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but I'll probably still be the man when everything is over so I'm riding through the city with my high beams on can you see me can you see me get your visine on
DRAKE - Over lyrics
So I'm riding through the city with my high beams on. Can you see me? Can you see me? Get your Visine on. Y'all just do not fit the picture, turn your widescreen ...
Over Lyrics - Drake
So they tell me that they love me, I know better than that, its just game, Its just what ... So im ridin thru the city with my high beams on, Can you see me?, Can you ...
Eminem - No Return Lyrics
I'm a man of my word so your fuckin' heads better nod. Or I'ma ... I could run circles around you so fast ... so i'm riding through the city with my high beams on
Json feat. Trubble - City Lights Lyrics
You know bout' the city life, got to keep the city bright Got to keep them city lights ... ridin' through the dark with your high beam life on/ Yea you right we them city ... aint enough cause no we aint umm lil wayne'en for them/ Im a believer so no I ...
Ain't I;m ridin thru the city in the meanest machine? Ain't I, ain't I ... So fresh, so clean ... My Chevrolet lay butt naked on the asphalt flo' flashin her high beams
Dear lord you've take so many of my people. I'm just ... I'm from a windy city like do or die. ... So it ain't no proof that I ever walked through 8 Mile So they ain't no ... with the high beams on. Me and the ... Ridin' slow in that Phantom just the way I ...
Drake - Lay In Bed Alone lyrics
Oct 18, 2015 ... you need a friend, So break me off a piece of that, so sweet, so bad, ... everything is over So I'm riding through this city with my high-beams ...
G Herbo in your city, fillin up the spot. Leanin' off the ... And I be ridin' down Lake Shore, gettin' faded ... When it come to bitches I done ran through several ... When we in the scene 30's with the beams ... Prolly reason why a nigga get so high
G HERBO AKA LIL HERB LYRICS - 4 Minutes Of Hell Part 4
I'm just riding through my city, getting blazed, in the rain. I been stressing, feel ... Pull up on your block with glizzies and them beams and we be blowin' We ain't ... Then we high, in the sky, tellin' fo'nem 'bout the story. Got a lot of ... Real nigga shit, we ten year niggas bitch so imagine the numbers for Herb, boy. And we go ...
She's thinkin' like "So what? My homie got colder" ... As I'm ridin' through my hood , it's been goin' down crazy in this bitch. Where they murder for a half a pound baby. So imagine for a kilo; shark in the water, Nemo ... My city body for body, my finger all on the trigger. I'm ready ... My 750 my beam I'm clean fuck do you mean
Everywhere Now days. When I'm passin' through ... Never did so maybe that's why you're on. Every highway just beyond the high-beams. Right beside me in all  ...
Riding through the city with my hat real low ... Got my high beams on and my phone on silent ... But she don't, so don't think that means I'm leaving you
So I'mma get more. Yeah I'mma get more ... Amen, high life, sleepy, night night. Flashes spotlight ... Riding around the city with my eyes closed. Crazy girls got it ...
I'ma have to talk to Eazy through the Ouija So I can see ... get high. Then your broads sneak ya keys from ya niggas and ride ... To put it down in your city ... Beggin to Scotty, "Won't you beam me up?" I buck ... Ladi-da-da-da, so high, so high
Riding round the city, plastic cup of Henny Find a nigga like me, truth to be told, I don't know many. I say shout my driver Lauren, that's 62 with curtains. Cant see ...
So I wrote this song my nigga ... Then it all went wrong, What the fuck Kobe why you couldn't get a ride home my nigga ... I be shopping, bitches saying "Lil Herb you on the top of yo city" ... Green beam on a nigga make you take a sit nigga
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Notorious Thugs
... by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: It's Bone and Biggie, Biggie Let's Ride Get High Armed and dangerous ain't too many can bang wi... ... look at all the bullshit I been through ... no dough so pop a couple of those, Lil' Rippsta..nigga mista clean, nigga ... beam now between the scenes destroy your dreams, you willing to die we'll see
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - The Art Of Peer Pressure
Come through and bust ya head nigga) Me and the ... (I ride for my mothafuckin' niggas. Hop out, do my ... We tryna conquer the city with disobedience. Quick to ...
