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Rickie Lee Jones - Skeletons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Skeletons' by Rickie Lee Jones. She was pregnant in May / Now they're on their way / Dashing through the snow / To St. John's, here we go / Well, it.
Rickie Lee Jones - Gravity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gravity' by Rickie Lee Jones. There are wounds that stir up the force of gravity / A cold that will wipe the hope from your eyes / Young girl.
Rickie Lee Jones - Cycles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cycles' by Rickie Lee Jones. So I'm down and so I'm out / So are many others / So I feel like tryin' / To hide my head / 'Neath these covers / Life.
Rickie Lee Jones - Love Junkyard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Junkyard' by Rickie Lee Jones. Dented bodies, broken souls / Wilted roses, hearts grow cold / Unhappy endings and shattered dreams / And ...
Rickie Lee Jones - For No One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For No One' by Rickie Lee Jones. Your day breaks, your mind aches / You find that all the words / Of kindness linger on / She no longer needs you /
Rickie Lee Jones - The Returns Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Returns' by Rickie Lee Jones. But after all / There are such things / And these are the things / Who'll turn your memories back into dreams again.
Rickie Lee Jones - We Belong Together Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Belong Together' by Rickie Lee Jones. I say this was no game of chicken / You were aiming your best friend / That you wear like a switchblade on  ...
Rickie Lee Jones - Show Biz Kids Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Show biz kids' by Rickie Lee Jones. While the poor people sleepin' / With the shade on the light / While the poor people sleepin' / All the stars.
Rickie Lee Jones - Walk Away Renee Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk Away Renee' by Rickie Lee Jones. And when I see the sign that, points one way / The lot we used to pass by, everyday, yeah / Just walk away.
Rickie Lee Jones - Little Mysteries Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Mysteries' by Rickie Lee Jones. A gypsy boy came up to you / With a newspaper spread across his arm / To hid his fingers in your pocket... /
Rickie Lee Jones - Night Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Night train' by Rickie Lee Jones. Here I'm going / Walkin' with my baby in my arms / 'cause I am in the wrong end of the eight ball black / And the.
Rickie Lee Jones - Coolsville Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Coolsville' by Rickie Lee Jones. I and Braggar, and Junior Lee, / Well that's the way we always thought it would be / In the wind-strewn leaves of.
Rickie Lee Jones - Young Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Young blood' by Rickie Lee Jones. Take a walk around midnight in the City / Young Blood is hiding there somewhere / If your looking for something to.
Rickie Lee Jones - Stewart's Coat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stewart's Coat' by Rickie Lee Jones. Hold me love, I can't sleep again / Will I have to kiss your nose? / I want to lay here next to him, love / I.
Rickie Lee Jones - So Long Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Long' by Rickie Lee Jones. You'll always find what you're after, baby / You'll find the sun and laughter / So Long / My Darling / So Long / You're.
Rickie Lee Jones - My One And Only Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My one and only love' by Rickie Lee Jones. The very thought of you makes my heart sing / Like an April breeze on the wings of spring, / And you.
Rickie Lee Jones - Beat Angels Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beat Angels' by Rickie Lee Jones. Begging round the sun beaten streets / I can't make me no connections / Locals here no speak no English / Where ...
Rickie Lee Jones - Sailor Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor Song' by Rickie Lee Jones. Oh the ship I'm on / Time is what I ride / Forty winds, the captain and the tide / Oh a sailor boy / Stole me from.
Rickie Lee Jones - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Don't let the sun catch you crying' by Rickie Lee Jones. Don't let the sun catch you cryin' / The night's the time for all your tears / Your heart.
Rickie Lee Jones - Bitchenostrophy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bitchenostrophy' by Rickie Lee Jones. Close your eyes and dream of me / You've found the one you love / Life is long and then it's through / But you.
Rickie Lee Jones - Hey Bub Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hey Bub' by Rickie Lee Jones. I would call him, Hey Bub / He had a little place he kept for me / And he would tell me / Boy, we were so in love / He.
Rickie Lee Jones - Infinity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Infinity' by Rickie Lee Jones. Traveling on a train / Sitting with the band / Looking out the window / Everything is made of / Shape and form / Now.
Rickie Lee Jones - Easy Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Easy money' by Rickie Lee Jones. There was a Joe / Leanin' on the back door / A couple Jills with their eyes on a couple bills / Their eyes was.
Rickie Lee Jones - Running From Mercy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Running from mercy' by Rickie Lee Jones: Waking our happiness drowning in light Little acts of kindness, little words of love Make our earthly home .
Rickie Lee Jones - Satellites Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Satellites' by Rickie Lee Jones. We were born forever / We are twinned in a fugitive mind / Friends should stay together and / Light the world with.
Rickie Lee Jones - Bye Bye Blackbird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bye Bye Blackbird' by Rickie Lee Jones. Pack up all your cares and woes / Here I go singing low, / Bye bye blackbird. / Where someone waits for me /
Rickie Lee Jones - Up From The Skies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Up From the Skies' by Rickie Lee Jones. Tell me everything / I just want to talk to you / I won't do you no harm / I just want to know about your.
Rickie Lee Jones - I Won't Grow Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Won't Grow Up' by Rickie Lee Jones. I won't grow up / I don't want to go to school / Just to learn to be a puppet / And recite a silly rule / If.
Rickie Lee Jones - On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'On Saturday Afternoons In 1963' by Rickie Lee Jones: The most as you' ll ever go Is back where you used to know If grown-ups could laugh this slow.
Rickie Lee Jones - Howard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Howard' by Rickie Lee Jones. The spirits of her abortion had manifested / The spirits of all her abortions manifested themselves into the furniture.
Rickie Lee Jones - Tigers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tigers' by Rickie Lee Jones. The tigers come at four / Shaped like the curtain and the floor / Like the stars they once were wild and cold / Your.
Rickie Lee Jones - A Stranger's Car Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Stranger's Car' by Rickie Lee Jones. Take the train / Oh you have run as far as you can go / They've tied your fingers to rails of stars / Can you.
Rickie Lee Jones - The Albatross Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Albatross' by Rickie Lee Jones. There, there is my ship / Finally come in / I see the mast rolling on the steps / Over the garden wall / I hear.
Rickie Lee Jones - Ghostyhead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ghostyhead' by Rickie Lee Jones. Ghostyhead, ghostyhead, standing in the door / You think if you don't answer / I can't hear you anymore / Chains ...
Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E's In Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chuck E's In Love' by Rickie Lee Jones. How come he don't come and PIP with me / Down at the meter no more? / How come he turn off the TV?
Rickie Lee Jones - Firewalker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Firewalker' by Rickie Lee Jones. Julie got some ecstasy, she laid down on the steering wheel / Love comes to the first thing love sees / Love comes.
Rickie Lee Jones - Trouble Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trouble Man' by Rickie Lee Jones. I come up hard baby, but now I'm cool / I didn't make it sugar, playin' by the rules / I come up hard baby, but now.
Rickie Lee Jones - A Tree On Allenford Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Tree On Allenford' by Rickie Lee Jones. There is a tree on Allenford / I drive by it each day on my way to and from work / And there are always.
Rickie Lee Jones - It Takes You There Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It Takes you there' by Rickie Lee Jones. What you are you can never erase / It's here til the end of time / What you lost you will never replace /
Rickie Lee Jones - Sunshine Superman Makin' Whoopee! -- With ...
Lyrics to 'Sunshine Superman Makin' Whoopee! -- with DrJohn' by Rickie Lee Jones. Every time I hear that march from Lohengrin / I am always on the outside.

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