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David Bowie - Life On Mars? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Life On Mars?' by David Bowie. It's a God-awful small affair To the girl with the mousy hair But her mummy is yelling, 'No! ' And her daddy has told her to go But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Dean Martin - The Sailors' Polka Lyrics
Lyrics to "The Sailors' Polka" song by Dean Martin: Come on and play the sailors' polka Make way for Navy blue Oh how the girls love to polka With a sai...
Barbie Sailers - Free Fall Lyrics
Lyrics for Free Fall by Barbie Sailers. Can you see me falling? My feet can't touch the ground Don't want to look down Within my ...
Irish Rovers Drunken Sailer - Drunken Sailer - MetroLyrics
Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers With Lyrics. The blue bunnys at the end of the video have to indicate to present arms nothing else as my name. For it I have taken an animation from the film "The dragon's hunters".
Randy Rogers Band - Kiss Me In The Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to "Kiss Me In The Dark" song by Randy Rogers Band: Sailors sail Cowboys ride Lovers love when they get the chance Take it slow Turn down the light Soft...
The Beach Boys - Sail On, Sailor Lyrics. I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean Through restful waters and deep commotion Often frightened, unenlightened Sail on, sail on sailor I wres
Sailor - The Secretary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Secretary' by Sailor. Tell me why does your secretary hide up above In your upstairs apartment, ready for love When you know that you're lost in the heat of the action leave it in the hands of love
The Devil Wears Prada - Sailor's Prayer Lyrics
Lyrics to "Sailor's Prayer" song by The Devil Wears Prada: Staying late for suffering. Swaying back and forth like seas. Staying late for suffering. Swaying ba...
Celtic Woman - Téir Abhaile Riú Lyrics
Forget your sailors in Galway Téir abhaile riú, téir abhaile riú Téir abhaile riú Mhearai Téir abhaile gus fan sa bhaile Mar tá do mhargadh déanta Listen to the music flow I'm falling for the flow of home I'm home to dance till dawning Téir abhaile riú, téir abhaile riú Téir abhaile riú Mhearai Téir abhaile gus fan sa bhaile
Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown Lyrics
Sundown, you better take care If I find you been creeping 'round my back stairs Sundown, you better take care If I find you been creeping 'round my back stairs She's been looking like a queen in a sailor's dream And she don't always say what she really means Sometimes I think it's a shame When I get feeling better when I'm feeling no pain
Bob Dylan - Simple Twist Of Fate Lyrics
Brought on by a simple twist of fate. He hears the ticking of the clocks And walks along with a parrot that talks Hunts her down by the waterfront docks where the sailers all come in Maybe she'll pick him out again how long must he wait One more time for a simple twist of fate. People tell me it's a sin To know and feel too much within
Dean Martin - The Sailors' Polka Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Sailors' Polka' by Dean Martin. Come on and play the sailors' polka Make way for Navy blue Oh how the girls love to polka With a sailor who's tried and true
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sailor's Lament Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Sailor's Lament' by Creedence Clearwater Revival: Woke up early feelin' light Shame, it's a shame Somebody got to me last night Shame, it's a shame
Wailin' Jennys - Come All You Sailors Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come All You Sailors' by Wailin' Jennys. Come all you sailors Sail upon my sea Swim in these salty waters Cleanse the wounds that run so deep
The Doors - Angels And Sailors Lyrics
Angels and sailors Rich girls Backyard fences Tents Dreams watching each other narrowly Soft luxuriant cars Girls in garages, stripped Out to get liquor and clothes Half gallons of wine and six-packs of beer Jumped, humped, born to suffer Made to undress in the wilderness. I will never treat you mean Never start no kind of scene
Beach Boys - Sail On Sailor Lyrics
Sail on, sail on sailor I wrest the waters, fight Neptune's waters Sail through the sorrows of life's marauders Unrepenting, often empty Sail on, sail on sailor Caught like a sewer rat alone but I sail Bought like a crust of bread, but oh do I wail Seldom stumble, never crumble Try to tumble, life's a rumble Feel the stinging I've been given
Danny Spooner - My Jolly Sailor Bold Lyrics. Upon one summer's morning I carefully did stray Down by the Walls of Wapping Where I met a sailor gay. Conversing with a young lass Who see
Sabina - Sailor's Daughter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor's Daughter' by Sabina. Er hat 'ne Frau in jedem Ort und meine Mutter war gut gebaut. Er hat zwei Mal bei ihr geschlafen dann ist er abgehauen. Doch hat er etwas hinterlassen
Bill Monroe - Sailor's Hornpipe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor's Hornpipe' by Bill Monroe. This track is an instrumental and has no lyrics.
