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Nasty C & Runtown - Said Lyrics
I had nobody to talk to so I said it in the song [Nasty C:] Up with the weights, I work (work, work) Down with the pack, I roll (I roll, roll) Now up with the sack and you know that I deserve it Half and half when we split the purse, yeah The preacher man said: "Please remember that your savior's on the way" I still remember when the teacher ...
Nasty C - Said Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Said' by Nasty C. Up with the weights, I work (work, work) / Down with the pack, I roll (I roll, roll) / Now up with the sack and you know that I
Nasty C feat. Runtown - Said Lyrics. Up with the words I work And down with the pack I rode Now up with the sack and you know that I deserve it Half and half when we split the p
Nasty C - Changed Lyrics
A friend of mine said I changed Fuck it, I grew Then he asked for some change I said, fuck it I get no rest from my brain (yeah) I can't sleep at night, can't sleep at night Voices in my head say I'm doomed I don't know what the fuck I should do I toss and I Turn and I Sweat and I Might just end up sleeping with the cross tonight
Nasty C - After Finals Freestyle Lyrics
I asked her what she after Nasty C for She said she wanna boom, that's that nasty C4 nigga Nigga nobody perfect Nigga nobody perfect, you heard me? So I go by the church and I worship But I'm rolling blunts after service I sit by the reverend from 9 to 11 But can't say I heard him I just heard him say "Chapter 11"
Nasty C - Let Me In Lyrics
Lyrics to "Let Me In" song by Nasty C: ... If AKA said it you would consider this an audio gold mine I bet if K.O. said it, you would go on twitter and happily quote lines ... (The game gon' let me in, fuck y'all, dunk on all of y'all) The game gon' let me in one day) Damn what you say, damn what you say ...
Nasty C - Said Lyrics
Nasty C Said Lyrics. Said lyrics performed by Nasty C: Up with the weights, I work (work, work) Down with the pack, I roll
Nasty C - Phases Lyrics
[Nasty C:] Why contain that they say I am crazy I am blazing through these phases [x2] I had so much to lose But I couldn't stand losing you You caught me at a time when I was battered and bruised Had my spark stolen and my heart broken And you were the only one with the tools It was hard holding up, my art slowing up My head sinking right in ...
Nasty C - Intro Lyrics
Lyrics to "Intro" song by Nasty C: Wait a minute Hold up, brake pads Smoking on that loud And all that loud is loud enough to break gla...
Nasty C - SMA Lyrics
[Nasty C:] She ask me Junior do you like it when I cry? (Huh) Do you consider my feelings when you lie (Huh) You put me second to some bitch on the side (What) You just gon' let a ride or die die inside (Damn) You forget I was with you before the racks came Before these skanks came Before the plaques came
Nasty C feat. RunTown - Said Lyrics
The Lyrics for Said by Nasty C feat. RunTown have been translated into 4 languages. Up with the weights, I work (work, work) Down with the pack, I roll (I roll, roll) Now up with the sack and you know that I deserve it.
Nasty C - Belong Lyrics
Nasty C, Buffalo Souljah [Nasty C:] Said girl ain't never look back Looking for a treasure you don't even have a map Ever since you lost weight and your pockets got fat Took off from your city and you never looked back Said girl Girl you belong here I'll never get used to you with that long hair That new phone never calls home, yeah
Nasty C - 031 Lyrics
Said I had to represent I'm from 031, I repre-fucking-sent Teeth on freeze like, "bitch don't take another step" Not my problem that you wasn't heaven sent Blessed, check Did you see what he just did on this mic? I don't care where you from in the world When you come here, you gotta be a Hyena Nasty C, it's official
Nasty C - Mad Over You Lyrics
Lyrics to "Mad Over You" song by Nasty C: Come move your waist to the bass you boomin Metro touch with the swag it was good as a music Fire li...
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Nasty C - Hallelujah (I Do This Shit) Lyrics
Nasty C Lyrics "Hallelujah (I Do This Shit)" Base Shout Black, you're a fool homie Oh yea, it's finna be some new rules around here Hol' up I woke up feeling large I woke up, wrote bars I was feeling like Nas I woke up, said “Nah, fuck the law I'm finna roll one, take charge” ...
Lukas Graham - Mama Said Lyrics
Mama said that it was quite alright Our kind of people had a bed for the night And it was OK Mama told us we are good kids And daddy told us never listen to the ones Pointing nasty fingers and making fun 'Cause we were good kids Remember asking both my mom and dad Why we never traveled to exotic ...
