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Rod Wave - Street Runner Lyrics
Loving you is my greatest sin Loving you is my greatest sin Loving you is my greatest sin Yeah, yeah Look, uh Sorry I missed your call, I was on a jet I been so zoned out, tryna figure out what's next So scared to fail, I'm calculatin' my every step Gotta watch my back and keep my strap, but nonetheless
Rod Wave - Alone Lyrics
Like you ain't worth shit? (Yeah) And I know that I ain't perfect But you know that I'm worth it (Yeah) Tryna find somethin' to do in my time Ease my pain, get you off of my mind Three cell phones, I been on my grind No more love means no more lies And I tried (Yeah) Lord knows I tried (Yeah, yeah) Smokin' dope back to back, I'm fried (Fried)
Rod Wave - Freestyle Lyrics
Rod Wave Lyrics "Freestyle" Pipe that shit up TnT Yeah, you know, this shit like practice This just practice Yeah Six million cash in my stash, I was waitin' for this day to come I'm on my tour bus right now, on my way to another one Who got that brand new Bentley truck? I'm tryna order one Soon as I get me one, I'ma rim it up, and tint it up
Rod Wave - Dark Conversation Lyrics
Fire that shit up, TnT Um, Reuel, stop playing. He havin′, mm-mm-mmh He havin' He havin′ conversations in the dark, yeah, yeah It's just me, myself, and my heart, uh My heart said, "Under any circumstance or for any reason Lay down your guard again and I'ma stop beatin′ Please, friend, I cannot take it no more" Four in the mornin ...
Rod Wave - Ion Wanna Hear It Lyrics
The Lyrics for Ion Wanna Hear It by Rod Wave have been translated into 5 languages. Mm Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah, oh yeah. This my third phone number for the month Tryna play me like I′m crazy, bitch, I ain't the one I need some space, can′t find no peace when everybody here Weren't for the loyalty of my brothers, I'd disappear Weren′t for ...
Rod Wave - Street Runner Lyrics
The goodbyes, the hellos, the "I need you, no I don′t" Every time I start to close the door, you knock and I let you in Loving you is my greatest sin Loving you is my greatest sin Loving you is my greatest sin I don't know why I love you I don't know why I care (yeah, yeah) I don′t know why I love you Look, uh Sorry I missed your call, I ...
Rod Wave - Mafia Lyrics
The Lyrics for Mafia by Rod Wave have been translated into 6 languages. Yeah, yeah Uh, uh, uh. Yeah, yeah (Will-A-Fool) Uh In my cell all alone, I still hear your cries (yeah, yeah, yeah) Arguing all night long tryna heal your pride I love your ass to death, but you can′t play with my intelligence All I want is money, all that other shit's ...
Rod Wave - Paint The Sky Red Lyrics
I don′t mean to Sometimes I feel like I don't need you Unlike other people, I done been here twice before So I know how the dices roll So many times I had the chance to tell the truth and played you So many times you could've went and did you, but was faithful That′s why I wanna thank you and then give you the best of me I can′t take back ...
Rod Wave - Poison Lyrics
The Lyrics for Poison by Rod Wave have been translated into 5 languages. Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that′s probably Tago I'm tryna fuck with lil′ what's her name, but she be actin' like a fan She had to tell the world we had a-. You know what I′m sayin′, with the, uh (It's really genious) Had to tell the world You know what I′m sayin ...
Rod Wave - Counted Steps Lyrics
Lyrics for Counted Steps by Rod Wave. Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, that′s probably Tago Tahj Money Pipe that shit up, TnT. I remember, shit, bitch, I felt so stuck, bro You feel me? Niggas still get to the shit, you know, life comes with up and downs You know what I'm sayin′, but From where I was at, you know I hit my licks (even when your back ...
Rod Wave - Brace Face Lyrics
The Lyrics for Brace Face by Rod Wave have been translated into 5 languages. Trillo Beats, you did it again Ill Will made the beat bounce Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. Okay, um, let′s go (Um, let's go) Um (Let′s go) I know you know what you do to me I'm a fiend for your soul, so good to me I forever want you next to me (Yeah, yeah, uh-huh ...
