrics
for the benefit of my daughters Im just tryyna get my life right in this underbucket cause im trynna shake the limelight its still spunky so we do that shit on eye sight all he heard was fireworks and all he seen was bright lights trife life when you livin in my enviornmental bitches let me utilize the vehicle den im slidin in em candles lighting up the streets cause he died in em toilets ...
Plastilina Mosh - Mi Matamoros querido Lyrics
A orillas del río bravo hay una linda región A orillas del río bravo hay una linda región Con un pueblito que llevo muy dentro del corazón Con un pueblito que llevo muy dentro del corazón Mi matamoros querido (nunca te podré olvidar) Mi matamoros del alma (nunca te podré olvidar) Y nací ...
The Vandals - Euro-barge Lyrics
The Lyrics for Euro-barge by The Vandals have been translated into 1 languages Here in America Respect your fellow man Some foreign cultures Don't understand We got this little rule And it's called elbowroom Pertaining to the special occupancy You consume If I'm in front of line Then you should stay behind Until I get my iceless soda.
Air - The Definitive Community for Lyrics and Reviews
Air (sometimes spelled with all capital letters as AIR) is a French (from region Île-de-France) music duo, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel. The name AIR is a backronym for Amour, Imagination, Rêve which translates to Love, Imagination, Dream.
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