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Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Can't Feel My Face Lyrics ...
[Robb Bank$:] 100 band, 100 band, get it (Yuh) And a nigga walk around with it (Yuh, yuh) Look up in the sky, that Griffith (SSET) Nigga want beef, let's get it (Let's get it) [wifisfuneral:] I pour a six in the Crush, it's a must (It's a must) Smoke on a backwood, that shit full of musk (Shit full of musk) [Robb Bank$:]
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Carro Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Nigga, bet that thing smoke like you ain't asthmatic I just put Biscotti in my inhaler, they like, "How you did that, kid?" Killed my dawgs like Vert, drinkin' on that syrup, don't know how I ain't dead yet Feel like Canada, I [?] Jaded by the like, I'm tryna share my percent
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - EA Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] We want all the smoke, SSET, said intention (Yuh) More zips than a Balmain denim (Yuh) Rich Gang, Rich Life, we respect it (Yuh, SSET) Glock hold seventeen like extension (Yeah) I'm collectin' my allowance from these dawg hoes twice a week
Robb Bank$ - Innadat Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Phone Wrist, Antarctica Ring, Alaska Neck, Iceland Ears, Greenland Boy you so into that, you so into that I ain't into that, I ain't into that Got her pussy wet, I get into that I'm off the Percocet, I get into that [Xxxtentacion:] In my hair, check my hair Your ass fat, I'm no queer I gon fuck, you gon smoke I sell dope, take her ...
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Okurr Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Ayy, ayy, ayy Chick, if you're itchin', I'll scratch it Pop me a Perc', do it up, be ready Speedball, that's right, ayy Mind's on the Xanny And it tastes like candy Mix four in a pint, that many My name's Griffith, nice to meet you Honeycomb dime a little see-through
Robb Bank$ - Ilysm Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Natra Put that shit on gang Why these hoes think we playing? Had to be the one, I'm the man (you dig?) Kill them niggas, kill them once again Try to kill me, boy you missed Shot your shot, shot me, go on with that shit I ain't put none on the rip I told you off the rip SSET! Kill that hoe, Kill that bitch, kill that hoe, kill that ...
Robb Bank$ - Practice Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] I fuck your bitch just for practice, practice We jump your ass just for practice, practice We sip that lean just for practice, practice And bitch we global you need an atlas to find your bitch She lied to you just for practice, about sucking my dick Man that shit was just for practice And you made her moan my nigga she was trying ...
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Anything Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Hey, pass me that, um, lil soda [Wifisfuneral:] You tryna go to the, you tryna go to the store? They accept Apple Pay there [Robb Bank$:] Yeah, for real, we might have to go to the store 'Cause I need some more shit, need some water Need some more, though (Kehlani, hit my phone, I'm done) Water (Switch like OJ) [Wifisfuneral:]
Robb Bank$ - Fine And The Come Down Part 2 (July) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Fine And The Come Down Part 2 (July)" song by Robb Bank$: Yeah, Yeah, shoutout to them Flatbush fuck niggas too Meech is dead too, that little Aladdin lookin'...
Robb Bank$ - Movin Slow Lyrics
[Hook: wifisfuneral & Robb Bank$] When my life gon' hit the kill switch, bitch (yuh), you can't feel this (okay) Drip cost a brick, she gon' miss it when she on this dick, yeah (yuh) Okay, suck it 'til you hiccup (ah), bust right on your sister (yuh) I just popped a 10, movin' slow, I can't get her (yuh)
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - NASTY Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Whole SSET poppin', background here your bitch talkin' (Yeah) Put them tints on it, spin your block, them hits on 'em (Yeah) I'm a big dog, demon got Inuyasha barking (Yeah) Yeah, got them frog eyes beaming, no Jiraiya smiling (Yeah) Nasty, do you nasty, do you nasty Nasty, do you nasty, do 'em nasty Nasty, she feelin' nasty, do ...
Robb Bank$ - 1st Thing First Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Aye Bitch I walk up in it Crumb hoe, pick up your phone Sir Griffin don't a Piston But I do not play ball You a peasant, you a serf I got Wi-Fi on
Robb Bank$ - Lie 2Me Lyrics
Robb Bank$ Lyrics "Lie 2Me" On my dick Lick on my dick Lick on my dick Lick on my dick Uh, bit on my dick Uh, uh I got a bit on my dick, uh, 6 in the 10, uh [?] like I'm Rip, uh, tell her come check this drip, uh What I did, pour a 4, uh, NY with my pole, uh She gon' ride on road, thick lil waist, she say it's swole
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Neglect Lyrics
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral Lyrics "Neglect" [Wifisfuneral:] Hey Cris, fuck you Yeah, mmh, yeah, mmh, yeah, alright, yeah, oh, ayy, yeah Pull up on empty, please don't test me My sins address me, it's messy In the bedsheets, yeah she hate me That was last week, that's the past, see
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Like Me Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] I don't like you (Woo-ooh), you don't like me (Woo-ooh) You won't fight me (Woo-ooh) in my white tee (Woo-ooh) Submit Corrections. AZLyrics; R; Robb Bank$ Lyrics; album: "CONN3CT3D" (2019) Save A Hoe Anything Can't Feel My Face EA Like Me La Familia Movin Slow Okurr Carro Nauseous Neglect. Search. Submit Lyrics; Soundtracks;
Robb Bank$ - Fuckumean Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Fuck you mean?, a nigga playin' with a check Fuck you mean?, you fuck with me, bitch I'm a vet Fuck you mean? I fuck my bitch and she a vet Fuck you mean? I bust your muthafuckin' head Pussy nigga, fuck you Fuck you mean? fuck you mean? Fuck you mean? fuck 'em Fuck you mean? fuck with me Fuck with me, you don't want it Fuck with ...
