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BIG SMO - Workin' Lyrics
I ain't never had a problem rollin' up my sleeves [Chorus] [Verse 2: Big Smo] I'm out the door by the sun up, focused on the come-up We never sleep in, that ain't how we was brought up I push it to the limit when the money gets low And been known to work past when the plant whistle blows Pay check feelin' like a lottery ticket
tobyMac - Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight) Lyrics ...
Well, I seen my share o' troubles But the Lord ain't failed me yet So I'm holdin' onto the promise, y'all That He's rollin' up His sleeves again Said, I seen my share of troubles (Rollin' up, rollin' up) But the Lord ain't failed me yet (Rollin' up, rollin' up) We'll keep holdin' onto the promise, y'all (Rollin' up, rollin' up)
Young MC - Rollin' Lyrics
Young MC Lyrics. "Rollin'". [Verse 1] It's the bomb, 3-2-1 detanate & boom. give me some room you better wait. for the kid to blow-up and take off like a rocket. got something up my sleeve and something else in my pocket. yeah, let me see you move out there. through your hands in the air like you just don't care.
ASAP Rocky - Bad Company Lyrics
Paranoia got me rolling up my sleeves, okay Niggas hating cause I'm upping up the fees Whole team got B's on they Tees, all day I got so much beef, I could barely sleep Paranoia got me losing all my Z's, all day Good lord, momma praying on her knees, all day If you still fronting when I up it I'ma squeeze I'm above average
Aretha Franklin - Truth And Honesty Lyrics
Nothin' concealed, roll up your sleeve Nothin' up my [?] except my heart And I believe we've come apart I would like to see you play your cards Reveal your hands and show your heart Maybe we could get it back With truth and honesty that's what we need to hold on To the good stuff we believe in Before we land up loose and sad and free
Lil Twist - Flowers Lyrics
Tunechi that's my alias And I go down under like australia. [Chorus (Lil Wayne & Twist):] We got flowers for the ladies and dick for them hoes some say the EX make the sex so I roll up my sleeve and roll up my weed I'm getting money fast and all my hoes up to speed and I'm like shawty what yo name is...
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Roll Up Your Sleeves Lyrics ...
Up your sleeves for winter. And I can wait till summer. When you're warmer. Roll up your sleeves. We'll head out for winter I know. The nights will get colder. And I'll make my bed. Make sure I'm all fed and asleep. And Wake when we're older.
Blue Kid - The Dismemberment Song Lyrics
'Cause I'm all out of hurt, you've used up all I've got So I'm chopping you up and still coming up squat If I wanted to bleed, I'd just roll up my sleeve And saw and saw and saw And saw and saw and saw And saw and saw and saw Oh yeah This'll be ooh, this'll be aah This'll be absolutely whee This'll be nice, this'll be neat And bring you closer ...
Big Smo - Workin' Lyrics
I woke up this morning Tied my boots up cause I knew it was gonna be a long day Tied my truck up Grabbed my coffee, kissed my baby And got on my way Cause I'm working, Til it's hurting That's only way to make an honest days pay So I'm workin, even when it's hurting That's the only way to make an honest days wage Yeah, I'm up early with the birdies ready to get dirty This ain't a song for you ...
Chad Brownlee - My Revival Lyrics
Find a new groove, get the weight off my shoulders. Make my heartbeat, bring it back to life. 'Cause Lord knows that I've tried. I've seen a shrink, I think, I didn't learn a thing. Stayed up all night, nothin' I didn't try to get right. With my mind. Some find their revival in bourbon or a bible. They roll up a good smoke, or down their own road.
I was gonna have to roll up my sleeves And keep it Rollin' Love was gonna run me over if I didn't get it goin' She said I wanna feel the earth move under me Movin' with the motion of a melody Boy I get the blues if the rhythm ain't got no soul You got to keep it Rollin' So I talked her into gettin' married But she wouldn't hang up her wheels
Roll up your sleeves. And face the face it's looking right back at me. It's easier to leave it oh. It's easier to fake it, oh oh. So I'll go and I'll join the free. There's people there, they're just like me oh. Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. Oh, they're hunting me.