Fairport Convention - A Sailor's Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Sailor's Life' by Fairport Convention. A sailor's life, it is a merry life He robs young girls of their heart's delight Leaving them behind to weep and mourn They never know when they will return
Frank Turner - Sailor's Boots Lyrics
"Sailor's Boots" lyrics. Frank Turner Lyrics "Sailor's Boots" If I had been born two hundred years ago I would have been a sailor, and sailing I would go ... 'cause there are ships I could have sailed and sailors boots I could have worn When I think about the place and time where I was born But the ocean is still out there, magnificent and wide ...
Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth Album
Features Song Lyrics for Sturgill Simpson's A Sailor's Guide to Earth album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews.
King Crimson - Sailor's Tale Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor's Tale' by King Crimson. (instrumental) 10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers; 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake
The Mighty Boosh - Future Sailors Lyrics
The Mighty Boosh Future Sailors Lyrics. Future Sailors lyrics performed by The Mighty Boosh: Future sailors We're future sailors Electronic castaway Digital
The Falcon - Sailor's Grave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor's Grave' by The Falcon. Mother can you hear me? Words freeze in frosty gasps. I ate the dogs long ago, don't know if I can last. I been talking to myself, wallowing in dirt. I ain't much for company but this shit really hurts.
Sailor - Girls Lyrics
Champagne a gentle song and a slow dance. Who makes it fun to spend your money Who calls you honey most every day. Girls, girls, girls Girls, girls, girls
Genesis - Firth Of Fifth Lyrics
Lyrics to "Firth Of Fifth" song by Genesis: The path is clear Though no eyes can see The course laid down long before And so with gods and men T...
Neil Young - For The Turnstiles Lyrics
Lyrics to "For The Turnstiles" song by Neil Young: All the sailors with their seasick mamas Hear the sirens on the shore, Singin' songs for pimps w...
Judy Collins - Sailor's Life Lyrics
Oh, a sailor's life is a weary life For he robs the girls of their delight Causes them to weep, causes them to mourn Loss of a true love, never to return Oh, Father, Father, build me a boat And on the world's oceans, I will float Hail each captain, as I pass by There, I'll ask for my sailor boy Oh, captain, captain, tell me true
Jimmy Buffett - Son Of A Son Of A Sailor Lyrics
Lyrics to "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor" song by Jimmy Buffett: As the son of a son of a sailor I went out on the sea for adventure Expanding their view of the capt...
Brandy - Looking Glass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Looking Glass' by Brandy: There's a port on a western bay And it serves a hundred ships a day Lonely sailors pass the time a way And talk about their homes
Rod Stewart - Sailor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailor' by Rod Stewart. You ain't gonna get me honey no way Tearing down the highway in the pouring rain escaping from my wedding day I heard the bells ringing in the local church the ceremony's nearly under way
Van Morrison - Into The Mystic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into The Mystic' by Van Morrison: We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonnie boat was won As we sailed into the mystic Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Tom Paxton - A Sailor's Life Lyrics
Lyrics to "A Sailor's Life" song by Tom Paxton: Lie down, lie, sailors cry When God's on the water Pity those in his angry eye Little lambs for slau...
Kamelot - A Sailorman's Hymn Lyrics
"A Sailorman's Hymn" Can you hear the sirens resound? From the coastline of Ireland tonight It's the song of a promising heart Of the souls that the ocean unite And she stands by the window alone Staring into the rain She is trying to guide his way home From the waters that keep them apart
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