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ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "Show Me How To Live" (2011) album
One More Day. Another day is passing by. But I'm still standing; you might ask me "Why? How many heartaches can you take? How many wounds until your ...
Royal Hunt - Far Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Far Away' by Royal Hunt. In the misty morning after darkest night, / I feel the heat, I do, and I remember, / Promises are broken now you're gone. /
Royal Hunt - Message To God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Message To God' by Royal Hunt. The one who's watchin' over my shoulder - get a life! / I see your arms are nailed to the cross, but your eyes are so .
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "Devil's Dozen" (2015) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "Devil's Dozen" (2015) album, including "How Do You Know", "Way Too Late", "Riches To Rags"...
Royal Hunt - Long Way Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Way Home' by Royal Hunt. When the nigh is calling I shut another door, / Celebrating loneliness I never knows before. / I miss a place to call.
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "Paper Blood" (2005) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "Paper Blood" (2005) album, including "Twice Around The World", "Season's Change", "Paper Blood"...
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "The Mission" (2001) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "The Mission" (2001) album, including "Total Recall", "Days Of No Trust", "Fourth Dimension"...
Royal Hunt - Follow Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Follow Me' by Royal Hunt. If pictures could talk there'd be too many voices / If sorrow could scream I'd be deaf in a day / I beg my memories to.
Royal Hunt - So Right So Wrong lyrics and translation
Sep 6, 2015 Lyrics and translation for So Right So Wrong by Royal Hunt. On the move, on the run… as it used to be Is it fear, is it faith that is leading me Strai ...
Royal Hunt - Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time' by Royal Hunt. Time, how long it's gonna lasts? / I'm livin' in the past and runnin' out of time / I keep runnin' around in circles, / I keep.
Royal Hunt - Epilogue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Epilogue' by Royal Hunt. Sailin' away, alone in the ships of time, / Wanderin' bout the past, stayin' lost in line. / Never ending story of both.
Royal Hunt - 1348 Lyrics
Lyrics to '1348' by Royal Hunt. Future's comin' from the past, / Who's first and who's last. / Fire's risin' off the ground, / Fear's the king, entire town /
Royal Hunt - Clown In The Mirror Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Clown In The Mirror' by Royal Hunt. Our circus closed, and the midnight ghost, / Comin' out as light's gone down. / Old and tired clown, no one is.
Royal Hunt - Last Goodbye Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Goodbye' by Royal Hunt. Crime is done, I'm alone in the night. / There's no one to save, and there's no one to fight, / Now you're gone and I'm.
Royal Hunt - May You Never (Walk Alone) Lyrics
Sep 6, 2015 Lyrics for May You Never (Walk Alone) by Royal Hunt. May you never walk alone, forgotten down this road – so lonely, The one and only, ...
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "Fear" (1999) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "Fear" (1999) album, including "Sea Of Time", "Voices", " Follow Me"...
Royal Hunt - Tearing Down The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tearing Down The World' by Royal Hunt. Every empire was raised by the slave, / Built through the ages - destroyed in a day. / Solid walls your golden.
Royal Hunt - Until the Day Lyrics
Sep 18, 2015 Lyrics for Until the Day by Royal Hunt. Another year has passed Another wrinkled page's been turned God knows it's not the last; I...
Royal Hunt - River Of Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'River Of Pain' by Royal Hunt. I don't believe in tomorrows, you'll never change my point of view, / My fears and sorrows runnin' down my spine, I.
Royal Hunt - Kingdom Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kingdom Dark' by Royal Hunt. Run, you better run as far as you can, / Why - I'm gonna die and nobody cares. / Stop wastin' my time, I'm gonna fly.
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "A Life To Die For" (2013) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "A Life To Die For" (2013) album, including "A Life To Die For", "Won't Trust, Won't Fear, Won't Beg", "Sign Of Yesterday"...
Royal Hunt - Fear Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fear' by Royal Hunt. Daylight is waving goodbye / Darkness is here throwing sand in your eye / What can you do, where can you hide? / I just wonder /
Royal Hunt - Flight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flight' by Royal Hunt. Eye's of the night, keepin' me right, / Engine is roarin' like hell. / Wings on my side, shakes off the light, / Ready to go -
Royal Hunt - Silent Scream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silent Scream' by Royal Hunt. White dress, torture in disguise, pointin' flashlight right into my eyes. / Sharp pain every single night, every day I.
Royal Hunt - Hunted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hunted' by Royal Hunt. Facing every window, 'round every corner / TV eyes are up and running, no one's gonna tell / Why nothing's ever sacred,
Royal Hunt - It's Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Over' by Royal Hunt. Look, broken moon shines through the clouds so restless, / Cold, even light just touched the hill of sadness. / Flash back,
Royal Hunt - Day In - Day Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Day In - Day Out' by Royal Hunt. Another fight - another story. / I cannot choose, I'm always playin too much. / Days runs to night, turns off the.
Royal Hunt - The Mission Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Mission' by Royal Hunt. 'Move along it takes too long,you`re holding back the line!' / I tell you, we've been waiting here forever / 'Go.
Royal Hunt - World Wide War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'World Wide War' by Royal Hunt. We're here to simplify your life, forever man / you just don't know how good your life is gonna be / Take every aspect.
Royal Hunt - Judgement Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Judgement Day' by Royal Hunt. I don't need a reason-being who I am-I don't need a reason / to try to understand / Why we even bother,in the noman's.
Royal Hunt - One By One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One By One' by Royal Hunt. I've always been the perfect man for fightin', / I've always been the one who'd never lose. / Get up'n'play - it used to.
Royal Hunt - Running Wild Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Running Wild' by Royal Hunt. I'm just a number, I don't know my name. / Unknown faces a part of the game. / Out in the desert the madness begins, /
Royal Hunt - Wicked Lounge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wicked Lounge' by Royal Hunt. Caviar and champagne, big golden rings and expensive cigars / Sweaty butts on a couch whuch cost as much as ticket ...
Royal Hunt - Legion Of The Damned Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Legion Of The Damned' by Royal Hunt. I'm back in town where I was born, / Where street's so cold and heart's of stone. / They told me, kid, you'll.
Royal Hunt - Total Recall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Total Recall' by Royal Hunt. We gave this pain to the world which we can't understand / Blood disappears like the raindrops when hitting the sand /
Royal Hunt - Martial Arts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Martial Arts' by Royal Hunt. Instrumental by Andre Anderson.
Royal Hunt - Intervention Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intervention' by Royal Hunt. Would you believe if I said / that all what you know is gone / Nightmare which you never thought / could come out of.
Royal Hunt - Bad Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Blood' by Royal Hunt. I used to be kind of an easy guy, / I tell you now you've sort of crossed the line. / I've been in town and you've called.
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "X" (2010) album
ROYAL HUNT lyrics - "X" (2010) album, including "Episode X (Departure)", " Falling Down", "The Last Leaf"...
Royal Hunt - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' by Royal Hunt. Call it a day, close down the front, / What you don't own, that's you don't want. / Hitchin' a ride to the.

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