Rod Wave - Back Lit Lyrics
Rod Wave Lyrics "Back Lit" Uh, uh Yeah, yeah Oh, oh Yeah, yeah (Oh my God, Ronny) If you ain't tryna get no paper, then stay the fuck from 'round me (Yeah) Bought a brand new Bentley, sent the pictures to the county (Yeah) I don't want no friends, evidently I just want the cash (Money)
Rod Wave - Changing Lyrics
This just how I feel. I'll trade all the shit I have. I be goin' crazy. I was on my way to the show and it finally hit me. I don't wanna be here no more, Lord, come and get me. No, I ain't ready to die like I'm Biggie. Just wanna jump in my car, fill it with gas, and go far and not look back. I walk in the mall with ten thousand on me (Yeah)
Rod Wave - Rags2Riches 2 (feat. Lil Baby) Lyrics
The Lyrics for Rags2Riches 2 (feat. Lil Baby) by Rod Wave have been translated into 6 languages. Uh, uh, let me hear you say, "Yeah" Mm-mm, mm-mm Yeah, ooh-ooh-ooh We went from rags to riches Project fences to livin′ luxury Now we live luxury Straight out that bottom Nobody gave nothing to me Be careful while fucking with me All of my lil ...
Rod Wave - Just Sing Lyrics
Lyrics for Just Sing by Rod Wave. Uh, 23 with a big money tree Tryna plant some more All the sunshine in time. Ok watch how that bitch grow So much rain on my window pane Still won′t let it show Bullets rain through my window mane Everyone get low, youngin on the floor Like if I make it home, I promise I won't feel again Soon as the smoke ...
Rod Wave - Alone Lyrics
Actin′ like you was fine, a broken heart in disguise Love the nigga to death, even though I was tellin' lies The day that we run away, all the stars aligned It′s the same old thing (yeah, yeah) It's the same old song (yeah) One day, you're here, next day you′re gone All of the fuss, and all of the fights All the early mornings, and the ...
Lyrics Rich Off Pain (feat. Rod Wave) - Musixmatch
Look, rich off pain Look Nigga came from nothing, but still they gon' hate Whole life left me scarred, only the real can relate And I come straight out them trenches, in the field every day Young nigga out that bottom, use my tears to motivate And so much came, with this money and this fame But I can′t complain, yeah I came from walking through the rain, prayed for better days And now a ...
Rod Wave - Shooting Star Lyrics
Uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh (yeah) You know, I was right there in front of you, huh Elementary school, high school, middle school Church on the block, at work, working Shooting star the whole time, right there in front of you I can′t right my wrongs, so I write songs I left to chase my dreams, don't you never forget I admit, I wanted love but wasn ...
Rod Wave - The Greatest Lyrics
Young nigga from the bottom of the map. Came up riding with the strap (Yeah, yeah) Young nigga got the hood on his back. He got the whole hood on his back, yeah. Didn't think you'd be who you are, my nigga. Didn't think you'd take it this far, my nigga (Okay) You like the greatest, you like the greatest to me.
Rod Wave - To My Grave Lyrics
Gotti done told me, "Stay focused, youngin, use your brain" And the things that Brock told me, I'll take to my grave (Nah, for real) I'll take it to my grave I think it's crazy that from the time you get born, you only know what someone taught you Wonder if they to blame for all the pain that it brought you
Rod Wave - Just Sing Lyrics
Just like a business man Kiss her feet, grip her by her neck Much than a gentleman, uh Ok saving up them bands again Cause I learned 'bout life and I know how to Hesi it They left me stranded here, I got locked in on this planet shit, oh Yeah, Ok try to remake youngin, but the youngin is a 1 of 1 God gave me daughters
Rod Wave - 2019 Lyrics
Keep running, should've kept running. Goodbye my friend, I'm gone, the end. I won't find love again until I find everything we used to be. We used to be, yeah. Look, sitting in my feelings reminiscing 'bout the past. Can't never forget you, all the time that we had. Young nigga caught the bug so he love so attached.
Rod Wave - Stone Rolling Lyrics
Uh, he′s a rolling stone, he's a rolling stone Long as the wind blows, I′ll be long gone (gone) He's a rolling stone, he's a rolling stone (he′s a, he′s a-) Drive with many miles of roads and still can't find my My home I remember bein′ a kid, I just wanted to travel On my bed, writin' raps, thinkin′ 'bout daddy (my daddy) Was in my ...
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