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Famous Dex Lyrics - DMC
Lyrics to "DMC" song by Famous Dex: ... Had to run me up a sack I was broke but now I'm back You run up on me? Blow your back And shoutout to my broski Mac
Future Lyrics - Zoom
Lyrics to "Zoom" song by Future: Bought a drop top Porsche, ... Run up a sack and never look back Shorty got miles on her, I'm about to spaz in it
FUTURE - Zoom lyrics - Directlyrics
Check out the complete Future Zoom lyrics and watch the Youtube video on Directlyrics. ... Run up a sack and never look back Shorty got miles on her, ...
Soulja Boy Lyrics - Sack
Lyrics to "Sack" song by Soulja Boy: ... I kept hitting up on the corner and I bring me back a sack ... get, get, get it I was 11 years old, I was running with the pack
Three 6 Mafia Lyrics - Half On A Sack
Lyrics to "Half On A Sack" song by ... We gone fuck her in the back of the bus And fill her nose up full of ... back on the strip Looking for a freak to run a ...
Gotta bring all that back You know I'm tryna run up a sack I'mma have to charge you this ... You know I'm tryna run up a sack I'mma have to charge you this
Lil Yachty Lyrics - Fuck Up A Sack
Fuck up a sack get it right back Fuck up a sack get it right back If I lose Imma flip back Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Nasir Harold Pemberton, Miles Parks Mccollum.
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Back In 95
Lyrics to "Back In 95" song by Gucci Mane: Ha ha ha Trap service announcement Real niggers is back DJ Holiday Holiday season! ... They used to run up on me, ...
Young Buck Lyrics - Not Coming Home
Lyrics to "Not Coming Home" song by Young Buck: Fatality I'm trying to get some money ... I'm running up them racks ... Got a pack and I got back home Got sack and ...
Future - Zoom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Zoom' by Future. ... Run up a sack and never look back Shorty got miles on her, I'm about to spaz in it I ran it up fast, I ran it up fast
Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics - Good Night
Lyrics to "Good Night" song by ... See you in the club and run up on ya ass ... Niggas got it mixed up like baking soda in a crack sack, Gotta get ya back ...
Dae Dae Lyrics - Woke Up
... Woke up with a sack Woke up with them racks on me and stuff ... And I gotta watch my back cause I got 5 ... When you run up on 'em I'm a get that money when ...
Peewee Longway Lyrics - I Got The Money
Lyrics to "I Got The Money" song by Peewee Longway: I got the money Had to run it up young nigga got the sack now I got the money Had to stay down ti...
Gorilla Zoe - Paper Lyrics. ... Gorilla Zoe Lyrics. ... but I will get tha (paper paper paper) Yeah Run up in the house for the (paper)
Tyga Lyrics - Run It Back
Lyrics to "Run It Back" song by Tyga: Run it back, run it back Oh baby, ... Running me to run it up Lil’ some some for the one I want My number one, my 1 of 1
Yung Booke - Rain Lyrics
Lyrics for Rain by Yung ... with a lil sack run it up I ain't feeling niggas vibe these niggas switch way too much for me I don't who to trust I done got back a ...
Luniz - I Got 5 On It Full Lyrics
I got 5 on it full Lyrics ... i think i got 3 bucks in my back pack enough to get a fat sack ... gimmie 2 bucks you take a puff and pass my bong back, suck up the ...
DJ Quik - Get At Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get at Me' by DJ Quik. ... I'ma clown first nigga run up ... So get back fool 'cause i'm going out
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics - Hell And Back
Lyrics to "Hell And Back" song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: ... Run up that sack and take care my mother I'm run up that sack just for my lil brutha
Giggs Lyrics - Ultimate Gangsta
Man gon' get him in the long run (switch it) Hold 'em and poke that wanker This that ultimate gangsta ... I'm just running up a sack man In the backseat with my feet
G Herbo Lyrics - This N That
Lyrics to "This N That" song by G Herbo: ... (straight up) Fuck from the back now lil bitch ride on me ... Thirty on me if they act up Wake up tomorrow, run a sack up
K Camp Lyrics - Till I Die
Lyrics to "Till I Die" song by K Camp: All my niggas get ... (in the back) Hundred K, two or three in the sack ... And run that check up, be a hustler till I die ...
MercyMe Lyrics - Back To You
Lyrics to "Back To You" song by MercyMe: ... But I rebound, I get back up and I'll be found Running, running back to you I'm running back to you Back to you
E-40 Lyrics - Shit Like That
Keep playing around I'm a go a head and run with this sack And shit like that ... And Molly I done put that back take too much to get up and get right back
Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics - Return Of Da Baby
Lyrics to "Return Of Da Baby" song by Brotha Lynch Hung: You better pray When you see me put that nine up in that pussy, ho Cock it back ... Killas run around ...
George Strait Lyrics - Run
Lyrics to "Run" song by George Strait: ... Get a box or an old brown paper sack ... Take a truck, take a Chevy Baby just come back
Moonshine Bandits Lyrics - Outback (Extended Remix)
Lyrics to "Outback (Extended Remix) ... up trucks all parked 'round back Get loose, like they do it up in Cali ... the hat back Drink in my lap, in a brown paper sack
K Camp - Till I Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Till I Die' by K Camp . All my niggas get reckless, ... And run that check up, be a hustler till I die ... (in the back) Hundred K, two or three in the sack
G Herbo Lyrics - Frankie Lymon
Lyrics to "Frankie Lymon" song by G Herbo: ... all I do is spend a sack I don't trip about it, ... And my gun up on me if a nigga run up on me, he ain't running back
Yo Gotti - I Got Dat Sack Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Got Dat Sack' by Yo Gotti. Bitch I'm Sacked up / Bitch I'm Racked up / Bitch I'm Stacked up ... I Got Dat Sack Lyrics ... know I'm hittin' that from the back
Young Jeezy Lyrics - My Hood
Lyrics to "My Hood" song by Young Jeezy: ... Ford Taurus pulls up everybody run ... Ford Taurus leave everybody came back Hope dem boyz didn't find my sack [Chorus]
AC/DC Lyrics - Back In Black
Lyrics to "Back In Black" song by AC/DC: Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back Yes I am Let loose from the noos...
Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics - Rest In Piss
nigga so rest in piss ... and stomach running with no slack threw my strap in the back twist me up a sack and I'm back at the Garden Block
Verse Simmonds Lyrics - Five Friends
Lyrics to "Five Friends" song by Verse Simmonds: Told you I'm a bring it right back Got 2 young niggas with a sack Got a bad bitch whippin up ... Run up on my team ...
Gucci Mane - Back In 95 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back In 95' by Gucci Mane. when I first started back in 1995 ... they used to run up on me be ... she on da dope mans dick cause im a nigga with a sack
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