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Sahara Hotnights - Hot Night Crash Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hot Night Crash' by Sahara Hotnights. We've been here before / We're stuck and I'm halfway trough your door / I've said it before / Listen, this is.
Sahara Hotnights - Cheek To Cheek Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheek To Cheek' by Sahara Hotnights. Face to face cheek to cheek / Do you hear the pounding beat? / Don't care what's on my baby's mind / Face to.
Sahara Hotnights - Nerves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nerves' by Sahara Hotnights. Hey sir didn't catch your name / Being undercover doesn't work today / Hey sir won't you please explain / Your passion.
Sahara Hotnights - Hangin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hangin'' by Sahara Hotnights. I only knew you for a little while / Did we run out of reasons? / Did we run out of time? / I told you my truths / The.
Sahara Hotnights - Stupid Tricks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stupid Tricks' by Sahara Hotnights. My stupid tricks do you know how to fight them / You're being fooled even worse than you know / It takes brains.
Sahara Hotnights - Fire Alarm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fire Alarm' by Sahara Hotnights. This is a red letter day / Your eyes shine as you say / I saw God and she looks like you / You're too proud and.
Sahara Hotnights - Impressed By Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Impressed By Me' by Sahara Hotnights. Clear all my systems / you shout like the bitter old man / One handsome mister / presidents, preachers / we all.
Sahara Hotnights - Drive Dead Slow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drive Dead Slow' by Sahara Hotnights. He was the satisfied employee / Lots of so hard work and no salary / The quickly thrown out Christmas tree /
Sahara Hotnights - The Difference Between Love And Hell Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'The Difference Between Love And Hell' by Sahara Hotnights. I thought I could prove you are wrong and / I thought I could change that mind of yours /
Sahara Hotnights - Mind Over Matter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mind Over Matter' by Sahara Hotnights. Baby we're bored and bad luck is coming our way / We're the last of our kind with a last chance slipping away.
Sahara Hotnights - Quite A Feeling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quite A Feeling' by Sahara Hotnights. Quite a feeling, quite a relief, quite a mess / Quite a feeling, quite a relief, quite a mess / Quite a mess /
Sahara Hotnights - Wake Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wake Up' by Sahara Hotnights. Did you wake up one long drawn out morning / úúúúúúúúúú blessed with the naked (head?) / where you feeling.
Sahara Hotnights - Alright, Alright Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alright, Alright' by Sahara Hotnights. Now I feel like breaking laws / Go on start a civil war / Here's my fist, where's the fight? / Your world is.
Sahara Hotnights - Who Do You Dance For? Lyrics
Yeah I've been lookin' all over his place. For something missing or some little change. Thought I could see a sign in his face. Oh what a waste I can't help it.
Sahara Hotnights - Too Cold For You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Cold For You' by Sahara Hotnights. You're so much bigger than me / Though your head is full of thoughts as big as mine / I'm so much smaller ...
Sahara Hotnights - Push On Some More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Push On Some More' by Sahara Hotnights. If he hadn't come running / Sometimes I'm very hard, too strong / So he could be here in a minute / So quick ...
Sahara Hotnights - Keep Calling My Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep Calling My Baby' by Sahara Hotnights. Screwed up badly the last time / Didn't take the chance to make it right, right, right / Figured there was.
Sahara Hotnights - With Or Without Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'With Or Without Control' by Sahara Hotnights. You've got a hold on me / You're messing up the screen / Thought it was a good idea / Dealing with the.
Sahara Hotnights - We're Not Going Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We're Not Going Down' by Sahara Hotnights. We're not going down on our knees for your sake / Straight on that's the way we know what it takes ...
Sahara Hotnights - Face Wet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Face Wet' by Sahara Hotnights. Time to let her know / About the short way to go / Time to let her know about the / Time to let her know / About the.
Sahara Hotnights - Empty Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Empty Heart' by Sahara Hotnights. It's not the fall of your empire the end of your world / I say it will pass you say this time it's never ending /
Sahara Hotnights - Our Very Own Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our Very Own' by Sahara Hotnights. This is our own / Our very own / My naughty party and / All of our voters turn the backsiders / Did we let you.
Sahara Hotnights - Oh Darling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Oh Darling' by Sahara Hotnights. By now I know you have fooled me / Do you know I feel fooled? / How could I let you rule me / And why did I trust in.
Sahara Hotnights - I Know Exactly What To Do Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know Exactly What To Do' by Sahara Hotnights. There are a hundred pointers we don't / Ever want to care about / It's time for a policy they don't.
Sahara Hotnights - Kicks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kicks' by Sahara Hotnights. They've been some smash and grab burglaries / In this town / Took what they could find / And they got kicks out of it /
Sahara Hotnights - Stay, Stay Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay, Stay Away' by Sahara Hotnights. I never tire, I never stop / I'll never leave for anything, anyone else / You knock me out, you shake me up / I.
Sahara Hotnights - Only The Fakes Survive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Only The Fakes Survive' by Sahara Hotnights. Make it quick, don't leave me here / In a crowded room with thicker air / Hollow minds in different.
Sahara Hotnights - Walk On The Wire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk On The Wire' by Sahara Hotnights. Sunday comes and my baby's not here / I make lonely weekend calls / I got to tell you something / A kid ...
Joppe Pihlgren - Solglasögon (feat. Sahara Hotnights) lyrics ...
Lyrics for Solglasögon (feat. Sahara Hotnights) by Joppe Pihlgren.
Sahara Hotnights - Down And Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down And Out' by Sahara Hotnights. Standing at a corner / You only make it worse 'cause you never try / Why don't you show me? / You'd better move  ...
Sahara Hotnights - That's What They Do Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's What They Do' by Sahara Hotnights. I feel sick when I hear myself / Shouting out the wrong words / At the wrong time / I'm incapable of.
Sahara Hotnights - Wanted You / Want Is Gone lyrics
Lyrics for Wanted You / Want Is Gone by Sahara Hotnights. Wanted you, want is gone Never thought I would need you You haunted me, now the ghost is won I ...
Sahara Hotnights - Mess Around lyrics
Lyrics for Mess Around by Sahara Hotnights. I don't want to mess around with anybody else I don't want to mess around with anybody els...
Sahara Hotnights - Getting Away With Murder lyrics
Getting Away With Murder lyrics by Sahara Hotnights: The sound of his name / Won't make music today / So I, pictured his face / To see if.
Sahara Hotnights - Wide River lyrics
Lyrics for Wide River by Sahara Hotnights. Wide river She opens her mouth to the sea Singing dear, dear ocean, now Here is a kiss from me And she runs like a ...
Salty Lips Lyrics - Sahara Hotnights
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Salty Lips" from "Sahara Hotnights": Oh oh oh salty lips telling lies, Let them talk let them fantasize, Oh oh oh salty lips ...
Yes He Is Lyrics - Sahara Hotnights
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Yes He Is" from "Sahara Hotnights": Chorus, He is yes he is in mind, shake my head, up and down and he won't stop it, He is ...
Sahara Hotnights - Puppy lyrics
Puppy lyrics by Sahara Hotnights: Here is why I never called / To say hey I'm alright I will be home any second / I thought you were asleep.
Sahara Hotnights - Secrets Lyrics. Secrets I give to strangers Stories I hide from you From places I never mention With friends you never knew I'm gonna keep ...
Sahara Hotnights - Japanese Boy Lyrics
Apr 7, 2016 Lyrics for Japanese Boy by Sahara Hotnights. He said that he loved me, he never would go (oh oh, oh oh) Now I found I'm sitting, here o...

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