Nasty C - Check Lyrics
Then I met Nasty C, and be both started heavy-weighting Man check out the muscles, instrumentals get [?] Pounding all these beats til I get bruises on my knuckles I'm that one cousin up to what niggas done no Do it for my city, my YG niggas dunno I was trapping hitting leaks to early mornings Losing sips and having bitches on four their legs
Nasty C - Say No More Lyrics
Yeah, last night pops said I'm gettin outta line man (I already know nigga) He tryin to put me on a march, turn me into a lines man ... [Nasty C:] Say no more Say no more(I already know nigga) Say no more Say no more (I already know nigga) Aye you ain't gotta say no more Say no more (I already know nigga)
Nasty C - 25 Lyrics
Said you know the bullshit don't scare you Waving at the bullshit through the rear view Yeah, pockets got the notes like Adele do Bro please Yeah 25, 25 Fuck around and sign my idol when I'm 25 Put some slugs on my day one, cost 25 And bitch I got em rapping like December 25 I wrote a letter to myself, bring the mail through
Nasty C - A Star Is Born Lyrics
Lyrics to "A Star Is Born" song by Nasty C: Your son is a star baby Look at how far he made it In the North with the gods baby You know he go ha...
Major Lazer - Particula Lyrics
[Nasty C:] They told me everybody's 15 minutes in a different timezone And since I have it at the moment ... Said I like your waist in particula I like you, girl, in particula, yeah You in particula Said I like your waist in particula [Patoranking:] Come, come, give me the love, girl
Nasty C - Inspiration Lyrics
Lyrics to "Inspiration" song by Nasty C: So firstly, I mean obviously apparently you are coming or going to a show. What made you come to thi...
Nasty C - Rakim, Doccin Lyrics
Lyrics to "Rakim, Doccin" song by Nasty C: You're now in the city Where there's a million ski masks, not one cheap ass Where there's a million...
Nasty C - Allow Lyrics
I said fuck it I haven't decided I get high and [French Montana:] I hop in the drop Dropping the top, getting the wop (Skkrrr) Sin City, Magic City, hoes getting the money [Nasty C:] Young nigga put in the grind I shine, I shine I take your girl from the crowd She down, she down They tryna come to the house Allow, allow She take the dick then ...
Nasty C feat. Telleman - 25 Lyrics
Lyrics for 25 by Nasty C feat. Telleman. I wrote a letter to myself bring the mail through Said you know the (bullshit) don't scare...
Nasty C - Blisters Lyrics
Nasty C Lyrics "Blisters" ... He said I gave you what you need to release your inner glow I don't know if it was fear but I started feeling cold Then I pushed myself to do it I found me a piece of gold, yeah Nine one one what the fuck you too damn dope hands up You too black too damn ghetto
Nasty C - I Lie Lyrics
[Nasty C:] I'm sending out a text to Ghetto Cupid Tell that boy to put a gat to where your heart is We can netflix and smoke a dooby I smoke that shit that smell like someone farted Look at what you, look at what you started I swear, I love my dick as hard as a heart is Look at what you , look at what you started I swear, I like that ass is the ...
Nasty C - Don't BAB Lyrics
Nasty C Lyrics "Don't BAB" (feat. Tellaman, Gemini Major) Please don't call my phone I'm with the (I'm with the, I'm with the) ... Said I would come over but I never did 'Cos you acting like a bitch Don't be bitch Right now I'm lit and sipping tea In my room yeah with the team
Nasty C - My Baby Lyrics
Nasty C Lyrics "My Baby" From your stance to your brackets Your ass and your lashes You have it [x2] You my baby You my baby My biaatch My biaatch ... Twenty two cows, you get it, I said it, I spend it, never regret it When you ready to tell me you ready are you ready From your stance to your brackets Your ass and your lashes You have it [x2]
Nasty C feat. French Montana - Allow Lyrics
Lyrics for Allow by Nasty C feat. French Montana. My standards are hella stone My safe is a treasure trophy My wagon full of yellow Bones I'...
Nasty C - IV (Four) Lyrics
Nasty C Lyrics "IV (Four)" Shoutout Black, you a fool homie I shall forever do this in your ... (Ivy) I swear it's like my mama just looked down on me And said I'm proud of you Shame on those that doubted you This includes your father too I'm up here with the stars And they don't shine and stay as strong as you So never take it easy my baby ...
Major Lazer feat. Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking ...
Lyrics for Particula by Major Lazer feat. Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking & Jidenna. They told me everybody's fifteen minutes in a different timezone And since I have it at th...
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Nasty C - Switched Up Lyrics
Lyrics to "Switched Up" song by Nasty C: Now let me tell you how I, I never changed I never switched up Always been this thirsty Look I alway...
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