OneRepublic - Start Again Lyrics
Forgive my sins I just wanna roll my sleeves up And start again I know that I messed it up Time and time again I just wanna roll my sleeves up And start again I was switchin' up the lanes Steppin' out the frame I'm in I was pulling on the reins Sick of all the same happenin' I swear I was looking for disaster Mixed with a bottle of gin
Marie Miller - You're Not Alone Lyrics
I wanna roll up, I'm gonna roll up my sleeves. I'm gonna fight for you, I'm gonna fight till I bleed. So, listen to me now. I'm not gonna stand here, when my friend's down and out. I'm not gonna run when, it's hard to figure it all out. If there's anything I'd say, I will tell you right now: You're not alone, You're not alone, You're not alone.
Pharrell Williams - Doowit Lyrics
Roll up my sleeves, no chill Be rolling, you can sit still More like family there were no bounds We used to ride towns And burn them all down I know you're probably saying "G" I know you said it but woah, woah, woah 'Cause you really didn't believe You didn't think that we would go, go, go
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? Lyrics
Are there some aces up your sleeve? Have you no idea that you're in deep? I dreamt about you nearly every night this week How many secrets can you keep? 'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat Until I fall asleep Spilling drinks on my settee (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways?
B.B. King - Something Up My Sleeve Lyrics
That I'm thinking about. I've got something up my sleeve. I've got something up my sleeve. Something up my sleeve. There's a place just for two. And it's just right for me and you. To let our emotions go free. And be what we wanna be. Turn off the lights.
I keep, I keep rollin' [Bridge] Through your roadblock paradise I could do this all damn night I got this secret up my sleeve I keep, I keep, I keep on, I keep on I keep on, keep on, keep on rollin' [Chorus] I keep on rollin' Get Lucky like the strike that you're smokin' Winning easy like the dice that I'm throwin' It's a don't let nothing get ...
N.E.R.D. - Run To The Sun Lyrics
'Til they stop rollin' so far That no sonar would list them To the point that no one would even believe that we existed I know that may sound twisted But my neglect is killin' me I feel so guilty Please have faith in if you feel me [Repeat Chorus 2X] Though you're probably feelin' blue And you'll do what you must do I hope you know
YSN Flow - The Come Up Lyrics
My bitch the realest, she so bad to the bone. Any time I hear it, she gon' pick up the phone. Got no relations and I'm rocking VLONE. Been burning bridges, tell 'em leave me alone. Popping off, been on the come up. Send a walkdown on a nigga before his ass run up. My nigga can't put his gun up. He expect the unexpected, don't try to backdoor us.
I'm rolling up my sleeves right now Oh no, I'm not afraid to bleed Work my hands to the bone More words are not what you need I let my labor show Can't do it on my own, I need you to believe So please, please, squeeze Cause there's more in this bloodstone
But you played me, so I had to roll up my sleeves and Hunt you down, holding the next man's stacks Now you sorry, tryin' bring that old thing back and Act like we can rekindle that flame It's a shame, how you can't get me off the brain He that lame, you love how I bring the pain Got the rug burns stinging and you saying my name
my prospects are high as the flood line in summer when the river's gone dry but I'll roll up my shirt-sleeves and make my best shot to show how I love you believe it or not Right now while the sun shines on the crest of the hill with a breeze in the pines and a gray whippoorwill making music together in a land time forgot let me show how I love you
All my emotions I borrow and steal. Faking my way through every day, And trying to act like it's better that way. Pretending to care, pretending to cry. You say I'll be there, and I say I'll try. Second hand feelings are always a factor, In my staring roll as a bad actor. Submit lyrics correction →. 55k.