Robb Bank$ - Half Bae Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] I ain't tellin, yeah, yeah fuck that Nigga can't tell me shit, can't tell me shit (Tell it to my 9 bitch!) Aye, half bae, she half straight and she half gay
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - La Familia Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Scared, man, they know I'm cold-hearted.223 shoot through the fabrics with the carpet And bitch, I don't give a fuck 'bout none of them (Yeah) I'm on the edge, I want revenge like Garette Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh Rich Life, la familia, uh, uh Rich Gang, la familia, uh, uh
Robb Bank$ - Byrds Flying Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Hop out the whip like Poseidon I keep a trident All of my niggas they wilding Cook up the dope with the Pyrex Joke and they smiling Flashing my roofs like a siren
Robb Bank$ - 225 Lyrics
Robb Bank$ Lyrics "225" Molly Free all my niggas up I think I might be happy Hah You dig, you dig, you dig, you dig You dig, you dig, you dig, you dig You dig, you dig, you dig, you dig You dig, you dig, you dig, you dig 225 Loud and live From the back I'm from the side Do the Wraith
Robb Bank$ - Decoration (Pompano) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Decoration (Pompano)" song by Robb Bank$: Slid through a forest And the whole damn squad lookin' for a bad bitch to get up on her job When she...
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Nauseous Lyrics
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral Lyrics "Nauseous" [Wifisfuneral:] Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah They like, one time, they like, one time Yeah, ooh, yeah, uh Sippin' on drank, nauseous Drop the top of the coupe, topless And I'm with' a bad bitch, flawless When I'm all up in the crowd, moshpit
Robb Bank$ - Let Da Beat Build Lyrics
Lyrics to "Let Da Beat Build" song by Robb Bank$: Yeah, drip in these again Nah, for real I just told Richie we rich What's up, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo...
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - PayOut Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Sticks out the door (Sticks out the door) Bad bitch ride on the pole (Ride, ride, ride, ride) Lick me up, suck on me slow (Suck it, woop, woop, woop, woop) Rip FLA, I told you so (Yuh, yuh, I told you, let's get it) Young nigga hopped off the porch, I was 13 Woodside by the Henny, fool with the Roxy
Robb Bank$ - Bad Vibes Forever Lyrics
Robb Bank$ Lyrics "Bad Vibes Forever" Hey, Cris, fuck you Oh, Nuri the GOAT, oh, oh Syrup sippin', drinkin' Never forget, oh, oh, oh Pill poppin', couldn't never, no, oh, oh, oh Wifi and Slump Them my brothers, them my brothers, I ain't gon' let 'em die Seen a few clout chasers tryna infiltrate, we ain't goin' out
Robb Bank$ - No Roof Lyrics
No rooftops! [Robb Banks:] I fucked your bitch on a rooftop She sucked my dick on a futon Stop, drop, you'll get rolled Glock, too hot Little bitches love phone and that new drop
Robb Bank$ - Over Here Lyrics
Lyrics to "Over Here" song by Robb Bank$: I mean, I ain't fuckin' with no one like that, like heavy, like Know what I mean? Come out and play...
Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral - Save A Hoe Lyrics
Lyrics to "Save A Hoe" song by Robb Bank$ & Wifisfuneral: All purpose Phone, yeah, yeah Do it all, yeah, you dig that, uh huh Yeah, Rich Gang or don't bang Fo...
Robb Bank$ - Transporter Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Kush, syrup, percs, blow Ruger, Uzi, chopper, scope Scoob, Juice, Ice, Phone Jason Statham, you know I transport that dope You know I transport that dope, you know, you know I transport that dope You know I transport that dope, you know, you know I transport that dope Step out the Carter with more Fucking yo bitch and she gave me ...
Robb Bank$ - I'm That Nigga Lyrics
Robb Bank$ Lyrics "I'm That Nigga" (feat. Lil Gnar) [Robb Banks:] Let that bitch ride Trunks in the booth Cris Dinero on the track We might do a fusion (Gling gling gling) Huh, huh (know what I'm sayin') Huh, huh (bring it back) Bitch I'm that nigga, huh, huh Still that nigga, huh, huh
Robb Bank$ - Kill4U Lyrics
[Robb Bank$:] Sure Suck that dick, I ain't playin' Walk into yo' house with the pistol in my pants Me and yo' neighbor got into it way in the past I still risked it all just to lay up again Whoa ho, toe she rollin' up the ice off the panties You can be the ocean that a nigga come and splash in That bitch, you must be approached
Robb Bank$ - Indistinct (DC) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Indistinct (DC)" song by Robb Bank$: You've got blue eyes You've got green eyes You've got grey eyes and I've never seen anyone quite lik...
Robb Bank$ - Green Hearted (iDigg) Lyrics
[Birdman (Robb Banks):] First off all, if you niggas is not listenin' to Molly On some G shit (Still rainin', it's pourin') (Still ridin' foreign) The hottest shit right now
Robb Bank$ - Get It How You Live (December) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Get It How You Live (December)" song by Robb Bank$: Sure (Happy, happier) I'm back up in this thing with your bitch all on my dick From Tuesday thro...
Robb Bank$ - Scrub The Ground (Interlude) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Scrub The Ground (Interlude)" song by Robb Bank$: Oh Yeah God I hope she suck my dick tonight Oh Yeah We got all the time in the world But bad bitche...
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