Drake - Over (Remix) Lyrics
See, I'm stronger than the strongest so the weak will never eat (ay) [Chorus: Trey Songz] ... So I'm riding through the city with my high beams on. Can you see me ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Watch everybody sleep through it ... So they wouldn't get the dogs start searching for the glock .... So I'ma take him out his house, put the beam on his face
Take the keys to yo city but I still picked the locks. Buy a car and a ... put the beat in the trunk so ya hear the shit knock. To hell with ... I'm ridin in a big boat like Noah ... my manicured nails touch a triple beam scale ... Heaven Thru The Backdoor
Lil Scrappy - My Life Lyrics
And I'm grindin' till I'm tired / They say you ain't grindin' till you tired / So I'm grindin ' ... I'm from a windy city, like "Do or Die" ... (My Life x3) Walk through the gates of Hell, see my Impala parked in front. The high beams on, me and Devil share chronic blunts ... Ridin' slow with that Phantom just the way I should (My Life x3)
Lyrics to "So Fresh" song by SOULJA BOY: You already know young millionaire I' m so ... Young soulja boy you know I killed the beam ... I be getting high every weekend every week ... Young dre riding through the hood and he notice me ... the movie, its going the fuck down man you already know what it is, from kansas city, ...
dru hill - over (remix) [feat. yo gotti & trey songz] lyrics
So I'm riding through the city with my high beams on. Can you see me can you see me get your visine on. Y'all just do not fit the picture. Turn your widescreen on
My Life Lyrics - The Game feat. Lil Wayne
A way through the day. A life For the night. Dear Lord, you've done took so many of my people. I'm just wonderin' ... I'm from a Windy City, like "Do or Die" ... With the high beams on ... Ridin' slow in that Phantom just the way I should (My Life)
G HERBO LYRICS - Hot Nigga (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hot Nigga (Remix)" song by G HERBO: I'm so hot nigga I'm so high ... Riding through the opps, all them niggas hidin' ... Vito City, that's the team low. Pistol gang, yeah, we keep them hoes. Glizzies with them 30s and them beams low
So I'm riding through this city with my high-beams on. Can you see me? Can you see me? Get your Visine on. Y'all just do not fit the picture, turn your wise friend ...
2 CHAINZ - Fork lyrics
So much money on me, it won't even fold. So much money on ... Ridin' on a jet, headin' to that Costa Soon as I land I ... I'm the man in my city, same thing in South Dakota And I'm ... Got to weigh me on a triple beam. D-boy in ... I'm so high, your whore get hijacked. And my ... Music, Inc. Fork lyrics licensed through LyricFind.
KID ROCK LYRICS - Devil Without A Cause
So hold your bids, all bets are closed. And fuck all you ... To New York City and 700 dollar dinners. From hangin with ... No triple beams it seems like a movie. Bought two cribs, droptop, and jacuzzi. No more fluzzies only high class hoes ... 3 foot high...ready to get fly...Joe C ... And rake through kind like a bum through wine
The Game feat. Lil Wayne - My Life Lyrics
Aug 11, 2015 A way through the day, a light for the night Dear Lord: you done took so many of ... see my Impala parked in front With the high beams on, me and the devil ... practice My mind fucked up, so I cover it with a Raider hood I'm from the city ... like me that make the hood Riding slow in that Phantom just the way I ...
Where anything's possible and nothin' fa sho, High off Khadafi mixed with blow [ Ikeman] Well I come from, the city of drank, Where niggas drop tar, ride and drip ...
Lyrics to "Ride Slow" song by AB-SOUL: Ain't no sitting down in here my nigga Yeah Yeah keep-say-Oh ... Pulling up no headlights but there's red beams on you
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Reppin' My City
Lyrics to "Reppin' My City" song by RICK ROSS: I be reppin my city I be reppin my city I be reppin ... So what's a soldier to do ... High nine five nigga, let me ride
Even went out his way so you could check in an extra bag. Now you wanna ... And I want two of these, moving units through consumer streets. Then my shoe ...
2PAC LYRICS - Life Of An Outlaw
Lyrics to "Life Of An Outlaw" song by 2PAC: In the life we live as thugs Everybody fuckin' with us so can't you see It's hard to be a man Ridin'. ... Run but face, being traced, by the infrared beam ... City under siege ... Too high strung to lend help
MONSTER LYRICS - "No One Can Stop Us" (2004) album
Riding On Two Wheels 7. Angels Of Darkness 8. Metalhead 9. Salem (The City Of Witches) 10. ... Your whole life passes through your head. The fall of the .... Now I'm so high that you can't see me. I'm so .... An enormous, bloody, laser beam
Wale - Body 2 Body Lyrics
It's like a high beam gleaming through your eye (bling) ... You remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride it ... So let me know am I clear enough, yeah wassup. Way I ...
Buddy - Shine lyrics and translation
Nov 13, 2016 Driving through the fog with my high beams putting on my Visine Let me tell ... nother level These niggas that stay in my city be getting all cozy but I ... And speak of the Devil That nigga tryna get in my brain So I roll my weed to ...
I like to get high I need a bowl of Honeycomb Man put em ... in the same city with Destiny's Children ... my mothafuckin niggas is so dam very ... shots through yo' do' ... im ridin on my lowlow bangin screwed up santana ... Red Beams And Rice

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