Avicii & Imagine Dragons - Heart Upon My Sleeve Lyrics ...
Where are you? Oh, now that I need you most and. My heart upon my sleeve, broken down, down, down, down. Now I can't go a single day without thinking of the words I'd say. And I can't do a single thing without thinking of you, thinking of you. Now I'm just left with the pieces to put back together (Together) (Forever) With my heart upon my sleeve.
Cypress Hill - Light It Up Lyrics
When I step on stage (I'mma light it up) Go ahead and pass the blunt (I'mma light it up) If you're invited, you're invited (I'mma light it up) [Sen Dog:] I'm so amazing the joint's a blazin'. I can rip a mic on any occasion. My forfeit, your stretched like a limousine for hatin'. Hip hop so we took the nation by storm.
August Alsina - Sleeve Lyrics
I wear my heart on my sleeve Didn't think you would take it and play with it I should've been takin' it easy Instead I let my head get away from me, no Don't got my heart on my sleeve I cut 'em off like a wife beater And that's the way it's gon' be So you can take it or leave it I wear my heart on my sleeve Didn't think you would take it and ...
So sister Ann, she sat my ass up on the table Said, ‽Sit still son, 'cause this won't hurt a bit†Hey, now she's got a wonder drug for this deaf, dumb and blind man Took me to the hospital, some nurse rolled up my sleeve Hey Annie, break my walking stick, and work a miracle on me She may not be the doctor but she always knows what's ...
Conway Twitty - I Think I'm In Love Lyrics
I turned and I said to my friend, 'Well ole drinkin' buddy, my mind's gettin' muddy From watchin' the way she moves So pardon me please, I'm gonna roll up me sleeves And turn all my want to's loose.' 'I think I'm in love, oh Lordy, Lord, I think I'm in love I don't even know her name, but she's started a flame And buddy, It's burnin me up.
ASAP Rocky - Pussy, Money, Weed Lyrics
Got a bitch up on my shoulder, got another on my sleeve I said these bitches know my steeze WV’s, weak in the knees Got them bitches movin’ them keys Rollin’ the weed, duckin’ them G’s Got a bad bitch from Belize, another overseas If she don’t wear no weave, then her hair down to her knees Got my wifeys smokin’ trees, my bad bitch ...
DC The Don - What Now? Lyrics
I got my heart on my sleeve and this Cuban link choker, it's so hard to breathe (Let's go) Now the VVVs talking, please don't talk to me (Go) I been traveling three months and keep falling on me (Go, go) See I been tryna stack with my niggas Roll up and get high and back back with my niggas Pull off in a new Cadillac on these niggas See my ...
D12 - Purple Hills Lyrics
Cool, calm, just like my mom With a couple of law suits inside her palms It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves I can't describe the vibe I get When I drive by 6 people And 5 I hit Ah shit I started a mosh pit Squashed a chick And lost the foster kids This room makes me hallucinate
Smell my breath and make roll up both of my sleeves, Search me any way you please, but I'm clean, I got nothing to hide, no, (rattle me, shake me) The only reason I'm happy is because I've got the Spirit inside. You know the very next day, I was off to school, By this time I knew I had to play it cool, I got to my class and I sat in my place,
Anarbor - Rock To My Roll Lyrics
Roll my heart high up my sleeve I’ll let you roll it up for me Who needs money, when love is gold You are the rock to my roll, my roll, my roll You are the rock to my roll, my roll, my roll You are the rock to my roll, So now we are singing It keeps our hearts beating as one
Blue - Heart On My Sleeve Lyrics
So when I lose you one, I need to stand to grieve. ‘Cause when it comes to love I wear my heart on my sleeve. When I’m with my friends I’m having port or a show. Just say you wanna ride and I’m ready to go. ‘Cause when it comes to me you always get what you see. And when it comes to you I wear my heart on my sleeve. [Bridge] It’s ...
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