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Lyrics to "You Are" song by SAMMIE: Baby girl, I love you and I felt the need to say it There's some times we fuss and fight and, baby g...
Lyrics to "Next Breath" song by SAMMIE: As I pour this glass of wine I hope it helps me express ... Girl I need you more than the next breath I breathe ( ooooohhh)
SAMMIE LYRICS - Marvin's Room (Remix)
Lyrics to "Marvin's Room (Remix)" song by SAMMIE: Hey girl I'm through it Don't ... Fuck that nigga that you love so bad. We broke up but girl I want you back
Lyrics to "Wetter" song by SAMMIE: Yea, Yea, uh, it's Sammie baby, believe that, uh listen You callin' ... I wanna make you feel me baby like you neva had me,
Oh Oh Oh No No Oh Baby Girl We Need to Take It Slow Take It Slow Take it Slow [Verse 1:] Anything that you want. Do you not get it all. When u need me
Tynisha Keli - I Wished You Loved Me Remix Lyrics
Tynisha:Why Sammie:I never realized that in your life it was me you were missin'. Chorus: How can someone make me so sad(I don't know) But still I only want ...
SAMMIE LYRICS - Mission Impossible
Lyrics to "Mission Impossible" song by SAMMIE: Girl, I know it's hard to that swallow I'm always on the go. Leaving ... Girl, I want you (Love you've been missing)
SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
All that, everyday I need ya. And everytime I see ya my feelings get deeper. I miss ya, I miss ya. I really wanna kiss you but I can't [Sammie] Six seven eight triple ...
Lyrics to "Feel For Her" song by SAMMIE: I wasn't checking you Become my ... Girl I want you and no one else ... Even though she treats me like her best friend
Lyrics to "I Like It" song by SAMMIE: Girl i wish that i could spend time with You each and every day Praying about my love and emotio...
Sammie - Marvin's Room Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marvin's Room' by Sammie. Hey Girl, I'm ... Hey girl, I'm glad you picked up the phone. Sick and tired ... We broke up, but girl I want you back. Fuck that ...
Sammie - I Want You Lyrics
Sammie I Want You Lyrics. I Want You lyrics performed by Sammie:
SAMMIE LYRICS - You Should Be My Girl
[Sammie] I know she like me i kinda dig it. So i did my thang for her she joining wit me. Now we getting groovy hotter than jacuzzi. So shorty want you slow it ...
SAMMIE LYRICS - Heart Killer
Lyrics to "Heart Killer" song by SAMMIE: Protect your heart from me yeah, girl I cried about a million times ... I want you but I'll be damned if I break your heart
SAMMIE LYRICS - Old Thing Back
Lyrics to "Old Thing Back" song by SAMMIE: I'm standing here looking in the Mirror ... I want that old thing back Shawty if you listening baby girl I'm talking to you
What they say. You should let it go. And if it comes back that's when you know it's yours. I can't say. That I want you gone. But we got some issues girl. We can't ...
Lyrics to "Man Cry" song by SAMMIE: Baby love, here am I Answer if you hear me ... I'm like a bird that can't fly ... You left me so I hope you hear my man cry
Me and you together girl, we can't lose [Chorus:] And if your patient, girl I promise if u'll take this chance. Just need some time to grow I'm new to to this. In time I ...
Lyrics to "I'ma Boss" song by SAMMIE: Hey girl Hey girl Yea It's Sammie baby I'll do anything that you want Oh, oh Oh, oh I'll do anythin...
SAMMIE LYRICS - Crazy Things I Do
Lyrics to "Crazy Things I Do" song by SAMMIE: I put you in the flyest gear making sure your tight perpertrating making you ... bouncin baby acting like money aint
Come into my world, girl, There's something that I wanna show you. Relax your mind tonight, open up, I wanna explore you. Girl, I'm gonna lick you like you're ...
Sammie - Impatient Lyrics
Dec 8, 2016 I'm so impatient Aye, Aye Rock me baby I love it when you hit me in the ... ain't playing I want you, I'm so impatient Yea I know you like when I ...
Sammie - Found Someone Lyrics
Gotta have her in my life oh i love her vibe found someone i love fore sure couldn' t hide no more the one i want is you. Found someone i really like. We just alike
Sammie - I Adore You Lyrics. (Chorus) Girl I love you And I would never hurt you, Though I don't deserve you… gurrl... Girl I need you, Promise to never leave.
Shot gun in the fast lane. Yeah she fucking with the campaign. Just me and my Bonnie, together it's sunny. My shooter like bang bang. You bad and you know ...
SAMMIE LYRICS - Fight For Love
Lyrics to "Fight For Love" song by SAMMIE: No climb too high if you want it No valley too low if you want it I would go to the end of the world...
Sammie - You Should Be My Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Should Be My Girl' by Sammie. ... So shorty want you slow it down ... (You and me gurl)(we could do the thang) you should be my gurl gurl gurl gurl
SAMMIE LYRICS - Don't Wake Me Up
Lyrics to "Don't Wake Me Up" song by SAMMIE: If this is a dream girl, don't wake me Just leave me ... As we lay between the sheets, baby I want you to know
Lyrics to "Love Angel" song by SAMMIE: Woahoh woahoh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh What's this I found I must be ... I just want to make you smile babe (smile)
Ohhhhhh Ghetto Sexy huh [Verse 1] Girl I wish I could find all the words to say. To let you know that I'm serious and I ain't playing. You're like an angel with ...
Sammie - Come With Me Lyrics
O no, no / I know you think it ain't my place / To say how I feel / But I'm gonna say it anyway ... Sammie Lyrics ... Whatever you need, I got it; come with me
Sammie - Feelin' It Lyrics
Shake a lil bit [x8]. I see you looking gurl. Like you know wat you want. The way you stand from across the room. I hope you ready now 'cause I got wat it takes
Lyrics to "Count" song by SAMMIE: Yea, oh why why? You didnt ... I called you today, no one picked up the ph... ... But I can't take no more heartache, I want you.
Lyrics to "I'm Him" song by SAMMIE: They just wanna smoke and drank with ya They just ... Baby You don't even need a filter ... I bet ya daddy gon like me
Sammie - If I Can Lyrics
I want to be the one. Ooh...if I can baby. Yeah Girl I want to be I want to be. When I fell. I always knew that we would do well. I never thought of you of a sell out ...
Sammie - Count Lyrics
Yeah oh why why / You didn't have to leave me baby / See I called you today ... I want you. Repeat 1 (2x). So we made a promise, a promise (A promise) Yes we ...
Sammie - Stuff Like This Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stuff Like This' by Sammie. Yeah ooh yeah / Last Valentine I gave you candy / And you smiled so big that day / We walked the park I picked you.
Heart Killer Lyrics - Sammie
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Heart Killer" from "Sammie": Protect your heart from me, heart killer, protect ... I want you but I'll be damned if I break your heart
Sammie - One Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Night' by Sammie. one night / i can't let you leave if it ain't with me / all i need is one night, just give me one night / (oooooo i) / and let.
SAMMIE LYRICS - Spontaneous Love
[Verse 1:] Looking at your body, baby. Lusting is a sin, God forgive me. Standing at the bar with your little black dress on. I could tell you want it like I want you.

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